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early-mid 2000
-   demons released from Tomb of Forever by desert nomads (801-OpLs)
    [Due to the Galaxy Rangers' established residence on Mirinoi (821-TrR1), PRLR is assumed to take place in the year following PRLG.]
-   hours later, recruited Lightspeed Rangers embark to battle demons; Miss Fairweather not present (801-OpLs)

another day
-   Miss Fairweather introduces Rail Rescues, Rangers first use Lightspeed Rescuezords (802-LsTm)

days/weeks later
-   Mariner Bay's space program launches shuttle, satellite (804-REdg)

days/weeks/months later
-   General McKnight brings Cyborg Rangers (807-CybR)

weeks later
-   at lunchtime, Dana seeks to try volcanic equipment at Mt. Jasmine (809-GVol)
-   Queen Bansheera appears to demons, Impus initiates volcano plot (809-GVol)
-   Miss Fairweather detects strange seismic activity, volcano appears to be heating up (809-GVol)
-   volcano quakes and erupts, Rangers destroy Trifire; Bansheera resurrects Magmavore (809-GVol)
-   likely same day, in the afternoon, Miss Fairweather urgently installs Supertrain software (810-RAsh)
-   Miss Fairweather and assistants venture to Mt. Jasmine to study strange seismic activity, confirms volcano is heating up (810-RAsh)
-   Magmavore arises, resurrects Trifire from smoking chunks (810-RAsh)
-   Rangers activate Supertrain Megazord, destroy monsters, and freeze erupting volcano (810-RAsh)

days/weeks later - spring/summer
-   Ryan Mitchell's 20th birthday, Captain Mitchell urges testing of Titanium Morpher (811-FDIS)
    [In 813-RyDe, it was still well before sunset at 6:00 PM. Furthermore, the teens would soon go to a beach on their day off in 818-FFTP, indicating a warm time of the year. At dawn in 811-FDIS, however, Vypra's breath could be seen.]
-   Ryan steals Titanium Morpher (811-FDIS)
-   next day, Ryan remembers past (812-TDis)
-   perhaps same day, Diabolico unleashes Troika monsters, Ryan allies with Rangers (813-RyDe)
-   that night (full moon), Diabolico places cobra curse on Ryan (813-RyDe)
-   next day, Rangers destroy Demonite (814-CCob)

another day
-   Ryan activates Max Solarzord, destroys Falkar and Thunderon (815-SSun)
-   likely same day, Diabolico unleashes Troika, Ryan conquers curse (816-CStr)
-   Diabolico destroyed, Impus receives Star Power (816-CStr)
-   Olympius infiltrates Aquabase (817-OlAs)
-   next day, Mitchell gives teens the day off (818-FFTP)

days/weeks later
-   Queen Bansheera partially resurrected during Grand Cross (819-QRet)
-   Ryan leaves (819-QRet)

days/weeks later
-   Rangers deploy Omegazords to stop asteroid (820-OPrj)

days/weeks later
-   Galaxy Rangers chase Triskull to Earth, join Lightspeed Rangers against Trakeena (821-TrR1)
    [Due to the close relationship between Olympius and Bansheera in the teamup, it should be set before Olympius's loss of rank circa 823-FiCr due to recent failures. Furthermore, placing it as close as possible to Bansheera's botched incarnation in 819-QRet would explain Bansheera's depserate search for energy in the teamup, although of course the teamup cannot be before the introduction of the Omegazords in 820-OPrj. At the very least, the teamup must be before 830-OBlu (despite its airdate after) for Chad to cheerfully suggest swimming in the ocean, and before 826-ATRO for Diabolico not to be present in the skull castle to taunt Olympius.]

days/weeks later
-   Vypra has stolen four Starlight Crystals; Kelsey and grandmother foil use of five crystals (823-FiCr)

days/weeks later
-   Carter tests Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, somehow time-travels back a day to prevent Rangers' deaths (825-YAgn)

days/weeks later
-   Vilevine plot averted at noon (826-ATRO)
-   Vypra and Loki resurrect Diabolico from Shadow World (826-ATRO)
-   presumably same day, Rangers test Thermo Blasters (827-FrZo)
    [Ryan called the teens from the tomb during their test (827-FrZo); this and Diabolico's confrontation of Olympius during the Freezard attack suggest a very short amount of time since the ending of 826-ATRO.]
-   Ryan copies tomb heiroglyphs into notebook (827-FrZo)

days later
-   Chad meets Marina (830-OBlu)
    [Dana would be distracted with worry over Ryan in 832-Sorc, suggesting a short period of time since their last contact. Some time, however, would have to exist for Ryan to research the tomb's symbols in the desert and find a new tome (832-Sorc).]

days later - summer
-   Rangers temporarily lose memories (831-Last)
    [See next entry for summer placement.]
-   another day, Ryan has ancient tome, finds Sorcerer of the Sands (832-Sorc)
    [While it was sunset in California, it was sunrise in (what is assumed to be) Egypt, indicating a late sunset and early sunrise, respectively, as 9pm in California would have been 6am in Egypt.  This would require placement in the longest days of summer; otherwise, the desert was several time zones west of Egypt.]
-   Olympius's plan backfires, leaving him trapped in Shadow World; Diabolico obtains Golden Key (832-Sorc)
-   Diabolico destroys Sorcerer of the Sands and tome (832-Sorc)
-   another day, Olympius escapes in mutated form; defeated in battle, loses Star Power (833-OlUn)

days/weeks later
-   Chad helps Marina recover Neptune's trident (834-NepD)

days/weeks later
-   Bansheera begins transformation, Treevil unleashed (836-Lime)
-   Dana begins modeling career (836-Lime)

days/weeks later
-   Dana returns to senses, Treevil destroyed (836-Lime)

days/weeks later
-   Bansheera completes transformation, absorbing Vypra and killing Loki (837-WrQn)
-   next day, Diabolico and Olympius cripple Megazords before being destroyed by Lifeforce Megazord (838-SDem)
-   same or next day, Bansheera begins Shadow World ceremony, Aquabase destroyed (839-FLs1, 840-FLs2)
-   eclipse ceremony; Bansheera sealed in Shadow World, Lightspeed Rangers continue to protect city (840-FLs2)

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