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First Appearance: 603-SOSh
Last Appearance: 604-ShSh
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-   Some time after the Space Rangers had escaped NASADA in the Megashuttle and defeated giant Ecliptor with the Astro Megazord, both in Angel Grove, California, a purple beam from the Dark Fortress in the night sky shot into the New York City sewers, pulling the five confused Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles up onto the street above.
-   Raphael (nicknamed Raph) wore red and had two sai, Leonardo (nicknamed Leo) wore blue and had a sword, Michelangelo (nicknamed Mike) wore orange and had two tonfa clubs, Venus (the only female Ninja Turtle) wore light blue and a pouch on her belt, and Donatello (nicknamed Donnie) wore purple and had a bo staff.
-   As the Turtles wondered what had happened, Raphael assumed someone was up to no good, but they didn't know why.

-   As the Turtles continued to be confused, Leo asked Donnie what he'd done.
-   Arriving with Elgar and Quantrons, Astronema told the Turtles she'd brought them there, saying her name, and Venus then asked, "Astronema, the princess of evil?"
-   Mike added that she was a very hot princess.
-   Venus had yin-yang symbols on her armbands and legbands.
-   When Astronema told the Turtles they were going to destroy the Power Rangers, they were amused, thinking the Power Rangers were just pretend, from the comic books.
-   Purple energy bolts from Astronema's staff flowed into the Turtles' eyes, putting them under her spell.
-   The next day as the Rangers were being overwhelmed by a supercharged Electrotramp at a power plant in Angel Grove, the Ninja Turtles flew to the scene as green energy streaks just in time to deflect one of Electrotramp's energy spheres, then materialized in front of the Rangers.
-   Leo told Electrotramp that to get Rangers, he'd have to go through Turtles.
-   When Electrotramp confusedly asked, "Mutants?" Raphael said at least he'd gotten that part right.
-   The Turtles fought Electrotramp together; when the monster threw another energy sphere, Leo caught it on his sword blade, bounced it, and kicked it to Raph, who caught it and threw it to Mike (hurting his fingers slightly), then Don used his bo to club it off Mike's head to Venus, who jump-kicked it into Electrotramp, destroying him.
-   As the Rangers were surprised to find that the Ninja Turtles were real, the Turtles also said they hadn't been able to believe there were really Power Rangers either.
-   Michelangelo kissed Yellow Ranger's hand, telling her he'd never doubted their existence for a minute.
-   With Red Ranger suspicious, the Turtles were unable to answer how they'd arrived or how they'd known the Rangers had needed help.
-   Donatello asked that since they were real, whether it was true they had a spaceship; when the Turtles asked for a ride to New York City, the four Rangers ignored Red Ranger's worries and teleported with the Turtles to the Megaship in orbit.
-   Soon afterward, the four unmorphed teens gave the highly curious Turtles a tour of the Megaship, explaining its systems.
-   While on the detailed tour, Leo made pizza in the Synthetron, and Don asked about DECA, the Megaship's computer.
?   Later, Don, Mike, and Leo went to the Main Computer Control panel in one of the hallways, and Don made alterations; apparently all he'd done before Andros confronted them was two snip a blue wire and a green wire, at which point DECA talked with an attitude about being "Certified Turtlefied."
-   When Leo brandished his sword and said he'd be next to be given a better attitude, Andros knocked him down, then dodged Mike and grappled Don by the arm; Don began to cry out, "Wait! Can't we talk about this!" but Andros kicked him back into Mike and Leo before he could finish.
-   Soon, the five Turtles were manning the bridge with Elgar as Astronema spoke with Dark Specter through the viewing screen.
-   Leonardo was the leader of the Turtles.
-   With all the teens but Andros captured, Astronema told the Turtles to find the Red Ranger, or she'd throw them all into the nearest black hole.
-   Astronema was bored in a seat when an alarm rang and a monitor showed the teens fighting the Quantrons in the engine room; the Turtles rushed to stop them, but the teens made it to the jump tubes.
-   Leo wanted them to jump into the jump tubes after the teens, but Raph and Venus refused, not knowing what the tubes would do to them.
-   Back on the bridge with the others, Donatello steered the Megaship according to Astronema's orders.
-   When Astronema asked what the glowing cloud ahead was, Mike was amused that she was asking turtles who lived in a sewer to explain a cosmic event.
-   When the Megaship passed through the reverse-polarized magnetic field, Astronema's spell was removed from the Turtles' minds.
-   Initially worried, Astronema continued with her orders, telling Donatello to use the sensors to locate the shuttle and Venus to change their course, but the Turtles were no longer under her control.
-   Retreating, Astronema told DECA to self-destruct the Megaship, then vanished with her minions as Don and Mike lunged.
-   Don and Mike briefly celebrated that they had their own spaceship now, but then DECA said the Megaship would destruct in 60 seconds, and began counting down, making the Turtles panic.
-   When Don, at the computer control port, was trying to figure out which wire would restore DECA (blue or green, yet seeming to doubt it was blue), Venus put her hands on his shoulders and psychically told him to focus and let it come to him.
-   After Don had done something to the green wire, DECA was restored.
-   On a rocky planet where the Rangers were fighting the Quantrons, the Turtles arrived and handed the Rangers back their dropped weapons .
-   Leonardo told the Rangers, "The green machine has gone clean!" and Andros thanked him and gave a thumbs-up, telling him he believed him this time.
-   The Turtles and Rangers teamed up against the Quantrons, in the following pairs: Michelangelo and Cassie, Donatello and T.J., Raphael and Ashley, Venus and Carlos, and Leonardo and Andros.
-   After making a huge pile of defeated Quantrons, the Turtles posed with a battle cry of, "Ninja Turtles!" following the Rangers' "Power Rangers!" cry.
-   Astronema told the Rangers and Turtles that none of them had seen the last of her, then vanished.
-   Mike kissed morphed Cassie's hand and complimented her beauty.
-   Andros, after some reluctance, shook Leo's hand.
-   When the two teams headed back to the shuttle, Venus took T.J.'s arm, Cassie put her arm around Mike, Andros walked with Leo, Don walked with Carlos, and Ashley must have walked with Raph.
-   On the bridge, T.J. apologized that the Turtles had gotten mixed up with Astronema, but Leo said it had been a great chance to get out and see the universe.
-   Ashley told the Turtles to stop by if they were ever in space, and Mike returned the offer, telling the teens to pop their head into their sewer if they were ever in New York.
-   When Don apologized for the reprogramming, DECA told him she wasn't programmed to hold a grudge, then mildly electrocuted him from a console, and added "For long, at least," and offered no hard feelings.
-   Mike said there was something he wanted to just once before he left, and the Turtles then flew from the Megaship as green streaks; they were riding the Rangers' Galaxy Gliders, with Mike on Red.

Other Sources.

Pilot Episode.
-   After Alpha and Zoltar had introduced themselves, Zack mockingly said he was a Ninja Turtle.

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