- Titanium Ranger's axe/cannon
First Appearance: 811-FDIS
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
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-   Morphed Ryan instantly drew his weapon, the Titanium Laser, a silver, black, and yellow blaster which had a yellow tip like the Rescue Blasters' barrels, the Titanium Ranger's italic M on the black blade, and a sigil on the rear which would be the axe butt.
-   The laser shot very powerful blue blasts.
-   As the Rangers aimed the Unilaser at him, morphed Ryan transformed his weapon into axe mode by sliding down the blade and angling the handle straight.
-   Carter fired, but the axe blade absorbed the blast, and Ryan slung it back crackling with gold energy bolts.

-   On a rampage downtown, morphed Ryan pulled out his Titanium Laser and blasted directly at people, apparently shooting one guy in the chest, smashing him back against a pillar.
-   Ryan shot at another two people, knocking them down, and as he went to shoot one of the two while they were down, morphed Dana deflected the blast with her baton and had the relatively uninjured victims flee.

-   When Ryan was demorphed by the final phase of the cobra curse, his discarded Titanium Laser axe remained on the ground; he grabbed it and hurled it into the column behind the cobra monster, toppling it and crushing the monster.

- Phrases used to fire Titanium Laser
811-FDIS Ryan: "Titanium Laser!"
840-FLs2 Ryan: "Titanium Laser, fire!"

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