- ancient tomb in desert; former site of demon imprisonment
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 839-FLs1
See Also: Shadow World
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-   In a desert apparently in Egypt, three nomads were startled when they came upon ancient temple ruins.
-   In the desert sands were seemingly Egyptian ruins of an ancient temple which was an identical match for Loki's visual projection of Bansheera's palace as it had once stood millennia ago, although with Egyptian designs added.
-   As a nomad leaned back against a broken-off stone piece to drink some water, it pushed back, splitting open a fissure in the sand, and the nomad fell in.
-   In the chamber below, the nomad found himself in the heiroglyphic-laden Tomb of Forever, filled with golden objects; he eagerly shouted up to his friend that he'd found "the ancient tomb" and had them light up the torches.
-   The nomads soon used a rope attached to something above to scale down into the tomb.
-   At the rear wall of the tomb stood an ancient warlock skeleton at a cobwebbed sarcophagus.
-   On the left wall was a giant monster statue standing like a guarian with its sword to the ground.
-   The head nomad examined a handful of golden coins held by a figurine, but his friend drew his attention to the sarcophagus.
-   As the leader had his hands pressed against the sarcophagus after shoving over the warlock's remains, a dial between his hands turned counterclockwise 180 degrees, and the sarcophagus began to rumble as the nomads removed their hands.
-   On the wall, two cobra statues began to breathe mist from their nostrils.
-   The leader had his comrades help him push open the heavy sarcophagus lid, revealing a white source of illumination within; as they peered in, a blue streak of light shot out with a small shockwave, and they recoiled from mist and an explosion, knocking them against the wall as the demons flew out.
-   Nearby, in the direction of the giant gargoyle, a metallic staff lay against the wall, shaped vaguely like Spellbinder's but smaller and different in design.
-   Mitchell explained that 5,000 years ago, Mariner Bay's part of the Earth had been inhabited by evil spirits, or "demons," whose only purpose was to destroy and conquer.
-   Luckily, there had been a warlock who had been strong enough to conquer them, and the demons were finally captured and entombed; a flashback showed the warlock in the Tomb of Forever in front of the sarcophagus as the demon wisps flew in and the hovering lid sealed after he slammed his fist onto his palm.
-   The seal on the sarcophagus had then rotated a half-turn clockwise, and the scene faded to modern times, with the warlock fading away into a cobwebbed skeleton in his same position, the torches fading, and the tomb being covered in cobwebs.
-   Despite their capture, Mitchell added, "we always feared that one day they would escape and would return to Mariner Bay"; their fears had come true hours ago when nomad travelers crossing through the desert had discovered the tomb and released the demons back into their world.

-   In the desert, Ryan ran up to the palace ruins, having been told of the cobra's lair by Diabolico; he knew that if he destroyed the cobra, he would break the curse over him.
-   Ryan looked at the small fissure in the ground, then climbed down the rope which was apparently still there from the nomads from 801-OpLs.
-   As Ryan looked around, the torches in the tomb lit, startling him.
-   Ryan confronted a cobra statue in a side alcove wall, and as he reached for it, the statue blew steam and blasted red lasers from its eyes at the walls, the sparks blasting Ryan back.
-   The statue dissolved into sand and then rematerialized into the cobra monster, who looked like a gray Snizard without a zapper apple.

?   After being pulled underground by Vilevine, Vypra and Loki eventually surfaced from the sand in the apparently Egyptian desert on the other side of the world, much like it seemed the palace ruins had done upon sinking into the earth millennia ago.

-   As Vypra and Loki came to the desert ruins, Vypra said she'd been there before; looking around, she led Loki one way and found the small crevice which she then realized led into "the tomb," but Loki remained sarcastic and clueless throughout.
-   Inside the tomb as they looked around, torches burning on the walls, Loki remarked he'd forgotten how amazing the place was.
-   At least one skeleton lay in front of the still-open sarcophagus, presumably the remains of a nomad.
-   At a wall panel, Vypra brushed aside cobwebs and read from the heiroglyphics: "From the Tomb of Forever, the jaws of death, the icy tingle of Bansheera's breath."
-   Vypra looked at the open steaming sarcophagus and had Loki throw in the rope which was apparently the one left by the nomads.
-   Down the tomb's shaft, apparently inscribed with carvings as well, the rope dangled down into a fiery abyss at the bottom of the shaft, making flames spew out; this was presumably the Shadow World.
-   Vypra spoke an incantation: "Rise from the darkness and bring new life for those once fallen 'neath the hero's knife!"
-   The rope grew taught, and flames continued spewing out; Vypra shouted, "Arise, and live again!!" and Diabolico climbed out; Vypra would welcome him "back to the land of the living."
-   Ryan drew all of the heiroglyphics off the tomb walls into a notebook, thinking the answer to capturing Queen Bansheera had to be in the symbols.
-   After copying what he thought was all of the symbols, Ryan then wandered off into the desert in search of someone to tell him what they meant.

-   Days or weeks later, Ryan had a slender ancient brown tome filled with heiroglyphics, having been told on his travels that the Sorcerer of the Sands was the only one who could read its ancient writings.
-   Flipping through Ryan's tome, the Sorcerer said the symbols were spells - very old, very powerful, but difficult.
-   The Sorcerer asked if Ryan had the key and, when he didn't know of a key, declared the Golden Key made all the difference, as with it, he could read the spells easily.
-   As the Sorcerer of the Sands soon read from the book, the demons' otherdimensional skull castle began to rumble violently, and Diabolico noted someone was reading the ancient spell.
-   The Sorcerer read, "Demons of the cursed tomb, I cast you back to eternal doom. Nevermore will evil reign - let peace and goodness replace the pain!"
-   The Sorcerer began chanting with quick "ma" syllables as he waved his hand over the symbols, causing them to glow golden from the tome, and his tent began to rattle; in the skull castle, columns began to topple.
-   Following a demonic incantation by Diabolico, a fiery blast washed out from the book, reducing the Sorcerer to dust and charring the book beyond recognition.

-   In fiery gold energy following Diabolico's destruction, the Golden Key flew down into the Tomb of Forever and then hovered in front of a blank block amidst other heiroglyphics.
-   Torches were currently burning in the tomb.
-   The key hovered against the stone and, with an orange flare turned, into an outline within the stone.
-   A strip of perhaps five square blocks in the wall was as follows: the first was an eclipse, the second was several pointy objects (perhaps the circle of stones), the third was now the key, the fourth was five hands sticking up from within a square coffin, and the fifth was a crude outline of Bansheera's monster form.

-   Finding the formerly blank block, Ryan touched the new imprint of a key, and the figure turned into the real Golden Key.
-   The heiroglyphics throughout the tomb began to glow with blue light, and the key then projected a rippling image on the wall demonstrating Bansheera's looming eclipse ceremony to unleash the monsters in the Shadow World.
-   A chamber within Bansheera's skull castle contained torches, a few Egyptian mummy sarcophagi, a large skeletal beast gargoyle, and a large skeletal coffin used in Bansheera's plot to use the Golden Key to release the demons of the Shadow World; the partial Egyptian theme, as well as some elements of the coffin-sealing, were reminiscent of the Tomb of Forever (see "Golden Key" for more).

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