- arch attached to runway and launch pad at Time Force Headquarters, utilizied by Time Force to traverse the Timestream; activated in conjunction with the Trans-Warp Megazord
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2
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-   In a dark, barely lit warehouse, Ransik stood silently below a tall metal arch, which vaguely resembled a smaller version of the Time Gate. Six canisters are near the base of each arch leg, with some writing on them. At the top center of the arch, is a metal shield-like shape which appears to be nearly identical to the one atop the Time Gate.
-   At the center of Millennium City, was a long white metal runway launching strip, connected to Time Force Headquarters.
-   TF Headquarters was located at the upper end of the runway, around a set of five sections which split off from the main track. Just in front of the HQ building, was a circular docking pad.
-   Aside from lacking sharp pointed ends, the overhead view of the runway matched the design of the Time Force starburst patch (the runway had a red strip down its center, and each of the sections split from the docking pad had colors on their sides matching the pattern on the starburst).
-   When activated, the circular revolving docking pad opened up, and a yellow lightbulb-shaped craft known as the Time Ship rose onto the runway.
?   The Time Ship faced the end of the runway, where a moment ago there had been nothing, there was now the Time Gate, located over the very end of the long strip. In later episodes, the gate would be created from an attachment to the Trans-Warp Megazord.
-   The Time Gate was multiple stories high, and when connected to the runway, had a shape resembling a trapezoid. It was made of a circuitral metal, thick silver blocks for the two base sides, and a black frame connecting at the top. At the upper center above the frame, was a triangle shaped piece, which was partially colored yellow and red. It also had a row of at least eight colored blocks which lit up when activated, and resembled the one above the Reanimator.
-   A pleasant female voice, most likely that of an automated computer, announced throughout the area (as Lucas and Circuit began to pilot the Time Ship), "Launch sequence initiated!", then, "Locking in Time Travel Algorithm: 07459." Next, "Ready for final countdown." Followed by, "Final launch sequence activated."
-   As the female computer voice announced, "Launch in 10... 9...", and counted down, as the Time Gate at the end of the runway began to light up, forming within it the shimmering, multicolored portal into the timestream.
-   The Trans-Warp Megazord swung its extended right arm arm around, and struck the back of the Time Ship at the exact moment the computer voice reached the end of the countdown.
-   When the Time Ship finally hit the portal within the Time Gate, a brief, bright flash resulted from the impact of it entering of the timestream.

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