- brachiosaur Carrierzord for Dinozords, Ninjazords, and Shogunzords
Full Name: Titanus the Carrierzord (Source: Titanus toy)
First Appearance: 126-GuHo
Last Appearance: 332-TSOD
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-   When Jason and Tommy approached the location containing the special weapons which would destroy Super Putties, Titanus rolled out through a misty forest valley, with the valley perhaps having been a body of water.
-   Titanus shot fireballs from his mouth at Jason and Tommy; this was before either of them had morphed.
-   Titanus's black chest armor was in the shape of a T.
-   Titanus had the M designs of the Mastodon on its paws. (see "Recurring letters")
-   After Jason and Tommy had returned with the special weapons, Zordon revealed that Titanus was only a test of their teamwork and was actually a valuable ally and friend.

-   The previously unintroduced Megadragonzord combined with Titanus to form the Ultrazord.

-   Titanus could shoot its shoulder cannons while not in the Ultrazord combination.
-   Titanus's presence after being summoned by Zordon seemed to revive the Zords after they'd nearly been defeated by Cyclopsis.
-   After Ultrazord had destroyed Cyclopsis, Rita caused Titanus to sink beneath the ground with a blast from her wand.

-   After Alpha had obtained access to Rita's databank and discovered Cyclopsis's weakness, blue speckles brought Titanus out of the ground, and Zordon said Titanus (referring to the Zord as "he") was re-energized.

-   Since the Face Stealer was clearly a dangerous monster, Zordon said the Rangers would need the added power of Titanus to defeat him, then asked Alpha if he had made all the necessary modifications to accommodate the Ninja Ultrazord; Alpha was still completing them, but he later told Zordon that Titanus was now ready for battle; this would be Titanus's first reappearance since 159-MMMu.
-   To form the Ninja Ultrazord, the Ninja Megafalconzord descended onto Titanus's back as the Megadragonzord had done.

-   After the Frog had been the only Ninjazord attacking giant Hate Master, Adam said he could use some help, at which point Tommy summoned Titanus.
-   Giant Hate Master was attacked by the Frog's mini-Frogzords, the Frog's flame breath, Titanus's fireballs, the Ape's charged double swords, the Falconzord's wingtip blasts, the Wolf's eyebeams, and the Bear's eyebeams, but it was the Crane's lasers which finally destroyed him.

-   After the Shogun Megafalconzord's blasts had failed to destroy giant Dischordia, Tommy said they could use a little help, and Titanus then rolled in to form the Shogun Ultrazord.
-   To form the Shogun Ultrazord, the Shogun Megafalconzord descended onto Titanus's back as the Megadragonzord had done.

- Phrases used to summon Titanus
133-TYOY Jason: "We need Titanus, now!"
139-Ddy1 Zordon: "Titanus!"
140-Ddy2 Jason: "Titanus, now!"
152-THBO Jason: "I call on the power of Titanus!"
314-SHM2 Tommy: "We need Titanus power, now!"

- Phrases used to summon Titanus and Ultrazord
127-WOMf Jason: "I call on Titanus and the power of the Ultrazord!"
Rangers: "Ultrazord, power up!"
129-IOI2 Jason: "We call on the power of Titanus and the Ultrazord!"
136-BOAF Jason: "I call on the power of Titanus and the Ultrazord!"
154-ELiz Jason: "We need Titanus for Ultrazord power, now!"

-   The Titanus toy listed Titanus's full name as "Titanus the Carrierzord."
-   During Power Rangers in Space, "Toys R Us" featured an exclusive release of a silver Titanus toy, the neck and head of which had been replaced by a shuttle-shaped structure; it was designed to house the Winged Mega Voyager.

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