- Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' replacements for Dinozords
First Appearance: 202-Mut2
Last Appearance: 304-NjQ1
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-   After Pirantishead had frozen four of the Dinozords and taken control of the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, Zordon said it was fortunate that they'd anticipated Zedd's return and had Alpha prepare for "phase two."
-   Once the Rangers had returned to the Command Center, Zordon told the teens that nothing they could do would ever give the Dinozords enough power; they now needed stronger, new Zords equipped with "the power of Thunder" to defeat Zedd.
-   Alpha walked the helmetless Rangers outside of the Command Center, where the five seemingly immaterial Thunderzords flew overheard through a dark, stormy sky.
-   Alpha explained Tommy's lack of a Thunderzord by saying it wasn't yet known whether his powers would remain.
-   The Rangers had to regain control of the Dinozords before they could take control the Thunderzords.
-   Later, the Thunderzords, now in a solid form, were on standby in the mountains until the Rangers could get control of the Dinozords.

-   After Zedd had stripped the Dinozords of their power and sunk them into the lava, Zordon told Alpha, "We must work quickly to preserve what remains of the Zords. Recalibrate the Morphing Grid and encase the Zords with static power, then move them to their hiding places, and with luck there'll be enough left of the old Zords to create the new Zords."
-   Shortly afterward, Zordon told the Rangers that Alpha had managed to save enough of their old Zords to create the new Zords.
-   Every time the Rangers would summon the Thunderzords, each Ranger's summoning phrase would be, "<Dinozord name> <Thunderzord name> Thunderzord power!"; afterward, each Dinozord would be shown being struck by a Ranger-colored lightning bolt and morphing into its respective Thunderzord counterpart.
-   After the Rangers would summon the Thunderzords and Red Ranger was shown riding on the Red Dragon's dragon head before it had transformed into Warrior Mode, the Rangers wouldn't ever be shown until they were in the Megazord cockpit following the assembly of the Thunder Megazord.
-   Zordon told the teens that as they mastered the Thunderzords, the Zords would reveal even greater powers.

?   Zedd planned to reprogram the Zords for the Dark Rangers to use to conquer the Earth; just before Tommy destroyed the Green Crystal, Zedd told the Dark Rangers their Zords were ready.
-   Giant Turbanshell could seal itself up in its shell and hurl itself at the Megazord, which caused four Rangers to eject and the Red Dragon Warrior Mode to remain after the Megazord had apparently disassembled.
-   After Tommy and Zack had heated and cooled giant Turbanshell, Kim noticed (after Trini had called for the Megazord) that the Zords were back on-line.

-   The Thunderzords had been damaged in the fight with giant Nimrod in 217-WhL1; Zordon had Billy and Trini teleport to the damaged Zords to begin repair on them, saying Alpha would provide them with all the information they needed.
-   After White Ranger had begun to have trouble against giant Nimrod and cohorts, Zordon said that he would reconfigure the other Zords to join with the Tigerzord to form the Megatigerzord.
-   Helping the Tigerzord against giant Nimrod and cohorts, the Red Dragon and soon the four other Thunderzords appeared to be undamaged, so Billy and Trini may have completed repairs by that time.
-   Without the four Zords' respective Rangers present, the Assault Team flew in and combined with the Tigerzord after White Ranger had called for the Megatigerzord assembly.

-   While the Red Dragon Warrior Mode was being clobbered by giant Lipsyncher, Zordon said that Red Ranger's power systems were overloading; Billy added that they'd destroy their entire system if they tried to elevate the power level any more; similar to this power crisis was Billy's overloading the Command Center's hydro-generator while making computations on the computer to reverse Pursehead's compact ray.
-   The Thunderzords, with the exception of the Lion, used their special attacks on giant Lipsyncher before forming the Thunder Megazord; this was the only time the special attacks of the Unicorn, Griffin, and Firebird would be shown.

-   Red Ranger only called for the Red Dragon, but the others came as well and formed the Assault Team, and the Red Dragon Warrior Mode hopped on.
-   The Thunderzords, and Tor as well, arrived just as quickly when summoned to the Deserted Planet as they did when the Rangers summoned them on Earth.
-   When morphed Jason called for Tor, his voice came from the Red Dragon Warrior Mode, one of the rare indications that the Rangers, with the exception of White Ranger and his obvious cockpit, rode in cockpits inside their individual Thunderzords.

-   After Goldar and Scorpina had grown, Zordon, fearing the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord wouldn't be strong enough, had Alpha boost the power output of the Thunder Ultrazord and told the Rangers to call on it if necessary.

-   The Rangers were shown leaping up to the Thunderzords, another of the rare indications that the Rangers rode in cockpits inside their individual Thunderzords; this leaping would be shown again only in 242-Wed2 and 243-Wed3.

-   Evil Alpha remotely cut off the Zords' power supply, suddenly shutting down all power to the shields, allowing the reactor (presumably the Thunder Megazord's) to take a major hit.
-   The reactor was gone, and the six Zords lost all power, ejecting the Rangers as the Zords collapsed.

-   The Rangers didn't use their generic Thunderzord calling sequence.

-   The Rangers weren't shown summoning their Thunderzords at all prior to using them.
-   When Kim was absent, the Assault Team flew to the Tigerzord to form the Megatigerzord.

-   To summon the Thunderzords, the Rangers stood in a line and held up their hands as they sequentially charged up their hands with Ranger-colored energy, then swept their arms in an arc movement, and finally held their fists into the air.
?   In the Rangers' generic Thunderzord summoning, Kim's call was out of order, between Aisha and Rocky rather than Adam and Billy. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   Giant Rito, alone, was a challenge for the Thunderzords.
-   When Rocky requested more power during the Thunderzords' fight with giant Rito and four monsters, Zordon told Alpha to proceed with caution, as the power accelerator was almost at its peak level; Alpha replied that the Zords' power bank was leaking like a spaghetti strainer and that he had to try to siphon some energy back into it.
-   Alpha soon said the controls were going crazy and that he was afraid to push the power accelerator any harder; as the controls crackled and a humming sound grew louder, Zordon warned the Rangers that the power accelerator was becoming increasingly unstable and that the flux of power could ultimately strip them of their powers; Tommy said it was a risk they would just have to take.
-   When the Command Center controls began to explode with sparks, Alpha was unable to stabilize the accelerator, and he shrieked that the Zords were going to blow up; there was then a final, large explosion of sparks from the Command Center console, after which Alpha woefully asked what they were going to do now.
-   Soon afterward, Lizzinator's stink breath, Fighting Flea's antenna blasts, and Rito's sword blast, eye bolts, and hand beam made the Rangers eject just in time to watch the Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord Warrior Mode explode, fall apart piece-by-piece, and explode some more.

-   Zordon said that since the Command Center's power was nearly depleted, there was no way to revitalize the lost Thunderzords.

- Phrases used to summon Thunderzords (used without exception unless otherwise stated)
Black Ranger: "Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!"
Pink Ranger: "Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power!"
Blue Ranger: "Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power!"
Yellow Ranger: "Sabertoothed Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!"
Red Ranger: "Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord power!"

- Phrases used by Rangers (default: five) to prepare for generic Thunderzord summoning
204-WBeR 221-ZdMM Jason: "We need Thunderzord power!"
Rangers: "Now!"
205-POTB Jason: "Let's do it!"
Rangers: "We need Thunderzord power, now!"
207-GrDr Jason: "Okay, Rangers, we need..."
Rangers: "Thunder Megazord power, now!"
208-PStl 209-BInv Jason: "All right, Rangers, let's do it! We need Thunderzord power!"
Rangers: "Now!"
212-GNM1 Jason: "We need Dinozord power, now!"
213-GNM2 Jason: "Okay, Rangers, we need..."
Rangers: "Thunder Megazord power, now!"
213-GNM2 Trini: "Let's show him some Megazord power!"
215-OMIP 223-NjE2 226-MOGP Rangers: "We need Thunder Megazord power, now!"
216-B&TB Rangers: "Let's do it!"
217-WhL1 Jason: "Let's show <'im/'em> the power of thunder!"
220-OpAt Jason: "We need Thunder Megazord power!"
Rangers (default five): "Now!"
224-NjE3 Tommy: "Let's do it!"
Six Rangers: "We need Thunderzord power, now!"
229-GoVV 304-NjQ1 Six Rangers: "We need Thunderzord power, now!"
231-WRNR 238-ARFS Rocky: "We need Thunderzord power, now!"
233-LiCA Rangers: "We need Thunder... Megazord... power... now!"
234-WSmF Rocky: "We need..."
Six Rangers: "Thunderzord power, now!"
235-ScvH 237-FoFr Rangers: "We need Thunderzord power, now!"
242-Wed2 Rocky: "All right, guys, let's do our thing! We need Megazord power, now!"
243-Wed3 Rangers: "Now... Thunder... Megazord... power... up!"
252-BRGB Rangers: "Power Rangers, we need Thunderzord power, now!"
303-FIN3 Six Rangers: "Power Rangers, power up! We need Thunderzord power, now!"

- Phrases used in place of generic Thunderzord summoning
247-BMFJ Rangers: "We need Megazord power, now!"

- flying formation of four Thunderzords
First Appearance: 205-POTB
Last Appearance: 251-WWR2
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-   The four Thunderzords crackled with white energy bolts and then merged into the Assault Team configuration in a flash of light.
-   Both the four Thunderzords, prior to assembly, and the Assault Team, after assembly, could fly.
-   The Red Dragon Warrior Mode could stand on the Assault Team configuration to form the Thunder Megazord Attack Mode.

?   Just before the four Thunderzords formed the Assault Team, a pink strand of energy came up from below and went around the Firebird's neck, then grew taut.

-   With Kim absent, the Assault Team flew to the Tigerzord to form the Megatigerzord.

- Assault Team with Red Dragon
First Appearance: 205-POTB
Last Appearance: 228-PTr2
See Also: Thunder Megazord
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-   The Red Dragon Warrior Mode could stand on the Assault Team configuration to form the Thunder Megazord Attack Mode.
-   Like the Assault Team, the Thunder Megazord Attack Mode could fly.

-   The Thunder Megazord attack mode could attach to Tor's back to form the Thunder Ultrazord.

Other Sources
-   The name "Thunder Megazord Attack Mode" comes from the toy.

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