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-   Lights flashing about from shadow-shrouded hoverchoppers flying around above the building flickered in and out of the scene.
-   The warehouse in Millennium City which Ransik used to attempt time travel was entirely surrounded by dozens of Time Force Police Officers, several parked TF Patrol Cars, the transport convoy truck, TF-brand barricades, and floodlights.
-   A black & white basic issue Time Force Patrol Cycle pulled up onto the scene. JenJen dismounted it, while removing her white helmet, which has a small golden Time Force Insignia on the forehead.
-   The next night, Ransik was drug along by a squad of Time Force Officers into the back of the trailer of a large convoy truck, where a neck restraint was locked into more chains attached to the walls within.
-   The transport truck, which was a strangely-designed vertically oblong and rectangular truck with a long black trailer attached, was driven solo by Lucas.
-   The transport truck was colored black and white, with the large triangle-backed TF Insignia from the uniform patch on the back door.
-   Trip and Katie drove Patrol Cycles, and rode slightly ahead of the prison transport truck.
-   Jen, who rode in the back of the truck with Ransik, communicated with Lucas through an intercom near the door.
-   Despite the lack of visible windows, Jen could see some of the floodlights from Frax's hoverchopper.
-   Lucas got the truck moving by pressing a few overhead buttons, and steeping on the accelerator.
-   The hoverchopper fired missile after missile at the transport truck, blasting the ground around it, before a final bombardment struck the ground beneath the back trailer, partially tossing into the air from the explosion, and falling to the side as the cab skidded out of control.
-   How the team was expected to drive across the bay to the island Funaro Maximum Security Prison was located on with their vehicles is unclear, meaning the Patrol Cycles and transport truck likely had unshown hover capabilities.
-   Alex drove a Time Force Patrol Car on an empty street downtown, which he suddenly skidded to a stop when answering the code red from base.
-   The Patrol Car had a standard stick shift, and red & white lights atop, which blared a siren when activated.
-   How Alex was expected to drive across the bay to the island Funaro Maximum Security Prison was located on with the land-driving car is unclear, meaning the Patrol Car likely had unshown hover capabilities.
-   Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie walked back to Millennium City at dawn, implying that even the two Patrol Cycles, last shown parked, were destroyed in the ambush.

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