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2,000 years ago / circa 1 CE
-   Lord Zedd begins searching for Ivan Ooze (MMPR:The Movie)

over 1,000 years ago / before 1,000 CE
-   extraterrestrial Rangers exist but aren't well-known (334-ARA1)
    [The Aquitian Rangers (see next entry) and perhaps Zeo Rangers (see "also over 1,000 years ago") existed this long ago, but, as stated previously, the term "Ranger" didn't seem well-known by older villains.]
-   Ninjor presents Battle Borgs, similar to Ninjazords and Shogunzords, to Aquitian Rangers (335-ARA2)
-   Shogunzords probably hidden, presumably on a planet other than Earth (318-ChZ1)
    [The Shogunzords had been dormant and hidden for some time prior to their activation in modern day (318-ChZ1), and around the time of Ninjor's presentation of the Battle Borgs to the Aquitian Rangers (see previous entry) would make some sense for the Shogunzords' hiding. The jungle hiding spot was probably not on Earth, since the giant upright Zords couldn't have remained hidden in the relatively low cover of an Earth jungle (318-ChZ1).]

also over 1,000 years ago / before 1,000 CE
-   King Mondo encounters Super Zeozords in another galaxy (434-GHom)
    [Mondo was upset to see that the Super Zeozords had been brought to Earth in modern day (434-GHom). Furthermore, when Mondo was destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord while using the Damocles Sword in modern day, Machina said she'd known this would happen again (435-MLSt), yet if a similar battle had occurred, it had to have been in another galaxy since the Machine Empire invaded this galaxy for the first time in 1996 (402-AZB2).]
-   casually referred to as happening "a thousand years ago," King Mondo destroys himself with the Damocles Sword, and after resurrection buries it beneath the Earth near future location of Angel Grove (435-MLSt)
    [See Machina's remark in previous entry.]
-   Super Zeo Gems, the storage devices or perhaps merely keys to the Super Zeozords, vanish, secretly falling into Triforian care until they can be returned to rightful owners (434-GHom)
    [Prior to their reintroduction in modern day after a millennium, Zordon had thought the Super Zeo Gems had been lost forever (434-GHom).]

1,000 years ago / circa 1,000 CE
-   Pharaoh, Divatox's first fiancee, leaves Divatox at the altar (510-GlHa)
-   Divatox begins a century in therapy (510-GlHa)

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