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12,000 years ago / circa 10,000 BCE
-   Rita becomes embroiled in fateful struggle with Eltarian sage Zordon which will rage for two millennia (Fan Club Video) across countless galaxies as both scramble to amass large arsenals of magical artifacts
    [Zordon and Rita both seemed intent on obtaining magical artifacts; Zordon may have been trailing Rita from planet to planet in an effort to thwart her quest for armaments.]
-   Rita uses magic to bring life to Finster's creations to combat Zordon and his own army of warriors (118-GWE2)
-   Zordon comes to be well-known for successful use of teenaged warriors, although the term "Ranger" is not yet known (201-Mut1, 329-MVA1, MMPR: The Movie)
-   various clashes include a Putty attack on Zordon as he sought the singing squash in a dimensional gap on Bromak 5 (108-PRPk), and Finster's Terror Toad on Sorcery 7 (108-PRPk), Finster's Nasty Knight on Tarmac 3 successfully destroyed the planet's finest warrior (112-HBZk) and perhaps may also have been responsible for crushing Zordon's warriors and stealing the Sword of Darkness from him to present to Rita as a gift, perhaps from Finster (118-GWE2)
-   struggle somehow finds its way to Earth; there, perhaps pre-existing presence Lord Zedd takes in Rita's forces (201-Mut1)
    [While Rita and Zordon had a long history of intergalactic combat on numerous planets, the history of Zedd's involvement of the clash seemed limited entirely to Earth, and thus he may have been an afterthought to the Rita-Zordon wars as they settled on Earth.]
-   Zedd's holdings on Earth include Venus Island (210-WTVI) and corrupted preexisting moon palace (329-MVA1)
-   Zedd and Rita form successful partnership despite Rita's belief in and use of evil spirits, such as the Ghost of Darkness (244-RGR1), and Zedd's skepticism toward her superstitions and deities (312-FiFO); two villains complement other's powers, with Zedd as primary monster creator and Rita as primary monster enlarger
-   Rita uses spiritual advisor Ghost of Darkness, seen as a mere creation by skeptic Zedd, to summon Zordon's old rival the Wizard of Deception (244-RGR1)
-   perhaps during bleak time for Zordon, Zedd departs to rule holdings in another galaxy, leaving Rita to conquer the Earth and sealing off his Chamber of Command (201-Mut1)
-   Squatt arrives, Scorpina eventually falls into suspended animation in Earthen cave (119-GWE3)
    [Unlike the Dragonzord and Cyclopsis, which had been seen "10,000 years ago," Scorpina was cited as having been gone for "over 10,000 years" and had thus not been present for the final clashes. (119-GWE3)]

10,000 years ago / circa 8,000 BCE
-   Zordon discovers five Power Coins (perhaps on approaching planetoid) along with map to Temple of Power (305-NjQ2), turns teenaged warriors into Power Rangers and gives them advanced weapons and fighting machines
-   first documented use of Zord technology, perhaps developed by Zordon, thus giving them their name (101-DOTD, pilot episode)
-   Rita also finds Power Coin of her own, the sixth green Power Coin (251-WWR2), and likely discovers map as well
    [Rita was stated as being the original owner of the green Power Coin. (251-WWR2) In modern day, Rita would use an ancient map which called Angel Grove the "Nomad Lands" to locate Tommy. (134-GrC1) Furthermore, acquisition of such a Power Coin-related map would explain her unusual knowledge of the mythical Temple of Power. (305-NjQ2)]
-   Rita perhaps designs Green Ranger but does not activate him despite use of Dragonzord (117-GWE1, 121-GWE5)
    [In modern day, Zordon would note that Rita had finally chosen a user for the green coin (117-GWE1). The altered suit design, Morpher, and Power Coin emblem suggest an alternate origin for the Green Ranger, likely having been created by Rita. Likewise, she may have created the Dragonzord, with the addition of a Dragon Dagger to control the Zord remotely during the initial absence of a Green Ranger.]
-   Dragonzord eventually left to slumber off coast of California (121-GWE5)
-   Rita eventually attacks with monster Cyclopsis, which would eventually be transformed into a Battlezord (139-Ddy1); during attack, Rita has to be on Earth (139-Ddy1)
    [Cyclopsis was referred to as a monster and a "he" by Zordon and Alpha (139-Ddy1) but would later become a Zord prior to modern day. Regarding Rita's stationing on Earth during the attack, her powers were apparently limited by range, just as she had to throw her wand to Earth to enlarge monsters.]
-   Cyclopsis buried beneath future site of Angel Grove for unknown reason (139-Ddy1)
-   offering an unexpected truce, Rita suddenly doublecrosses Zordon, destroying his corporeal body and trapping his essence in an interdimensional time warp (Fan Club Video, 102-HiFv)
-   moments before vanishing, Zordon focuses powers, trapping Rita and minions in space dumpster (Fan Club Video)
-   space dumpster eventually lands on Ninjor's planetoid (101-DOTD)
    [This planetoid, which evidently passed by the Earth on occasion (101-DOTD), was apparently the location of the Desert of Despair, the entrance to Ninjor's Temple of Power, which must have predated Zordon's presence on Earth (305-NjQ2). Thus, the planetoid from which Rita was released in modern day was originally Ninjor's planetoid.]

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