- Ultrazord formed by combination of six Thunderzords and Tor
First Appearance: 226-MOGP
Last Appearance: 229-GoVV
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?   When the Thunder Ultrazord made its first appearance, there was no formation sequence; Tor had been previously in warrior mode, the Red Dragon Warrior Mode had been previously inside Tor, and the Assault Team had been previously a part of the Megatigerzord.
-   For the Ultrazord to crush a giant monster, the Red Dragon Warrior Mode would spin its staff like a propellor, levitating the Ultrazord over the monster, at which point it would stop spinning, allowing the Ultrazord to drop onto the monster, causing the monster to explode as it was crushed.
-   The Thunder Ultrazord destroyed giant Four Head by landing on him.

-   In 228-PTr2 and 229-GoVV but not 226-MOGP, the Thunder Ultrazord was shown to contain the Tigerzord inside Tor.
-   To form the Thunder Ultrazord, Tor would close its shell with the Tigerzord Tiger Mode inside, then the Thunder Megazord Attack Mode landed atop Tor's shell.
-   The Thunder Ultrazord destroyed giant Silverhorns by landing on him.

-   After Goldar and Scorpina had grown, Zordon, fearing the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord wouldn't be strong enough, had Alpha boost the power output of the Thunder Ultrazord and told the Rangers to call on it if necessary.
-   The Thunder Ultrazord fired a series of bluish-white energy pulses from Tor's shoulder cannons, blasting giant Goldar and giant Scorpina back and making them retreat.

?   Although Tommy had called for the assembly of the Thunder Ultrazord, the Zords formed the Megatigerzord instead.

- Phrases used to summon Tor and Thunder Ultrazord
229-GoVV Tommy/Saba: "We call on the power of the Thunder Ultrazord!"

- Phrases used to form Thunder Ultrazord
228-PTr2 Tommy: "Rangers, let's bring 'em all together and show this guy what thunder power's all about!"

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