- craft utilized by Time Force to pass through the Timestream; usually launched from Millennium City in the year 3000, by the Trans-Warp Megazord
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2
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-   While dying, Alex gave Jen his Chrono-Morpher, and informed her that there were four more of them in the Time Ship, telling her that it was the only way to ever stop Ransik.
-   Following the escape of the fugitives, Katie pointed out that they went through a Time Hole. Lucas added that there was no way to catch them now, but Jen furiously disagreed.
-   Just in front of the Time Force Headquarters, was the circular revolving docking pad. It opened up, and a yellow lightbulb-shaped craft known as the Time Ship rose onto the runway.
-   Inside the Time Ship's lower capsule, the four rogue TF Officers took their seats around a wavily shaped yellow table, four seats were set up, but the table was clearly built for five.
-   Jen picked up a small yellow case near the table, and opened it up.
-   Inside the case, in slots amid foam padding, were four Chrono-Morphers (with an empty slot Alex's came from).
-   Trip nervously noted to Jen that they didn't even know how to drive the ship, but she reminded him that Lucas could drive anything.
-   Lucas asked Circuit to give him a hand in driving the Time Ship.
-   Circuit took position on a black disk at the center of the yellow table.
-   As the four teens strapped themselves into their seats, Circuit, linked with the computer system, stated, "We're secure and ready to launch!"
-   The engines on the Time Ship began to fire up, just as the Trans-Warp Megazord approached.
-   The four teens finished getting buckled in to their seats, when Captain Logan appeared on the Holoscreen located on a small block beside the table.
-   He demanded to know what they were doing, and ordered them to shut down the engines immediately, but he was ignored.
-   Trans-Warp Megazord swung its arm around, and struck the back of the Time Ship at the exact moment the female computer voice reached the end of the countdown.
-   This added boost catapulted the Time Ship, sending it zooming down the runway, and hovering slightly.
-   The faces of most of the occupants of the lower capsule were strained as zero-G forces ripped through them during launch
-   Once the Time Ship hit the multicolored portal within the activated Time Gate, a bright flash resulted from its entering the timestream.
-   The Time Ship crookedly floated through a long, rainbow-colored, warped tunnel.
-   The yellow table started to spin around swiftly, taking the four capsule occupants around with it.
-   A digital chronometer, located somewhere on the table, counted down from the upper "2999AD" year range, backwards rapidly, strangely skipping from the 2800s to the 2400s.

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