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<< PINK ZEO revision: The following event, valid until 341-SSOE, may have been immediately rendered questionable by the witnessing of future events which Kat may then have willingly chosen to alter. >>

mid-21st century
+   Pink Zeo Subcrystal arrives in Australia from early summer 1996 via Zordon's time hole, found by old Kat who lives alone in the Outback (331-MVA3, 341-SSOE)
+   weeks later, young Kat arrives from time-regressed late summer 1996, takes subcrystal from old self with help of time-traveling Zeo-era teen self (341-SSOE)
    [Based on standard time hole properties, the time elapsed between the crystal and Kat's arrivals in the future should be equal to the time elapsed between the crystal and Kat's departures from the present (or the time-regressed present).]

also mid-21st century
-   Tommy and Kat are married with grandchildren, one of whom is a Red Ranger with a classic Earth Ranger communicator (426-ASTR)

mid-late 21st century
-   "genetic perfection" achieved, according to Ransik (904-RaLi)

-   Miss Appleby's time capsule to be opened (147-ROTJ)

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