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1988 (approx.)
-   Alpha briefly shuts down Command Center for spring cleaning (334-ARA1)
-   Alpha Six doesn't yet exist, to Alpha Five's knowledge (335-ARA2)
    [In pseudo-1988, Alpha Five reassured the kids that if anything happened to him, there would always be an Alpha Six, apparently meaning that to his knowledge, an Alpha Six didn't yet exist (335-ARA2).]

same year (approx.)
-   Billy's parents have met Ko in the Orient at an earlier point (309-PsLn)
-   Ko begins taking care of Oriental garden in Angel Grove, becoming Billy's friend when Billy is ten (309-PsLn)

<< Begin RED ZEO revision: All events beyond this point with epcodes lower than 343-HdA2 may not be relevant to history as it exists in the wake of 343-HdA2. >>

same year (approx.)
+   Red Zeo Subcrystal arrives in American Southwest from early summer 1996 via Zordon's time hole, found by True of Heart after generations of premonitions (331-MVA3, 341-SSOE)
+   weeks later, young Tommy arrives from time-regressed late summer 1996, takes subcrystal and arrowhead (341-SSOE)
    [Based on standard time hole properties, the time elapsed between the crystal and Tommy's appearance in the past should be equal to the time elapsed between the crystal and Tommy's departure from the present (or the time-regressed present).]

same year (approx.)
+   True of Heart gives David Trueheart an arrowhead half in his childhood, although without David associating him with adoptive father Sam (420-Lost)

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