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-   Ashley designs jacket in eighth grade, probably at Angel Grove Junior High (520-StWi)
    [Since Ashley turned seventeen in 1998 (619-IOBS), she would have been in eighth grade in 1995.]

1995? - days/weeks after 229-GoVV
-   Serpentera attacks Angel Grove again but retreats (232-RJWF)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers' first national TV appearance (233-LiCA)
-   Rangers are now worldwide ambassadors of the International Education Council (233-LiCA)
    [The Rangers' status as ambassadors to the education council probably stemmed from giant Peckster's public remark downtown in 1994 about the Rangers being teenagers (153-FwlP).]

days/weeks later - January, 1995
-   Bookala crashes while being chased by Serpentera (236-TGBE)
    [A calendar in the background was turned to January, 1995 (236-TGBE).]

days/weeks/months later
-   Zedd turns back time temporarily with Rock of Time (239-RBT1)

days/weeks later
-   teens go to Australia (241-Wed1)
-   maybe days later, Rita crashes on moon (241-Wed1)
-   Rangers are trapped in Spectre Theater while Rita marries Zedd (241-Wed1)
-   Serpentera flies overhead (243-Wed3)
-   Rangers battle many giant monsters (243-Wed3)

days/weeks later
-   Wizard of Deception summoned again, recreates Green Ranger and sends five teens back to 1790's (244-RGR1)
-   Dragonzord attacks city and fights Tigerzord (246-RGR3)
-   White Ranger rescues teens and destroys wizard (246-RGR3)
-   Dragonzord sent back to sea (246-RGR3)
-   White Ranger takes Green Ranger into past, returns alone (246-RGR3)

days/weeks/months later
-   Kim sucked into time hole to 1880's, soon returns (250-WWR1)

days/weeks later
-   Billy temporarily replaced by evil duplicate (252-BRGB)

days/weeks/months later
-   Count Dregon has returned and has enslaved the Edenoites (301-FIN1)
-   Alpha receives distress signal from Edenoi (301-FIN1)
-   Zedd gives Rita an anniversary present only weeks or months after their wedding (301-FIN1)
-   five Rangers go to Edenoi (301-FIN1)
-   Dregon follows Rangers to Earth with Masked Rider on his heels; neither are seen again (303-FIN3)
    [Dregon's Spiderbase was last shown flying toward the Earth from the moon (303-FIN3); perhaps Zedd sabotaged the Spiderbase after Dregon had presumably visited him to gloat, thus removing the need for Masked Rider to come to Earth.]

days/weeks later
-   Youth Center has new outdoor cafe (304-NjQ1)
-   Rito teams back up with Rita and destroys Thunderzords (304-NjQ1)
-   teens journey to Temple of Power via Rita's planetoid and get Ninja powers and Zords (306-NjQ3)
-   Ninjazords defeat Rito in Angel Grove and Vampirus on the planetoid (307-NjQ4)
-   another day, Bulk and Skull graduate into Junior Police Patrol (307-NjQ4)

days/weeks later
-   Ninja Rangers fight Tengas in park (308-ABWD)
-   Power Rangers fight Artistmole in park (308-ABWD)
-   Ninjor fights publicly (308-ABWD)
-   Kim's mom soon moves to France, Kim starts living with Aisha for the rest of the school year (308-ABWD)

days/weeks later
-   Kim has begun intense gymnastics training for the Pan Global Games tryouts (309-PsLn)
-   Bulk and Skull see Tengas, then other villains, in park (309-PsLn)

March/April, 1995 - days/weeks later
-   Mr. Wilton sees Tengas and Ninja Red and, as monster, learns Rangers' dual nature and identities (310-WFAD)

April 15, 1995 - days/weeks later - Saturday
-   Face Stealer released on fourth full moon of the year (312-FiFO)
    [The fourth full moon of 1995 occurred on Saturday, April 15.]
-   Titanus returns (312-FiFO)

April/May, 1995 - days/weeks later
-   Rita and Zedd celebrate another anniversary after only a few months of marriage (313-SHM1)

days/weeks later
-   school still in session (315-PoNo)

days/weeks/months later - summer 1995
-   teens' sophomore school year ends (317-Cat2)
    [Adam would look forward to Kat's starting school in the fall (317-Cat2), placing that episode in the summer while classes were out.]
-   Kim doesn't move to France (316-Cat1)
    [Kim had planned to move to France after the school year ended, but it was now summer, and she was instead training hard for the Pan Globals with no apparent intention of moving to France (316-Cat1).]

days/weeks later
-   Kat's family moves to Angel Grove when Mr. Hillard is transferred (317-Cat2)

next day
-   Rita puts Kat under spell (322-DSP1)

another day
-   Kat/P.C. meet teens (316-Cat1)
-   Adam looks forward to Kat's starting school in the fall (317-Cat2)

days/weeks later
-   pink Power Coin, Falconzord, Ninjor captured (318-ChZ1)
-   Shogunzords activated (320-ChZ3)

days/weeks later
-   Kim falls and goes to hospital (322-DSP1)
-   next day, is released (324-DSP3)
-   Kat recovers pink Power Coin (324-DSP3)

another day
-   Kat gives diving demonstration for Kim (324-DSP3)

fall 1995?
-   teens begin junior year (328-Chmp)
    [The teens would not be shown in school until their last day of class in 328-Chmp, but since 324-DSP3 implied a major passage of time through the year (see below), the teens had to have started their junior year within the events shown in 324-DSP3.]

December 24, 1995 - some time after Pink Power Coin's recovery - Sunday
-   teens save Santa Claus (325-IDWR)
    [On Christmas Eve, Kat knew the teens' identities, but Kim was still apparently the Pink Ranger (325-IDWR).]

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