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-   To morph while testing the Titanium Morpher, Carter pressed the center button at the bottom of the Morpher, which slid the V panel upward; meanwhile, he declared, "Titanium power!"
-   Carter painfully pulsed with blue flashes of the partial Titanium suit, his glowing red nervous system and heart visible during the agonizing flickers which included a fire background, blue energy waves on the border of the partially-formed pieces of Titanium Ranger suit, and a flickering of the digi-tunnel shown during the Rescue Morpher and later the Titanium Morpher morphs.
-   Meanwhile, the Morpher flashed blue during the morph spasms.
-   Other flickers included a both red and blue auras, red and blue versions of Carter's visible nervous system, more digi-tunnel flickers, and a brief flash of a background sigil.
?   During the first digi-tunnel flicker, an unusual face, apparently a balding man with perhaps gray hair, was faint in the background, grimacing or flashing a psychotic grin; the elongated shape of the face, straight vertical edges seeming to border the mouth area, and pale if not white skin were not suggestive of a normal human. (Editor's note: I really have no idea what this is supposed to be.)
-   Agonized, Carter finally dropped to his hands, gasping as the blue ripples trailed off.

-   Diving down to save Mitchell, Ryan morphed with a light blue gleam, with a flicker of digi-tunnel and a light blue V; he had not apparently touched his Morpher.

-   To morph, Ryan would call out, "Titanium power!" before holding up his left arm and then bringing it down to press the Morpher button.
-   Once the Morpher was opened, Ryan's morph featured Ryan holding up his arms inside a vertical digital tunnel wearing his rescue jacket, although he wouldn't receive the jacket until later.
-   The Titanium version of a morphing shield consisted of a black and gray polka-dotted pattern inside a gold-bordered V design shaped like his visor.
-   The shield passed down over Ryan from above, morphing him into the Titanium Ranger, and his visor then slid shut.

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