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1990 (approx.)
-   young Andros and Karone dream of being Power Rangers on KO-35 (627-AsTT)
    [See next entry.]
-   Darkonda kidnaps Karone (605-NvSS)
    [Assuming that Andros was between seventeen and nineteen years old in 1998 and that he'd been nine or ten years old when Karone was kidnapped (all ages purely conjectural), the kidnapping would have occurred between 1988 and 1991.]
-   Karone raised by Ecliptor into Astronema (615-TJId)

-   NASADA sends research satellite to other planetary system(s) (606-SatS); organization will later be rumored to house secret alien spaceships (perhaps the Astro Megashuttle) (603-SOSh)
+   Terra Venture has perhaps been begun (Fox Kids Magazine, Spring 1999)
    [According to a Fox Kids Magazine "interview" with Leo, the Corbett brothers had been in their childhood when Terra Venture was first begun, causing Leo to explain he'd always wanted to be onboard when it left to explore the galaxy.]

1991 (approx.)
-   young Carlos and Owen become friends at age 10 (537-Accd)

summer 1992
-   young Aisha works at radio station in Stone Canyon for first year (226-ZdWv)

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