- Green Turbo Ranger's dump truck Rescuezord
First Appearance: 527-OLHo
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
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-   Thunder Loader, a giant dump truck, was the Green Turbo Ranger's Rescuezord.
-   Carlos pushed a lever down in Thunder Loader's cockpit, causing the giant dump truck to dump its load of hard spherical objects to make Metallasaurus slip.

-   In high stance mode, Thunder Loader's head was shaped like it was wearing a miner's helmet.
-   If Thunder Loader's cockpit was located behind its windshield, as was Lightning Fire Tamer's, the cockpit would probably have been in Thunder Loader's chest in high stance mode.
-   Thunder Loader formed the right leg of the Rescue Megazord.

-   Thunder Loader formed the right leg of the Rescue Turbo Megazord.

- Phrases used for Thunder Loader to dump its load
527-OLHo Carlos: "Thunder Loader, download!"

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