- White Ranger's Thunderzord
First Appearance: 218-WhL2
Last Appearance: 304-NjQ1
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-   The White Tigerzord was White Ranger's Thunderzord.
-   Alpha described the Tigerzord as a Zord of strength and fierceness; soon afterward, he referred to it as a new Zord.
-   The Tigerzord took a wrong step or two while running through the mountains and crashed flat on its back.
-   As White Ranger prepared to leap up to the Tigerzord Tiger Mode and as he stood on the Zord's head, he was holding a small crystal sphere, perhaps the size of a golf ball, in his hand.
-   White Ranger entered the Tigerzord Tiger Mode's cockpit through the top of the Zord's head, perhaps implying the cockpit was located in the tiger mode's head (and thus the Warrior Mode's chest).
-   In the back wall of the Tigerzord cockpit were seven glass spheres, each roughly the size of a baseball; in each sphere was a Japanese symbol.
-   Moving clockwise from top, the seven symbols were "hi" (sun), "tsuki" (moon), "kaji" (fire), "mizu" (water), "moku" (wood), "kin" (metal), and "tsuchi" (Earth); in Japan, these are also the days of the week, with "sun" being Sunday. (Source: Submitted by "White Tiger")
-   Along the front control panel of the Tigerzord cockpit were five black electric orbs, with the center one belonging to White Ranger.
-   The Tigerzord Tiger Mode could become blurred while running, blowing dust at its opponent.
-   To White Ranger's left of his center electric orb was a black console containing a port into which Saba's blade could be inserted.
-   As he called for the transformation of the Tigerzord into Warrior Mode, White Ranger would often be shown inserting Saba into its port and/or placing his hand on the orb in front of him.
-   The Tigerzord's transformation from tiger mode into warrior mode was as follows: the warrior mode's legs unfold, the tiger's front section rotates down to become the warrior mode's torso, and the warrior mode's head then flips up.
-   A zoom-in on the Tigerzord Warrior Mode's head followed by a shot of White Ranger in the cockpit suggested that the cockpit was in the Warrior Mode's head.
-   The tiger mode's tail became a curved golden sword for the warrior mode.
-   Tommy had Saba make the Tigerzord Warrior Mode follow his every move; on occasion in the future, the Zord would mimic his motions in the cockpit without Tommy giving the same instructions.
-   To fire a "White Tiger Thunderbolt," White Ranger would remove the "fire" sphere from behind him and then insert it into a chute in the console in front of him, after which a glowing red "kaji" symbol would appear in the Tigerzord Warrior Mode's tiger mouth in its chest, and the mouth would then launch a flaming ball.
?   The "fire" sphere was missing from behind White Ranger for a while after the firing of the thunderbolt, but it was back later; often in the use of the Tigerzord Warrior Mode, the "fire" sphere would appear or disappear between shots, whether or not a thunderbolt had been recently fired.
-   Being blasted by the energy of giant Nimrod and her creations AC and DC caused the Tigerzord Warrior Mode to fall in tiger mode and eject White Ranger.
-   After White Ranger had begun to have trouble against giant Nimrod and cohorts, Zordon said that he would reconfigure the other Zords to join with the Tigerzord to form the Megatigerzord.
-   After re-summoning the fallen Tigerzord, White Ranger caught his small crystal sphere as it flew down from a gleam in the sky, causing the Tiger Mode to stand weakly.
-   The Red Dragon Warrior Mode could ride on the Tigerzord Tiger Mode's back, using its staff as a jousting pole.
-   The Tigerzord Tiger Mode automatically transformed into Warrior Mode when White Ranger called for the Megatigerzord assembly.

-   Before leaping up to the Tigerzord, morphed Tommy thanked Saba for summoning the Tigerzord, saying he couldn't have done it without the saber.

-   As the Tigerzord and Red Dragon converted to Warrior Mode simultaneously, the two transformations were shown in a splitscreen, with the Tigerzord on the left and Red Dragon on the right; this simultaneous transformation would be shown again in 251-WWR2, but in that instance, the White Ranger symbol would be behind the Tigerzord.
-   The Tigerzord cockpit's exterior had a circular black border around it, similar to the Thunder Megazord's circular chest window.

-   In 228-PTr2 and 229-GoVV but not 226-MOGP, the Thunder Ultrazord was shown to contain the Tigerzord inside Tor.

-   When blasted by Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, the Tigerzord Warrior Mode fell over and reverted back to tiger mode.

?   Though White Ranger held up his arm to summon his Zord with the other Rangers, the Tigerzord never came; the same happened in 234-WSmF. (Source: 231-WRNR entry submitted by "Josh G.")

-   The Tigerzord Tiger Mode's blur run, which Tommy called "hyperspeed," did nothing this time, not even so much as blowing dust at the monster.
-   Two energy blasts from giant Pachinko Head knocked the Tigerzord Warrior Mode over and ejected White Ranger; Saba then told Tommy their Zord was damaged.
-   Zordon sent Rocky to take Tommy's place since the Tigerzord was damaged and needed recharging.

-   The Tigerzord reappeared for the first time since being damaged in 232-RJWF.

-   White Ranger put his hand on his console sphere and concentrated all of their power in preparation for a single blast.
-   Evil Alpha remotely cut off the Zords' power supply, suddenly shutting down all power to the shields, allowing the reactor (presumably the Thunder Megazord's) to take a major hit.
-   The reactor was gone, and the six Zords lost all power, ejecting the Rangers as the Zords collapsed.

-   The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord successfully fought and destroyed six giant monsters at once.
-   The Tigerzord's Thunderbolt destroyed Eye Guy, Robogoat, and then Grumble Bee, all giant; Eye Guy and Grumble Bee were struck with slash effects, as though from a sword.

-   The Tigerzord's blur run had no effect on the Dragonzord.
-   Dragonzord's tail knocked the Tigerzord over and ejected White Ranger, after which Zordon noted that Tommy was growing weak again.

-   While Rita was below in possession of Saba, the Tigerzord transformed into Warrior Mode without Saba being in the control port in the cockpit.
-   The Tigerzord Warrior Mode fought the Thunder Megazord with Rita merely holding Saba in the park below.

-   When the Red Dragon and Tigerzord were shown transforming into Warrior Modes simultaneously, the Tigerzord had the White Ranger symbol behind it.

-   White Ranger's flying from the mouth of the Tigerzord tiger mode's mouth (in the Warrior Mode's chest) during the Zord's self-destruction indicated that the Zord's cockpit was, in fact, in the Zord's chest.

- Phrases used to summon Tigerzord
218-WhL2 229-GoVV Tommy: "Tigerzord, power up!"
218-WhL2 Tommy: "I need White Tiger Thunderzord power, now!"
221-ZdMM Tommy (after asking Saba if Saba is ready): "Tigerzord, (extends hand in front of him) power up!"
223-NjE2 Tommy (after asking Saba if Saba is ready): "Let's do it! (extends hand in front of him) Aiyah!"
228-PTr2 246-RGR3 Tommy: "Tigerzord power, now!"
232-RJWF Tommy: "Thunderzord power, now!"
247-BMFJ Rita: "Tigerzord power!"
249-SBR2 Tommy: "All right, Saba, White Tiger Thunderzord power, now!"

- Phrases used immediately after five generic Thunderzord calls, as if one of his own
303-FIN3 304-NjQ1 Tommy: "White Tiger Thunderzord power!"

- Phrases used as White Ranger prepares to leap up to Tigerzord
221-ZdMM Tommy: "Let's do it!"
223-NjE2 Tommy: "Thanks, Saba. I couldn't have done it without ya."
224-NjE3 Tommy: "Let's go, Saba!"

- Phrases used as White Ranger stands on Tigerzord Tiger Mode's head
218-WhL2 223-NjE2 224-NjE3 Tommy/Saba: "White Tigerzord, Tiger Mode, battle ready, now!"
221-ZdMM Tommy/Saba: "White Tigerzord, power tiger mode, battle ready, now!"
224-NjE3 Tommy (before he and Saba call for Tiger Mode battle ready): "White Tigerzord, power up!"
228-PTr2 Tommy: "White Tiger Thunderzord, power up!"
235-ScvH 303-FIN3 Tommy: "White Tigerzord, Tiger Mode, now!"
242-Wed2 Tommy: "White Ranger White Tigerzord power, now!"
246-RGR3 Tommy: "White Tigerzord, battle ready, now!"
248-SBR2 Tommy/Saba: "White Tiger Thunderzord, power up!"
252-BRGB Tommy: "White Tigerzord, Tiger Mode!"

- Phrases used before White Ranger descends into Tigerzord cockpit from head
223-NjE2 Tommy: "All right, Saba, let's rock 'n' roll!"
229-GoVV Tommy: "Okay, Saba, let's do it!"

- Phrases used once White Ranger is in Tigerzord cockpit
223-NjE2 Tommy: "Jason, I'm in position. Convert to Thunder Megazord when ready."
- Rangers then assemble Thunder Megazord
223-NjE2 Tommy (apparently getting back into Tigerzord Warrior Mode cockpit): "White Tigerzord, power up!"
242-Wed2 Tommy: "White Tigerzord Tiger Mode, now!"
303-FIN3 Tommy: "White Tigerzord, battle ready!"

- Phrases used to convert Tigerzord to Warrior Mode
218-WhL2 221-ZdMM 223-NjE2 228-PTr2 232-RJWF 249-SBR2 Tommy: "Tigerzord, convert to warrior mode, now!"
218-WhL2 Tommy: "Megatigerzord transformation, now!"
226-MOGP Tommy: "White Tigerzord, battle ready, now!"
229-GoVV Tommy: "Tigerzord, convert to warrior mode!"
229-GoVV Tommy (after Tigerzord has been knocked over and transformed back into tiger mode): "White Tigerzord, power up!"
235-ScvH Tommy: "White Tiger Warrior Mode!"
242-Wed2 Tommy: "Warrior Mode!"
243-Wed3 Tommy: "White Tigerzord Warrior Mode, now!"
246-RGR3 Tommy: "Convert to Warrior Mode, now!"
251-WWR2 Tommy: "White Tigerzord, convert to Warrior Mode, now!"
303-FIN3 304-NjQ1 Tommy: "Tigerzord, Warrior Mode, now!"

- Phrases used after Tigerzord has transformed into warrior mode
218-WhL2 304-NjQ1 Tommy: "Power up!"
221-ZdMM Tommy: "Tigerzord, ready for action!"
252-BRGB Tommy: "Battle ready!"
303-FIN3 Tommy: "Let's do it!"

- Phrases used as White Ranger prepares to fire White Tiger Thunderbolt
218-WhL2 Tommy: "It's time to fight fire with fire! (inserts sphere) White Tiger Thunderbolt, armed and ready!"
221-ZdMM Tommy: "White Tiger Thunderbolt, armed and ready! (inserts sphere) Ready, fire!"
223-NjE2 Tommy: "Saba, arm the Thunderbolt! (doesn't insert sphere) White Tiger Thunderbolt, fire!"
229-GoVV Tommy: "White Tiger Thunderbolt! (doesn't insert sphere) Thunderbolt fire!"
242-Wed2 Tommy: "White Tiger Thunderbolt!"
246-RGR3 Tommy: "Thunderbolt, fire!"

- Phrases used to activate the Tigerzord Tiger Mode's blur run
232-RJWF Tommy: "White Tiger Thunderzord hyperspeed, now!"

- Phrases used as White Ranger has Warrior Mode punch
242-Wed2 Tommy: "Mega power punch!"

- Phrases used for Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord Warrior Mode to punch simultaneously
303-FIN3 Five Rangers: "Power Rangers double punch!"

- Phrases used for the Red Dragon Warrior Mode to ride on the Tigerzord Tiger Mode's back
235-ScvH Tommy: "Thunder Megazord, link up!"

- Phrases used for the Red Dragon Warrior Mode to get off the Tigerzord Tiger Mode's back
218-WhL2 Tommy: "Disengage!"

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