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thousands of years ago
-   powerful evil spirits roam the planet in Zordon's absence, some localized hordes ruling specific regions (312-FiFO, 421-Bro?, 801-OpLs)

8,000 BCE
-   agriculture developed on Earth, human population explosion follows (Source: Encarta 2000)

8,000 BCE through 300 BCE
-   Japan's Jomon Period: the source of most dogu, clay figures which were a theme for Zeo Ranger Two (403-ShSt)

thousands of years ago
-   Deserted Planet becomes deserted (227-PTr1)

6,000 years ago / circa 4,000 BCE
-   Ivan Ooze rules the Earth until being lured into hyperlock chamber by group of Ranger-like young warriors; chamber then buried (MMPR: The Movie)

also circa 4,000 BCE
-   creation of world according to Old Testament genealogy

3500 BCE
-   Earthen human civilization begins in Mesopotamia, writing developed (Source: Encarta 2000)

thousands of years ago
-   great warrior near future site of Angel Grove captures local spirits in a stone and cuts arrowhead from stone (421-Bro?)

5,000 years ago / circa 3,000 BCE
-   Kahmalan warriors not associated with Zordon use magical masks to trap Face Stealer in urn (312-FiFO)

also 5,000 years ago / circa 3,000 BCE
+   Queen Bansheera's demons inhabit future site of Mariner Bay (801-OpLs)
+   Queen Bansheera apparently destroyed (816-CStr)
    [Although the Grand Cross occurred 2,000 years later (819-QRet), Bansheera would know nothing of the fate of her palace.]
+   victorious warlock eventually imprisons remaining demons and self in Tomb of Forever after moving Bansheera's palace to Egypt (801-OpLS)
    [Like Vypra and Loki when betrayed in 826-ATRO, the palace was likely moved from Mariner Bay to Egypt through the earth, although also apparently shrunken from giant size and covered with heiroglyphics (801-OpLs).  Perhaps seeing the sinking of the palace before their banishment, the demons ultimately concluded that Mariner Bay lay atop the ruins of their palace, apparently not realizing that the ruins were in Egypt instead.]

also circa 3,000 BCE
-   Egyptian period of pharaoh rule begins (Source: Encarta 2000)

circa 2900 BCE
-   great Egyptian pyramids constructed; Great Sphinx, theme for Zeo Ranger Three, also constructed (403-ShSt)

over 3,000 years ago / before 1,000 CE
-   Scorpius is raising Trakeena as his daughter (710-Sunf, 736-BMut, 737-GOTL)
    [When Scorpius invaded Magna Defender's planet (710-Sunf, see "3,000 years ago"), he showed an exceptional compassion for Magna Defender's request to release his son Zika, which seems unlikely unless Scorpius already knew the parental bond through a young Trakeena. Furthermore, in 737-GOTL, Captain Mutiny knew of Trakeena, fearing her wrath when Deviot allied with him.]

3,000 years ago / circa 1,000 BCE
-   Scorpius invades Lost Galaxy, ravages Magna Defender's planet and kills Zika while allied with Captain Mutiny; monster armies mix (710-Sunf)
    [Captain Mutiny had connections to Scorpius's monsters, shown by the banners in his castle (737-GOTL) and Hexuba's graveyard (740-HGrv). While Scorpius had to have been in the Lost Galaxy to ally with Captain Mutiny (shown briefly during the invasion in 710-Sunf) and attack Magna Defender's planet (which was shown to be apparently in the Lost Galaxy in 710-Sunf), he did not appear native to the dimension. When portals opened between normal space and Mirinoi, Scorpius suddenly attempted to retrieve the Quasar Sabers now that they were finally available to him (701-QsQ1).]
-   Great Battle outside Lost Galaxy between ancient Galaxy Rangers (including Magna Defender) and forces of evil, perhaps Scorpius (701-QsQ1, 720-LGb2)
    [See next entry.]
-   ancient Galaxy Rangers killed, powers scattered, Shark, Rhino, and Phoenix Galactabeasts lost but eventually rebuilt by Deviot (720-LGb2)
    [In defeat following the great battle described by Deviot in 720-LGb2, the three Galactabeasts drifted lifeless in normal space until being found and rebuilt by Deviot. Furthermore, around the same time as the Galactabeasts' overwhelming defeat, the Quasar Sabers arrived on Mirinoi (701-QsQ1), much like the pink saber went to Gwinnet following Pink Ranger's death in 732-PQsS. Also, the Rangers' powers and artifacts were widely scattered throughout space (701-QsQ1, 703-RTTR, 704-Rook, 706-Orn, 707-DblD, etc.), suggesting the destruction of the original Rangers. If Scorpius had been in the battle, this could explain the "dead" status of his Scorpion Stinger.]
-   weakened Magna Defender sends Lights of Orion to Earth, releases decoy Lights on Mirinoi before falling into crevice at hands of Treacheron (709-MagD)
    [On Mirinoi (709-MagD), Magna Defender released what looked like the Lights of Orion from a small wooden box identical to the one he would later use when summoning decoy Lights to trick Chillyfish (711-SiSl). The actual Lights, however, would lay on Earth for eons before being secretly taken aboard Terra Venture during the space colony's construction (implied in 706-LOrn when the Lights were stated to have been in the earth of Terra Venture for eons).]
-   Mirinoi sucked into Lost Galaxy, Scorpius trapped outside (701-QsQ1)
    [Mirinoi had strong connections to the Galaxy Rangers, yet the Galaxy Rangers showed signs of operating in normal space rather than the Lost Galaxy (see "scattering," above), indicating that Mirinoi had to have been originally outside the Lost Galaxy. In Terra Venture's day, however, Mirinoi was shown inside the Lost Galaxy when portals were opened between the planet and normal space, finally allowing Scorpius entry again (701-QsQ1, 702-QsQ2). The transportation of Mirinoi may have been Hexuba's doing, to prevent Scorpius from taking the Quasar Sabers, as Mirinoi was apparently returned to normal space shortly after Hexuba's destruction (740-HGrv).]
-   Villamax resigns from Scorpius's army while Trakeena is still a baby, ends up on Onyx (721-Heir)
    [Although Scorpius had an army of Villamax monsters when he invaded the Lost Galaxy (710-Sunf), tensions existed between Scorpius and the loner Villamax, as indicated by Kegler's anxiety over going to the Scorpion Stinger while Scorpius was dying (721-Heir). Villamax knew of Trakeena in present day, but she didn't know him (721-Heir), suggesting that he had resigned before she'd grown up.]

also 3,000 years ago / circa 1,000 BCE
-   Rito takes on his modern form in mid-life crisis (436-BITS)
    [Rito called himself a 3,000-year-old pile of bones (436-BITS), but since he had to have grown up with Rita well over 10,000 years ago (305-NjQ2), the skeletal form to which he referred must have originated 3,000 years ago.]

also 3,000 years ago / circa 1,000 BCE
+   previous Grand Cross alignment of planets (819-QRet)

526 BCE
-   Egyptian period of pharaoh rule ends (Source: Encarta 2000)

circa 500 BCE
-   Temple of Zeus, perhaps a theme for Zeo Ranger Four, constructed in ancient Greece (407-EDog)

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