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spring 1993
-   Kim has become legendary cheerleader at Angel Grove Junior High (154-ELiz)
    [Kim's status at a legendary cheerleader probably came before this point, but spring of 1993 was the latest she would have attended Angel Grove Junior High.]

same year
-   at 1993 Bulkmeier family barbeque, Bulk's dad starts a large fire (234-WSmF)

same year (approx.)
-   Justin's dad gives Justin a special coin (531-BTTW)
    [If Justin were twelve in 1997 and roughly eight in the flashback to his receiving the coin (531-BTTW), both merely estimates, he would have received the coin around 1993.]

summer 1993
-   Aisha works at radio station in Stone Canyon for second year (226-ZdWv)

also same year - summer/fall 1993
-   two astronauts inadvertantly release Rita (101-DOTD)
-   buildings shift around in downtown Angel Grove, causing earthquake (pilot episode)
-   Zordon selects teenagers to be the Power Rangers despite Alpha's reluctance and Rita's later surprise in reaction to the selection of teenagers (101-DOTD)
-   years before 1995, Finster begins attempting to decipher Scrolls of Zordnia for the secret location of the dormant Shogunzords (318-ChZ1)

days/weeks later
-   Billy designs communicators (102-HiFv)
-   model space shuttle opens time warp over city (102-HiFv)
-   Power Rangers first sighted in amusement park (102-HiFv)

days/weeks later - fall 1993
-   teens are attending freshman year at Angel Grove High (103-Tmwk)
-   Zordon unveils ancient secret of Power Weapons (103-Tmwk)

days/weeks later
-   Power Rangers are publicly known (105-DiDr)

soon after start of Power Ranger media coverage
-   young T.J. admires Power Rangers at age 11 or 12 (519-PTT2)
    [T.J. said he'd wanted to be a Power Ranger as a kid (519-PTT2); the earliest he could've had this aspiration was at age 11 or 12, right after the Rangers' first media coverage (105-DiDr).]

days/weeks after 105-DiDr
-   Pudgy Pig threatens the world's food supply (106-FdFt)

days/weeks/months later
-   Zack's 15th birthday (112-NClA)
    [A birthday in the middle of one's freshman year would most likely be a 15th birthday.]

days/weeks later
-   public knows and fears the name of Rita (113-NClA)

days/weeks later
-   Rita and crew have recently obtained magic lamp from Wolf's Head Galaxy (115-SwPl)

days/weeks later
-   Rita attempts to retrieve Power Eggs' chest, Rangers set them back out to sea (116-BigS)

days/weeks later
-   Tommy arrives (117-GWE1)
-   another day, Rita recruits Tommy, and Green Ranger attacks (117-GWE1)
-   Rita brings Scorpina back (119-GWE3)
-   the Rangers defeat and recruit Green Ranger in the mountains (121-GWE5)

days/weeks/months later
-   Titanus joins the Rangers (126-GuHo)

days/weeks/months later
-   Rita and Lokar send Rangers to Island of Illusion (128-IOI1)

days/weeks later
-   Rita takes a day off, lets Goldar take charge (132-ASIB)

days/weeks later
-   Rita's birthday (133-TYOY)

days/weeks later
-   Green Ranger captured, Cyclops attacks as Dragonzord (134-GrC1)
-   six Rangers eventually destroy Cyclops (135-GrC2)

days/weeks later
-   Red Ranger now uses Green Ranger's arsenal and powers (136-BOAF)

days/weeks later
-   Ranger impostors terrorize the city (138-BROY)

days/weeks later
-   Angel Grove celebrates Power Ranger Day (139-Ddy1)
-   people of Angel Grove vanish, moon palace lands on Earth, Cyclopsis attacks (139-Ddy1)
-   hours later, Cyclopsis is destroyed, Rita retreats, people are returned (140-Ddy2)

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