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1994? - days/weeks after 140-Ddy2
-   Rita's attacks continue (141-PigS)
    [It's unknown how much time passed between Rita's near defeat in 140-Ddy2 and her continued attacks starting with 141-PigS, but she may have required time to amass new spells and monsters, considering that Alpha had just hacked into all of her files (140-Ddy2) and for a while afterward, her monster creation techniques were different from normal (141-PigS through 145-SFsh or 146-Flea).]

early 1994 (approx.)
-   Kat's surprise accident loses her the Pan Global diving trials (324-DSP3)
    [In summer of 1995, Kat told Kim of her accident which had prevented her from both competing in one year's Pan Global Games and going to the next year's (324-DSP3). Since Pan Global trials were held in the beginning of the year and Kat looked quite similar to her modern day appearance in the flashback (324-DSP3), the most probable date for the accident is early 1994.]

days/weeks/months after 141-PigS
-   Miss Appleby's class buries time capsule (147-ROTJ)

days/weeks later
-   people in Parents' Day abducted (149-ROF1)
-   a weak Green Ranger rescues Power Coins (150-ROF2)
-   parents returned without memories (150-ROF2)

days/weeks later - spring 1994
-   end of teens' freshman year approaches (151-GBee)
    [Miss Appleby threatened to make the top students in the class tutor Bulk for the summer if he didn't make a C on his science exam, presumably a final (151-GBee).]

days/weeks/months later
-   downtown, giant Peckster reveals that the Rangers are teenagers (153-FwlP)
    [See Rangers' national TV appearance in 1995.]

days/weeks later - summer 1994
-   six teens, Bulk, and Skull attend summer classes (155-SeCh)
    [During this period, unlike other times, the five teens (either some or all) were often shown appearing not to have classes to go to, usually while Tommy, Bulk, and Skull were in class with Miss Appleby (155-SeCh through 159-MMMu). A possibility is that although the five teens were top students (147-ROTJ), the teens had a special arrangement to make up classes missed while on Ranger duty.]
-   Aisha works at radio station in Stone Canyon for third year (226-ZdWv)

weeks/months later - July/August, 1994
-   football tryouts for 94/95 school year (158-FbSe)
    [Football tryouts are usually held in the middle or end of the summer, before the next school year begins.]

days/weeks later
-   Mutant Rangers fight Rangers (159-MMMu)

days/weeks later
-   Angela's birthday (160-OySt)

days/weeks later
-   Lord Zedd returns, his empire having crumbled, and banishes Rita into space (239-RBT1, MMPR: The Movie, 201-Mut1)
    [10,000 years ago, Zedd left to rule over darker places in other galaxies (201-Mut1), but upon returning in modern day, he seemed to have few resources and even fewer, if any, holdings elsewhere in the universe; on two occasions, there would be references to Zedd's attempts to regain his rule (239-RBT1, MMPR: The Movie).]
-   Scorpina flees (201-Mut1)
-   Zedd introduces new breed of Putty (201-Mut1)
    [Goldar wasn't familiar with Zedd's new Putties despite having worked with Zedd in the past (201-Mut1).]
-   Zordon activates emergency plan, new Thunderzords (203-Mut3)

days/weeks later - fall 1994
-   teens begin sophomore year (205-POTB)
    [The classes the teens were taking must have been a part of the regular school year by this point, especially such a considerable time after football tryouts (158-FbSe).]

days/weeks later
-   club signup day at Angel Grove High (206-BlOD)

days/weeks/months later
-   Curtis and Ranger-lookalike punks transfer to Angel Grove High (212-GNM1)
-   Zedd captures Rangers and creates Dark Rangers (212-GNM1)
-   Green Ranger has last battle alongside Rangers (213-GNM2)
-   school break begins (213-GNM2)

days/weeks later
-   Tommy plans to return at the end of the week (217-WhL1)
-   Rita crashes on Earth (217-WhL1)
-   Zordon and Alpha design White Ranger in partially-constructed underground Power Chamber (217-WhL1)
    [This hidden underground room is presumed to be the beginnings of the Power Chamber, which had existed all along, according to Alpha (402-AZB2).]
-   Tommy becomes the White Ranger, who uses newly-constructed White Tigerzord (218-WhL2)
-   Rita sent back into space (218-WhL2)
-   days later, teens have welcome home party for Tommy (218-WhL2)

days later
-   school is back in session (219-TFrO)

days/weeks later
-   Magnetbrain causes worldwide magnetic disruptions (220-OpAt)
-   little girls know of White Ranger (220-OpAt)

October 31, 1994 - days/weeks later - Halloween - Monday
-   teens start spending time as two distinct groups (221-ZdMM)

days/weeks later
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha come to Angel Grove for Ninja Tournament Finals (222-NjE1)

days/weeks/months later
-   teens for World Peace Summit are to be picked (225-ZdWv)

days/weeks later
-   first annual World Teen Summit (226-MOGP)
-   Tor first used (226-MOGP)

days/weeks later
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack are selected one morning for World Peace Summit (227-PTr1)
-   same day, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha are transferred to Angel Grove High for unknown reasons (227-PTr1)
-   Zedd finally completes Serpentera (227-PTr1)
-   Zedd attacks Rangers on Deserted Planet with Serpentera (227-PTr1)
-   three Rangers change hands (228-PTr2)
-   Serpentera attacks Angel Grove but soon retreats to moon (228-PTr2)

December 20, 1994 - days/weeks later - Tuesday
-   Scorpina returns briefly, disguises herself as Sabrina (229-GoVV)
    [Adam had three days before the dance (229-GoVV); see December 23.]

December 21, 1994 - Wednesday
-   Rangers battle Goldar and Scorpina (229-GoVV)

December 23, 1994 - Friday
-   vice-versa dance (229-GoVV)
    [The dance was on a Friday, the 23rd of some month (229-GoVV); the soonest such date after Halloween of 1994 was December 23, 1994.]

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