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1996? - weeks/months after Kat's demonstration earlier in 324-DSP3
-   Kim participates in Pan Global trials (324-DSP3)
    [Presumably, Kim would have spent serious time practicing for the Pan Global trials after her recovery; this is reinforced by the implication in 325-IDWR that major time passed between Kim's recovery and her decision to move to Florida (see below).]

days/weeks later
-   Kim is given surprise party in Youth Center and invited to Florida (324-DSP3)
-   another day, Kim gives her Power Coin to Kat and moves to Florida (324-DSP3)

days/weeks later
-   Kat first morphs (326-Pita)

spring 1996 - weeks/months later
-   end of teens' junior year (328-Chmp)
    [The teens were given their last assignment of the year (328-Chmp), even though this means that an entire school year passed within 324-DSP3.]

days/weeks later
-   Zordon and Alpha have designed Metallic Armor and begun final stages of Power Chamber construction (329-MVA1, 402-AZB2)
    [Alpha had been working on the Power Chamber construction for months prior to 402-AZB2; presumably, it was begun in reaction to Master Vile, as the Metallic Armor apparently was (329-MVA1).]
-   Master Vile arrives (329-MVA1)
-   Rangers recover Ninjor, Falconzord, and Zeo Crystal (331-MVA3)
-   Zeo Crystal broken and cast into time hole to various locations in spacetime (331-MVA3)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers fight Dischordia (332-TSOD)

days/weeks/months later
-   Kat's 17th or 18th birthday (333-RIRv)
    [Depending Kat's exact birthday relative to the cutoff period for grades at Angel Grove High, a birthday between one's junior and senior years could be a 17th or 18th birthday.]
+   Orb of Doom regresses Earth to resemble 1988 (333-RIRv)
    [After the time regression, the ex-Ranger kids appeared to be perhaps a year older than they had been in the pseudo-1987 regression, setting the Orb of Doom's regression to the mock-year 1988.]

meanwhile - 1996
-   Darkonda has earlier unleashed a swarm of Barillian Bugs on KO-35, but scientists have developed antidote (614-BaSt)
    [This attack happened an unknown amount of time before Dark Specter's war on KO-35 (see below).]
-   KO-35-born Space Rangers Andros and Zhane have teamed up after receiving their powers (621-Envy)
    [Andros and Zhane were in their Ranger-related Megaship uniforms when they good-naturedly swore to fight as a team (621-Envy), and this had to have happened before Dark Specter's war on KO-35 (see next entry).]
+   Dark Specter's forces wage war on KO-35 (620-SvSv)
    [The war on KO-35 happened two years before the battle between Astronema and the Space Rangers in mid-1998 (640-SvSv). This could have placed it within Zordon's absence due to the Orb of Doom in the summer of 1996 (see below, "outside time regression"), explaining why he didn't unlock the powers of the four other Space Rangers to fight the invasion - he was in another temporal dimension at the time.]
-   Zhane fatally wounded (620-SvSv)
-   Astro Megaship exists, possibly manned by, or at least designed to be manned by, an Alpha (620-SvSv, 605-NvSS, 601-FIN1)
    [The Megaship had to exist already for Andros to put Zhane in the cryogenic chamber in the Megaship immediately after Zhane's fatal injury (see next entry). Alpha Six had several bits of evidence linking him to the Megaship: first, the Megaship's computer systems console, at least in 1998, had a section for "Alpha Programming" (605-NvSS); second, in 1998, Andros had spare Alpha parts (an Alpha Five-like voice card) in the Megaship (602-FON2); third, Alpha Six was uncannily familiar with the Megaship's operating systems upon first boarding the ship in 1998 (601-FIN1); and finally, Zhane presumed that Alpha Six was called Alpha almost immediately after being revived in 1998 (620-SvSv). However, Alpha Six was nervous while first boarding the Megahip in 1998, and Andros didn't originally trust the four spacefaring Turbo teens despite seeing an Alpha with them (601-FON1).]
-   Andros keeps Zhane in cryogenic chamber in Megaship (620-SvSv)
-   KO-35 abandoned with little hope of return (605-NvSS)

summer 1996 (pseudo-1988)
+   giant Rita, Zedd, Rito, and Goldar briefly attack Angel Grove (333-RIRv)
+   Aquitian Rangers arrive and defeat monsters in desert with Battle Borgs and Shogunzords (335-ARA2)

another day
+   Billy restores own age with regenerator (336-CEvF)
+   Rita and Zedd destroy Power Coins (336-CEvF)

days/weeks later
+   Rito and Goldar infiltrate long-forgotten tunnels beneath Command Center using ancient map found by Zedd (338-Bulk)
+   Zordon locates Zeo Subcrystals through time hole (338-Bulk)

next day
+   kids seek Zeo Subcrystals in actual history rather than time regression, save for AISHA, who travelled to some point within the summer-1996 time-frame of the pseudo-1988 event (339-WYTh)
    [Unlike the creation of the pseudo-1988, the kids' actions in the eras where their crystals were located actually did have permanent affects on the planet's history (343-HdA2, 418-InSp.]
+   young Rocky returns from 1920's Mexico with Blue Zeo Subcrystal (339-WYTh)
    [See 1920's for placement.]

another day
+   young Adam returns from early-mid 20th century Korea with Green Zeo Subcrystal (340-ACSp)
    [See 20th century for placement.]

another day
+   young Tommy returns from actual 1988 in American Southwest with Red Zeo Subcrystal and arrowhead half (341-SSOE)
    [See 1988 for placement.]
+   young Kat returns from mid-21st century in Australia with Pink Zeo Subcrystal (341-SSOE)
    [See 21st century for placement.]

some unknown point during the time regression
+   Yellow Zeo Subcrystal arrives in Africa from early summer 1996 via Zordon's time hole, found by Aisha's great aunt Ashalla (331-MVA3, 343-HdA2)
    [Based on standard time hole properties, the time elapsed between the crystal and Aisha's arrivals in the past should be equal to the time elapsed between the crystal and Aisha's departures from the actual present (or the actual time-regressed present). Ashalla's dialogue did suggest she'd consulted the crystal as a personal talisman for some time (342-HdA1), but a period of mere weeks prior is possible nonetheless.]
+   weeks later, young Aisha arrives from else-when within the time-regressed late summer 1996 (pseudo-1988), sends the equally time-regressed Tanya with subcrystal back to actual-time summer 1996/pseudo-1988 (343-HdA2)

another day
+   Hydro Hog attacks Earth, causing immense worldwide drought (343-HdA2)
+   young Tanya sent from Africa at some point during the pseudo-1988 time-reversal with Yellow Zeo Subcrystal as Aisha remains in Africa (343-HdA2)
+   Zeo Crystal returns Earth and inhabitants to match proper 1996 form, incorporating recent changes to history, life-status, and location (343-HdA2)
+   Aisha's decision to move to Africa to cure the animal plague will change the restored-present's view of what occurred during the past few weeks/months of which the pseudo-1988 took place, such that her family will have already moved with her to Africa during that time (343-HdA2))

Zeo-induced and time-restored version of summer 1996 - fall 1996
+   Power Rangers and evil activity have been absent from Angel Grove for weeks (400-PRZP)
+   space telescopes have detected Machine Empire's approach, governor has disclosed alien threat and called desperately for the Rangers' help (400-PRZP)
    [This absence was presumably due to all events concerning the Rangers and villains during the time regression (333-RIRv through 343-HdA2) having occurred during the pocket history of pseudo-1988. When the Zeo Crystal restored time to normal, it alloted for however long the time regression occurred in real-time, and humanity not connected to a forces other-planetary would be given a quick (to everyone but them) replacement period lacking those (namely the Rangers and villains) whom were exempt from mental changes from the time regression in the first place. Thus, to them the Rangers vanished, Lord Zedd and his army stayed on the moon out of sight, Aisha's family became aware of the animal plague and moved to Africa, and the Machine Empire's arrival in our galaxy was easily noticed without other spacial distractions going on. Mainly, this is due to the restored-present taking place in only several moments to a few minutes to everyone who wasn't on Earth! (400-PRZP).]
-   In reaction to the destruction of the Ninja Coins, Ninjor is now back in temple, and Ninja-powered Zords have gone with him (402-AZB2)

immediately following the complete undoing of the time regression - fall 1996
-   Aquitian Rangers return to Aquitar (343-HdA2)
-   Command Center destroyed (343-HdA2)
-   Rita and Zedd flee from Machine Empire in Serpentera, join Master Vile in M51 (401-AZB1)
-   Power Chamber building created in place of Command Center, interior probably moved up from underground into new structure (401-AZB1)
-   amnesic Rito and Goldar take up residence with Bulk and Skull (402-AZB2)
-   Zeo Rangers thwart invading Cog squadron in Machine Empire's apparent first encounter with Zeo Rangers (402-AZB2)
    [The Machine Empire didn't seem particularly familiar with the Zeo Rangers, but this isn't a certainty (402-AZB2).]
-   Billy begins plans for new Zeo technology with Zordon and Alpha (402-AZB2)
-   Tanya takes up residence with Kat and registers at Angel Grove High (402-AZB2)

next day
-   Air Force jet pilots surprised by Quadrafighters (403-ShSt)
-   teens begin senior year (403-ShSt)
-   Angel Grove High and Youth Center have been altered (403-ShSt)
-   Zeozords created and hidden in holding bay in mountains (403-ShSt)
-   gear ship unleashes Quadrafighters over city (403-ShSt)
-   Zeozords defeat Quadrafighters and Staroid (403-ShSt)

days/weeks later
-   Cogs construct Silo in junkyard from Rocky and Jennifer's computer game (404-Trgt)

weeks later
-   weather has turned cold enough to see one's breath (406-Outf)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers test Zeo Jet Cycles (407-EDog)
-   Rangers avert volcanic disaster near Angel Grove (407-EDog)
-   public knows that Zeo Rangers are the Power Rangers (407-EDog)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers first use Defender Wheel (408-PuBl)

days/weeks later
-   Billy graduates a year early (410-GrBl)
    [Although he would've been a senior at this point, Billy did still have a year to go (410-GrBl), as his senior year had just recently started (403-ShSt).]
-   Hydro Contaminators have crippled Aquitar (410-GrBl)
-   Billy goes with Cestro to Aquitar (410-GrBl)

days/weeks later - Thursday
-   Queen Machina's birthday (412-InOD)
-   new school semester begins (412-InOD)
    [Miss Rodriguez was assigning students their new schedules (412-InOD).]
-   Skull secretly learns Adam's secret identity (412-InOD)

days/weeks later
-   Billy calls Rangers before heading home (413-MnSc)
-   the Hydro Contaminator conflict has been solved through peaceful means (413-MnSc)

another day
-   Rangers' fight with Mechanizer demolishes Angel Grove University warehouse (414-MBWR)
-   Billy flies home (414-MBWR)
-   some time after Billy's return, work begins on Red Battlezord (418-InSp)

days/weeks later - middle of winter 1996 - four days before 415-Sno1 - Tuesday
-   Machina has Defoliator begin slowly raising the temperature (415-Sno1)

four days later - Saturday
-   Kim breaks up with Tommy (415-Sno1)
-   Tommy, Billy, and Kat take weekend ski vacation (415-Sno1)

next day
-   heat wave in Angel Grove (416-Sno2)
-   Defoliator apparently defeated (416-Sno2)

another day
-   forest service replaces destroyed trees (417-Sno3)
-   Defoliator returns (417-Sno3)

days/weeks later
-   Main Drain drains Angel Grove's power (418-InSp)
-   Tommy dreams of receiving arrowhead in childhood (418-InSp)

next day
-   Tommy meets Sam Trueheart at Native American arts festival (418-InSp)
-   Zeo Megazord heavily damaged (418-InSp)
-   Red Battlezord introduced (418-InSp)

another day
-   Tommy encounters David in desert and goes on vision quest (418-InSp)
-   David reveals secret of the arrowhead (419-Chal)

another day
-   David is kidnapped but eventually freed (420-Lost)
-   Zeo Megabattlezord formed (421-Bro?)

days/weeks/months later
-   Lt. Stone fired, hires Bulk and Skull for new detective agency (424-BlkF)

days/weeks later
-   Sprocket's birthday and introduction to manhood (425-SSYw)
-   Tanya makes "Stick Together" music video (425-SSYw)
-   Det. Stone gives Bulk and Skull their first case (425-SSYw)

another day
-   Tanya turns down record contract (425-SSYw)

December 24, 1996 - days/weeks later - Tuesday
-   teens and Raymond have Christmas party (426-ASTR)

days/weeks later
-   Machine Empire attempts to construct armada of ships within invisible dome in forest (427-GHnr)
-   Adam and Shawn compete in kung fu tournament (427-GHnr)

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