- device used to morph user into Titanium Ranger
First Appearance: 811-FDIS
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
Subcategories: Morphing
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-   In the pool room, techs attached electrodes to Carter in preparation for his testing of the experimental Titanium Morpher, which was placed around his wrist by a tech.
-   The Titanium Morpher bore a shiny blue M design, although the center dip was actually a distinct V.
-   To morph while testing the Titanium Morpher, Carter pressed the center button at the bottom of the Morpher, which slid the V panel upward, revealing a sigil; below this were two buttons: left was a stylized C, and right was a curvy W.
-   The next morning, Ryan, having stolen the Morpher, was morphed as the Titanium Ranger; how he was able to use the Morpher is unknown, given the inability of an ordinary human to endure its power.
-   Diabolico later told Ryan he'd mastered the powers of the Titanium Morpher, proving himself worthy of being the Titanium Ranger.
-   On Ryan's wrist, the Titanium Morpher was blinking with two green lights inside the blue M design, apparently being called.

-   Diving down to save Mitchell, Ryan morphed with a blue gleam, apparently without touching his Morpher.

-   As Ryan opened the silver box Mitchell had given him, the Titanium Morpher inside was glowing blue.
-   Ryan could willfully demorph by issuing the demorph command to his wrist.

-   The Titanium Morpher's green lights blinked in response to an incoming call from Kelsey.

-   As Ryan tried to call the others, his Morpher's green lights blinked.
-   While inside the Tomb of Forever, Ryan was only able to contact the others (at an outdoor setup run by Miss Fairweather) in a broken, static-filled audio/video transmission.

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