11th-17th CENTURIES

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under 1,000 years ago / after 1,000 CE
-   Prince Sprocket created (435-MLSt)
    [Sprocket hadn't witnessed Mondo's use of the Damocles Sword and ensuing destruction 1,000 years ago (435-MLSt).]

between 1400 and 1600 CE
-   Easter Island heads, theme for Zeo Ranger One, constructed west of South America (403-ShSt)

centuries ago
-   Prince Gasket falls in love with Archerina and elopes with her (440-TJOB)

also centuries ago
-   Galaxy Book is stolen, will in future be in hands of deceased alien crewmembers (718-ReMi, 735-EnLG)

also centuries ago
-   Loyax, having fought for good, finds evil too strong and widespread and eventually allies with evil (727-LxLB)

also centuries ago
-   Masked Rider crashes on Edenoi (302-FIN2)
-   royalty of Edenoi begins passing down Masked Rider powers, kept always ready but never needed (302-FIN2)
-   Edenoi begins an era of peace (302-FIN2)

Edenoite generations later
-   modern Earth Command Center partially constructed in desert north of future location of Angel Grove, perhaps allowing Alpha his first contact with Zordon since the Rita-Zordon wars (see below)
    [King Lexian, having been given the Masked Rider powers after Edenoite generations of passing through the royalty (302-FIN2), would build Alpha Five (see next entry), to assist in manning (or creating!) Zordon's new Command Center. Furthermore, MMPR: The Movie's narration gave Zordon's arrival near Angel Grove to construct the Command Center as being only centuries ago. The structure, however, would still be incomplete in 1880.]
-   King Lexian creates Alpha Five, a.k.a. "Command Center prototype," who works in Command Center with memories of previous Alphas (301-FIN1, 204-WBeR)
    [Alpha Five was created by King Lexian, who was born generations after the Masked Rider powers' arrival on Edenoi only centuries ago (301-FIN1, 302-FIN2), but he personally recalled events which had occurred over 10,000 years ago to what must have been previous Alphas (119-GWE3, 139-Ddy1).]

1600's (approx.) - Golden Age of the Buccaneer
-   Maligore imprisoned by Lerigot's ancestors in temple on Muiranthias in pocket dimension within Nemesis Triangle in Atlantic Ocean on Earth (500-TPRM)
    [The Ghost Galleon and serpent-worshipping Polynesian Malachians (500-TPRM) both suggest origins from the Golden Age of the Buccaneer (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith.]
-   Ghost Galleon and Turbo Keys probably exist (500-TPRM)
    [The Ghost Galleon appeared quite old, probably dating back to the time of Maligore's imprisonment, and it contained five keyholes used for the Turbo Keys to allow the galleon to pass through the Nemesis Triangle (500-TPRM).]

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