- Megazord formed by combination of five Thunderzords
First Appearance: 203-Mut3
Last Appearance: 304-NjQ1
Subcategories: Thunder Saber
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-   Zordon called the Thunder Megazord the "Mega Thunderzord."
-   The Thunder Megazord's assembly was as follows: the Unicorn, Lion, Griffin, and Firebird transform into their Megazord components parts as Ranger-colored lightning bolts strike behind them: the Unicorn and Griffin stand up to become legs, the Lion's body raises up as the head and paws remain where they are, and the Firebird tucks its wings down and head back; the Red Dragon Warrior Mode then drops down, its legs sliding into the Unicorn and Griffin, with the Firebird then wrapping itself around its waist; the Lion chestplate then covers the Red Dragon's torso as the paws slide up over its arms, and finally the helmet slides down over the Red Dragon's head.
-   The Thunder Megazord had a forehead orb like the future Megatigerzord and Tor warrior mode; while the Thunder Megazord's was green, the other two had red orbs.
-   The Thunder Megazord cockpit was located in the Megazord's chest, a part of the Lion.
-   In the Megazord cockpit, Red Ranger had two red joysticks, but the other Rangers didn't appear to have any joysticks of their own.
-   The Megazord cockpit had no seats; the Rangers always stood, and when the Megazord was knocked over, the Rangers would often clump together against one wall of the cockpit, having no restraints to hold them at their posts.
?   The Dino Megazord would occasionally be shown briefly in place of the Thunder Megazord; most often, this would occur in the middle of an explosion as the Thunder Megazord was struck by an attack; this error would appear a second time in 203-Mut3, and then again in the following episodes: 207-GrDr, 209-BInv, 223-NjE2, and 304-NjQ1.
-   The Megazord could fire blue energy bolts from all over its body.

-   The Megazord could power up the Thunder Saber with yellow and pink energy bolts, then launch a blue energy tornado with pink energy bolts.

-   The Megazord blew from its hands a white mist, from which an orange energy bolt struck giant Turbanshell.
-   Giant Turbanshell fired a blue energy twister from its staff; when the Thunder Megazord was hit with this energy, the Megazord fell over and ejected the Rangers, after which Turbanshell asked if the Zords had run out of gas.

-   Giant Turbanshell could seal itself up in its shell and hurl itself at the Megazord, which caused four Rangers to eject and the Red Dragon Warrior Mode to remain after the Megazord had apparently disassembled.

-   When giant Trumpet Top caught the Thunder Saber, the Megazord soon lit its eyes up, and the green orb in the saber's hilt glowed blue and caused the saber to electrocute Trumpet Top.

-   The Megazord blew from its hands smoke which caused giant Hatchasaurus to fall over and explode; Cardiatron soon rebuilt the monster, however.

-   Once the other three Rangers had left the Megazord, morphed Jason and Zack were able to pilot the Megazord by themselves.

-   A direct blast from Serpentera threw four Rangers from the Thunder Megazord and disassembled the Megazord so that only the Red Dragon Warrior Mode, with Red Ranger inside, remained.

-   The Megazord stood perfectly still until the giant Showbiz Monster charged, at which point it quickly drew its saber and slashed; the Megazord did this again against the giant Jaws of Destruction in 237-FoFr.

-   The Megazord blew from its hands smoke which seemed to disorient giant Flame Head briefly.

?   While only the Red Dragon Warrior Mode was supposed to be fighting giant Photomare, Rocky was at one point shown alone in the Megazord cockpit, and the Megazord was also shown confronting the giant monster before the others had summoned their Zords to form the Megazord.

-   Giant Rhinoblaster fired a red energy bolt from his sword, causing serious damage to the Megazord, Adam reported.
-   Evil Alpha remotely cut off the Zords' power supply, suddenly shutting down all power to the shields, allowing the reactor (presumably the Megazord's) to take a major hit.
-   The reactor was gone, and the six Zords lost all power, ejecting the Rangers as the Zords collapsed.

-   The Megazord and Tigerzord successfully fought and destroyed six giant monsters at once.
-   Giant Dramole's mist made the Megazord spark, but then the Megazord blew its own mist, from its hands, knocking Dramole over.

-   The Rangers lost the Megazord computer upon being hit with the Dragonzord missiles, but Rocky had Billy restore it and Adam power up the weapons.

-   In the middle of the fight with the Tigerzord, Rocky had the Rangers switch the Megazord to auxiliary power.
-   During the swordfight between the Tigerzord and Megazord, Rocky said that one more hard hit would finish them.

-   When giant Vase Face tied up the Megazord's limbs with white strings, Rocky had the Megazord send blue energy bolts through the strings, blasting Vase Face.

- Phrases used to assemble Thunder Megazord
223-NjE2 Tommy (once in Tigerzord cockpit): "Jason, I'm in position. Convert to Thunder Megazord when ready."
240-RBT2 Tommy: "All right, guys, Thunder Megazord power, now!"
252-BRGB Tommy: "Initiate Thunder Megazord sequence, now!"

- Phrases used once Thunder Megazord is complete
303-FIN3 Rangers: "Megazord, battle ready!"
304-NjQ1 Rangers: "Thunder Megazord, power up!"

- Phrases used after Thunder Megazord is complete
203-Mut3 205-POTB 208-PStl 209-BInv 213-GNM2 217-WhL1 220-OpAt Rangers: "Mega Thunderzord, power up!"
204-WBeR 216-B&TB 221-ZdMM 224-NjE3 Rangers: "Let's rock 'n' roll!"
207-GrDr 213-GNM2 229-GoVV 231-WRNR 233-LiCA 236-TGBE 238-ARFS 240-RBT2 252-BRGB Rangers: "Thunder Megazord, battle ready!"
212-GNM1 215-OMIP 232-RJWF 234-WSmF 237-FoFr 242-Wed2 243-Wed3 246-RGR3 249-SBR2 Rangers: "Thunder Megazord, power up!"
223-NjE2 Rangers: "Megazord, power up!"
247-BMFJ 303-FIN3 Rangers: "Megazord, battle ready!"

- Phrases used in Thunder Megazord for no apparent reason
203-Mut3 Rangers: "Thunderzord, battle ready!"
207-GrDr Jason: "Megazord battle sequence..."
Rangers: "Power up!"
207-GrDr Rangers: "Battle action!"
209-BInv Rangers: "Thunder Sword, battle ready!"
209-BInv Jason: "Bring artillery power online. Let's do it!"
212-GNM1 Rangers: "Thunder Megazord, battle ready!"
223-NjE2 Rangers: "Power Rangers, thunder power!"

- Phrases used for Megazord to blast monster with blue energy bolts from its body
203-Mut3 Jason: "Let's show 'im the power of thunder!"

- Phrases used for Megazord to punch
207-GrDr Rangers: "Thunder power, now!"
303-FIN3 Rangers: "Megazord power punch!"

- Phrases used for Megazord and Tigerzord Warrior Mode to punch simultaneously
303-FIN3 Five Rangers: "Power Rangers double punch!"

- sword used by Thunder Megazord
First Appearance: 203-Mut3
Last Appearance: 304-NjQ1
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-   The Thunder Megazord carried the Thunder Saber in a sheath on its left hip whenever the saber wasn't in use.
?   The saber switched between sheathed and unsheathed several times during the battle.
-   To deliver its finishing move, the Thunder Megazord moved the saber from its right to its left as yellow lightning bolts struck the blade, then as the Megazord reared back, waterfalls appeared behind the Megazord; when the Megazord delivered the final strike, the blade glowed with a yellow stobe effect.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Pirantishead.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Primator.

-   The Thunder Saber severed giant Saliguana's tongue, which was wrapped around the Megazord, and then destroyed the giant monster.

?   As the Thunder Megazord approached its opponent, the blade of its sword was straight like the Dino Megazord's Power Sword; this error would appear again in the following episodes: 209-BInv, 243-Wed3.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Robogoat.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Octophantom.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Stag Beetle.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Turbanshell.

-   When giant Trumpet Top caught the Thunder Saber, the Megazord soon lit its eyes up, and the green orb in the saber's hilt glowed blue and caused the saber to electrocute Trumpet Top.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Trumpet Top.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Magnetbrain.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Pumpkin Rapper.

?   The Dino Megazord's hand was shown picking up its Power Sword before the Thunder Megazord was shown wielding the Thunder Saber.
-   A full-powered chop from the Thunder Saber didn't destroy giant Hatchasaurus, but it did make him writhe in pain, with red vapors emerging from his body.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Terror Blossom.

-   The Thunder Saber, strobing with yellow energy as from its finishing move, merely caused Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, to tumble back.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Scatterbrain.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Pachinko Head as the monster was still down from being punched by the Megazord.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed the giant Showbiz Monster.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Flame Head.

-   The Thunder Saber severed the giant evil Bookala's tongue, which was wrapped around the Megazord, and soon destroyed the giant monster.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed the giant Jaws of Destruction.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed the giant Tube Monster.

-   The Thunder Megazord could charge up its saber with yellow electricity and then project the energy at its opponent.
-   The Thunder Saber simultaneously destroyed giant Photomare and Copyzord with a single slash.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Soccadillo, Dramole, and then Saliguana, all giant.

-   It took two slashes from the Thunder Saber to make giant Mondo the Magician falter, at which point he exploded.

-   The Thunder Saber destroyed giant Repellator.

?   In a number of shots of the Thunder Megazord, the Thunder Saber and its sheath were absent from the Megazord's belt.

- Phrases used for Megazord to draw its saber
203-Mut3, 207-GrDr Rangers: "Thunder Saber, now!"
208-PStl Rangers: "Thunder Sword, battle ready!"
209-BInv Jason: "We need the Thunder Saber, now!"
220-OpAt 221-ZdMM 232-RJWF 240-RBT2 Rangers: "Thunder Saber, battle ready!"
224-NjE3 Jason: "Thunder Saber!"
238-ARFS 246-RGR3 Rangers: "Thunder Saber, power up!"
247-BMFJ Rangers: "Power Sword, battle ready!"

- Phrases used for Megazord to charge saber for no apparent reason
203-Mut3 Jason: "Power it up!"
203-Mut3 Rangers: "Thunder Saber, battle action!"

- Phrases used to charge saber for finishing move
203-Mut3 Rangers: "Thunder power! Hyah!"
215-OMIP 223-NjE2 249-SBR2 Rangers: "Thunder Saber, battle ready!"
236-TGBE 237-FoFr Rangers: "Thunder Saber, power up!"
240-RBT2 Rangers: "Engage Thunder Saber, now!"
252-BRGB Rangers: "Power Rangers, hyah!"

- Phrases used to deliver finishing move
205-POTB Jason: "Thunder Sword engaged!"
231-WRNR Rangers: "Thunder Saber, power up!"
234-WSmF 246-RGR3 Rangers: "Thunder Saber, battle action!"

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