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next year following 643-CTD2
-   Terra Venture prepares to depart Earth orbit in search of New World (701-QsQ1)
    [Despite the narration in 701-QsQ1 placing PRLG in the "not-too-distant future," as well as the Megaship's curious state of disrepair, signs may favor a modern-day setting for PRLG and PRLR to place them before the 2001 of PRTF. (Check back following the PRTF/PRLR teamup.)]
-   Terra Venture has been constructed from pieces of Earth, perhaps awakening Lights of Orion (706-LOrn)
    [Leo showed no surprise to being told the Lights of Orion had resided in the earth of Terra Venture for eons (706-LOrn), which only would have been possible if the land for the colony had been taken from Earth, assuming a modern-day construction of the space colony. Given the Lights' home on Terra Venture (706-LOrn), the jostling during the final construction of the colony may have stirred the Galaxy powers to life, triggering the creation of the numerous portals between Earth's and Mirinoi's orbits (701-QsQ1).]
-   Astro Megaship has become a museum aboard Terra Venture, operated by Alpha and DECA, maintained by Damon (702-QsQ2); Space Rangers have become inactive (702-QsQ2, 730-TenP)

departure day
-   in the early morning, eight hours before Terra Venture's departure, Stanton and crew monitor systems as shuttle flights bring final groups of crewmembers (701-QsQ1)
-   engine tests scheduled at 0800 (701-QsQ1)
-   Scorpius has Furio attempt to steal Quasar Sabers from Mirinoi (apparently in Lost Galaxy) (701-QsQ1)
?   final Terra Venture training mission on moon begins at 1700 (701-QsQ1)
    [As the heliship flew toward the moon, Mike reported ETA was at 1700, yet previously, before 0800, Terra Venture had been eight hours from departure, meaning departure should have been no later than 1600.]
-   Maya travels to moon and brings teens back to Mirinoi (701-QsQ1)
-   Kai and Damon fly Megaship from Terra Venture to Mirinoi through portal (702-QsQ2)
-   Mike falls to apparent doom, actually absorbed by lifeless Magna Defender (702-QsQ2, 715-RDay)
-   teens become Galaxy Rangers (702-QsQ2)
-   Mirinoi turned to stone, Rangers fly to Terra Venture in Megaship (702-QsQ2)
-   Terra Venture departs (702-QsQ2)
-   Scorpius follows Rangers through portal (702-QsQ2)

days/weeks later
-   Terra Venture civilians have been given uniforms (703-RTTR)
-   Brunt's Stingwingers have captured Galactabeasts, which are soon freed by Rangers (703-RTTR)
-   Galaxy Rangers' first public appearance aboard Terra Venture (703-RTTR)
-   Galactabeasts ally with Rangers (703-RTTR)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers obtain stolen Transdaggers (704-Rook)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers obtain Jet Jammers (705-Hmsk)
-   Galactabeasts transformed into Galactazords by Transdaggers (705-Hmsk)
-   Rangers fly Matthew back to Earth, the last flight between Terra Venture and Earth on the journey (705-Hmsk)

days/weeks later
-   Scorpius's forces begin search for elusive Lights of Orion on Terra Venture (706-LOrn)

days/weeks/months later - late March, 1999
-   some time after the Terra Venture filming of Star Crossed Lovers, Carolyn Pickets wins an Oscar (707-DblD)
    [Carolyn was on Terra Venture television accepting what looked identical to an Oscar (707-DblD), no doubt intended to be an Oscar, as this episode was originally aired the day before the 1999 Academy Awards. Given this, Carolyn probably won the award in late March, as all Adademy Awards from 1990 to 2000 were aired between March 21 and March 30.]

days/weeks later - late March / early April, 1999
-   Rangers destroy Quakemaker (708-BlCr)
-   two days later, Furio and Leo clash in cave, Furio destroys self (709-MagD)
    [Kai's crush lasted two days, according to Damon (708-BlCr); it began with the Quakemaker attack and ended as Leo was out fighting Furio before being rescued (709-MagD).]
-   Magna Defender returns seeking Lights of Orion (709-MagD)
-   Treacheron serves as Scorpius's new general (709-MagD)

days/weeks/months later
-   Damon's birthday (712-ORis)
-   Destruxo releases Lights of Orion (712-ORis)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers receive Lights (713-ORet)
    [Predicting the Lights' return in 712-ORis, Maya knew they would return "someday," implying a passage of at least several days (or else "soon" would have been more appropriate), and Maya's precognition was right every other time.]
-   another day, Treacheron dies in combat (714-ShAt)

days/weeks later
-   Magna Defender releases Mike and sacrifices self to save Terra Venture (715-RDay)
-   the same day or the next, Mike becomes new Magna Defender (716-DFrG)
-   Terra Venture has traveled 5.6 light-years from Earth (716-DFrG)

days/weeks later
-   Trakeena runs away, ending up on Onyx, and begins training with Villamax (717-StlB, 721-Heir)

days/weeks later
-   Terra Venture receives recording from alien vessel under attack
-   Terra Venture appears to be roughly one quarter along its journey to the New World (718-ReMi)
    [See next entry.]

weeks/months later
-   Terra Venture soldiers board alien vessel (718-ReMi)
    [Several factors together imply a long period of time needed to reach the alien vessel. First, a display showed the vessel at 32% along Terra Venture's path to the Eurolean Galaxy. Terra Venture, somewhat nearby, changed course to intercept and was therefore roughly 15% to 30% along their path before changing course. Given that the vessel was positioned away from Terra Venture's course at a perpendicular distance of 24% of the total path length, Terra Venture would have had to travel a considerable amount of time to reach the vessel: specifically, anywhere between 53% and 78% of the distance traveled from 702-QsQ2 to 718-ReMi.]
-   soldiers find Galaxy Book, stolen centuries ago (718-ReMi, 735-EnLG)

days later
-   one afternoon, Deviot brings three evil Zords, joins Scorpius's ranks (719-LGb1)
    [This probably occurred only a few days at most after 718-ReMi, as the Science Division was still just beginning to delve into its research on the Galaxy Book (719-LGb1).]
-   that night, three Zords ally with Rangers (720-LGb2)
-   Terra Venture has traveled 14 light-years from Earth, passing point of no return (720-LGb2)

days/weeks later
-   Scorpius mortally wounded by Red Ranger (721-Heir)
-   Trakeena and Villamax return to Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena becomes new queen (721-Heir)

days/weeks/months later - late spring / early summer, 1999
-   Scorpion Stinger damaged by meteoroid field (724-GrCr)
    [The seemingly recent detection of an approaching meteoroid field near Terra Venture was dated on a GSA status report as, "Stardate 9905.24 at 1500 hours Terra Venture standard time," suggesting a detection date of May 24, 1999.]

days/weeks later
-   Red Capsular Cycle first used (726-MWhM)

days/weeks later
-   Loyax destroyed after returning to side of good (727-LxLB)

days/weeks/months later
-   Deviot obtains data cards, resurrects old "friends" the Psycho Rangers (730-TenP)
-   Andros, Space Rangers reclaim Astro Morphers, defeat Psycho Rangers (730-TenP)
-   later, perhaps another day, Psycho Pink obtains Savage Sword, Kendrix killed in battle (731-PPnk)
-   Space Rangers return to Earth with powers (731-PPnk)
-   another day, Karone tracks pink saber to Onyx, becomes new Pink Ranger (732-PQsS)

days/weeks/months later - 208 days after departure from Earth
-   scientists discover Keonta spell (735-EnLG)
    [The 208 days is dependent upon Terra Venture being in the Lost Galaxy for the next four days. See the next several sections for chronology explanations.]
-   Guardian finds Galaxy Book after its theft centuries ago (735-EnLG)

Lost Galaxy saga, Day One - 209 days after departure
-   next morning, Deviot recites Keonta spell, sending Terra Venture to the Lost Galaxy (735-EnLG)
-   Captain Mutiny reactivates dormant Titanisaur to rendezvous with Terra Venture (735-EnLG)
-   Captain Mutiny tricks GSA into unleashing Grunchor on colony to add citizens to existing army of slaves (736-BMut)
-   Deviot allies with Captain Mutiny, who fears Trakeena's wrath (737-GOTL)
-   Grunchor destroyed (737-GOTL)
-   Captain Mutiny's planet vanishes, but Leo and Damon track it down, rescued by others by sunset (737-GOTL, 738-USun)
    [Mutiny had mentioned the fruition of his plans by sunset repeatedly during the same day (736-BMut, 737-GOTL), and there is little reason to suspect that his arrival to execute Leo and Damon wasn't that same sunset to which he'd been referring all along.]

another day - Lost Galaxy, Day Two - 210 days after departure
-   Mutiny seeks help of Hexuba, who puts spell on teens (739-DrBa)
    [It's not certain that 739-DrBa occurred on the very next day following 738-USun, but the mood of urgency throughout the Lost Galaxy saga would appear to leave little room for missing time.]

another day - Lost Galaxy, Day Three - 211 days after departure
-   Hexuba destroyed after unleashing ghosts of past monsters (740-HGrv)
    [When Hexuba had caused the teens to fall asleep, there was no surprise at Damon taking a nap, indicating that the time was probably not morning (739-DrBa). However, in (740-HGrv), Mutiny rowed out to check on her some time after speaking with her at the end of 739-DrBa, at which point she was having lunch, hinting that 740-HGrv was not set in the same day as 739-DrBa; while weak, this is the only indication of the passage of days during this brief period.]
-   at night, Stanton discovers tainted fuel, only one or two days left (740-HGrv)

next day - Lost Galaxy, Day Four - 212 days after departure
-   morning: numerous engines lost (741-RTit)
-   day: Titanisaur attacks, is destroyed (741-RTit)
-   afternoon: Rangers free Mutiny's slaves (742-EsLG)
    [This episode, 742-EsLG, had to have taken place during the same day as 741-RTit, as Terra Venture could only survive for a maximum of two days after the night of 740-HGrv; the second day would be the descent to Mirinoi in 743-End1, and thus 741-RTit and 742-EsLG had to have both occurred on the first day after the tainted fuel supplies were discovered.]
-   Torozord destroyed (742-EsLG)
-   Galaxy Book frees Terra Venture from Lost Galaxy, less than a week after entry (742-EsLG)
-   Trakeena destroys Mutiny's castle (742-EsLG)
-   Trakeena absorbs Deviot (743-End1)
-   Terra Venture approaches Mirinoi, now in normal space (743-End1)
-   212 days have passed since Terra Venture's departure from Earth (743-End1)

next day - 213 days after departure
-   Terra Venture crippled, crashes on Mirinoi's moon (743-End1)
-   Villamax slain (744-End2)
-   Astro Megaship destroyed (744-End2)
-   Terra Venture humans evacuate to Mirinoi (744-End2)
-   super-powered Trakeena hurls city dome to Mirinoi before being destroyed (745-End3)
-   Quasar Sabers restore Mirinoi (745-End3)
-   Kendrix brought back to life (745-End3)

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