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12 billion years ago
-   universe created in Big Bang (Source: Encarta 2000)

300,000 years later
-   universal cooling allows atoms to form (Source: Encarta 2000)

11 billion years ago
-   galaxies form (Source: Encarta 2000)

4.7 billion years ago
-   Sol system forms (Source: Encarta 2000)

4.5 billion years ago
-   Earth solidifies (Source: Encarta 2000)

3.4 billion years ago
-   cellular life arrives or evolves on Earth (Source: Encarta 2000)

700-570 million years ago
-   burst of evolutionary diversification on Earth (Source: Encarta 2000)

225 million years ago
-   dinosaurs and mammals evolve on Earth (Source: Encarta 2000)

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150 million years ago
+   Quantum controller box, lost by Time Force, has arrived some time prior; unknown intelligence on Earth has drawn cave painting (913-QntQ)
+   Q-Rex, also lost, arrives in prehistory, soon to be destroyed by volcano (913-QntQ, 914-ClC1)

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hours/days/years later
+   Commandocon, Wes, and Eric arrive via time hole, Q-Rex is brought to 2001 before destruction (914-ClC1)

65 million years ago
-   giant asteroid impact with Earth causes widespread extinctions, probably including dinosaur extinction (629-DRS1)

5-6 million years ago
+   Earthen hominids diverge from apes

millions of years ago
-   according to Zordon, battle between Good and Evil (perhaps meaning only on Earth) begins (116-BigS)
-   Morphing Masters, ancient sorcerers, hide universe of power within Power Eggs and lock them in chest (116-BigS)
-   Morphing Masters set chest out to sea, believing it will be protected by their "ancient ancestors" (116-BigS)
-   chest will eventually end up in cave of the Morphing Masters on Earth near Angel Grove, marked with an angel statue (116-BigS)

130,000 years ago (approx.)
-   first traces of modern Homo sapiens in Africa (Source: Encarta 2000)

100,000 years ago (approx.)
-   symbolic thought develops, mostly in Homo sapiens: language, art, and religious ritual become prominent (Source: Encarta 2000)

30,000 years ago (approx.)
-   Earthen Homo sapiens rapidly dominates planet; other human species vanish (Source: Encarta 2000)

"thousands of years ago"
-   evil overlord Master Vile has been conqering home galaxy of M51 (329-MVA1)
    [Vile appeared to have a stable hold on his surroundings during Rita's upbringing for her to want a planet of her own as a child (305-NjQ2).]
-   two sorcerers from M51 hide Zeo Crystal from Master Vile in Caves of Deception beneath alien palace on Earth's moon (329-MVA1)
    [The Zeo Crystal was presumably hidden in the Caves of Deception before Zedd's corruption of the alien palace (329-MVA1), which had to have happened at least 10,000 years ago (see Rita-Zordon Wars).]

roughly 20,000 years ago
-   Vile and wife come to possess human infant daughter, whom they perhaps adopt from a conquered world and name Rita Repulsa (643-CTD2)
    [Rita's regression into an apparent human form when purified by Zordon (643-CTD2) suggests she may have been an instance of the often-repeated pattern of human children being kidnapped and raised as villains. Her age is likely between 14,000 and 26,000 years, given that Finster's moon mud reduced her apparent age from roughly 40-60 years to approximately 25-30 years, which she equated with her looks at age 11,000 (241-Wed1). For ratio fans, "25 is to 11,000 as 60 is to 26,400," and "30 is to 11,000 as 40 is to 14,667," providing an age range between roughly 14,000 and 26,000.]
-   young Rita is vigorously trained in evil and spellcraft (111-FWPT); childhood companion is younger brother (perhaps adoptive sibling) Rito Revolto (305-NjQ2), who will not gain skeletal form until middle age (436-BITS)

13,600 BCE
-   glacial melting causes great flood on Earth (Source: Encarta 2000)

13,000 years ago / circa 11,000 BCE
-   after adolescence, Rita perhaps dates through teenage years into young adulthood (315-PoNo)
    [Rita claimed to have heard a dating line 3,000 years prior to 315-PoNo; since she was apparently dormant during her 10,000-year imprisonment (101-DOTD), she probably referred to an experience which had actually occurred 13,000 years prior.]
-   Rita soon departs from home galaxy as intergalactic sorceress with dreams of universal domination (101-DOTD)
-   Rita meets Scorpina, a young adult like herself (119-GWE3), through whom Rita likely meets Scorpina's mate Goldar (149-ROF1)
    [Rita's apparent speed of aging would have made her a young adult during her voyages just before clashing with Zordon. If Scorpina had remained in stasis while Rita had aged into an old woman inside the space dumpster, it would explain why Rita considered Scorpina an old friend, a peer, and why she was in the habit of comparing her own looks to Scorpina's (119-GWE3), as they were once likely peers. Concerning Scorpina and Goldar, the duo had a history together (119-GWE3) which apparently included romantic ties (149-ROF1).]
-   Rita also joined by loyal alien scientist Finster, who perhaps fell in love with Rita in their youth (326-Pita) and alien alchemist Baboo, who may later recruit bumbling saboteur Squatt during Zedd's departure (201-Mut1)
    [Finster referred to Rita as his reason for existing. (326-Pita) Baboo had to predate Lokar (128-IOI1) but would apparently be absent during Rita's future alliance with Zedd on Earth (201-Mut1), perhaps returning with Squatt at some point after Zedd's departure. Baboo's future recruitment of Squatt might have prompted Scorpina to sting Baboo on the head, making him whine for a week in Squatt's presence (119-GWE3).]
-   in quest for power, Rita enters into pact with Lokar but loses control, nearly wiping out herself and others (128-IOI1)
    [Although Lokar would in the future be the apparent source of a great deal of Rita's powers (and may have used his Breath of Doom to allow Scorpina to transform into her monstrous form), Rita apparently struggled to maintain control over him (140-Ddy2). Furthermore, her youth and inexperience may have caused her inability to sustain control over the demon.]

"eons ago"
-   Mondo and Machina enact plans to complete their Machine Empire and possess the universe (400-PRZP)
    [The beginnings of the Machine Empire should have occurred a good amount of time prior to Rita's imprisonment to give the Mondo and Machina time to establish a threatening reputation (401-AZB1).]

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