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-   As the four teens held their hands on their keys and Morphers, Ranger-colored energy beams shot down into them from above, suiting them up in their Turbo suits.
-   To have the teens shift the Turbozords into high speed mode, Tommy coined the phrase, "Shift into Turbo!" which would be later used as the Turbo Rangers' default pre-morph phrase. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
-   After the teens inserted their keys into their Morphers whenever they were activating their standard morph sequences, each teen's morph sequence would begin with the teen holding his or her hands in the key-insertion position, with the Turbo Morpher still on his or her wrist but the key having vanished; from this position, the teen would cross his or her wrists; often times, however, the beginning of the morphs were cut short, so that rarely would the teens begin with their hands in the insertion position (often, it would be only Justin who began in the insertion position, but occasionally others would begin this way, such as Kat and Tommy).
-   Each teen's morph sequence was in front of a green streak background; with his or her wrists crossed, each teen would call out his or her morphing phrase, then hold down his or her glowing gold hands, with gold energy connecting the hands, at which point the actual morphing process began.
-   First, the belt of the Turbo Ranger suit faded into existence, complete with belt buckle, holster, and Auto Blaster; the belt would then glow with bright white light, morphing the teen's clothes into the Turbo suit; finally, the Ranger helmet would fly onto the helmetless Ranger's head in stages (with the teen's hair completely slicked back); once the helmet was complete, the helmet's headlights would light up briefly.
-   At the end of Justin's morph, he would grow to adult size after his headlights had lit up.
?   Justin's and Tanya's morphs had what looked like metal railings visible at the bottom of the screen in the home video release of the movie.
-   During the helmet formation portion of Tommy's morph, the camera moved around him from the side to the front; as the helmet was forming, his long hair could be seen dissolving upward.
-   The Ranger suits' belt buckles which appeared to be partially responsible for the morphing process resembled Masked Rider's morphing belt buckle, the Ecto Accelerator.
-   The morphing phrases were as follows:

Justin: "Mountain Blaster Turbo power!"
Adam: "Desert Thunder Turbo power!"
Tanya: "Dune Star Turbo power!"
Kat: "Wind Chaser Turbo power!"
Tommy: "Red Lightning Turbo power!"

?   The Rangers' new arm patches were not present on the Ranger suits during the teens' morph sequences.
?   The teens' images in the morphs would always remain the same as from 500-TPRM, never changing to match a teen's clothes, altered hairstyle, or other cosmetic or wardrobe alterations.
-   In Tommy's morph, the beginning of his helmet formation would usually be cut short so that the dissolving of his curly hair wasn't shown; the long version appeared only in 500-TPRM, 507-BFSp, and 510-GlHa.

-   As Adam, Tanya, and Kat were morphing, the Chromite shot a white beam from a black device, draining Adam's morphing energy mid-morph (before the helmet had had a chance to form); a gray version of the Green Shadow Ranger then materialized behind Adam, and green energy flowed out of Adam to colorize the Shadow Ranger; finally, Adam demorphed with a flash of green energy, and the Shadow Ranger rose up from the ground; the Yellow and Pink Shadow Rangers then rose up behind demorphed Tanya and Kat as well.
?   When Justin's powers were drained mid-morph as had been done to the others, he was still kid-sized, but as the Blue Shadow Ranger was created and energized, his body was adult-sized (though only his legs were shown) before he demorphed.
-   The Chromite's device had intercepted the Rangers' powers during their morphs.
-   When the four teens morphed after being freed from the Chromite Cave, only the helmet formations were shown.
?   The morph order was incorrect, in the order Adam, Justin, Tanya, Kat.

?   The morph order was incorrect, in the order Kat, Adam.

?   The morph order was incorrect, in the order Tommy, Justin, Tanya, Kat.

?   When morphed Kat was first shown upon morphing and teleporting to the beach, she was glowing pink, and her hands were in the key and Morpher position; during the morph, however, she had started with her hands in that position but then moved them down to her side.

-   The five-Ranger morph sequence consisted of a four-way splitscreen of Justin, Adam, Tanya, and Kat being suited up without their morphing phrases, their helmets then forming, then a full-screen of the same for Tommy; this style of morph sequence was quite similar to the new morph sequence which would be used regularly beginning in 520-StWi.

-   Justin had his normal morph; the other four teens' morphs were not shown.

-   Justin, Adam, and Tanya had their normal morphs.
-   Later, the four teens (Tommy absent) had a four-way splitscreen of their suits and helmets forming.

-   Beginning with this episode, when a morph preparation would not include a key insertion, the key, held in the teen's hand, would often glow with Ranger-colored light, blending into a light in front of the Ranger for his or her morph; similarly, key insertions would frequently do the same.
-   Each teen's morph sequence consisted of the teen in front of a Ranger-colored background with his Morpher on his wrist; subtle Ranger-colored energy then moved up his body, then down his arms, suiting him up in his Turbo suit, then finally forming his helmet, all in one continuous, moving wave of energy; there were no morphing phrases.
-   In Justin's morph sequence, Justin would simultaneously grow as he morphed, a much smoother transition than in his original morph.
-   When the five teens would morph at the same time, their traditional sequence would be Justin's, Carlos's, Ashley's, and Cassie's morphs in a four-way splitscreen, followed by T.J.'s full-screen morph.

-   The teens would have full-screen morph sequences when fewer than four teens were present; their order would be the same order (blue, green, yellow, pink, red) as the previous teens' morphs.

-   While fighting Piranhatrons, Justin told Alpha over the communicator to send the other Rangers, and he then instantly morphed (and grew) with a flash of blue light in the middle of punching a Piranhatron; neither his key nor his Morpher was visible at the time.

-   When the five teens morphed this time, all five full-screen morphs were shown in sequence.

-   When the four teens morphed without Cassie, the four full-screen morphs were shown in sequence.

-   The robot teens were able to morph with the keys and Morphers.
-   The robot teens weren't shown giving the keys and Morphers back to the real teens, but the real teens were able to summon them and morph as usual.

?   When Carlos, Cassie, and Ashley morphed, their morph order was in the order in which they were standing, not their normal order.

-   Confronted by Piranhatron, super-strong Justin pulled out his key and tried to morph, but his Morpher didn't appear, and his arm holding his key appeared to be in pain.
-   Dimitria told Justin that his super strength, apparently given to him by being bitten by an ant doused with chemicals, was incompatible with his Ranger powers.

-   After the teens' preparatory stances, T.J.'s key glowed, but the morphs weren't shown.

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