- laser weapons used by Lightspeed Rangers
First Appearance: (?) 820-OPrj, (introduction) 827-FrZo
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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?   As the Rangers confronted Olympius, they had a second gold holster on their left hips, carrying the yet unintroduced Thermo Blasters, and they were shown wielding the blasters in one shot.

?   As the eight Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers (sans Reds) regrouped, the Galaxy Rangers crouching in front, they all fired energy blasts together, the Lightspeed Rangers shooting from their unintroduced Thermo Blasters in booster mode; the eight Ranger-colored beams combined into a single wide golden beam with Ranger-colored beam trails, blasting the villains with little ill effect.

?   Fighting Batlings, Chad and then Dana shot Ranger-colored lasers from their Thermo Blasters in booster mode, but they were then shown wielding Rescue Blasters in US footage.

-   In a holographic Western simulation in the mountains, Chad fought holographic opponents with the new Thermo Blaster; this may have been the same day as the use in 826-ATRO.
-   Chad had two holsters, the Thermo Blaster initially on his left hip, although such dual holsters would actually be rare in Thermo Blaster use.
-   Chad's Thermo Blaster, like his Rescue Blaster, shot red lasers; they were often fired in conjunction.
-   To form the Thermo Blaster booster mode, the back portion of the blaster was pulled back, flipping out its extended barrel, and the Battle Booster device was inserted into the space which was created on top.
-   Using code 8-1-8, Chad fired, and a red energy stream defeated the holo-Olympius.
-   Miss Fairweather soon secured the five Thermo Blasters in a black case and thanked the teens for a very successful test.
-   The Thermo Blasters were shaped vaguely like the Solarzord, silver and black, with a Ranger-colored stripe down the side.
-   Despite having only one holster and having the case of Thermo Blasters in his bike, Carter was able to quickly pull out both his Rescue Blaster and Thermo Blaster on command.
-   When Carter later summoned his Thermo Blaster again, the weapon formed in his hand with red energy.
-   A steady red beam heated up Freezard's belly (and snow world within), and the monster fell back; Carter, meanwhile, fell back frozen solid, the impact against the ground finally dislodging his finger from the trigger and stopping the beam.
-   Carter tossed the others their Thermo Blasters from the case.
-   The five rifles shot Ranger-colored beams, destroying Freezard.

-   A blue beam from Chad's Thermo Blaster wrapped around Aquafiend, and he then pulled the trigger, pulling himself toward the monster.
-   The five Thermo Blasters in Booster Mode destroyed Aquafiend.

- Phrases used to draw both Thermo Blaster and Rescue Blaster
827-FrZo Chad: "Thermo Blaster!"
827-FrZo Carter: "Thermo Blaster!"

- Phrases used to summon Thermo Blasters
831-Last Dana: "Thermo Blasters!"

- Phrases used to transform Thermo Blaster(s) to booster mode
827-FrZo Chad: "Thermo Blaster, Booster Mode!"
827-FrZo Carter: "Ready!"
831-Last Dana: "Booster mode!"
832-Sorc Carter: "Thermo Blaster Booster Mode!"
833-OlUn Chad: "Thermo Blasters!"
834-NepD Chad: "Booster Mode!"

- Phrases used to fire Thermo Blasters in booster mode (with button presses, when numbers called)
827-FrZo Chad: "8-1-8, engage!"
827-FrZo Carter: "8-1-8, engage! And fire!"
831-Last Dana: "Fire!"
833-OlUn Carter: "Booster Mode, fire!"
834-NepD Carter: "And fire!"

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