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-   As Tommy talked with Kim outside the Youth Center, a translucent hologram of Tommy appeared, wearing what looked like the same clothes Tommy would wear the next day - a sleeveless solid green shirt (sweaty in front) with black pants; the hologram told Tommy, "I'm you from... the future. The final battle. Remember... communicator. That's all I can.. tell you. Don't give up. You'll meet... right after."

-   After using the time device to teleport Goldar away, Tommy fiddled with a knob on the time device and contacted himself in the past, creating a hologram in the Otherworld of his past self.
-   The hologram told Tommy, "It's a time warp. I got message..." and handed him a communicator which became material as soon as the present Tommy had taken it from the hologram's hand; both Tommy and the hologram of his past self were wearing communicators of their own in addition to the transferred communicator.
-   Tommy put the new communicator right next to or on top of his existing communicator and then teleported out of the Otherworld.

-   Zedd planned to use the Rock of Time to make the Earth turn backwards and time along with it, to a time before the teens had met Zordon and thus making them powerless.
-   A red energy disc from the Rock of Time went around the Earth, turning it backwards in time; at first, the clock in Miss Appleby's classroom began to go backwards, and when Zedd applied yet another lightning bolt to the Rock of Time to speed up the process, white swirls soon transformed everyone into younger versions of themselves, in the same locations and relatively same activities.
-   The people's younger versions were roughly eight years younger than their normal forms. (Source: 240-RBT2 stated the kids had been in the second grade)
?   [See the "Rock of Time" section for numerous errors which make true regression into the past impossible.]
?   Zordon said that altering the Earth's rotation would undoubtedly cause a catastrophic break in the space-time continuum with unpredictable results; this concept is, putting it mildly, ludicrous.

-   The Rock of Time's reversing effect was beginning to destabilize the Earth's foundation before the Rangers were sent to destroy the magical rock.
-   The Power Cannon destroyed the Rock of Time, undoing its time-reversal but leaving everyone in the locations they had been in just before the reversal was undone; no one on Earth but the teens, Zordon, and Alpha appeared to retain memories of the time regression.

-   The Wizard of Deception's wand warped the space around the teens (Tommy absent) and sent them back in time two hundred years to colonial Angel Grove (see the "Angel Grove" section for numerous historical oddities concerning colonial Angel Grove).

-   The Tommy clone told Zordon that the teens were in a place where history was repeating itself.

-   Zedd said that only the Wizard of Deception held the power to transport across time, but White Ranger would obtain time-traveling powers upon stealing the wizard's wand.
-   After finding the others, Tommy had the teens come back with him to stop Green Ranger and Dragonzord in the present, temporarily leaving the monster rats unchecked in 1790's Angel Grove; in theory, such an abandonment of the past perhaps should have led to disastrous results, changing the present into a future version of the abandoned past; fortunately, however, the present remained unchanged.

-   Zedd planned to send Needlenose back in time (using the time hole in the Youth Center) to destroy Angel Grove and make sure the "Rangers" (meaning either the teens or the Power Rangers) were never born.
-   Zordon warned that if Angel Grove were destroyed in the past, it would alter Angel Grove's future, and all of the teens would disappear because they would never have been born.
-   Aisha and Alpha concluded that since the world wasn't already destroyed in the present, Kim must have defeated Needlenose in the past, but Zordon said he had no evidence upon which to base that conclusion.
-   Billy then explained that it was a paradox, that the world wouldn't change until Kim battled the monster "in her time."

-   In the present, Zedd was waiting for old Angel Grove to be crushed in the past, as if the two time periods were somehow running in parallel, perhaps due to the presence of the time holes.
-   Present-day Zordon had Alpha set the Viewing Globe to pick up chronoton particles so that they could see what was happening in the past; Zordon said that chronoton particles existed outside the space-time continuum, allowing them to receive images from the past, which they watched in real-time.
-   In the present, Zordon told the teens that the wild west teens were the first Earthlings to use the Power Coins; either Kim's presence in the past actually altered the timestream (rather than merely creating a new, alternate present) or the wild west teens would have become Rangers without Kim's interaction with the past.
?   After the teens had been watching the past in the Viewing Globe for some time but then were frustrated at being unable to help with the events they were watching, Alpha lamented that he wished they'd been able to find the chronoton particles.

-   Zordon created a temporary hole in time and space, allowing the Rangers ten seconds to throw the Zeo Subcrystals through the time hole.
-   Tommy said that nobody, not even they, the teens, would know where the subcrystals were.

-   The Orb of Doom caused blue energy to wash over the Earth and turn back time.
-   The Orb of Doom appeared to turn back time roughly seven or eight years, based on the resemblance of the teens' child forms to their child forms during the Rock of Time's time regression in 239-RBT1.
?   [See the "Orb of Doom" section for numerous errors which make true regression into the past impossible.]

-   Zordon wouldn't give the six kids powers since, if something were to happen to them, the future would be altered.

-   Zordon said he didn't know how long it would be until he and Alpha could turn the world back to its correct time.

-   Young Billy said that, on its lowest level, his regenerator device, powered by the Power Coins, should return the kids to normal by rearranging their molecular structures; it did so to Billy before being ruined.

-   Zordon said that there was only one object on Earth strong enough to restore time and the teens' powers: the Zeo Crystal.
-   Young Tommy said that the Zeo Crystal's pieces were scattered all over the Earth, and Billy noted that Zordon had sent them through a time hole vortex to make them very difficult to find, but though the powers they emanated, Zordon had been able to pinpoint the country and time period in which each subcrystal was located.
-   Billy's regenerator had in 336-CEvF removed from Billy the effects of the Orb of Doom's time regression.

-   A swirling dark blue cloud crackling with white energy filled up the rocky basin in the location Zordon had pinpointed for the starting point for the kids' quests for the Zeo Subcrystals; each of the kids sequentially jumped into the swirling cloud, propelling them into their different destinations in time and space.
-   A short while after each Zeo Subcrystal had been retrieved, it opened up a dark blue cloud over its new owner, and the kid flew into it as a crystal-colored energy shape respective to the crystal appeared.
-   Young Rocky returned with the blue subcrystal later the same day as the kids' departure; in 340-ACSp, young Adam returned with the green subcrystal another, later day; in 341-SSOE, young Kat and young Tommy simultaneously returned from their separate quests with the pink and red subcrystals on another day after that; finally, in 343-HdA2, young Tanya arrived with the yellow subcrystal on yet another later day.

-   When young Aisha was the last kid due to return, Zordon said he would be greatly relieved once all of the kids were back in the same dimension.

-   To contact young Aisha on her Zeo quest, Zordon had Alpha scan all temporal dimensions for Aisha's biorhythms; Alpha soon said he was getting a signal through the time hole, and after young Aisha and young Tanya had appeared on the Viewing Globe, Zordon's image appeared in the sky in the African savannah above the two girls.
-   After the Zeo Crystal had been activated, glowing red, blue, green, yellow, and pink Zeo shapes orbited the Earth and returned the planet to the present, undoing the Orb of Doom's effects.
?   Young Bulk and Skull were at a playground having a swinging contest; when the Zeo Crystal restored time, they were still wearing the same clothes and were still concentrating on the swinging contest, but they both soon grew confused, and they planned not to tell anybody about what had just happened.
?   The teens were all in the Command Center, where they had been as kids before the time restoration, and they were wearing identical (but larger) versions of their kid clothes.
-   Billy and the Aquitian Rangers were unaffected by the time restoration.
-   When the Zeo Crystal restored time and thus the proper ages of the teens, it also made young Tanya, who was from an unknown time in Africa, the same age as the teens; her memories and continuity of thought were apparently unaffected during the time transition, indicating that the time period Tanya was from had been under the effects of the Orb of Doom's time regression.
-   After the Zeo Crystal had returned time to the present, Zordon had Alpha locate Aisha in Africa again to make sure that she had made the transition safely; Aisha, a teen again, walked back to Ashalla, and Ashalla hugged her, telling her, "Welcome home, child," not appearing confused that Aisha had left as a child but returned as a teen.

?   The Power Rangers had been missing for some time, and it had been quiet in Angel Grove for several weeks, when the Machine Empire arrived, but at that time, Rita and Zedd were just starting to celebrate their victory over the Rangers; exactly how the Zeo Crystal had restored time and undone the time spent in the Orb of Doom's time regression is unknown.

-   Bulk and Skull apparently didn't recognize Cestro in present day, indicating that they hadn't retained their memories from the period in which time had been regressed by the Orb of Doom and the Aquitian Rangers had defended the Earth.

-   Tommy told Sam Trueheart that someone had given his half-arrowhead to him a long time ago; it had actually happened in 341-SSOE during a jaunt from the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), yet it was treated as something that had actually happened in the past.

-   Due to his slightly altered brain chemistry from his recent exposure to Gasket's Brain Drain, Tommy was one of the few people on the planet who noticed the day repeating from the presence of Gasket's Chronosapios; while almost everyone else on the planet (including Zordon and Alpha) was unaware of the repetition, Tommy (as well as Prince Sprocket, who became trapped in the time loop when he went to Earth to set an ambush) had a sense of deja vu about the day's events.
-   Based on Tommy's hunch, Alpha was able to detect a time loop generated by Chronosapios.
-   Momentarily piercing through the time loop, Alpha showed the crystal ball in Chronosapios and the gear ship with the Quadrafighters swarming out over the city.

-   After the freeze key had been destroyed, Elgar's begging for one more chance gave Divatox an idea, and Clockster would soon be on the bridge.
-   Clockster's mission was to reverse time to restore the freeze key.
-   In downtown Angel Grove, Clockster purposely made time speed up to double-speed, then faster.
-   Divatox was immune to Clockster's temporal changes, but everyone else on the subcraft was vulnerable to it.
-   After Divatox bellowed angrily, Clockster then reversed time until it was just before the time the Rangers had burst in on the villains in the forest prior to the rocket launch.
-   The Power Chamber and everyone inside were invulnerable to Clockster's time reversal.
-   When Clockster touched the freeze key curiously as it was freezing the Earth, time stopped, and Divatox and the freeze key were suspended in time as well; again, the Power Chamber and everyone inside were immune.
-   After morphing and teleporting to the cave, Carlos and Justin were able to move for a few seconds, but then they too became frozen in time.
-   Phantom Ranger appeared in the cave, himself immune to the time freeze.
?   The freeze key and the mist in the cave weren't frozen in any shots in which non-frozen people were moving around.
-   After Phantom Ranger vanished, the freeze key faded away as well, and time was no longer frozen.
-   After time resumed, the three formerly frozen Rangers were apparently aware of the time freeze, as T.J. exclaimed, "Hey, all right!" and Cassie noted they were back.
-   Knocked down during a fight in which he, Elgar, and Piranhatron fought the Rangers, Clockster sped up time and then reversed it to just before the fight had begun; then, as the fight would have begun, Divatox tried to use the periscope, but its view was blocked from having emerged from a bucket of tar, so she launched the torpedoes to enlarge Clockster, an event which hadn't happened the first time around.

-   After demorphing, setting his jacket on a tree branch, and tinkering with the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's engines with some tools in a wooded field, Carter soon morphed and got the vehicle to fly off in an attempt to help, the thrust blowing his forgotten jacket to the ground.
-   After watching as the other Rangers were apparently slain in combat, Carter said his gagues were completely haywire, at which point he looked down through the bottom orange bubble dome, then back up, asking what was going on, as he was suddenly rocketed through a tunnel of red streaks on one half, purple on the other, and a black background, with a black void at the end from which he'd come, accompanied by the sound of electronic warble-beeps typically emitted by the Rescue Morphers for morphing.
-   Carter and the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle were in a negative effect as they flew through the tunnel.
-   Carter screamed and convulsed beside the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle the previous day during the flight simulation, apparently the only one to remember the original events.
?   The next day, Carter wore a jacket (either a replacement or a temporal duplicate), but he would then find his original jacket still lying in the woods where it had been left in the previous timeline, prompting him to conclude he'd gone back in time; he apparently took the original jacket with him while getting back into the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.
?   When Carter first looked around, his jacket was not seen where it should have been, but when he then apparently began to scan inside the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, he suddenly spotted it.
?   The downtown battle apparently happened as before, although with the following differences: Kelsey apparently called for help sooner, Mantevil's slash to Dana now knocked her over a railing rather than against it, Olympius was not shown telling the Rangers this was the end, Dana did not add a "please" to her begging for Olympius's mercy, and Olympius told the Rangers to "say goodbye" rather than saying goodbye to them instead.

-   Ransik proclaimed, seemingly to himself, that if he couldn't rule the present (the year 3000), he'd just rule the past.
-   Alex handed the time device over to Captain Logan, stating that it was the heart of a time-warping device, and with it Ransik could have traveled to any time period he wanted.
-   The Captain remarked that such a thing would have been a disaster.
-   While battling, Alex declared, "You may beat me, but you'll never escape the Time Force!" Ransik wickedly laughed and exclaimed in response, "Where I'm going, there is no Time Force!"
-   Following a booster-punch from Trans-Warp Megazord, the Time Ship soared at the multi-colored portal within the Time Gate, hitting and entering it with a bright flash.
-   A digital chronometer on the dashboard counted down from the upper 2999AD range, backwards, rapidly.
-   The Time Ship floated down a long, rainbow colored, warped tunnel (which represented the timestream), apparently tracking the Cryogenic Detainment Tower's passage through a time hole.

- vortex connecting two points in time
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-   When the six teens attempted to teleport from the locker hall of the Youth Center, all of them but Kim succeeded; after failing to teleport, Kim was confused, and eventually a multicolored energy tunnel, a time hole, opened up in the lockers behind her and sucked her in; Alpha would soon explain to the others that Kim's "teleport signal" had been accidentally sucked into a time hole.
-   A time hole was a tear in the fabric of time.
-   The time hole in the Youth Center turned invisible a while after Kim had been sucked through.
-   Alpha tried to locate Kim but noted that the time holes formed randomly in the universe and that their timestreams were unpredictable.
-   Kim wound up near the mountains outside Angel Grove in the year 1880.
?   Zedd wanted Goldar and Needlenose to act quickly before the "time holes" closed, so why the two were walking through an arid landscape when the time hole was in the Youth Center is unknown; the two finally teleported to the Youth Center some time later and entered the time hole.
-   The previously invisible time hole in the Youth Center appeared as Goldar and Needlenose stepped through, then it closed immediately afterward, preventing the Rangers from following the two through.

-   Billy figured out a way to bring Kim back, a plan which required the use of three communicators; he adapted the blue, yellow, and black communicators in conjunction with a device, to advance and accelerate the teleporting mechanism to create a time hole; the one-time attempt was later successful in bringing Kimberly home.
-   In 1880, the laser beams from the Wild West Rangers' laser pistols and Pink Ranger's Blade Blaster knocked Goldar and Needlenose through a time hole which quickly appeared behind them and then just as quickly vanished.
-   Yellow energy rays from Billy's device opened up a time hole, through which Kim walked into the present-day Command Center.

-   Upon prompting by Ransik, Frax announced, "Time warp initiating!", and pressed a button on a computer console.
-   The time device atop the console shone to life, warping the room, along with the Cryogenic Detainment Tower of the Funaro Maximum Security Prison and everyone in it, out of the space/time continuum, rippling in a multicolored shimmer, leaving no trace behind.
-   Katie pointed out that they went through a time hole. Lucas added that there was now no way to catch them. Jen furiously disagreed, eventually leading her team to the Time Ship.

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