- former student, teen baseball player
- second Red Turbo Ranger (519-PTT2 through 545-CIS2, also 1034-FRed)
- former Blue Space Ranger (602-FON2 through 643-CTD2, also 730-TenP, 731-PPnk)
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Full Name: Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson (1034-FRed)
First Appearance: 518-PTT1
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: T.J., circa PRT (shown at right), T.J., circa PRiS
See Also: T.J.'s relatives


  • On a bus, T.J., wearing orange and white, sat across the aisle from Cassie, whom he didn't know at the time.
  • T.J. wore an earring.
  • T.J. had been reading a book before telling Cassie her singing was bothering the other passengers.
  • Cassie said she sang (too loudly?) all the time, and T.J. said he did as well.
  • T.J. and Cassie introduced themselves to each other.
  • T.J. was headed to Angel Grove, following his dad's idea; his dad had been a pitcher in the minor league, and T.J. was going to see his dad's friend Jake "Bull" Rosetti, who had played with his dad.
  • "Bull" had said "the Grove" had a great baseball team; T.J. was going to improve his game and to see if he was any good at baseball.
  • Outside a gift shop in the middle of nowhere, T.J., apparently having heard the explosion of Tommy's truck as Tommy and Kat were attacked by Piranhatron nearby, ran off in case someone needed help, and Cassie yelled to tell him he'd miss the bus.
  • T.J. and Cassie watched Kat, a stranger to them, fight Piranhatrons.
  • T.J. had to go help, despite the danger, and Cassie reluctantly followed him into battle.
  • When more Piranhatron teleported in, Cassie said she was getting out of there right now, but both she and T.J. fought the creatures with martial arts.


  • Cassie and T.J. recognized the Power Rangers on sight.
  • Blue Ranger spoke in the presence of T.J. and Cassie, but they made no mention of his childlike voice.
  • As T.J. and Cassie walked away, T.J., amazed by their encounter, told Cassie, "Don't tell anybody, but when I was a kid, I wanted to be a Power Ranger."; he admired all they'd accomplished for mankind.
  • When T.J. excitedly followed a blue slime trail left by the Putrapod going up toward the hills, Cassie left to find her bag and leave, but she then ended up beating him to the top of the hills; she explained that her parents had taught her never to leave a friend in need.
  • T.J. and Cassie followed the Putrapod's tracks and a howling sound into a cave, where they discovered Tommy hanging over a vortex.
  • When T.J. and Cassie found him, Tommy told them to run, but they stayed to fight the Piranhatron, then rescued him.
  • Before leaving, Tommy thought at the last minute to get T.J.'s name and shake hands.
  • T.J. and Cassie heard a whooshing sound as Tommy apparently teleported from nearby in the woods.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Tommy had selected T.J. to lead the team as the new Red Ranger, due to the courage and strength which had saved Tommy's life.


  • At an outdoor merchant area near the beach with Carlos and Justin, T.J. jokingly took Cassie's arm as they went to inspect the jacket frenzy nearby.
  • Ashley eagerly hugged T.J. after the anger spell was removed from the four teens, suggesting that the team had been together for some time.
  • After boarding the Robo Racer cockpit from the Turbo Megazord, T.J. pulled Blue Senturion's power pack (not shown), rendering Blue Senturion unconscious as T.J. removed the jacket from him, and the officer then returned to normal.
  • T.J. had his Turbo Blade as he leapt down to confront Delisha, but she was soon enlarged.


  • Once Storm Blaster and Justin had been captured, T.J. was calling Alpha to have the other teens meet him at the Power Chamber when Lightning Cruiser opened its door and raced forward, knocking T.J. over with it.
  • T.J. tried to chase after Lightning Cruiser after thinking it knew where to find Justin and Storm Blaster, but Lightning Cruiser raced out of his reach, then slammed on its brakes, sending him flying over the car and landing in front of it.
  • Lightning Cruiser flashed its lights at T.J. and opened its door, but it then tossed him out, causing him to confront the car angrily.
  • Lightning Cruiser began to speed away, but T.J. managed to catch up to the car and climb in, after which it stopped harassing him.
  • As Lightning Cruiser approached a construction site, T.J. tried to use the brake, but it wouldn't work, so he angrily shifted the gearshift and floored the gas in retaliation, causing Lightning Cruiser to convert to flying mode.
  • T.J. knew Lightning Cruiser's name without being told, but it's possible Justin had heard the name from Dreadfeather and had told him on their drive.


  • In the Power Chamber after hearing eyewitnesses' descriptions of the Phantom which had thwarted Rygog, Elgar, and the Piranhatrons outside Angel Grove Bank, T.J. was the first to utter the name "Phantom Ranger"; he said he was hoping the bank's surveillance camera had caught a glimpse of the Phantom Ranger.


  • In the forest, T.J. used a set of digital binoculars to spy on Elgar, Rygog, and the Piranhatron as they set up a rocket; the other teens watched in the Power Chamber after T.J. had had Alpha call them in.
  • As he demonstrated while sparring in the Youth Center (an event which would be undone by Clockster's time reversal), T.J. could do a breakdancing-like spin to flip up onto his feet after being knocked down.
  • When General Havoc beamed a transmission to the Power Chamber telling the Rangers to meet him at the Angel Grove Pier to discuss their terms of surrender, or else he would destroy the Earth, T.J. had the others meet them at the pier to avoid taking any chances.
  • At sunset after Havoc had stolen the Turbo Megazord with Metallasaurus, the teens sat around a tree in the park, depressed about their defeat; T.J. was angry, blaming himself for letting the Megazord be stolen.


  • In the Youth Center following Metallasaurus's foiled second attack on Angel Grove, T.J. helped Bulk and Skull suit up with protective padding for their next monster tour.


  • In the Cirrus Dimension during the struggle to save Cassie from being turned to stone, morphed T.J. shot Rygog near the face with his Auto Blaster.


  • Since they couldn't get to the Space Base with its shields up, T.J. planned to use a super-magnet to attract the Space Base to them the instant Divatox lowered her shields, but the condition required for the plan to work was the condition the plan was supposed to get around in the first place.
  • When the evil Turbo Megazord was beating the Rescue Megazord with the Turbo Megazord Saber, T.J. suddenly got up from his seat with a plan to use Lightning Cruiser to get Phantom's Power Ruby back; Justin wanted to join him, but T.J. told him it was a one-man-job and he needed the four Rangers to cover him.
  • After T.J. had left, Carlos remarked that T.J. was either the bravest guy he knew or the craziest.
  • T.J. leapt from Lightning Cruiser onto the Turbo Megazord and entered its cockpit, then luring Crosspatch down through the Megazord until emerging at the level of the battery pack.
  • Pinned on the edge of the battery pack after losing his Turbo Blade, T.J. shot Crosspatch in the face or chest with his Auto Blaster, then kicked the monster off the edge.
  • After removing the Power Ruby, T.J. cut the battery pack off the Megazord with his Auto Blaster, crushing Crosspatch below and causing a large explosion as the pack was destroyed by the fall.
  • Returning to the Rescue Megazord, T.J. thought the others had only been pretending to be helpless in the Rescue Megazord, and Carlos humored T.J. by going along with it.


  • Inside T.J.'s locker at school was what looked like a bumpersticker for the Angel Grove Baseball Team.


  • When the teens were in the Power Chamber after Wicked Wisher had stolen three coins from the fountain in the park to make wishing coins, T.J. went back to the park alone to prevent the monster from taking any more coins.
  • After Wicked Wisher had punched him repeatedly in the face, morphed T.J. held his face and planned to make the monster pay, but his attempt to punch back was blocked.
  • As evil Blue Senturion was defeating him, T.J. used a Turbo Navigator in Defender Mode to wrap Blue Senturion in a red energy restraint, buying him time to retreat.


  • Lt. Stone didn't have that hard of a time getting up at sunrise to make T.J. a protein shake for his jog, but T.J. was still very sleepy.
  • T.J. had told Lt. Stone he'd jog six miles, but now he said two.
  • In the woods during his jog, T.J. picked a discarded paper cup out of a bush while Erutan secretly watched.
  • T.J. and Erutan introduced themselves to each other; Erutan wasn't very polite, and he knew that T.J. was out jogging rather than lost.
  • T.J. turned to look toward an owl's hooting, and when he looked back, Erutan was gone.
  • Morphed T.J. shot Lord Litter in the mouth with his Auto Blaster.
  • T.J. demorphed almost immediately after Erutan had vanished upon blowing Lord Litter away.
  • In the resource center at school with Cassie the same day, T.J. wrote down "Erutan" and realized that backwards it spelled "nature."
  • T.J. wrote with his left hand. (Source: Submitted by "Phasm Ranger")
  • Erutan was standing outside the resource center window, looking in at T.J., and T.J. ran out and chased him to the lake.
  • At the lake, Erutan, standing on the surface of the water, told T.J. that the woods wanted to thank him; when asked, he said he was the spirit of the woods, and sometimes the wind and the water.
  • Apparently that night, T.J. described Erutan to Dimitria and Alpha, but it was too late to search the woods for him now.
  • The next morning, T.J. looked for Erutan on his jog.
  • T.J. warned Erutan that there were evil forces that wanted to capture him; Erutan knew but wouldn't leave, pointing out that the same evil forces were after T.J. but that he wouldn't leave either.
  • When morphed T.J. told Cassie to help him get the net down after Erutan had been trapped in it, she shot it down with her Auto Blaster, and T.J. caught Erutan.
  • None of the Rangers but T.J. could see Erutan.
  • After causing a lightning bolt to strike Lord Litter, Erutan was extremely weakened, so T.J. stayed to help him while the other Rangers summoned the Rescuezords to fight giant Lord Litter.
  • Aftr the Rangers' battle, T.J. was unmorphed, unable to help the translucent and weakened Erutan; before vanishing, Erutan told T.J. that as long as people like T.J. protected the woods, he would be okay.
  • On T.J.'s jog through the woods another morning, Erutan ran across the path behind him, but when T.J. looked back, there was a deer walking by.


  • When the teens congratulated Cassie on having a hit, T.J. hugged her.
  • Another day, T.J., sitting with Justin, got scolded by a teacher for singing "Confusion" to himself in the resource center.
  • T.J. summoned the Turbozords, not the Rescuezords, for the Rangers to use the Turbo Megazord against the remaining Red Creep.
  • Later doing homework, glad to have the song out of his head, T.J. said he'd never thought he'd enjoy doing math.


  • As the Rescue Megazord fought Terrorzord and giant Mr. Goorific, the villains were mysteriously blasted by something; as T.J. looked around in confusion, he said that they needed the Blue Senturion, at which point Robo Racer drove in.


  • T.J. played rec baseball with Carlos.
  • T.J. was considered to be half of his team, as he had quite a reputation for hitting.
  • T.J. batted left-handed (with his right shoulder forward).
  • Heath, a new guy in town who joined the other team in the middle of the game, challenged T.J. to try to hit his pitch.
  • Heath struck T.J. out, to the dismay of T.J.'s team.
  • Later, T.J. came into the Juice Bar reading a Batting Techniques book to tell Carlos, Ashley, and Justin he couldn't make it to the movies because he was spending some time in the batting cages.
  • Another day, T.J. was struck out again.
  • When Strikeout confronted the Rangers, Justin failed to hit the monster's pitch with his Turbo Blade; Carlos wanted a chance at bat next, but T.J. wouldn't let him, yet all four remaining Rangers then attempted to bat the pitch simultaneously.
  • Morphed T.J. batted right-handed (left shoulder forward), backwards from unmorphed T.J.'s batting stance.
  • T.J. hit the curveball back at Strikeout the next pitch he threw, but the monster then began throwing flaming fastballs which none of the Rangers could hit.
  • Later that day, as he and Carlos rode by the baseball field on mountain bikes (with T.J. riding a red bike), T.J. watched Heath practice his pitching and was angry that he couldn't figure out how to hit a curveball, but it was Strikeout's fastballs, not his curveballs, which T.J. had been unable to hit.
  • As T.J. rode off, Heath rode up after him, wanting to race, but T.J. didn't want to.
  • Eager to race, Heath went over a cliff and managed to save himself but not his bike.
  • After T.J. had saved Heath by pulling him up, he told Heath he didn't owe T.J. a thing; T.J. then rode off, leaving Heath without a bike.
  • When T.J. and Carlos stopped by the field during Heath's practice a different day, Heath taught T.J. how to hit his pitch.
  • When Strikeout returned, Carlos got called on the communicator but didn't stay for T.J. to join him; either T.J. didn't get called, or he chose not to respond to the call before learning how to hit the curveball.
  • After T.J. had hit two of the curveballs, his communicator beeped, and he excused himself, promising not to tell anyone how to hit the pitch and that he'd see Heath on Saturday.
  • Morphed T.J. used a red, shiny bat against Strikeout.
  • Morphed T.J. did a powerful swing charged with red energy, sending Strikeout's flaming pitch into space, where it exploded.
  • T.J. summoned the Turbozords, not the Rescuezords, for the Rangers to use the Turbo Megazord against giant Strikeout, probably knowing the Spinout could bat back the monster's pitches.
  • Another day, T.J. hadn't told anyone how to hit Heath's pitch, but Heath gave in and showed Ricky, one of T.J.'s teammates, how to hit it.


  • T.J. had several Angel Grove Baseball stickers in his locker at Angel Grove High.
  • After Cassie and Bobby had gone to the park together, Ashley invited T.J. to play catch in the park and then dragged him off even though he'd thought she didn't like catch.
  • T.J. was perplexed when Elgar told the Rangers, "You're gonna need [Lightning Cruiser] when Divatox sends down her big--" but was interrupted by Rygog.
  • T.J. later bought two tickets for himself and his date, whoever she was, to go to the upcoming dance.
  • Bobby got advice from Carlos and T.J. about asking a girl out; they encouraged him just to "jump in."


  • T.J. admired Bulk and Skull, as they were always working.
  • Learning that Bulk and Skull were suspected of stealing the contents of the packages they were supposed to be delivering, T.J. told Cassie that Bulk and Skull made mistakes, but they weren't thieves, and he teamed up with them for a stakeout to catch the "Daytime Thief" of which they spoke.
  • At the Super Duper Fast Deliveries warehouse, Bulk, Skull, and T.J. held their stakeout.
  • T.J. and Bulk wore earpiece mics with which they could communicate on their stakeout.
  • Later, Bulk sent T.J. for food.
  • Returning with food when Alpha called him about Piranhatron downtown, T.J. had Ashley and Carlos meet him at the coordinates, and they fought Piranhatron stealing a payphone before T.J. returned to the stakeout.
  • After discovering that the warehouse had been robbed while he was gone, T.J. was disappointed with Bulk and Skull, who were frightened and hiding, but he remained patient and planned to try again.
  • Another day, Ashley and Cassie dressed Skull up as a woman, and the guys and Lt. Stone prepared packages in the Juice Bar for a major stakeout.
  • Skull, as an old lady, clipped the hedges of a front lawn while T.J. watched from the bushes; nearby in Ashley's car were the other teens, with whom T.J. communicated with his communicator, but their presence on the stakeout was kept secret from Bulk and Skull for some reason.
  • T.J. had at all earlier points held his earpiece, apparently to disable it, while speaking with the other teens on the communicator, but when he exclaimed, "Piranhatrons?! What do they want?" he was not touching his earpiece.
  • The Piranhatrons, the real Daytime Thief, nearly attacked Skull, but T.J. led Bulk and Skull to flee to safety.
  • Holding his earpiece as he and Bulk and Skull ran, T.J. told the others they had two on their tail and could use some help, but he wasn't speaking into his communicator at the time.
  • After successfully hiding from the Piranhatron and then seeing an electronics component inside the box they'd taken with them, T.J. had Bulk and Skull meet him in the Juice Bar in two hours.
  • Driving Lightning Fire Tamer out of Artillatron for the Rescuezords to face the three evil Zords, T.J. told the Rangers victory was at hand.
  • When Bulk and Skull's boss had brought two police officers to arrest Bulk and Skull in the Juice Bar, not believing their story that aliens had stolen their missing deliveries, the Turbo Rangers teleported into the Juice Bar for morphed T.J. to say the following:
    "Officers, wait. These two should be thanked. They're the ones that helped discover the thieves. Divatox stole the packages, and unfortunately, this is all that's left. (puts smoking, damaged remote on Juice Bar counter) Mr. Bulkmeier, you're a very brave man. As are you, Mr. Skullovitch. Thank you very much for your sacrifice. May the Power protect you both. Good work, you two."
  • T.J. walked in immediately after the Rangers had teleported away, and Bulk told him he'd missed the Rangers' saving their jobs.
  • Bulk told Ashley and Cassie that their friend T.J. was a-okay; Cassie said he'd said the same thing about Bulk and Skull, causing Bulk to give T.J. a warm hug.


  • As the Rescue Megazord was being utterly battered by Goldgoyle, Cassie headed for the door to try reconnecting their power manually, as all of their systems were failing and powerless, but T.J. wouldn't let her.
  • T.J. said the Rescue Megazord was too badly damaged and that Goldgoyle wouldn't wait for them to repair it; they had to stop him there and then, so he planned for them to move in close and self-destruct the Megazord; the others supported the plan.
  • After the Rescue Megazord had self-destructed with no effect and the Turbo Megazord had been completely crippled, T.J. got an idea and had the Rangers eject; he then summoned the Turbo RAM and had Justin set it to detonate upon impact.
  • T.J. flew in Lightning Cruiser toward Goldgoyle with the Turbo RAM mounted to the top of the car; as he approached, he sent the Turbo RAM flying straight into Goldgoyle's mouth, and an enormous explosion from inside Goldgoyle's body obliterated the monster.
  • When Carlos was disturbed that they'd lost both Megazords, T.J. replied, not seeming to be particularly worried, "Yeah, too bad."
  • T.J. had the Rangers return to the Power Chamber.
  • Upon learning that Dimitria and Blue Senturion were leaving to try to help Zordon now that Eltar had fallen to evil forces and that the Rangers had to stay to defend the planet from Divatox, T.J. assured her that they would protect the Earth.
  • Learning after Dimitria and Blue Senturion had left that Divatox's army of Piranhatron was closing in on the Power Chamber, T.J. had the Rangers go outside to try to stop the invasion, despite Alpha's warnings.


  • Returning to the Power Chamber after retreating from the Piranhatron, the Rangers removed their helmets, and the others tiredly caught their breath as T.J. checked on the shields.
  • T.J. wouldn't let Alpha teleport the Rangers to safety as the Piranhatron were about to break in.
  • After the teens had determined that the Earth was currently safe from Divatox once she'd been called to the Cimmerian planet after destroying the Power Chamber, Ashley warned that they'd be sitting ducks when Divatox returned, so T.J. decided they had to stop Divatox before she returned; without the Power Chamber and their powers, they needed a way to go after Divatox, and Justin thought of NASADA.


  • After the teens had found their way onto the bridge of the Astro Megaship and Alpha had begun using a console there, T.J. warned him to be careful, asking if he knew what he was doing.
  • Alpha brought up a display of a planet that looked just like Jupiter, and when T.J. asked Alpha what planet it was so they could try to figure out where they were, Alpha replied, "O-yu Retipuje," which is the phonetic reversal of "Jupiter," but the shuttle should have taken them far beyond Jupiter on their voyage toward Eltar.


  • Later using an Astro Morpher Andros had apparently distributed to the teens at random, T.J. morphed into the Blue Space Ranger.
  • T.J. was pleased to be "cool blue."


  • As the Rangers flew out of the Megaship in the shuttle to form the Megazord, Andros asked T.J. about their status, treating him like second-in-command.


  • After meeting the Rangers, the Ninja Turtles asked for a ride to New York City; Andros was suspicious (and rightfully so, since the Turtles were secretly under Astronema's evil spell), but T.J. told him to lighten up and jovially accepted without Andros's agreement, then the four Rangers teleported with the Turtles to the Megaship.


  • At breakfast on the Megaship, Ashley wasn't enthusiastic about tasting the bacon and eggs she'd made in the Synthetron, but T.J., smothering his breakfast in catsup, said the breakfast was good; after teasing T.J. about all his catsup, Cassie took it and put some on hers.
  • When Carlos, the last one to get breakfast in the workbay, asked where Andros was, the teens didn't know, but T.J. had thought he would've been with Carlos; what exactly T.J. was implying is uncertain.


  • After their recovery of NASADA data discs, T.J. suggested a quick vacation on the Simudeck, snowboarding in Switzerland, and they all went.


  • When Carlos, after Andros's explanation behind the Megatank, added that it looked cool too, Andros shook his head in disdain, making T.J. chuckle.
  • Fighting Elephantitan with Carlos, T.J. began tugging at tube-like rings on the monster, asking for Carlos's help, but these tubes were actually the monster's earrings.


  • After T.J. had defeated several Craterites in their fight at the beach, the others congratulated him, with Andros bumping fists with him.
  • Later in the Surf Spot, T.J. was telling the teens and Patrick about a suspenseful football game he'd played in.


  • On the Simudeck, the teens played basketball in their workout uniforms on a simulated court in a simulated park; the ball, however, was real.
  • T.J. and Andros were on a team, and the other three were on another team.
  • When the next point would win the game, T.J. reminded Andros about a special play they'd been practicing earlier; using his hands as a springboard, Andros sent T.J. flipping over the three other teens for a slam dunk.
  • After Ashley and Cassie, failing to dodge Darkliptor's energy bolt, had been frozen in cages of ice, Andros was furious; T.J. tried to hold him back to think through their situation, but Andros, shoving him aside, yelled that he was done thinking.
  • As Darkliptor swung to finish off Andros after he'd been knocked down, T.J. leapt in the way, taking the blow to his chest, then received a staggering slash to the head which cracked a gash into his helmet, sparking as he collapsed.
  • As Darkliptor approached Andros while he cradled the limp T.J., Carlos tackled Darkliptor aside but was frozen as well while planning for the three of them to retreat.
  • Struggling just before freezing, Carlos told Andros to take T.J. back to the ship, and Andros flew T.J. away on his Galaxy Glider.
  • Andros was working beside T.J.'s med table in the infirmary when T.J. woke up; he appeared physically uninjured.
  • Andros told him to take it easy, as he'd taken a hard hit, but T.J. had lost his memory and didn't even recognize his own name, which Andros initially thought was a joke.
  • Not knowing what Darkliptor was or who Andros was, T.J. clutched his right temple in pain.
  • When DECA said T.J. might be suffering from amnesia, he got spooked and ran out of the infirmary.
  • Wandering onto the bridge with his head in pain, T.J. looked at a planet resembling Aquitar or KO-35 on the viewscreen and observed that they were in space but didn't know where; when Alpha replied they were orbiting the planet Brokaya, T.J. was startled by the robot.
  • Entering, Andros needed T.J.'s help and tried to jog his memory by telling him this was the Astro Megaship and he was the Blue Power Ranger, a concept which T.J. didn't grasp, hurting his head, and Andros reminded him he'd saved Andros from Darkliptor.
  • When Darkliptor, with the three frozen Rangers on Brokaya, told the remaining Rangers from the viewscreen to return and deal with him or he'd destroy their three friends, Andros said they had to go, but T.J. refused, saying Andros had made a mistake and that he wasn't the Blue Power Ranger.
  • To attempt to convince T.J., Andros morphed; T.J. looked between Red Ranger and his own Morpher, but it didn't help him remember anything.
  • Andros decided to go back down to the planet by himself, and he teleported from the bridge, startling T.J.
  • T.J. wandered into the Simudeck, where the basketball was still on the floor; he bounced it a few times, then as his head hurt, he remembered the friendly basketball game they'd had.
  • In the workbay, T.J. opened the blue locker, in which was some equipment, a blue shirt and baseball cap hanging on the door, a large flashlight, what looked like numerous CDs, and a photo of the five teens in front of a brick wall somewhere.
  • T.J. thought, then flipped open his Morpher and pressed the 0 key, teleporting him to Brokaya some distance away from the fight between Andros and Darkliptor.
  • T.J. watched the fight momentarily, then flipped open his Morpher again and activated his morph.
  • Looking at his morphed hands, T.J. exclaimed, "Whoa, I am the Blue Ranger! I don't believe it!"
  • Stomping on Andros, Darkliptor growled at T.J., "Blue Ranger!"; T.J. held up his hands and yelled, "No! Wait!", wanting Darkliptor to hold on.
  • Darkliptor attacked with his swords, but T.J. dodged and was soon knocked back; Darkliptor then slashed him, knocking him down.
  • Darkliptor laughed for T.J. to hold still, saying it would all be over quickly, but Andros leapt in and took the blast.
  • Knocking his morphed head against a rock during the explosion, T.J. remembered Andros's name, then he suddenly remembered all of them; as it all came back to him, T.J.'s helmet symbol lit up.
  • T.J. jump-kicked Darkliptor back when he was approaching Andros, then remembered their special play: T.J. ran forward with both the Astro Axe and Spiral Saber, with Andros running in behind him; T.J. threw the weapons into the air, then as Darkliptor looked up, T.J. shot him with his Astro Blaster, and Andros sprung off T.J.'s hands, caught the weapons in midair, and slashed Darkliptor with both of them, shattering them back apart into Darkonda and Ecliptor and unfreezing the other Rangers.
  • Later on the workbay, Ashley and Carlos came in with the basketball to finish their game; T.J., with Andros and Cassie, pretended he didn't remember a game or even what basketball was, making Ashley happily whisper to Carlos, "These guys don't even stand a chance!"
  • Once the two had walked out smiling, T.J. spun the ball on his finger, having tricked them.


  • After the Rangers had launched in the Mega Vehicles, Andros showed off by having Mega V-1 hop from V-5 to V-4 to V-2, rocking each, finally landing on V-3, to the annoyance of T.J.
  • When Mega V-1 was on the surface of a moon fighting the spawn monster, T.J. flew down and rolled V-3 to a stop using its bottom landing treads, offering Andros a lift.


  • T.J. was perhaps the most concerned of the teens upon learning that Storm Blaster had escaped to Earth.
  • Patting Storm Blaster after the Rangers had come to its aid, T.J. told the Quantrons they weren't taking Storm Blaster anywhere, then told the vehicle, "You're covered, buddy!"; Storm Blaster flashed its lights and revved.
  • When morphed Justin, having been retrieved by Storm Blaster, was pinned by Quantrons while fighting alongside the Rangers, T.J. caught one's leg with a chain and tripped him, letting Justin kick back the other.
  • When T.J. patted Justin on the back, asking if he was okay, Justin turned and nearly punched T.J., then asked, "Hey, who are you? I was blue!"
  • T.J. told Justin it was him, then jokingly agreed with Justin's comment that he looked great in blue.
  • After the destruction of Lionizer following Justin's and Storm Blaster's help, T.J. thanked Storm Blaster for its help but asked about Lightning Cruiser, and Storm Blaster flashed its lights; the six Rangers would then travel to the desert planet where Lightning Cruiser was still imprisoned.
  • As the Rangers fought Piranhatrons away from Lightning Cruiser, T.J. reassured Lightning Cruiser that they'd have it out of here in no time.


  • After going down to KO-35 to meet his sister, Andros returned to the bridge, startling and upsetting the others when Astronema entered behind him.
  • As the teens were extremely suspicious of Astronema's offer to take them to Zordon, T.J. said that if they took her, she had to be restrained.
  • After setting the course, T.J. hoped Astronema was telling the truth.


  • Once they'd neared Yotoba, Andros and Astronema joined the others on the bridge, with Andros bringing five sets of shackles and explaining that it had to look like she'd captured them; T.J. didn't think it was a good idea, but he agreed and said they'd make it look real.
  • After Astronema's report to Dark Specter, the teens resumed their normal positions, with T.J. giving all of the orders as Andros prepared to lead Astronema out.


  • Entering with Carlos after hearing shouting between Ashley and Cassie in the workbay over cleaning, T.J. soon reminded them that they'd all agreed to divide the duties, at which point Cassie stormed out after giving T.J. the broom.
  • Later as Cassie cleaned on the bridge, T.J. brought in an annoyed Ashley and had the girls sit beside each other; when the two began bickering, T.J. said they'd all been on this ship a long time and that they were all a little tired.
  • During a fight on Earth, Psycho Pink attacked Cassie, and Ashley and T.J. helped defend her; when Psycho Pink fired an energy bolt, T.J. took the blast in the chest, knocking him down, and Ashley cradled him.
  • Later, eating in the workbay, the teens were glad that the odds were a little bit better with Psycho Pink destroyed, but T.J. said the odds would be even better if they could figure out the Psychos' next plan; Carlos said maybe they could and had them all go to the bridge.
  • When the girls began fighting over who would clean up, both wanting to do it, T.J. told them to stop, saying the guys would clean up; leaving, the girls congratulated each other.


  • A different day, as the teens lamented that they'd been pounded by their counterparts, T.J. got an idea: since the Psychos had read their minds and learned how they fought, they had to mix things up and confuse them.
  • At that point, the Psychos were in the plaza downtown; below, the Rangers did fairly well fighting non-matching Psychos, but Psycho Blue soon attacked T.J., and the Psychos regrouped against their counterparts, regaining the advantage.
  • Psycho Blue launched a spinning blue energy blade from his axe, and it sliced T.J. as it flew around him, delivering a particularly strong blow to his back, making him collapse in pain; afterward, he would have a slash on his back near his left shoulder, a smoking black tear in his suit with what looked like some wires underneath.
  • Proud of outsmarting Blue Ranger, Psycho Blue attacked T.J. again, slashing him across the chest after quickly dealing with Zhane.
  • As Zhane cradled T.J. after the Psychos had vanished, T.J. didn't know whether he was okay; as he lost consciousness, he said everything was dark.
  • T.J. awoke in the infirmary after a flashback of his fight with Psycho Blue; he had his jacket off, with a bandage on his pained forehead and a monitoring band on his arm.
  • T.J., upset that his plan hadn't worked, started to get up, but the others made him stay, and Andros said they were working on a new plan.
  • Later, Cassie brought T.J. a fancy cart full of food, but he wasn't in the infirmary.
  • In a small dark room just down the hall, T.J. was sitting at a viewing station watching a tape of their recent battle.
  • Cassie told T.J. he was supposed to be resting, but he hadn't been able to just lie there, and he said the Psychos wouldn't wait until he felt better.
  • Watching the tape as well, Cassie wondered if the Psychos had any weaknesses, and T.J. hadn't been able to see any, as they fought like clockwork.
  • The tracking on the viewer messed up, and the color faded from the image once it was fixed; inspired, T.J. rushed to the bridge with Cassie and spraypainted all five Ranger figures blue for the teens.
  • As the Mega Voyager fought giant Psycho-monster Blue, T.J. thought to turn up the "thermo-meter" to melt the ice on the Megazord, then thought to channel the excess heat into the lasers, which presumably weakened Psycho Blue quite a bit.
  • After checking on the teens' system-wide tests of the Megaship in case they wanted to form the Astro Megazord, Andros was distracted and upset about something while in the engine room with T.J.
  • When asked, Andros said he kept hoping his sister would remember who she was and that she had a good side, but instead she'd sent the Psycho Rangers; T.J. remarked that she was probably in a pretty bad mood.
  • Andros said they'd barely survived getting rid of two Psychos, and T.J. noted the next three would probably be even tougher.


  • When Carlos pointed out that Astronema hadn't captured all civilians on Earth and considered a way to organize them to fight back, T.J. didn't want to risk everyone's lives.


  • T.J. appeared to lead the four Space teens when they responded to Alpha's distress signal on Terra Venture, following Andros there.
  • After the Psycho Rangers' apparent destruction, T.J. said they couldn't stay for too long, as they were needed back on Earth, but Ashley had them at least get a tour.


  • According to information on Farley's Power Rangers in Space fruit rolls, was the following description: "T.J. is a 17 year old African American, who is both athletic and intelligent.  T.J. is the cool, calm balance to Carlos' hot-blooded character.  He loves baseball and has a dream of playing in the big leagues." (Source: Submitted by Eva Beckwith)
  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website after 643-CTD2, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, T.J., and Andros brought peace to the world and were celebrated as heroes.

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