- law enforcement agency, based out of Millennium City, during the 30th and 31st centuries. Primarily dedicated to the capture of Ransik's gang and associated mutant criminals, using time manipulation technologies
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-   According to narration, peace and justice reign a thousand years in the future. Thanks to the brave legion of the "Time Force Police", the streets had been cleared of every criminal, except for Ransik.

- three high judges presiding over Time Force cases in the year 3000
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 901-Fut1
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-   At the Time Force Courthouse, possibly the day following the warehouse siege, an announcement echoed throughout the courtroom, "In the matter of The People V. Ransik, the judges council is still in chambers!"
-   A short time later, the same male voice came over the loudspeaker, announcing, "The judges have reached a verdict! The court will now reconvene!"
-   Within the circular courtroom, a table placed in front of the main wall (with the Time Force triangle-backed insignia adorned largely against it, with the center shimmering an active bluish purple) suddenly gained the presence of three men "sitting" behind it; a simultaneous trio of purple-tinted, and visible resolution-lined holograms of the tribunal materialized audibly (the central judge motioning his hands at first, a gesture of activating the system on their end), appearing life-sized, everything above their waists.
-   The judges wore identical pinkish robes, and their holographic transmissions, coming from an unknown location, flickered with soft static semi-frequently (similar to the images on any Holoscreen).
-   All three judges appeared to be in their upper middle-ages. The judge on our left was a black man, the middle one looked oldest (with what appeared to be repeating spot markings on his forehead, an indication of his being an alien of some sort), and the one on the right was solumn faced with chubby cheeks.
-   The center judge proclaimed, "The panel has reached a verdict!"
-   After everyone in the courtroom rose to their feet and faced the council, the judge continued to state in a stern manner, "It is the ruling of this court, that the defendant is found guilty of all charges, and is sentence to cryogenic detainment... for life!"

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