- former student, teen martial artist; current science teacher at Reefside High (since 1201-DDi1)
- former Green Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (117-GWE1 through 213-GNM2)
- former White Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (217-WhL1 through 336-CEvF)
- former Zeo Ranger Five (402-AZB2 through 500-TPRM, also 1034-FRed)
- former Red Turbo Ranger (500-TPRM through 519-PTT2)
- former Black Dino Ranger (1205-BaBl through 1238-TSk2)
Tommy (circa early Green Ranger days)
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Full Name: Tommy Oliver (155-TOrT)
First Appearance: 117-GWE1
Last Appearance: 1238-TSk2
Pictures: Tommy, circa early Green Ranger days (shown at right), Tommy, circa later Green Ranger days, Tommy, circa early White Ranger days, Tommy, circa later White Ranger days, young Tommy, Tommy, circa PRZ/PRT
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  • Jason and Tommy competed at the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo.
  • Trini assumed Tommy was a new kid in school.
  • Rita was watching Tommy warming up at the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo and immediately chose him to be her Green Ranger.
  • The announcer at the expo may have referred to Jason as "Angel Grove's finest"; he referred to Tommy as a new challenger.
  • Tommy and Jason tied with four points each.
  • Tommy and Jason were both pleasant to each other after tying the match.
  • Tommy had an earring.
  • At school, Tommy stuck up for Kim when Bulk and Skull wouldn't leave her alone in the hallway; he intimidated them with a martial arts demonstration after Bulk had mentioned teaching Tommy a lesson.
  • Tommy was about to walk away after Kim thanked him, probably out of shyness and a lack of anything to talk about.
  • Tommy seemed shy around Kim.
  • Tommy said yes, that he was new around there.
  • After school, Tommy was walking down a street downtown (with skyscrapers nearby) with two other guys, one of whom carrying a basketball and the other carrying a few books; Tommy carried a green sports bag.
  • Attacked by five Putties while walking down an alley, Tommy fought all of his attackers off.
  • Tommy asked himself, "Man, why me?" after the Putties were gone, and he said it had been like a bad dream.
  • Tommy yelled "Nooooooo!" when the wind was blowing fiercely after Rita told him from the top of a building that she had chosen him.
  • Tommy left his bag behind in the alley when he was abducted by Rita.
  • Tommy had brown eyes.
  • Now under Rita's spell, Tommy called Rita his empress.
  • Tommy had never met Kim at the Youth Center after school as they'd planned.
  • Green Ranger used morphed Kim's Blade Blaster in blade mode against the Rangers, finally thowing it at morphed Jason.


  • Rita sent Tommy to remain in human form on Earth until further notice, telling him to keep his identity secret.
  • While holding his Power Coin in his hand, unmorphed Tommy, under Rita's spell, shot telekinetic green energy bolts from his eyes to propel Bulk and Skull into a dumpster.
  • At school a different day from the initial fight with the Rangers, Tommy seemed to be reviewing some notes when Kim approached him; he was very rude and hurt her feelings a great deal when he replied to her inquiry about his not showing up at the Youth Center "the other day."
  • On the beach, Tommy again had to fight five Putties to prove himself.
  • Back at school, after Tommy had earned the Sword of Darkness, Jason apologized to Tommy, saying that he wouldn't be able to work out with him after school as they'd planned.
  • Tommy used his Power Coin to teleport Jason to the Dark Dimension while Jason's back was turned.
  • Green Ranger retreated from the Megazord after having his blast reflected back at him by the Mammoth Shield.


  • Tommy was just leaving the Youth Center as Kim was.
  • Tommy told Kim that Jason had never shown up after school.
  • Now alone in the Dark Dimension with Jason, Green Ranger said he'd been looking forward to fighting Jason.
  • Green Ranger told Jason he'd put up a pretty good fight, then raised the Sword of Darkness and struck downward; he would have punctured Jason's chest cavity with the blade if Jason hadn't been teleported away at the last moment.
  • Following Jason's escape from the Dark Dimension, a hologram of Goldar's face appeared in the Dark Dimension to scold Green Ranger and tell him to remain where he was.
  • Green Ranger was later practicing his martial arts in the Dark Dimension, but he was eager to return to battle.


  • Returning to the Command Center, Green Ranger disabled Alpha, then worked the controls to attempt to banish Zordon to another dimension forever.
  • Captured in the Command Center's energy field, Green Ranger was freed by a spell cast by Rita.
  • Rita used her wand to make Green Ranger grow.
  • After he, Goldar, and Scorpina, all giant, had defeated the Megazord, Tommy returned to the Youth Center in human form to work out.
  • When Kimberly confronted Tommy in the Youth Center, he warned her that she and the other Rangers would be destroyed; he then walked away.


  • The voice of Green Ranger, shouting, "No way!" from the Dragonzord, sounded nothing like Tommy's voice.
  • Once free of Rita's spell following the apparent destruction of the Sword of Darkness, Tommy remembered everything from his experience as the evil Green Ranger.
  • In the Command Center seemingly a short time after Tommy's allying with the Rangers, Billy gave Tommy a small case containing a communicator with green wristbands, telling Tommy he'd made him a communicator.
  • When Jason had the teens morph following Tommy's allying with the Rangers, Tommy reached behind his back for his Morpher at the same time the others reached; his morph was shown before the others'; he somehow knew how to use a Morpher without ever having been shown using it before.


  • In the middle of his basketball game with Zack and Jason, Tommy realized he was late for karate practice.
  • Tommy was proficient in the use of a bo staff.
  • Tommy was practicing alone in the Youth Center rather than with a class, as he'd told the other teens.
  • Tommy wore a black gi.
  • Tommy had left his communicator in his sports bag during his workout.
  • After the battle with Shellshock, Zack and Tommy played a one-point game to see who'd buy the other guy lunch, and Zack won; fortunately for Tommy, Billy then won against Zack, making Zack pay for both of their lunches.


  • When a tarantula landed on Zack's shoulder from being thrown by Bulk and Skull, Tommy's solution was to try to squash it with his notebook.
  • Tommy wasn't shown at school with the other teens at school the next day.
  • Tommy didn't help the teens collect insects with Trini because he was busy with martial arts practice.
  • When Zordon beeped him, Tommy was practicing with a sword in a secluded area surrounded by trees and other plants.
  • After the battle with Spidertron, Tommy put a rubber spider on Zack's shoulder to prove that Zack really hadn't overcome his fear after all.


  • Tommy helped Kim with her model float for the Flower Power Peace Parade; he seemed as though he might have had a crush on her at the time.
  • After leaving the Youth Center with the broken pieces of Kim's model float, Tommy was working in Billy's garage with several colors of paint when Zordon called him.
  • After the battle with Spit Flower, Tommy had Alpha help him put the finishing touches on the model float he was rebuilding for Kim in Billy's garage.
  • Tommy secretly rebuilt and submitted Kim's model, and it ended up as an actual float in the parade.
  • When Kim hugged Tommy for rebuilding her model, Tommy coyly raised his eyebrows at the other teens.


  • Tommy offered Kim help with decorating for the upcoming masquerade party in the Youth Center.
  • When the other teens went to the masquerade party, Tommy was still off working on his costume.
  • As Tommy approached the Youth Center, he was attacked by Putties; he used his sports bag in the fight, possibly damaging any costume he might have had inside.
  • After the battle with the Frankenstein monster, Tommy came into the masquerade party to change into his costume there.
  • Tommy's costume looked identical to the Frankenstein monster; he said the monster had given him some ideas for the "final touches" on his costume, but he would have had very little time to make such changes to its design.
  • Kim told Tommy he looked great in gray.


  • Jason and Tommy practiced for the upcoming Team Ninja Finals.
  • Both times Jason threw moves at Tommy seemingly just to show off, Tommy retaliated.
  • Jason and Tommy were more interested in competing with each other than cooperating.
  • Jason and then Tommy both unconvincingly said they could take both of their mysterious ninja opponents by themselves.
  • Zordon sent Jason and Tommy, each with half of a map, to retrieve the weapons he knew could defeat the Super Putties; his plan was for the two to learn to work together while on their quest.
  • To get past Titanus, Jason said he had the strength to get up the hill faster than Tommy but that Tommy was better with a sword than he was; Jason lent Tommy his Power Sword, and Tommy lent Jason the Dragon Shield.
  • Tommy could fight well with a shinai.
  • Jason and Tommy won the Team Ninja Finals trophy.

    ?   After Bulk had ruined Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel and Kim had shouted at Bulk, Tommy asked Kim what was wrong, even though he had been in the room when it happened.

  • Tommy thought he could fix the spinning wheel.
  • After being tied up by Putties in the park, Tommy was unable to call for help because he'd left his communicator in his bag.
  • Tommy tricked the Putties by pretending to be sick, then breaking the ropes which he had frayed on the bark of the tree to which he was tied.
  • When Zack, as the play began, told Kim to break a leg, Tommy said, "Don't you dare," and winked at her; she smiled and gave him a lasting glance.


  • Tommy taught martial arts to two kids who were either brown or black-belts.
  • Tommy had his arm around Kim's waist as the five teens started to leave the Youth Center to find Zack.
  • Tommy had to stay with his two students, who had hid under a table in the Juice Bar rather than fleeing during the earthquake.
  • After the Rangers were losing to giant Mutitis, Zordon called Tommy into action, and Tommy was now able to leave his two students with Ernie.


  • After Kim had beaten her illusion on the Island of Illusion, Tommy put his hands on her shoulders, she put her hands on his arms, and they looked into each other's eyes.
  • When Tommy hallucinated that the teens were Putties trying to surround him, he attacked them first.
  • Tommy actually kicked Billy, whom he thought was a Putty, sending him flying onto his back.
  • Tommy thought that the five "Putties" around him were too many for him to handle.
  • Tommy saved himself from vanishing by remembering having beaten the Putties outside the Youth Center before the masquerade party in 125-LAMa.
  • After Tommy had beaten his illusion, Kim held his hand with hers and looked into his eyes.
  • Tommy told the teens that there had been "like a zillion Putties" coming at him in his illusion but he hadn't been scared; however, during the actual illusion, in which only five Putties could be seen, he had remarked that there were too many for him to handle, suggesting anxiety if not fear.


  • Tommy wasn't seen or mentioned in this episode.


  • After Tommy told Bulk and Skull to back off when they were harassing him and Kimberly, Bulk threw a punch at Tommy, but Tommy turned him around and shoved him, sending him flying through the air and sliding along the water on the floor into its source, the janitor's overturned cleaning bucket.
  • Tommy asked to walk Kim home after school.
  • When told anything could happen (meaning anything bad because of Kim's bad day), Tommy told Kim he'd take his chances.
  • Tommy caught Kim in his arms when she tripped over a rock.
  • Zordon told the other four teens that Tommy had been "injured while attempting to rescue" Kim, but what had happened was that the gas from Samurai Fan Man's bottle had knocked Tommy out as he stood nearby yelling Kim's name.
  • After regaining consciousness, Tommy morphed into action despite Alpha's warnings.
  • After the battle with Samurai Fan Man, Kim walked up to Tommy in Billy's garage, sporting seemingly shorter hair and wearing a short dress; Tommy and Kim exchanged glances, and he told her it looked like her day was getting better.


  • When Bulk told Tommy that he, not Tommy, would get to be in the martial arts commercial, Tommy grabbed Bulk's bandanna and used it to show off his martial arts in the hallway at school.
  • Tommy left his communicator in his bag in the hallway while he went into the classroom to audition.
  • Tommy said his years of martial arts had really helped him discipline himself, especially with his schoolwork, and it had given him a lot of self-confidence.
  • After answering Zordon's call once he'd returned to his bag from the audition, Tommy put his communicator back into his bag before morphing.
  • To help the Rangers fight Scorpina's giant pet worm, Tommy announced, "Right here, Rangers, morphed and ready!," but he had been morphed and helping them since calling the Dragonzord to help against giant Babe Ruthless, whom the Rangers had just fought.
  • Tommy's performance was chosen for the Angel Grove Karate Center commercial to show what students could do after training at the center.


  • Tommy and Jason did a martial arts performance together for the talent show in the Youth Center.
  • Tommy had forgotten their belts for the martial arts performance; Jason said they'd get the belts later, but Tommy insisted that they couldn't go on without their belts, so he ran home to get them.
  • In the woods, Tommy was lured into a net trap by Putties and lost both his communicator and Morpher to the Putties, but he eventually climbed out of the net and defeated the Putties, recovering his lost items.


  • Tommy and Zack sparred in the Youth Center.
  • Tommy hadn't yet asked Kim to the dance because he was nervous, but Zack insisted that Kim would say yes and that Tommy shouldn't put it off.
  • Tommy lost his focus while sparring because Zack had gotten him thinking about Kim.
  • Planning on asking her to the dance, Tommy called Kim on the phone a different day and had them meet by the pond.
  • After being captured by Goldar in the Dark Dimension, Tommy eventually got Goldar's sword and then stabbed it into the ground, teleporting both himself and Goldar back to the pond; Tommy then took his Morpher from Goldar's hand and morphed.
  • Upon seeing the Megazord fighting the apparent Dragonzord (really Cyclops in disguise), Tommy said, "It's time for some real Dragonzord power!", but he hadn't been told about the Cyclops.


  • Tommy went into battle with the giant Cyclops alone, confident that he would win.
  • Tommy said he was a Power Ranger until the end.
  • Continuing to battle giant Cyclops despite beginning to lose, Tommy announced, "You can't take my powers, Rita! I'm the Green Ranger!"
  • After Tommy had given his powers to Jason to prevent Rita from obtaining them, Zordon told Tommy he was a strong and courageous fighter and an honorable man.
  • Tommy said that what was important to him, now that he'd given up his powers, was his friendship with the teens.
  • Kim told Tommy he'd always be one of them.
  • A different day, Tommy did martial arts by the pond; he said he sometimes liked practicing outside.
  • Tommy had been working on his karate and focusing on his schoolwork, just trying to keep busy.
  • Kim told Tommy she missed him.
  • Tommy and Kim kissed for the first time.
  • For a long time, Tommy and Kim had both been wanting to kiss each other.
  • Tommy asked Kim to be his date for the dance Saturday night, and she agreed.


  • Tommy attended Power Ranger Day and personally shook hands with each of the Rangers as they walked through the crowd.


  • Tommy came to Parent's Day considerably late.
  • Tommy's hair was now straight, longer than it had been, and pulled back into a ponytail.


  • Alpha teleported Tommy from the Youth Center into the Command Center without warning.
  • Kim seemed fairly pleased to see Tommy; he smiled, a bit confused by being teleported there.
  • Jason said to Tommy, "Welcome back, old friend," as though the teens hadn't seen Tommy in a while.
  • Tommy was willing to take the risk of his temporary powers running out in the middle of a fight.
  • Unconscious after retrieving the Power Coins, Tommy crackled with green energy and levitated off the black lawn chair he'd been lying on, then he floated over to a standing position in the center of the Command Center; Alpha detected that Tommy's entire body was electrically charged, and Zordon attributed it to excess energy absorbed from the forcefield around the Power Coins.
  • When Tommy regained consciousness, he somehow knew that the other Rangers were in trouble.
  • After Green Ranger had saved the others, Kim told Tommy she was quite glad to see him, and he replied it was good to be back.
  • When again warned after the battle with Dramole that his powers were currently temporary, Tommy accepted, saying it was good to be back with his friends again.


  • Tommy was away at a karate tournament, perhaps missing school that day as a result.
  • After the Rangers had defeated Grumble Bee, Tommy told the teens he'd heard about their victory and wished Zordon would have called him.


  • Tommy and Jason volunteered to teach a women's self-defense class to the moms of Angel Grove, and Kim and Trini helped demonstrate as well.
  • Trying out a new flavor of tropical drink, Kim had Tommy taste her drink.
  • When Bulk and Skull planned on joining Jason and Tommy's women's self-defense class to meet babes, Skull gave Kim as an example of a babe they wanted to meet, and he smelled her hair, but Tommy nudged him away with his hand.
  • When Tommy left, Kim said goodbye in a very affectionate tone of voice.
  • Tommy and Jason went to the park to plan out their next lesson.
  • Morphed Jason wanted to stay and fight the Two-Headed Parrot, but morphed Tommy made himself and Jason leave to get the others.
  • Tommy tried to retrieve a pamango from the park, but when the Putties stole all of the pamangos, Tommy got one from Ernie by making up a story (which Ernie thought was romantic) about having bought Kim a parrot and needed a pamango to feed it.
  • While the Two-Headed Parrot's two heads were fighting, morphed Tommy stood in the center of the Rangers and told them it was time to show the monster some real teamwork; Jason was among the other Rangers replying, "Right!"
  • It was Tommy who told the other Rangers to finish off the giant monster, causing them to summon the Ultrazord.


  • Kim had told Tommy she'd meet him at the mall before it closed, and the others except Zack went with her; they were interrupted by Putties and Peckster on their way there.
  • Tommy didn't appear in this episode.


  • After helping morphed Jason up, morphed Tommy told Jason they could take Lizzinator together; he then rushed the monster despite Jason staying where he was and warning that the monster was too powerful.
  • Tommy and Kim were together the entire episode.


  • Tommy was representing Angel Grove in a big inter-city karate match he couldn't miss on the Saturday when Kim would be a contestant on Trick or Treat.
  • On his way to his karate match, Tommy walked past the rotten pumpkin patch in which Pumpkin Rapper was growing.
  • Tommy's last name was Oliver.
  • Tommy had to forfeit his karate match for Ranger business, making Chip Hayes the winner by default.
  • Morphed Tommy told the other Rangers, including Jason, to prepare their weapons as he rushed Pumpkin Rapper, and they replied, "Right!"


  • Tommy and Jason taught white belt kids together, including a girl named Melissa.
  • Tommy and Jason's lessons were free.
  • Slippery Shark's boomerang put Tommy and Jason under a rivalry spell.
  • While under the spell, Tommy was sick of Jason acting as though he was better than everyone else, and he was also sick of taking orders from Jason; Jason told him if he didn't like it he could take a hike, as the Rangers had been doing fine before he came along.
  • Tommy quit the martial arts class he and Jason taught but later continued teaching it with Jason after conquering the spell.
  • Jason and Tommy were ready to fight in the hallway, following Bulk's suggestion, until Miss Appleby came along, and Kim told her they were just practicing moves, at which point Miss Appleby scolded the two.
  • Tommy and Jason were prepared to fight each other in front of the crowd at the Youth Center until the last one standing was the winner, but they had to leave on Ranger business.
  • Zordon sent Tommy and Jason alone to hunt down Slippery Shark while the others stood by, knowing that they had to work together to overpower their rivalry spell.
  • Tommy initiated a bet whereby he would become leader of the Rangers if he found Slippery Shark before Jason, and Jason added that Tommy had to turn in his Power Coin if he found the monster before Tommy.
  • Tommy wanted to trap Slippery Shark with a ground attack, while Jason wanted to get him in the air.
  • Jason initiated the teamwork that conquered Rita's spell.
  • Morphed Tommy jumped off morphed Jason's shoulders and trapped Slippery Shark in a green net.


  • Tommy smashed his communicator into a wall in an attempt to dodge a soccer ball Bulk had kicked through the hallway at school.
  • Tommy and Kim met after first period, which Tommy had with Bulk and Skull in Miss Appleby's class without the other teens.
  • Miss Appleby confiscated Tommy's malfunctioning communicator, which she called a pager.
  • After school to retrieve his communicator, Tommy reached for Miss Appleby's desk drawer, pulled his hand away, then was reaching for it again when Miss Appleby entered and seemed surprised.


  • Tommy was planning to try out for the football team, but he told Jason he was worried about making the cut.
  • Tommy had never played football prior to the tryouts; he'd spent most of his life training in karate.
  • Ernie trained Tommy at playing football.
  • Tommy's reflexes while training for the football tryouts were to do martial arts stances and kicks.
  • Tommy kept his communicator in his sports bag, where he couldn't hear it, while working out with Ernie.
  • Ernie told Tommy he had good endurance.
  • Tommy became the star quarterback of the Angel Grove High football team; his number was 12.


  • Tommy was late to Miss Appleby's first period class because he'd forgotten to set his alarm clock.
  • Tommy forgot his water bottle and towel when he was practicing with Jason in the Youth Center.
  • While working out in the Youth Center with Tommy, Jason broke the news to Tommy that Tommy's flaw was forgetfulness; Tommy was surprised to learn this.
  • When confronted in the park by the Pink and Green Mutant Rangers, Tommy didn't think he and Kim should morph until they found out what the two Mutant Rangers were all about.
  • Tommy left his communicator in his locker when he took it off for Kim to tie ribbons around his wrist to help improve his memory.
  • The malfunctioning reminder device Billy had made told Tommy at school that it was time to feed the cat.
  • Trini had spent a lot of time reorganizing Tommy's notebook, and he ended up leaving it at home.
  • After leaving to get the notebook he'd left at home, Tommy later came down the steps of Angel Grove High's main hallway, his notebook in hand.
  • Tommy's locker was filled with post-it notes all over the inside.


  • Zack invited Kim and Tommy to double date with him and Angela if she agreed to let him take her out on her birthday.
  • Zack and Angela, with Tommy and Kim, went to an outdoor French restaurant called "La TÍte D'escargot Restaurant" on Angela's birthday.
  • Morphed Tommy called morphed Zack "guys" as he went south to split up from Zack.


  • After learning that Pirantishead had turned the Tyrannosaurus against the Rangers and frozen the other four Dinozords, Tommy quickly summoned the Dragonzord to protect them.


  • After Zedd had stripped the Dinozords of their power and sunk them into a lava pit yet left the Dragonzord alone, Tommy returned it to the sea so Zedd wouldn't get to it as well, calling the Zord "old friend" as he did so.


  • When Kim was surprised to see him okay (and doing a kata, none the less), Tommy said he was better than okay, he was great.


  • After arriving at school, Tommy told Zack and Billy he'd almost overslept.


  • When Tommy gave Kim some flowers Ernie had given to him to cheer her up, she stormed out after being very rude to him as a result of Zedd's spell over her.


  • In one of Miss Appleby's classes with Bulk and Skull, Tommy had to write a 500-word essay on a subject that interested him; he chose to write about mythology.
  • Tommy had pictures of martial artists inside his locker door.
  • For the third night in a row, Tommy had had a dream about losing his powers, and he'd told Kim about the previous dreams.
  • Tommy suspected his dream was a message that he was at the end of his power cycle.
  • Tommy left the Youth Center to get to the library before it closed.
  • After Tommy had been captured by Putties and taken to a cave somewhere, Goldar used Zedd's staff to turn Tommy evil with red energy, causing Tommy's eyes to glow red.
  • Just before Goldar turned him evil, Tommy declared, "I'll never turn against my friends again, Goldar!"
  • When the teens prepared to face Robogoat, Kim reminded Tommy that he had to conserve his powers; Tommy (secretly evil) suggested summoning the Sword of Power with the reasoning that it might give him an extra boost of power to sustain him through the fight; Billy agreed, and Zordon said it was worth a try.
  • Laughing evilly, Tommy waved the summoned Sword of Power menacingly at the teens and then teleported away with it.
  • As soon as Tommy had handed over the Sword of Power to Robogoat, the evil spell left his mind.
  • Goldar goaded Tommy into morphing to use up the last of his powers.
  • Looking for Robogoat after morphing, Tommy said to himself, "They'll never turn me against my friends again," just as he'd declared before Goldar had put him under the evil spell.
  • After Robogoat had been destroyed, Tommy was quite pessimistic about his weakened powers.


  • Tommy had his hair down at the Clean Up Drive in the park, and his hair was wavy.
  • Immensely weakened from Zedd's power drain, morphed Tommy wanted to stay and help the others, despite his state of being close to collapsing, but morphed Billy manually forced him to teleport back to the Command Center, telling him he was no good to them this way.
  • With Tommy not seen after having been teleported by Billy back to the Command Center, Kim told the others that Tommy's powers were getting really weak, but she thought he'd be okay.


  • Tommy joined the Youth Center's broomball team with the other teens.
  • Tommy and Kim later went jogging through the park.
  • After scoring the winning goal for Angel Grove in the broomball game after the battle with Stag Beetle, Tommy pined about the monster having used up so much of his powers.


  • Trini, Kim, and Tommy were at the beach with Trini's next-door-neighbor Hallie.
  • While building a sand castle, Hallie talked about imagining to be a sleeping princess waiting for a prince to rescue her and wake her up; Tommy thought it sounded sappy, but Kim nudged him and said it sounded very romantic.
  • Tommy, Kim, and Trini had changed out of their beach clothes before meeting the others in the Command Center after Hallie had been kidnapped by Goldar.
  • As the other teens prepared to depart for Venus Island to save Hallie, Zordon told Tommy that his powers had been significantly weakened and that if Zedd forced a long fight it could drain the last of his energy, perhaps causing him to be lost along with the island; Tommy went along anyway, telling Zordon that if Zedd pulled anything, he'd teleport back, but when the teens were later confronted by the Invenusable Flytrap on the island, Tommy morphed along with the others rather than doing as he'd told Zordon.
  • When morphed Jason, Zack, Billy, and Kim were captured by Invenusable Flytrap, Tommy only called out for Jason and Kim.
  • When told that Hallie would be lost forever if she wasn't rescued before Venus Island sank, Tommy decided to take Hallie's place; as an alternate idea, Trini planned to fight the Invenusable Flytrap alone, but Tommy decided to stick with his plan, not wanting Trini to be captured like the others.
  • After Tommy and Trini hugged, Tommy told her, if he ever came back to hurt anyone, to tell them for him that he was sorry; just as Tommy was about to leave, the Command Center computer discovered Invenusable Flytrap's weakness to heat, and Tommy and Trini then left together to defeat the monster.
  • Upon seeing Hallie in Zedd's evil forcefield, Tommy wanted to go into the forcefield to save Hallie, but Billy wouldn't let him.


  • After being told that his powers could fail at any time, Tommy morphed to help the others against Guitardo once four of the five Rangers had been captured.
  • Tommy remarked, "I'm a Power Ranger 'til the end."
  • As Tommy went to the fair in pursuit of Guitardo, he told Kim to stay with the others and contact Zordon to see if there was a way to break Guitardo's spell.
  • Caught in Guitardo's levitation spell, morphed Tommy blew a few notes on his Dragon Dagger, thus freeing himself.
  • Tommy thought for Kim to use the Dragon Dagger with the Power Bow to destroy Guitardo.
  • Having a good time with the teens during their picnic in the Youth Center, Tommy, depressed about his impending power loss, said he would miss "all this" and that it would be hard to say goodbye.


  • Tommy was playing basketball by himself at the basketball net in the Youth Center parking lot when Kim approached him.
  • Tommy told Kim the results of Alpha's bioscan on him would come in the next day.
  • As Tommy talked with Kim outside the Youth Center, a translucent hologram of Tommy appeared, wearing black pants with a sleeveless green shirt with a pocket, while present-day Tommy wore black pants with a sleeveless green shirt without a pocket; the hologram told Tommy, "I'm you from... the future. The final battle. Remember... communicator. That's all I can.. tell you. Don't give up. You'll meet... right after."
  • On the back of Tommy's pocketless shirt was the number 45.
  • Tommy was in the Command Center the next day for the results of his bioscan, wearing green and white clothes; Zordon told him that their last effort to restore his powers had failed and that he had enough power left for possibly one last fight.
  • The day Zedd recruited five punks to be Dark Rangers and created Turbanshell, Tommy's clothes were identical to the clothes the hologram had been shown wearing; his sleeveless green shirt now had a pocket and no numbers on the back.
  • When giant Turbanshell attacked, Tommy was prepared to join the others against the monster even though he knew he had perhaps one last fight left.
  • In the Otherworld, Turbanshell drained the last of Tommy's powers, demorphing him.


  • Tommy managed to send Turbanshell rolling down a hill, but as soon as he'd grabbed the monster's dropped staff, Turbanshell, having leapt back up, immediately took the weapon back and knocked him aside.
  • After using a time device to show Tommy scenes from his now finished Green Ranger days to attempt to break his spirit, Goldar wanted to hear Tommy say he was Tommy's superior before using the device to send Tommy spinning into space; after a long pause, Tommy said that Goldar was out of his mind, springing a surprise attack in which he kicked the sword from Goldar's hand, got the time device, and proceeded to pummel Goldar, saying he'd almost given up on himself but that the picture show had reminded him of how much good he'd done as both Green Ranger and Tommy.
  • After using the time device to teleport Goldar away, Tommy fiddled with a knob on the time device and contacted himself in the past, creating a hologram in the Otherworld of his past self.
  • The hologram told Tommy, "It's a time warp. I got message..." and handed him a communicator which became material as soon as the present Tommy had taken it from the hologram's hand; both Tommy and the hologram of his past self were wearing communicators of their own in addition to the transferred communicator.
  • Tommy put the new communicator right next to or on top of his existing communicator and then teleported out of the Otherworld, seemingly straight to Billy's garage where the others were.
  • Zordon said that only a non-Ranger could enter the Otherworld undetected; Tommy, his powers having been completely drained by Turbanshell, went in undetected; he did so saying he had a personal score to settle.
  • Tommy shattered the Green Crystal on a large rock.
  • After being told about Turbanshell's weakness to heat inside and cold outside, morphed Tommy hid in a crate of very large watermelons and some orange melon-like fruits located in the bed of the rear of a red car, so that the giant monster would eat him; it did so, and Tommy used a mega-heater belonging to Billy to heat the monster's interior.
  • In the Command Center after the Rangers' battle with Turbanshell, Tommy's last battle as the Green Ranger, Tommy said he'd miss the teens while they were on school break. (Source: Corrected by "Josh. G.")


  • When Jason was depressed about Tommy's Power loss, Kim decided that she, Zack, Trini, and Billy would go find Tommy, saying Tommy would want to help Jason.
  • Kim suspected that Tommy was at his uncle's cabin "on the lake," as he'd told her that he went there whenever he was down.
  • By the lake near the cabin, Tommy was wearing a leather jacket with all-white clothes.
  • Tommy wrote the following letter to Jason: "Dear Jason, I know this is a little late, but I'm writing to you guys to let you all know that I am okay. I miss you guys a lot, but I need this time to get my head together. Jase, go win that Golden Pipe trophy for me. I know you can do it. You're a winner. You always have been. Look, I don't blame you for what happened. I never did. Just keep your head together. The others depend on you. So do I. Well, we'll see each other again soon. Your friend, Tommy."
  • If not for Alpha's showing Tommy reading out the last of the letter he was writing, Tommy's wishes for Jason to win the Golden Pipe trophy would have arrived in the mail after a day or more after Jason had already won the trophy.


  • Tommy had won Kim's blue hand mirror for her at a carnival.


  • Kim rushed into the Juice Bar to tell Billy and Trini that Tommy had sent her a letter and said he was coming home at the end of the week.
  • Zedd wanted to capture Tommy now that Zordon had apparently either given up or become damaged.
  • Zedd said that Tommy would soon return to the dark side and take his place as heir to Zedd's throne.
  • Tommy had been swimming in a lake in orange trunks, and as he dried off, he flashed with, among other colors, green and white; he reacted with apparent pain and surprise, then teleported away as a ball of white light; immediately afterward, Zedd said that everything was going according to plan but then only mentioned Nimrod being ready soon; Tommy would later be revealed to be the White Ranger.


  • Tommy revealed himself to the teens as the White Ranger, pleasing the teens and causing Kim to faint.
  • After regaining consciousness, Kim thought she had to be dreaming, she was so happy with Tommy being the White Ranger; they then hugged.
  • Zordon asked, "So, Power Rangers, may I assume that you are pleased with the new leader of the power team?" to which Jason replied while smiling cheerfully at Zordon, "This is great."
  • Kim, Alpha, and Zordon had the following discussion about the Green and White Rangers' powers:
    Kim: "But Zordon, how? I mean, I thought that Tommy lost his powers for good."
    Alpha: "Not Tommy's. The Green Ranger's powers were gone for good."
    Zordon: "That is correct. However, Tommy has proven himself to be worthy and true. His courage, strength, and honor allowed us to choose him to be the new White Ranger. This time, his powers have been created by the light of goodness and can never be taken away by the forces of evil."
  • Morphed Tommy whooped and jumped around when he saw the Tigerzord running through the mountains.
  • When the Tigerzord Tiger Mode tripped and fell over, Tommy told Saba he thought the saber had said it knew what it was doing, but Saba hadn't been shown speaking prior to telling Tommy to summon the Tigerzord.
  • Tommy told Saba it didn't look like the saber knew what it was doing.
  • Once riding on the Tigerzord's head, Tommy apologized to Saba, saying that he'd never had a partner before and that they'd get it together.


  • Tommy wore his hair down, and it was quite a bit shorter than before.
  • Tommy had a date with Kim, apparently at 4:00, but since he'd forgotten to wind his watch, he thought it was an hour and five minutes earlier; having just worked out with Jason, Tommy ran home to change.
  • For their date in the park, Tommy and Kim cavorted along the park trail, with Tommy swinging and carrying Kim around, then they picnicked and walked by the lake.


  • Pursehead's compact ray froze morphed Kim's and Tommy's minds, but they were later unfrozen by Billy's reverse ocular dilator.


  • Participating in the trick-or-treat chaperoning program, Tommy was dressed as a pirate; he wore his fairly long hair down.
  • Tommy took the five "children" (actually Putties) disguised as Rangers trick-or-treating although they wouldn't speak to tell him their names; he wasn't shown ever signing them in as all the kids were supposed to be, although the sign-up desk may have been elsewhere in the building.
  • After the disguised Putties had revealed themselves, Tommy fought them but was teleported by Goldar's sword into the haunted forest dimension.
  • After arriving in the haunted forest, Tommy wondered what Zedd was up to and then attempted to morph in order to leave, but the tombstone monster grabbed his Morpher.
  • Unmorphed Tommy ran up a tree and did a backflip.
  • Later in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull had eaten too much candy; Kim and Tommy teased them with gummy worms, making them stagger out of the Youth Center.


  • From 222-NjE1 through 224-NjE3, Tommy wore old green clothes from his Green Ranger days rather than white clothes.
  • Tommy had been quite anxious to see the upcoming Ninja Tournament Finals.
  • In the Youth Center parking lot after the ninja competition, Tommy put a white sports bag into a white Suzuki 4x4.
  • For some reason, Tommy tied back his hair before teleporting with Billy and Kim to the Command Center.


  • When faced with the decision of saving either new friends Rocky, Adam, and Aisha from the Serpent of Darkness or fellow Rangers Jason, Trini, and Zack from Terror Blossom, Tommy chose to go after their three fellow Rangers (although they would eventually save the other three as well).


  • After Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had seen Blue Ranger helmetless, Kim and Tommy removed their helmets as well.


  • Finding Jason, Trini, and Zack absent, Tommy only asked where Jason and Zack were; Billy then added his own inquiry about Trini.


  • Tommy had his hair down throughout the episode.
  • In the park, Tommy and Adam taught martial arts to Pablo, a member of the World Teen Summit.
  • During the Putty fight, Tommy threw grass in a Putty's eyes to blind it.
  • After receiving a note ransoming the World Teen Summit members for the Rangers' Power Coins, Tommy had himself, Kim, and Billy prepare to morph, but before they could do so, Zordon stopped him, saying that as new leader of the Power Rangers, he must above all protect the summit members; Tommy then hatched a plan which required all six Power Coins, and the six Rangers soon attempted to trick Goldar with foil-covered chocolate Power Coins.
  • At the Youth Center, morphed Tommy had Rocky, Adam, and Aisha keep an eye on the summit members.


  • In this episode and 228-PTr2, Tommy again wore green rather than white.
  • On the Deserted Planet, Tommy initially didn't seem to realize that the "awesome" statue he had the others come look at was actually the statue they were looking for.


  • Upon discovering that Zordon had selected Rocky, Adam, and Aisha as new Rangers, Tommy only exclaimed, "Rocky! Adam!"
  • Before calling the Zords to fight giant Silverhorns, Tommy told Zordon they might need help, at which point Zordon reminded him of Tor.
  • After the others had been standing in the park waiting for Serpentera while Rocky was fighting giant Silverhorns in the Red Dragon, Tommy went to help Rocky, leaving the others to face Serpentera.


  • When the four Rangers were confronted with Goldar, Scorpina, and Putties on their mission to save Adam and Aisha, Tommy had the other three fight Putties while he fought Goldar and Scorpina alone.


  • Tommy stood with Rocky and Adam during their martial arts class, only he wasn't in uniform; he seemed to be merely watching the demonstration.


  • When the amnesic Kim asked the amnesic Tommy who he thought she was, he replied that he didn't know, but that she sure was cute.
  • Tommy didn't want Rocky, Adam, and Aisha taking them anywhere, and Billy agreed, but the three amnesic teens chose to join Rocky, Adam, and Aisha over Goldar and the Putties.
  • Once the three amnesic teens had been brought to the Command Center, Zordon told Tommy he was a trusted friend to Tommy.


  • Tommy used Pachinko Head's love of fun to distract the monster as he retreated with the other Rangers, yet he hadn't yet learned of Pachinko Head's irresponsibility and love of fun, only Rocky's.
  • Just before White Ranger leapt at Pachinko Head in the amusement park, White Ranger's sliding motion suggested he was riding a skateboard.


  • When Harvey asked White Ranger on the Harvey Garvey Show what had ever happened to the Green Ranger, White Ranger replied that it was a long story and that he preferred to focus on the present instead.
  • Morphed Tommy was just standing around watching the others fight Putties when Goldar arrived to fight him.


  • Tommy was going to the park to meet Rocky and Adam for a run, and Aisha told him if he was going by the mall to put some flyers up there, and also at the library, the gas station, and the arcade.
  • Tommy still had the flyers in his back pocket while running with Rocky and Adam.
  • After his, Rocky's, and Adam's fight with the Putties, Tommy ran back to the Youth Center just to tell the others about the Putty attack.
  • When Bulk and Skull came into the Juice Bar, Tommy asked them what was wrong, as they looked bummed.


  • Although Tommy was present, it was Rocky who had the Rangers form the Power Blaster to use against Cannontop.


  • Aisha jokingly told the Bookala to steer clear from the Rangers if he were ever on this side of the universe again; most of the teens seemed unamused by her joke, but Tommy got a good chuckle out of it.


  • After kicking the sword from Goldar's hand, morphed Tommy told Goldar to pick up the sword and leave; Goldar did as he was told.


  • Tommy sent the other Rangers to fight the giant Tube monster while he singlehandedly fought Slippery Shark, Pirantishead, Goo Fish, and Commander Crayfish.
  • After defeating the four monsters, Tommy apologized to them, saying he should have told them sushi was his favorite food.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Tommy showed the class a photo of him, near seven or eight years old, when he'd learned about dedication and hard work by winning a martial arts trophy.
  • While the six kids were in the park, young Tommy sparred with young Rocky.
  • When Putties attacked, young Tommy fought several before discovering their Z weakness by hitting one in the chest with the dodgeball ball the kids had been playing with.
  • Young Tommy and young Rocky were the only ones out of the six kids not to be exhausted after the Putty fight.


  • Young Skull knew young Tommy, but Tommy had been new to Angel Grove in 117-GWE1.
  • Morphed Tommy sent morphed Rocky to fight giant Photomare in the Red Dragon while he and the other Rangers fought Goldar; the others would later call their Zords to help Rocky fight Copyzord as Tommy continued to fight the Putties.


  • The chaperon of the teens' exchange group in Australia gave the students two hours to shop; Tommy teased Kim twice about her shopping.


  • As the Rangers ran on foot through the desert, seeking out the Command Center, Billy pointed the way to the Command Center when Tommy was unsure which way to go.


  • Pondering Miss Appleby's assignment to write about a time period in which he would like to have lived, Tommy said he would like to have lived in the days of King Arthur.
  • The Ghost of Darkness described the White Ranger as quick-thinking, wise, and strong, always able to lead the Rangers to victory.
  • Tommy and Kim took a walk by a pond, holding hands; he accepted her invitation to join her for her plans to read a book outside, but when he asked her to a movie, she had plans to go to the mall with Aisha; when she invited him to the mall, he said he was going to work out and that he'd meet them at the mall later.
  • After he and Kim had spotted Bulk and Skull behind their park bench, causing the two hypnotized punks to scurry off, Tommy amusedly told Kim the two worried him sometimes.
  • Tommy was slightly annoyed when he caught Bulk and Skull sneaking up behind him with a pair of scissors; they again retreated.
  • Two pink energy bolts from the Wizard of Deception's wand knocked Tommy's feet out from under him so that the two Putties grappling him could pin him to the ground while a third cut off a lock of his hair.
  • Tommy seemed to develop a headache from being cloned.
  • Tommy was looking for the teens soon after leaving them to take care of his headache.


  • Tommy had the following conversation with his clone:
    Tommy: "If you're like me, you can't be evil."
    Clone: "Let's face it - we all have our dark sides."
    Tommy: "My dark side's faded with the Green Ranger's powers."
    Clone: "I am the Green Ranger! Only I'm more powerful than you, White Ranger."
  • Tommy swore to destroy the evil Green Ranger if it was the last thing he ever did.
  • The Wizard of Deception used energy from his wand to knock White Ranger down and demorph him, leaving him sprawled unmorphed on the ground.


  • After some time of being weak and unable to get up, Tommy wandered around, continuing to look for the others.
  • Zordon explained that when the Wizard of Deception had cloned Tommy, he had drained some of Tommy's energy, affecting Tommy's senses; morphing again made Tommy feel better, but only temporarily.
  • After quickly defeating a squad of Putties and before calling the Tigerzord to fight the Dragonzord, Tommy asked Saba if the saber was okay.
  • Once in the Tigerzord, Tommy told the Dragonzord, "Sorry, old friend, but I gotta shut you down!"
  • Dragonzord's tail knocked the Tigerzord over and ejected White Ranger, after which Zordon noted that Tommy was growing weak again.
  • Tommy tricked the clone into revealing where the other teens had been sent, and once Alpha had located them based on the clone's information, Tommy stole the Wizard of Deception's wand and used it to travel back in time to rescue the others; he showed no signs of his previous weakness.
  • After finding the others, Tommy had the teens come back with him to stop Green Ranger and Dragonzord in the present, temporarily leaving the monster rats unchecked in 1790's Angel Grove; in theory, such an abandonment of the past perhaps should have led to disastrous results, changing the present into a future version of the abandoned past; fortunately, however, the present remained unchanged.
  • In present day, Tommy had the others morph and confront the Dragonzord while he fought Green Ranger and the Wizard of Deception.
  • White Ranger used the Wizard of Deception's own evil magic to destroy him, with sparkling white energy from the wand which left behind only the wizard's black cloak.
  • Tommy told the depressed but apparently reformed clone, "No matter how hard they've tried, Rita and Zedd have never been able to turn me evil."
  • Tommy called the clone "Tom."
  • Tommy had himself and the clone return to 1790's Angel Grove to defeat the rat monsters.
  • Tommy and the clone fought the rat monsters for a bit, but this was seemingly pointless, as the wand in Tommy's possession had the power to turn them back into rats all along.
  • After he and the clone had thrown the rat monsters into a pile together, Tommy used swirling blue energy from the wizard's wand to turn the rats back to normal.


  • As school elections approached, Billy proposed to Tommy the idea of running for class president with Billy as his campaign manager; Tommy finally agreed once Kim was supportive of the idea.
  • Tommy was supportive of Kim running against him in the school election, saying that at least one of them would win that way (as if he were sure no one else but the two of them would be serious candidates).
  • Tripping over magic rope in the park made Kim and Tommy extremely competitive and hostile toward each other.
  • Billy told Tommy that he was ahead by 15% but that their recent mudslinging campaign could easily turn votes against them; Tommy said he wanted to beat her by 50%.
  • Tommy was ambushed in the park when he followed a fake letter from Rita there for information on how to destroy Kimberly.
  • Tommy had Saba stolen from him by Goldar as he and Kim were arguing while morphed.
  • Kim and Tommy followed Zordon's instructions to smell a bouquet of roses to defeat the spell, saying they were only doing it for the Rangers' sake.
  • While Kim sniffed the roses once to conquer the spell, Tommy sniffed twice.
  • While Alpha began work on a handheld electromagnet that would retrieve Saba, Tommy stayed behind in the Command Center and had the others confront the villains.
  • On the day of the student elections, Tommy dropped out of the race, saying Kim had addressed all the tough issues and that she had some really great ideas on how to solve problems facing the school.
  • Tommy told Kim that hearing her speech had made him realize that winning or losing wasn't important.


  • Kim always wanted to be a princess rescued by a handsome prince on a white horse, but when Tommy asked about a white tiger instead, she told him that would work.
  • Tommy bought Kim a copy of Grumble the Magic Elf when she said her dad had read her that book when she was a little girl.
  • At the Angel Grove High book fair, Rocky bought a book on meditation, saying it was really good for the martial arts, and Tommy wanted to borrow it when Rocky was done.
  • Trapped in a storybook dimension with Rocky and Kim, Tommy turned down Rocky's suggestion of trying to morph after they'd learned the communicators wouldn't work, saying that morphing would do them no good, since they would still be stuck there.


  • Tommy thought for them to travel back to the beginning of the book to try to get the magician to lift the spell so that the book would at least have some ending.
  • Once back in the real world, Tommy said he'd never really liked fairy tales, but that this one had been pretty exciting.


  • Tommy came into the Juice Bar with a present for Kim - a cactus his dad had brought back from Arizona; he said Kim had been looking for something special to finish her garden.
  • Playing a joke on Kim, Tommy held the cactus behind his back and had her close her eyes, then without putting the cactus out, told her to open them, so that when she opened her eyes, she saw nothing; he then chuckled and showed her the cactus, for which she kissed him on the cheek.


  • Tommy had himself and Rocky fight Needlenose alone when the other teens' communicators were in use by Billy's time device, but Zordon would soon send the other three into battle as well.


  • In art class, Tommy was sculpting something, and he'd never realized it would be so hard.
  • Since his sculpture didn't look human, Tommy decided to say it was an alien.
  • When evil Billy had the teens give him their communicators for supposed adjustments Zordon had requested, Tommy held on to his until the others were fixed, just in case.


  • Once home from their trip to Edenoi, Tommy said he thought Dex was pretty amazing.


  • Tommy took the volleyball net back to the athletic department after the Annual Volleyball Championship while the other five teens ate at Ernie's new outdoor cafe.
  • Tommy's decision to continue pushing the Thunderzords against giant Rito and four monsters while the power accelerator was already overloading led to the destruction of the Rangers' powers and the six Thunderzords.


  • When the Tengas attacked the teens in the Desert of Despair, Tommy knew that Zedd had sent them, yet, as Tommy would admit moments later, the teens had never seen the Tengas before.
  • After the teens had found the rock formation which was supposed to mark the entrance to the Temple of Power, it was Tommy who spotted the thin alcove leading into the rock formation.
  • When the teens reached a dead end in the dark tunnel they'd found, Tommy was frustrated and seemed to be about to hit the wall on the right, but he walked straight through the wall and vanished.


  • Eight seconds after Tommy had vanished through the wall, Billy had tossed a rock through the invisible portal, and the teens had begun following Tommy through only thirteen seconds after that, Tommy was nowhere to be seen once the five teens found themselves in the temple's garden; Tommy was already up the steps nearby and standing at the temple door.
  • When the teens were sad that the world would be destroyed and they couldn't stop it without any powers since Ninjor was being insensitive toward their crisis, Tommy told them they had within themselves a power Zedd could never take away: the knowledge of what's right and true; after Tommy's brief speech, Ninjor admitted that their hearts spoke the truth and that they had convinced him that they didn't seek the ninja powers out of greed.


  • Tommy looked a bit stunned when he heard that Kim would be moving to Paris.
  • In the fight with Artistmole, morphed Tommy charged the monster alone, despite Billy's cry that they had to fight him together.


  • Tommy did katas with red-belt Billy in the Youth Center and supervised Billy's board-breaking, then told Adam that Billy had come a long way.
  • Adam and Tommy were lab partners in Mr. Wilton's chemistry class.


  • After morphed Tommy asked if everybody was okay once the Rangers had been restored back from football form, Saba, on White Ranger's belt, volunteered, "I'm fine too," and Tommy patted the saber on the head and said, "Great, Saba."


  • Tommy and Kim were holding hands in the hall at school.
  • Kim nudged Tommy when Bulk asked when was the last time he'd taken her out for an enchanted romantic evening; he bought two tickets to the Junior Police Ball.
  • When Kim, secretly sprayed with love potion by the invisible Miss Chief, fell in love with Skull and asked him to the ball, Tommy appeared confused.
  • After Kim had fallen in love with Skull, the teens went to the Command Center, where Tommy told Zordon that Kim wasn't herself.
  • Once cured from the love spell by Finster's antidote, Kim left quickly went to Tommy and apologized urgently.
  • At the Junior Police Ball, Tommy and Kim danced together; she apologized to him for the way she'd treated him, then spotted Skull by himself; Tommy agreed with her that she hadn't been very nice to Skull, and he didn't mind her having a dance with Skull.


  • After the Ninja Rangers had demorphed, Tommy was slightly off-balance and ended up stepping on Adam's foot.
  • Tommy stayed with Kim and Aisha as they waited to adopt P.C., the cat they'd found, from the animal shelter.
  • After she and Aisha had adopted P.C., Kim got dressed for a date at the movies with Tommy; she'd been working so hard on her gymnastics that she'd had no time to see Tommy.
  • Aisha thought Tommy was a great guy who was sure to understand how Kim's gymnastics had given her little time to spend with him.
  • While Tommy waited in the Youth Center as Kim looked for P.C. at Aisha's house, Kat approached Tommy, saying she was new there and that her car had broken down; he first suggested a mechanic, but she got him to agree to look at it.
  • Before stepping out, Tommy told Ernie to tell Kim he'd be right back, if he saw Kim.
  • Tommy soon fixed whatever was supposedly wrong with Kat's car.
  • When Kat said she didn't know how to thank him, Tommy told her not to worry about it, but then immediately looked at her convertible sportscar and idly remarked that he'd always wondered what it would be like to drive one of those; he initially tried to turn down Kat's offer to let him drive it, but he was soon shown squealing away in the convertible with Kat in the passenger's seat.
  • When Tommy initially tried to turn down the offer, he told Kat that he was supposed to be meeting "someone."
  • Once the car, with Tommy and Kat inside, had been sent hurtling through some sort of warp, Tommy exclaimed that he couldn't control the car, then seemed to extend his right arm just a bit, at which point Kat held onto his arm and leaned her head against his shoulder, saying she was scared.


  • Red energy around Tommy's head knocked him out in the car.
  • Upon waking up, Tommy demanded that Rita, a hologram of whom had appeared to taunt him, tell him where Kat was; Rita told him not to worry about it, asking him what Kim would think of his spending so much time worrying about another girl.


  • When he'd been told that Goldar and Tengas were attacking the park, Tommy had the teens go get their bookbags, in which their Power Coins (at least Kim's) happened to be kept, from the nearby picnic tables before heading to the park from the lake.
  • After Ninjor and the Falconzord had been stolen, Tommy personally vowed, "If it takes every last ounce of my strength, I will see to it that the Power Rangers are triumphant, if it's the last thing I ever do!"


  • Tommy told Zordon that they couldn't lose Kimberly, then looked down, sighed, and said that he couldn't lose her.
  • Later working out with Adam and Rocky in the Youth Center, Tommy was furious with Zedd, remembering that when Zedd had taken away his own powers, he'd thought it was the end of everything.
  • When Zedd later told the teens to teleport him into the Command Center so he could issue his demands in person, Tommy told Zordon they had to, for Kim, and Zordon agreed with his decision.


  • Tommy and the teens agreed to do Zedd's bidding and pilot the Shogunzords, as Kim's life was at stake.
  • After Billy had set up the PortalCom to open a portal into the dimension in which Kim was being held, Tommy entered without first morphing, but he would soon morph upon being confronted by Zedd.
  • After breaking Zedd's staff with Saba and forcing Zedd to retreat, Tommy examined the control panel of the device which was draining the energy from the unconscious Kim; he wondered which control turned off the device but then simply decided to try them all; when that didn't work, he punched the control panel, breaking it and stopping the power drain.
  • Tommy rescued Kim from Zedd's dimension.
  • When Tommy wanted to use one of the Shogun Megazord's attacks on giant See Monster, Billy told him to watch this, and the Megazord held out its hands and blew from its chest what looked like flower petals, making the monster spark; Tommy exclaimed that the attack was "totally cool."
  • Near sunset, Kim and Tommy took a walk by the lake, with Kim scared, and Tommy reminding her what she'd told him when he'd lost his powers: that he'd be okay, and that he'd always have them all; Tommy told her that he'd always be there for her.


  • Tommy didn't recognize Coach Schmidt even though Kim had shown him a picture of the coach in 321-FCab.
  • When the five Rangers were overwhelmed by a number of monsters, Tommy had the Rangers call on the Shark Cycles to handle the situation.
  • That night, Tommy drove Kim to the Youth Center so she could work out on the beam, which Ernie had left up for her.
  • Tommy drove a white 4x4.
  • Tommy told Kim to let him know if Coach Schmidt didn't show up to be her spotter, but she said she'd be fine.


  • The morning after Kim had had an accident and had been taken to the hospital, Tommy called Mrs. Hart from a payphone and told her they'd let her know as soon as they heard anything.
  • Tommy had brought a white teddy bear for Kim.
  • With everything they'd been through with Rita and Zedd, Tommy said this had been the worst.
  • After Kat had confessed everything and felt terrible about it, Tommy told Kat that he'd become a Power Ranger under one of Rita's spells that had made him do horrible things, nearly destroying the Rangers and his friends in the process.


  • After Tommy thought an idea to get around Rita's trade of Ninjor for Kat, the five teens and Kat went to the park for Rita's switchoff, with Billy carrying a device which protected Kat in a forcefield.
  • Days later when Kim was trying to decide whether to move to Florida to train for the Pan Global Games, Tommy told her he didn't want to lose her but that he couldn't sit back and watch her give up such an opportunity.
  • Tommy looked sad as Kim chose Kat as the new Pink Ranger.


  • On Christmas Eve, seemingly before Kim had given her powers to Kat (see "When" section), Tommy helped a sad little girl, Becky, put the star on the Christmas tree during the preparations for the Christmas Eve party at the Youth Center.
  • After getting Tommy's help hanging the mistletoe, Kim closed her eyes, waiting for a kiss, but before Tommy could give her a kiss, Skull kissed her instead, on the cheek; Bulk wanted to kiss her as well, but he looked at Tommy and then scurried off.
  • When the teens learned that Rito had taken over Santa's workshop but that their powers wouldn't work near the workshop, Tommy said that Santa's importance outweighed the danger.
  • After a number of previous distractions, Kim and Tommy finally got the chance to kiss under the mistletoe during the Christmas Eve party.


  • Tommy was giving karate lessons to a kid named Danny in the Youth Center.
  • At the Juice Bar, Tommy ordered a veggie pita and a fruit smoothie; Danny ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, and a shake, but Tommy reminded him that what he put into his body made a big difference in how he felt, and Danny changed his order to match Tommy's.
  • Tommy inadvertently swallowed the shrunken Ravenator monster, who gave him intense cravings for junk food.
  • Tommy took Skull's tray of junk food and had Ernie bring him a chocolate shake to wash it down.
  • Tommy wouldn't go with the teens when they went to the Command Center to talk with Zordon about his sudden junk food cravings.
  • For dessert, Tommy went to the Junior Police Patrol bake sale at the high school and began eating things off one of the tables; when Bulk and Skull told him to pay them, he pulled out some money from the waistband of his karate pants.
  • Aisha got the idea to test Tommy's resistance with an enormous sundae; once Tommy had resisted the sundae, Ravenator flew out of his mouth and expanded to normal size; he appeared to leave behind in Tommy's stomach the large (but shrunken) fork and knife weapons he had been holding.
  • Later, Danny, Tommy's best student, didn't want to hear any more of Tommy's lies and was quitting karate.
  • Tommy admitted he'd made some mistakes and apologized but told Danny that martial arts wasn't about believing in him; it was about believing in himself.
  • Danny and Tommy had practice early the next morning.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to give a ten-minute report on a language, Billy and Tommy paired up and decided to research the translation of ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics.
  • When people ran screaming from the giant Sinister Simian, morphed Tommy stopped one of the fleeing people and told her not to be afraid, but to go straight home.


  • When Tengas, having eaten special snakes which made them stronger, attacked Bulk and Skull, Tommy had the teens morph into Power Rangers rather than Ninja Rangers, saying they shouldn't take any chances; he may have been told of the Tengas' super-strength, or perhaps he merely suspected that Master Vile's arrival could have meant extra danger for the Rangers.
  • After Zordon had told the Rangers that one of them would have to journey to the Caves of Deception beneath Rita and Zedd's palace to capture the Zeo Crystal to destroy it, Tommy volunteered, and Kat went with him to distract Rita and Zedd.


  • Before even entering the Caves of Deception, Tommy was confronted with an illusion of Goldar which vanished as he fought it.
  • When faced with an illusion of his fellow Rangers saying they'd lost to Master Vile, Tommy knew it was fake when Rocky urged him to surrender, yet when the Rangers' illusions vanished when Tommy stood his ground as they charged, he was surprised that they had vanished.
  • Illusions of Rita and Kat then walked up to Tommy, with Rita saying she'd turned Kat evil and he was next, and with Kat telling him that deep inside, his true nature was evil; he made them vanish by declaring that they both had the power inside them.
  • Tommy seemed surprised that Kat and Rita had been illusions.
  • Inside the Zeo Crystal's cavern, Tommy encountered an illusion of Kat who told him that Master Vile was about to take the Zeo Crystal; when Master Vile appeared in the cavern, saying, "The crystal," Kat said it was their chance to get him; Tommy hesitated, saying Vile wasn't making a move, and he had them wait since it could be another trick; the Vile illusion then vanished.
  • As Tommy approached the Zeo Crystal's podium, the Kat illusion, not denying that she was an illusion, told Tommy that he had too much evil in him to approach the crystal; he declared that he wasn't evil and then shoved his hand into the Zeo Crystal's forcefield.
  • After Tommy had lifted the crystal out of its stone podium, he continued to be bathed in flashes of white light and the sparkles of the forcefield as he remembered wrecking the Command Center and attacking the Rangers in the Dino Megazord cockpit as the Green Ranger.
  • Red energy came from the podium and wrapped around Tommy, then flowed into the Zeo Crystal, and Tommy remembered fighting Zedd's Putties with the Rangers as the Green Ranger and fighting Face Stealer with the others as the White Ranger; after his good memories, the Zeo Crystal's forcefield, as well as the Kat illusion nearby, faded.
  • After Master Vile had sent the Zords to an unknown location and Zordon had told the Rangers that it would take time for their powers and the Metallic Armor to recharge from Globbor's power drain, Tommy wondered if Master Vile had really won.


  • After their ordeal was over, Kat asked Tommy if he had been scared in the Caves of Deception, and he said he had a little, but he'd known that if he trusted himself, he would be able to do the right thing.
  • After Kat had said that being a Ranger had given her more confidence, Tommy smiled warmly for a moment at the spot where she had been getting on her horse.


  • Tommy was with Aisha and Kat as the girls practiced for the school song contest, trying to get their harmony down; he told them that their (off-key) singing sounded great.


  • When the Orb of Doom turned back time, young Tommy checked his ponytail for some reason; in 343-HdA2, he would again check his ponytail after time was restored. (Source: 343-HdA2 submission by "Josh G.")


  • When young Tommy told the kids they'd better get home before their parents began to worry, young Billy stayed with the Aquitians to take them to the Command Center, asking Tommy to tell his (Billy's) dad that he'd be a little late, but Tommy wouldn't have known Billy's dad in the past.


  • Young Tommy and Kat rode together on the bus after school.
  • When young Tommy wanted to go with restored Billy to get the Aquitians from the fountain where they were rehydrating, Billy told him, "Uh, Tommy, I really hate to say this to you, man, but I am older than you, and I'm telling you to stay here for your own good."; young Tommy complied.


  • Billy had young Tommy and Kat watch his invention in the park while he ran to his lab.


  • Young Tommy knew Bratboy's name without having been told.


  • Delphine sent young Tommy off on his Zeo quest, wishing for the Power to protect him.


  • For his Zeo quest, young Tommy found himself in a Native American land in an unknown time period.
  • When young Tommy told a woman he was looking for a big, shiny rock, she silently pointed him to a falcon (what Tommy thought was a hawk) in the sky, three times, and then sent him on his way.
  • Tommy had followed the falcon up to the mountain nearby when True of Heart appeared.
  • The man told young Tommy that some called him "True of Heart"; he said he was a friend.
  • True of Heart told young Tommy that it didn't matter where he was; all that mattered was who he was inside.
  • True of Heart knew Tommy's name; when young Tommy didn't understand how the man knew him, True of Heart replied that all things were revealed in time.
  • True of Heart brought young Tommy to a place up the mountain where crude drawings were on a rock wall; pointing to the drawings, True of Heart recounted to young Tommy the tale told by his people for generations: "'A stranger will come,' so the story goes (pointing to drawing of a person with long black ponytailed hair). 'He shall come in search of the light,' symbolized by rock (points to sun and mountains, drawn close together). 'A crystal (points to drawing of red Zeo Subcrystal), pure in power.' (points to crude drawing of Zeo Ranger Five's helmet) Are you the one?"
  • After young Tommy had responded that he was looking for the crystal, True of Heart smiled and walked away chuckling.
  • Traveling into the woods, True of Heart told young Tommy that it was Tommy's task to find the crystal by losing all connection with the Tommy he had once known and connecting with the Tommy inside; he told Tommy to let nature guide him.
  • True of Heart told young Tommy not to give in to worry but then immediately afterward told him that he was running out of time and that if he didn't find the crystal it would be lost forever.
  • When it seemed young Tommy would be unable to find the way to the crystal, True of Heart closed his eyes, and Tommy briefly saw an arrow on a tree, pointing in the correct direction.
  • On their walk up a mountain in the desert, young Tommy asked where to go, but True of Heart had him concentrate to find the answer, which was apparently to go further up the mountain.
  • When young Tommy got to his destination, True of Heart was already waiting there.
  • True of Heart presented young Tommy with three slender objects, each wrapped up in brown material; one was the red subcrystal, while the others would insure that he remained there for all eternity; young Tommy had to trust his heart, close his eyes, and concentrate.
  • The ground rumbled while young Tommy had his eyes closed, and the side two objects vanished in small bursts of fire, leaving only the red subcrystal behind.
  • When young Tommy held his subcrystal after unwrapping it, red energy flowed up his arm.
  • True of Heart congratulated Tommy on fulfilling his quest and connecting to his inner self.
  • True of Heart gave young Tommy half an arrowhead, telling him he had also earned it; he said it was to remember his time here, and that one day he would find the other half, and then his personal quest would be complete; True of Heart was in the process of telling young Tommy what secret the arrowhead would reveal when Tommy was sucked up into the portal above with a red energy star.


  • In Tommy's flashback of the destruction of the Command Center, Alpha's voice was momentarily slurred, covering up his "I don't know what to do" line which he had originally said in 343-HdA2. (Note: There were two versions of this episode, one of which did not have this flashback.)
  • Tommy pronounced, "What a mess," as, "What a miss."; he would do so again in 425-SSYw.


  • When the teens and Billy were asking a large number of questions about the Machine Empire, Tommy's only question was to ask how they could defeat Mondo without their powers; Tommy didn't seem to remember that in 338-Bulk Zordon had told the kids that the Zeo Crystal would restore their powers.
  • The red subcrystal suited Tommy up as Zeo Ranger Five.
  • Perhaps another day at the outdoor cafe, Tommy noted that he'd never thought he would miss Rita and Zedd's Tengas and that the Cogs had been brutal.


  • Tommy now wore a red gi for his martial arts practice.


  • Tommy was doing a kata with Tanya and Kat in the Youth Center.


  • Bulk and Skull were handing out textbooks at Angel Grove High; Bulk handed Tommy a psychology textbook, which Tommy then handed to Skull.
  • Tommy was embarrassed about the school assignment he and Kat had: to pretend to be married for a week.
  • Kat met Tommy at the resource center, bringing Joey, a child of her neighbor, to make the report more realistic.
  • When Joey's diaper needed changing, Tommy tried to leave with the other three teens, but Kat made him come back.
  • Later, Tommy left Joey in a baby room somewhere, once Joey had finally gone to sleep.
  • The next day, Tommy and Kat were exhausted, as though they'd gotten no sleep; this implies that they had slept in the same house to babysit Joey the previous night.
  • Tommy and Kat had to look something up on the Internet, so they took Joey into the resource center despite Bulk and Skull's attempts to enforce the new "no cry zone"; Tommy merely walked past the two, and Kat grumpily told them that Joey was asleep and that she'd take him outside if he started to cry.
  • Tommy was overwhelmed by all the changing and feeding they had to do.
  • After the teens had morphed to fight Boohoo and Cogs, Tommy told Kat to stay with Joey while he and the others did battle; Alpha soon teleported in to take Kat's place to allow Kat to join the others in battle.
  • When asked a different day what they were going to do now that their babysitting of Joey was done, Tommy and Kat simultaneously answered, "Sleep!"
  • Tommy and Kat both got A's for their project.
  • Kat rather reluctantly accepted when Mr. Toggle needed a babysitter for Saturday night; Tommy chuckled and rubbed it in a bit that Kat would be babysitting again, but Mr. Toggle wanted him also, and Tommy reluctantly agreed.


  • After Kat had thrown him Rocky's recovered Zeonizer at the fun park, morphed Tommy got into a go-cart and had fun racing through a crowd of Cogs before being sucked up into the People Pitcher.


  • Tommy liked his Zeo Jet Cycle so much that he that the Rangers take another test ride around the lake before taking them back in.


  • When Cogs teleported onto the Captain Pete set in front of an audience of children, Rocky wanted to do something, but Tommy had them wait until the Cogs made the first move, saying the kids could get hurt; the Cogs soon teleported away after planting a device on Puppetman.


  • During his workout in the Youth Center, Tommy had his communicator lying on his backpack.
  • When Klank called Tommy and Tanya to the set from the movie dimension's waiting room, Rocky wanted the others to go as well, but Tommy said it was safer at that point to play by Sprocket's rules.


  • Fighting the Hydro Contaminator to prevent him from poisoning the Earth's waters, Tommy's Zeo Flying Power Kick only knocked the being even closer to the lake.


  • After morphed Tommy had used the Defender Wheel to free morphed Adam from the grasp of giant Fortissimodo, Adam simply followed Tommy around as Tommy fought off all the Cogs around them.
  • Tommy told Adam that he and the others had better get in their Zords and that he'd catch up soon, but it appeared that the others were already in their Zords when Adam teleported into Zeozord Four.


  • Tanya left her Internet learning session with Raymond and Adam to meet Tommy to learn a new kata.


  • Without morphing, Tommy teleported up to the rock formation where the Power Chamber's tractor beam dish was located; amidst Quadrafighter fire, he fixed the dish using its controls and a lever, despite nearly being blasted right off the cliff.
  • After hearing that Billy was safely returning to Earth, Tommy told Billy he was buying them smoothies, which is one of the first things Billy had wanted after returning to Earth.


  • Kim's letter to Tommy, which arrived at the Youth Center, appeared to be addressed as follows: "Tommy Oliver / 4640 Angel Grove Way / Angel Grove <zip code>."
  • Tommy had Adam read the letter aloud while he did his last benchpressing set.
  • Kim's letter read:
    Dear Tommy,

        Everything is going great here in Florida. Coach Schmidt has me as ready as I'll ever be for the competition. Tommy, this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. You've always been my best friend, and in some ways, you're like a brother. But something has happened here that I can't explain. It's both been wonderful and painful at the same time. Tommy, I've met someone else.

    Tommy, you know I would never do anything to hurt you. But I feel like I've found the person that I belong with. He's wonderful, kind, and caring. You'd really like him. Everything would be perfect if it weren't for hurting you. But I have to follow my heart. I will always care about you, Tommy. Please forgive me.

  • After reading that Kim had found someone else, Adam suggested that Tommy read the rest some other time, but Tommy took it and read the rest aloud.
  • After reading the rest of the letter, Tommy, stunned, said he was all right, then left.
  • Tommy went to the lake to remember the time he and Kim had spent together (most of his flashbacks were hugs and kisses); one of his flashbacks included their kiss in 325-IDWR. - Kat told Tommy at the lake that everyone was really worried about him.
  • Tommy said that Kim hadn't ever mentioned anything in any of her letters, until now.
  • Kat wished there was something she could say to make Tommy feel better, and she asked him to call one of them if he wanted to talk.
  • To get Tommy's mind off Kimberly, Billy had himself and Kat take Tommy for a vacation in the mountains; they went skiing at Angel Grove Pines.
  • At the resort, Billy and Tommy had snowboards, while Kat had skis.
  • Billy and Tommy both snowboarded well.
  • Tommy was enjoying himself at the resort, with the fresh air and the snow.
  • Billy introduced himself and Tommy to Heather Thompson, champion snowboarder, when Tommy bumped into her inside.
  • Heather intimidated Tommy and Billy into following her down the Widowmaker.


  • When Heather had gone off a cliff on the Widowmaker and was hanging on to a branch in the snow, Tommy thought to tie people's jackets together to make a rescue line to pull Heather back up.
  • Billy and Kat later thought Heather liked Tommy, but Tommy was unsure.
  • Still later that day, Heather rode with Tommy on a red snowmobile while Kat rode with Billy on a black snowmobile.
  • After Kat and Billy had gone back to the resort, Heather showed Tommy to a spot overlooking beautiful scenery; she came there to get centered before competing, as it seemed like there was no one else in the world up there, with no pressures or expectations.
  • After Heather, ealier having been told a bit about Kim by Billy and Kat, noted that his relationship with Kim sounded really special, Tommy agreed but then, in an upbeat manner, remarked that he guessed nothing lasted forever.
  • Tommy turned down Heather's offer to talk about his troubles.
  • That evening, Tommy and Heather were about to get dinner and go to a snowboarding movie at the lodge when Tommy and the others had to leave for Ranger business.


  • After hearing Zordon's warning of an impending battle, Tommy had himself, Kat, and Billy check out of the resort the next day, saying he didn't feel right having fun while Angel Grove was in trouble; he did, however, feel bad about leaving things this way with Heather.
  • Later after the three teens had returned, Tommy was apart from the others in the Youth Center, hitting a punching bag, apparently still upset about his love life.
  • When Ernie handed Tommy another letter, he initially rejected it, but after Ernie had assured him it was good news, Tommy discovered that it invited him to a formal dinner for two at "Chez Ernie" (the Youth Center) at 5:00.
  • Tommy came to the dinner wearing a formal suit with a tiny bit of red.
  • Tommy was pleased (although also confused) to see Kat when he arrived for the dinner, and he told her she looked amazing, very much pleasing her.
  • Tommy looked confused when Kat told him his dinner guest had arrived; he was startled to realize his guest was Heather, and he gazed at Kat for a moment and sighed before sitting down at the table with Heather while Kat went to continue work on their meal.
  • Tommy apologized and excused himself from their dinner when Rocky and Adam got his attention to tell him that they were needed for Ranger business.
  • After Tommy had returned and Heather had at some point (perhaps before his return) left, Tommy and Kat sat together at the table in the Youth Center.
  • Kat told Tommy she was sorry that things hadn't worked out, but Tommy told her that what she'd done was incredible, and that he was really lucky to have a friend like her.
  • Kat had thought it would help take his mind off things if Tommy had someone in his life; Tommy said it would just take some time.
  • When Kat remarked that she loved the song on the radio, Tommy asked her to dance, and she agreed.
  • Tommy and Kat slow-danced together, looked into each other's eyes, and then hugged as they continued to dance.


  • Tommy had a dream about True of Heart's words that only those true of heart could do that to which he was referring (locating his Zeo Subcrystal), then of True of Heart's giving him his half-arrowhead.
  • Then in the dream, as the Zeo Megazord was in a battle, True of Heart's voice told Tommy to focus on his journey, not his destination.
  • Tommy awoke, lamenting that it was the same nightmare again; he then decided that if anyone could figure out the recurring nightmare, it was Zordon.
  • Tommy had his arrowhead around his neck when he teleported to the Power Chamber in the middle of the night.
  • Tommy now drove a red 4x4, just like the one Rocky had apparently owned during MMPR season 3.
  • Heading toward the Youth Center's entrance, Tommy bumped into Sam Trueheart as Sam was walking toward the parking lot.
  • Sam was in a big hurry, he said; he had left an important artifact behind and had to find a cab, but Tommy drove him instead.
  • Tommy didn't appear to recognize Sam, and Sam at least pretended that he didn't know Tommy.
  • On the drive, Tommy almost recognized Sam, but Sam said he had one of those faces.
  • Sam noted that Tommy's arrowhead necklace was interesting; Sam said he'd collected arrowheads his whole life.
  • Tommy said someone had given his half-arrowhead to him a long time ago; when Tommy said he wished he could find the other half, Sam told him perhaps he should concentrate on his journey instead of its destination (as True of Heart's voice had told Tommy in his dream the previous night), at which point he told Tommy this was his stop, in the middle of nowhere in the desert.
  • Sam told Tommy that some travels ended where others began, and that this area was an excellent place to find arrowheads, and he was soon gone.
  • With the Red Battlezord controlled by Tommy's mental focus, it first smashed out of the holding bay, attacked a mountain, and fell off a cliff; once it was back up, it continued going crazy, making Tommy discouraged.
  • An image of Sam appeared beyond Tommy's cockpit and told him, "Tommy, you must let your needs go. If you are to save your world, you must be as one with it."
  • Tommy realized that he had been trying to use his mind to exert control, but he had to relax and see the Red Battlezord as an extension of himself.
  • Tommy thanked Sam by name and proceeded to control the Red Battlezord flawlessly.
  • After Main Drain was destroyed, Zordon told Tommy that since the Earth's only defense was now the Red Battlezord, the Earth would be in great danger until Tommy resolved his inner conflicts; Tommy replied that he knew what he had to do, and presumably the next day, he drove back out to the desert.
  • In the desert, David, on a white and brown horse, appeared from white mist in front of Tommy's eyes; Tommy wouldn't find out until later that this young man who looked quite like him was actually his brother.


  • David walked off with his horse and disappeared without speaking to Tommy.
  • Sam told Tommy that he had to prove himself worthy before he could know the truth about his lookalike and the arrowhead.
  • Sam sent Tommy on a vision quest with the falcon as his guide; Sam told Tommy that when he touched the falcon, he would find his answers, as well as more questions.
  • Tommy didn't see Sam or the falcon in the process of teleporting with white mist, which they were both able to do.
  • Tommy chased after David through the mountains, also following the falcon as he went.
  • Told he had to interrupt his quest to help the others with Ranger business, Tommy started to protest, but he then agreed to go.
  • Tommy lamented that Sprocket was taking Tommy's victory out on the captured Adam, but Tommy hadn't had a victory; rather, giant Punchabunch had smashed his own glove while pounding the Red Battlezord (and ejecting Tommy in the process).
  • Billy, having monitored the battle, said Tommy's concentration level had been strong but a little unstable.
  • In the rematch to decide the fate of the captured Adam, Tommy had the Red Battlezord pound giant Punchabunch as soon as the other Rangers had smashed the device which was generating an electrocuting boxing ring.
  • Shortly after Tommy had returned to the desert to complete his vision quest, the ground quaked, and David was then hanging off the edge of a cliff, crying for help.
  • Tommy saw the falcon appear from white mist on a rock nearby, but Tommy chose to save David rather than touch the falcon and complete his vision quest.
  • The falcon flew away with white mist, then the falcon, flying above, dissolved into white mist, and flaming energy streaked into Tommy's chest (clearly not into the arrowhead around his neck).
  • David said that the spirit of the falcon had led Tommy to him.
  • When David was little, a wise man (presumably True of Heart) had given him the other half of the arrowhead, also telling David that when he found the other half, he would complete his quest.
  • David revealed that he was David Trueheart, Tommy's brother, and he then merged his and Tommy's arrowhead halves.


  • Like David, Tommy had been adopted, but his parents had never said anything about a brother; David said Tommy's parents probably didn't even know about him.
  • When Tommy asked why David had made him go through the vision quest, David explained that they'd had to make sure Tommy was really his brother, as they shared a great responsibility.
  • David explained that the arrowhead contained very strong and old powers that they couldn't let fall into evil hands.
  • Tommy swore never to lose contact with David again.
  • A different day, Tommy brought David to the Youth Center.
  • Tommy let David use a spare white gi from his locker in the Youth Center so David could show them his moves.
  • Preparing to spar with David, Tommy was excited to show David what he could really do.
  • Tommy foot swept David during their sparring, and David left, upset that Tommy was better than him.
  • Tommy was unable to prevent the Cogs from kidnapping David outside the Youth Center.
  • Tommy had the Rangers retreat from giant Mace Face, saying the monster was too powerful.
  • As helmetless Tommy held the arrowhead in the Power Chamber, it glowed with golden energy, and Tommy concentrated, sending an astral projection of himself (appearing unmorphed) to the cave where David was held; both Tommy and David saw each other.
  • When Tommy tried again, this time an image of Sam appeared in the Power Chamber, describing to Tommy the dangers of the cave where David was being held.
  • The other Rangers couldn't see the image of Sam, but it's unknown whether they could hear it.
  • Billy had been working on a Zeo Megazord / Red Battlezord interface to form the Zeo Megabattlezord; the interface relied solely on the Battlezord's control system, using a neural impulse reader to tie directly into Tommy's brain, and it wouldn't work unless Tommy's thoughts and emotions were clear.
  • Twice, the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord tried to merge but were shocked by orange electricity, as Tommy was unable to clear his thoughts, so he had the Rangers retreat again.
  • At the reservation, morphed Tommy had the arrowhead show him to David, and it did so with a translucent purple energy sphere surrounded by translucent gold energy rings.
  • The arrowhead led Tommy to a location above the cave where David was, and then the orb vanished.
  • To teleport down to David, Tommy shot a golden beam from the arrowhead into the ground, and a larger version of the previous purple and gold energy sphere took Tommy's place, then flew into a rock, slamming Tommy against it, as Mondo's forcefield was impenetrable.
  • Tommy gave Mondo the arrowhead to free David.


  • After Mondo left declaring that he planned to keep David for an eternity, morphed Tommy's fist glowed red, and he pounded it angrily into the ground.
  • Once Zordon had sent the Rangers back into battle with Mace Face since David's cave was still impenetrable, Tommy was able to form the Zeo Megabattlezord successfully, without the bypass device Billy had been working on.
  • Tommy consulted Sam at the reservation to find out why the arrowhead was so important to King Mondo.
  • Having freed David from the Cogs, Tommy told the other Rangers he'd meet them back at the Power Chamber, and they teleported away, even though King Mondo, Autochthon, and more Cogs still remained to contend with.
  • After morphed Tommy had teleported himself and David to another part of the desert, David was upset, figuring Tommy must have been kidnapped as well; he was shocked when Tommy removed his helmet to reveal his identity.
  • Tommy, not wanting anything else to happen to David, had told him to wait for him at the Youth Center.
  • Tommy took the Red Battlezord just to stop the small Mondo and Cogs; he then fired the Zord's eye blasts at the small Mondo, Cogs, and Klank.
  • While the villains were distracted by a blast from the Red Battlezord, Tommy leapt down and snatched the arrowhead from the stone in the forest, removing the newly-acquired ancient powers from Mondo.
  • In the Youth Center, Tommy and David split the arrowhead back into halves and held onto them separately.
  • David spent most of his time on the reservation and invited Tommy there.


  • Tommy told Kat it didn't matter what she was wearing to the upcoming dance, as she looked great no matter what she wore; this nauseated Rocky, but Kat told him girls loved it when a guy was sensitive.
  • Rocky wore a white disco suit (with a bit of blue) at the "come as your favorite decade" dance in the Youth Center, but he was shown up by Tommy, who had the same suit (but with red in place of blue).


  • At Christmastime decades in the future, an elderly Tommy (wearing red) told his grandson (who had short, dark hair) a story about a very special Christmas after the kid had mentioned Santa bringing him presents.
  • Elderly Tommy's story to his grandson was about the evil King Mondo's trying to ruin Christmas for the Power Rangers (who remained unmorphed throughout the story).
  • Elderly Tommy's story mentioned Bulk and Skull, "two fellows who just seemed to have a knack for always getting into trouble," while they were in the detective agency and on the streets searching for fruitcake thieves whom they eventually discovered to be Rito and Goldar, amassing a giant fruitcake as a gift.
  • Tommy's family celebrated Christmas.
  • Elderly Tommy's story mentioned Zordon and Alpha by name.
  • The moral of Tommy's story was that Christmas wasn't only about getting things, but also giving and being with people you love.
  • Elderly Tommy had somewhat long but not shoulder-length gray hair, and he wore glasses.
  • Tommy and Kat were married with grandchildren decades in the future.
  • An older, maybe teenaged, grandson (who was a Ranger) came to the house to pick up his younger brother and thank his grandparents for babysitting; Kat told him they loved to do it.
  • When the older grandson's communicator went off, elderly Tommy looked at his own wrist and tried to get up, and Kat frowned and made him sit back down.
  • When his communicator went off, the older grandson told his grandparents and little brother that there was something he had to take care of; his little brother didn't seem to know about his identity, but whether he'd intended to hide his identity from his grandparents as well is unknown; also unknown is whether he knew that his grandparents had been Rangers.


  • Tommy wondered whose side the Gold Ranger was on, even though Gold Ranger had just knocked over Wolfbane and the Cogs to assist the Rangers.


  • Tommy drove Kat and Raymond into the desert in a black Jeep which Adam would later call Tommy's truck.
  • Sprocket shrank morphed Tommy and Kat and put them in a terrarium with a tarantula; Gold Ranger eventually rescued them, and Billy restored their sizes in the Power Chamber.


  • Tommy was wearing a wetsuit at the Angel Grove Catch a Wave Competition, a surfing contest, but he wasn't shown competing.
  • Tommy had waxed Kat's surfboard for her before she competed.
  • When Cog oil approached the water where Kat was swimming, Tommy and David swam out to get her rather than yelling to her, even once they were within yelling distance.
  • When the Rangers were having difficulty fighting Leaky Faucet, Tommy thought to use nearby freon pipes to freeze the monster.


  • The day after the Rangers had destroyed Somnibot, Tommy suggested to Billy that, now that everyone was rested, it might be a good time he let everyone know what had been going on with him lately; he paused silently in his work.
  • When Rocky accused Billy of being the Gold Ranger, Billy asked the teens whether they really thought he'd keep something like that from them; Tommy accepted this response.


  • Tommy and Adam went mountain biking together; Tommy was excited that it would get them in shape, but Adam was exhausted.
  • Morphed Tommy told Gold Ranger his own name and asked for his in return, but Gold Ranger couldn't.


  • After the teens had discovered that Billy was unable to become the Gold Ranger and that time was running out for the power transfer, Tommy thought of someone (but didn't mention a name), and Zordon told him to bring the person to the Power Chamber immediately.


  • An unknown amount of time later, Tommy led Jason through the desert (since teleportation from beyond a certain radius around the Power Chamber was impossible).
  • Tommy and Jason fought Cogs while unmorphed.
  • After the Rangers' battle, Jason and Tommy worked out in the Youth Center.
  • Leaving had been difficult for Jason, but it had comforted him to know that he'd left the Rangers in good hands, with Tommy as the team's leader.
  • Jason tried to assure Tommy that he wasn't trying to put things back to the way they'd been before he'd left, presumably referring to his leadership, but Tommy had been made leader of the team in 218-WhL2, ten episodes prior to Jason's departure in 228-PTr2.
  • Tommy told Jason that the Power Rangers were a team and that no one was more or less important than anyone else.


  • When the five teens, answering their communicators in the southwest hallway of the Youth Center, discovered that Jason wasn't with them, Rocky said in a depressed manner that he'd seen Bulk and Skull stop Jason; Rocky assumed they'd want to get Jason, but Tommy had them go without him.
  • During the Rangers' fight with the Cogs, Tommy told Rocky to keep the Cogs busy while he looked for Mondo; when the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber a bit later, Tommy congratulated Rocky on his good work but then immediately asked Billy about the Damocles Sword, hurting Rocky's feelings.
  • After Mondo had grabbed the Damocles Sword and left, Tommy told the others that the sword had seemed to give Mondo extra powers, but how he sensed this is unknown.
  • When Billy had teleported Jason's communicator to the Power Chamber after they'd been unable to contact Jason, the teens were all dumbfounded as to where he'd gone, but none of them seemed to remember that Rocky had mentioned that Bulk and Skull had stopped him in the Youth Center; Tommy, taking the communicator, had the teens and Billy split up, and Rocky went out into the countryside to look for him.


  • When a biker gang was intimidating Ernie out of setting up the beach club, Rocky noted that it was too bad the Power Rangers couldn't pay the bikers a visit, but Tommy said they had to settle it a different way.


  • Moments after the Rangers had retreated from Louie Kaboom and the giant Midas Hound after Jason had been turned into a gold statue, morphed Tommy returned to the park to spy on the villains and learn Louie's plans for the Midas Hound.


  • Tommy was away visiting David and Sam on the reservation.


  • Tommy's adoptive uncle, John Rush, let Tommy test out his new racing prototype waverunner at Angel Grove Lake, and Tommy enjoyed himself racing around on it.
  • Prince Gasket shot a blue energy bolt from his finger, making Tommy vanish from his waverunner.
  • After discovering Tommy's location some time later, Alpha observed a very strong reading of Tommy's brainwave activity, indicating that something was affecting Tommy's brainwaves, changing him.
  • Apparently in a room off the main area of the Machine Arena, Tommy, having morphed or having been morphed some time after being abducted, was restrained in a chair with Gasket's Brain Drain device on his head; he was struggling and grunting.


  • In his mind, Tommy was working on a console in the Power Chamber when the White Ranger in the gallery emerged from the glass with a green Tigerzord drawing effect and summoned Cogs to capture Tommy; Prince Gasket, apparently testing out the Brain Drain device, then appeared in the Power Chamber and told Tommy that no one could help him now.
  • Tommy had spent at least a day in the Brain Drain device.
  • After sitting in the seat connected to Tommy's seat, with a helmet on Altor's head connected to the Brain Drain helmet on Tommy's head, Altor absorbed Tommy's powers into himself; afterward, he said he felt the strength of a hundred warriors.
  • Tommy, still morphed, was later slumped in a chair on a balcony overlooking the Machine Arena when he came to.
  • Phase two of Gasket's plan was to trick Tommy into being loyal to the Machine Empire; when Tommy awoke in an amnesic state in a chair on the balcony overlooking the Machine Arena, Gasket, pretending to be Tommy's concerned chief advisor, told Tommy that he was the king of the Machine Empire.
  • Gasket told Tommy that Tommy had lost his memory in an attack by the Power Rangers, the supreme evil in all of the universe; he said that Tommy had been fighting them for years and that the Machine Empire Tommy ruled was the only thing standing between the Rangers and their plans to dominate the universe; Tommy thought he remembered a little, and Gasket continued that Tommy was the last line of defense for all the good beings they protected, and that Tommy had to return to the fight immediately, or all would be lost to the Power Rangers.
  • When Tommy wondered how he could trust anyone, even Gasket, Gasket summoned a projection from a blue energy bolt from his sword, showing Tommy images of the four Zeo Rangers and Gold Ranger destroying buildings with their Zeo Laser Pistols and Golden Power Staff; Tommy then vowed to destroy the Rangers.
  • Morphed Jason dropped into the arena, and Tommy had him fight Altor.
  • Tommy was unfazed when Jason called him "Tommy" on five occasions before, during, and after his fight with Altor, but as 443-Kng2 began, a single mention of the name "Tommy" caused a reaction, making Tommy struggle to remember who he was.
  • As he was being beaten by Altor, Jason recalled that only Tommy had been able to match him move-for-move, so he concluded that Gasket had transferred Tommy's powers and mind into Altor; Altor clutched his head for a while during Jason's realization, then when he triumphantly declared that he was Altor, Jason remarked that Altor had then lost Tommy's powers, at which point he destroyed Altor with the monster's own staff.


  • Although he was confused by Jason's mentioning of the name "Tommy" (while he hadn't been before now), Tommy remembered the images he'd seen of the Power Rangers destroying buildings, so he chose to fight Gold Ranger personally.
  • Tommy fought Gold Ranger, then the other Rangers, offensively.
  • When morphed Tommy continued fighting the Rangers, Kat thought to demorph to try to show Tommy that they were truly his friends.
  • Tommy ran forward to punch the unmorphed Kat (who didn't appear to flinch), then paused, then reared back to punch her again, but she grappled him with a hug.
  • Tommy, his resolve seeming to break down, told Kat he thought he knew her, but he still couldn't remember anything.
  • Jason and then the other Rangers demorphed as well, after Tommy had regained his will and tried to pull free from Kat's hug.
  • Seeing the unmorphed teens, Tommy felt like they were telling him the truth and wondered if it was possible that everything Gasket had told him had been a lie, but he still didn't know whom to believe.
  • Tommy angrily pulled away from Kat and collapsed, very confused.
  • Tommy pulled his Zeo Laser Pistol on the teens and walked toward them; Kat, unwavering, put her hands on the Zeo Laser Pistol and told him to come back to them, then lowered the weapon for him.
  • When Gasket ordered Tommy to destroy the teens, his enemies, Tommy finally realized the truth, that Gasket was his enemy, and he then demorphed as well.


  • Tommy said there were a lot of things he liked about school, but tests weren't one of them.
  • Due to his slightly altered brain chemistry from his recent exposure to Gasket's Brain Drain, Tommy was one of the few people on the planet who noticed the day repeating from the presence of Gasket's Chronosapios; while almost everyone else on the planet (including Zordon and Alpha) was unaware of the repetition, Tommy (as well as Prince Sprocket, who became trapped in the time loop when he went to Earth to set an ambush) had a sense of deja vu about the day's events.
  • When the Viewing Screen brought up an image of Chronosapios, only Tommy could see the crystal sphere; the odd-looking metallic base, however, was still visible, yet Adam said there was nothing there.


  • For Detective Stone's whodunit party, Tommy was dressed as a Texan.


  • Alone in the resource center, Tommy danced and lip synched to a song while Tanya, the only other person shown in the school, came down the main stairwell and watched Tommy with amusement.
  • Tommy was embarrassed by being seen by Tanya; he'd been practicing his moves for an upcoming solo for his music class.
  • Tommy had Tanya give him voice lessons.
  • Tanya gave Tommy singing lessons on a synthesizer in the empty resource center.
  • Tommy sang as if he were tone-deaf.
  • A blue energy beam from above struck Tommy and Tanya in the resource center, first bouncing off the synthesizer in front of them and then knocking them off their piano bench; they were now forced to sing everything they wanted to speak.
  • The singing spell altered Tommy's telepathic link, making him unable to pilot the Red Battlezord.
  • Another day, Tommy joined the other teens in the Juice Bar, telling them he'd gotten an A on his singing project, probably thanks to the practice that Machina's spell had given him.
  • According to Rocky, Machina's singing spell had gone away when the monster had been destroyed, but Mechaterpillar (Gasket's creation) hadn't had anything to do with Machina's spell.


  • After the Rangers had formed the Zeo Megazord to fight giant Impursonator, Tommy reminded the others that they didn't have much time, as Billy was depending on them, but it was Jason who was retrieving the pure water that Billy needed.


  • Tommy tried to fix the Power Chamber's broken teleportation unit beneath a panel on the console, but the locator chips still weren't online, preventing Alpha from getting a lock on Billy.


  • Tommy had a band-aid on his left cheek; he explained that he'd fallen out of bed that morning while reaching for his alarm clock.
  • Later in the Youth Center, Tommy asked Kat what she was doing that night; she replied she wasn't doing much, then asked Tommy, and he said he had no big plans, but then Kat left when he wouldn't follow up his attempt at asking her out; she looked back expectantly for a moment before walking out.
  • Tommy had been nervous, afraid that Kat wouldn't want to go out with him, but he was impressed when Tanya said it was obvious Kat was interested in him.
  • Tommy thought that Ernie's island luau at the beach club would be perfect for a first date.
  • The day of the luau, Tommy was distracted from his sparring with Rocky as he watched Kat teaching a ballet class to several young girls.
  • Rocky insisted that Tommy go ask her out, as the luau was that day.
  • With Kat's help at moving the conversation along, Tommy asked her out, and she accepted after asking whether it was a date.
  • At the luau, Tanya pulled the other guys back to prevent them from sitting at Tommy and Kat's table, so that the couple could be alone.
  • After the Zeo Ultrazord had blasted giant Gasket and Archerina, Adam wanted to fire again, but Tommy had them wait, and the couple soon fell over and exploded, returning to their original size.
  • The next day, the four teens hadn't seen Tommy and Kat all day until they came into the Juice Bar together, laughing.
  • Tommy asked the teens what was up, and Kat, seeming to be in a hyper mood, said that Ernie sure threw some luau; the teens mischievously noted that the couple sure looked happy, and Tommy said they'd gone to the movies for a nice, quiet, safe date.
  • Kat happily noted that there had been no Cogs in the audience, and when Tommy joked that it had been a normal, boring time, she smiled at him with mock anger as they leaned together.


  • Tommy still had the band-aid on his cheek.
  • Tommy and Adam were teaching a class of blackbelts in the Youth Center; Jason was a teacher in the class as well, but he was late.
  • Tommy appeared to have a large bruise on the inside of his right forearm.
  • Some time after Jason had given his powers back to Trey, Tommy walked up to Jason, who was sitting in the park overlooking the lake.
  • Tommy knew that it was tough to lose one's powers, and Jason agreed.
  • Jason and Tommy acknowledged that they'd always be friends, no matter what happened.
  • After Jason had walked off with Emily, the couple's arms around each other, Kat asked Tommy if Jason was okay; Tommy contentedly replied that there was more to life than saving the world, and she agreed.
  • As Tommy and Kat walked off together, Tommy took her hand, and she looked into his eyes.


  • While Rocky and Adam were wearing their Ranger colors while practicing for the upcoming national championship, Tommy was wearing a white gi.
  • Although Tommy's hair had been straight at the arena, it was curly that night when the teens visited Rocky in the hospital, and it would remain curly throughout the rest of the movie.
  • When a large python slithered onto Kat's shoulder from behind her, Tommy had Kat jump away while he wrestled the snake, and in doing so, she flung herself off a cliff, barely able to grab a branch in the ledge to catch herself.
  • After Kat had fallen the long distance into the water several dozen feet below, Tommy tossed the python aside and performed a stunning flip off the cliff, diving perfectly into the water; he then swam through the rapids to her and swam her to safety, though not without accidentally dunking her underwater once.
  • Kat's fall and Tommy's dive were verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • In the Power Chamber, Tommy looked completely crushed when he saw that Kimberly was one of Divatox's hostages; seeing Jason merely added to his woes.
  • After Lerigot had surrendered to Elgar on a beach, Tommy, with Adam following him, swam to what he thought were Jason and Kim, having been dumped out of Elgar's raft; after discovering that one was a mannequin dressed in a wetsuit, he had to check the other one as well.
  • Upon being morphed into the Red Turbo Ranger, Tommy said he'd never felt anything like this; how the Turbo powers could have felt drastically different from the Green Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger powers, White Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger powers, White Ninja Ranger powers, and Zeo Ranger Five powers is unknown.
  • To have the teens shift the Turbozords into high speed mode, Tommy coined the phrase, "Shift into Turbo!" which would be later used as the Turbo Rangers' default pre-morph phrase. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • Two days later, as the Ghost Galleon approached the Nemesis Triangle, Tommy and Kat were holding hands briefly before splitting up to prepare for the journey through the triangle.
  • Once the teens had parked the Turbozords in the jungle of Muiranthias and Adam told them that Lerigot was dying and that they might already be too late (apparently referring to Lerigot's health rather than Divatox's imminent release of Maligore), Tommy had them morph and leave the Turbozords behind so they could take the silent approach.
  • When the teens assumed their pre-morph stances, the four older teens faced toward their right, with their left arm flexed (as though in preparation to summon their Turbo Morphers onto their wrists); Justin, however, goofed by facing toward his left, with his right arm flexed (holding his key in the foreground, as would become the new pre-morph stance in 516-Shr1); Tommy glared at Justin with a look of disapproval and annoyance until Justin turned around to match the other teens' stances.
  • When Kim, having been turned evil by Maligore, was fighting morphed Kat in the temple, Tommy turned Kim around and pulled off his helmet, hoping that she'd remember him; she didn't appear to be fazed, however.
  • Evil Jason choked the helmetless Tommy and then kicked him back toward the lava pit.
  • Evil Jason got over Tommy and choked him on the edge of the lava pit; Divatox yelled at Jason to throw him in, as Maligore's power would exceed, but Jason said this one was his.
  • Helmetless Tommy's fight with Jason and Tommy's successive saving of Jason were both verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Tommy kicked Jason over him and then grabbed onto his wrist, preventing him from falling into the lava.
  • When the Turbo Weapons were ineffective on Maligore, Tommy had the Rangers lure Maligore outside so they could call on their Zords, but Maligore wasn't giant-sized at the time.
  • After Jason and Kim had come aboard the Turbo Megazord cockpit with Bulk, Skull, and the Liarians, Jason and Kim immediately went to morphed Tommy while Bulk and Skull weren't looking; Jason hugged the Red Ranger, then as Jason and Kim hugged, Tommy's body posture perhaps hinted at a bit of impatience or mild jealousy.
  • As Bulk and Skull examined the Megazord's controls, Tommy, Kim, and Jason appeared to be having a conversation in the background.
  • Tommy didn't wear any red during the national championship, even though Adam had managed to wear a green bandanna.
  • When the teens rushed up to the ring to congratulate the guys on their victory, Tommy reached through the ropes to hug Kat.


  • Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Rocky had been seniors and were now, as the graduating class of 1997, helping set up for their graduation at the Angel Grove Botanical Gardens; Tommy had already picked up his diploma and was spending his time racing.
  • As the teens helped set up for their graduation ceremony, Kat wished Tommy could be there, but Tanya reminded her that working on his uncle's stock car crew wasn't something he could pass up; Kat agreed, admitting she was happy for him.
  • Tommy raced a stock car around a track quite well after only having been driving the car for a month; since it doesn't seem that the teens would have waited a month after 500-TPRM to tell Rocky about their adventure, Tommy must have begun racing before 500-TPRM and the introduction of the Turbo powers and Zords.
  • Tommy appeared to enjoy racing a great deal.


  • Zordon had Alpha contact Tommy, interrupting his racing practice, only after it had become evident that Adam needed help against the Piranhatron.
  • As could be seen when he removed his racing helmet, Tommy's hair was straight; except in this episode, 503-SIT3, 505-TrIm, 506-RlyR, and 509-Lie, his hair would be curly rather than straight.
  • Zordon apologized to Tommy for calling him, but he explained that Adam was in trouble.
  • When Rygog and Piranhatrons arrived at the power plant to prevent the Rangers from getting a detonator out of the area, Kat told Tommy to get the detonator out of there while they held the Piranhatron off.


  • Tommy was back at his race training later that day.
  • Tommy teleported into the Power Chamber just as Lerigot was preparing to release Zordon; unlike the other teens, he'd known about the situation in advance, and he was now cheerfully excited about the event, saying he couldn't miss this.
  • After the Rangers had returned to the Power Chamber upon defeating Elgar's fleet, Tommy was now sad as Zordon said goodbye to the Rangers.


  • Tommy and Justin worked on a different stock car in the Angel Grove Racing Technologies garage.
  • Tommy had Justin start the car and give it some gas while he monitored the diagnostics, but Justin's shoelaces got stuck beneath the gas pedal, preventing him from easing back on the gas; Tommy saved Justin from the car just as its engine blew up, and rather than being annoyed with Justin, Tommy said he should've checked the accelerator to make sure it wasn't still sticking.
  • In the garage was a CD player and a stack of CD's among which Justin expected to find a new CD he wanted Tommy to hear; Tommy and Justin had both noticed a lot of things disappearing in the last few weeks; it appeared that Tommy and Justin lived together in the Racing Technologies building.
  • When the Green, Yellow, and Pink Shadow Rangers confronted Tommy and Justin at the construction site they were investigating with a Turbo Navigator, Justin cockily morphed despite Tommy's protests; his powers were then stolen to create the Blue Shadow Ranger, and Justin was quickly captured.
  • Before leaving, the Yellow Shadow Ranger punched Tommy in the stomach quite hard, making him collapse.
  • After retreating to the Power Chamber, Tommy was impatient with Alpha Six's playful attitude over the capture of the other teens, and when Dimitria wouldn't answer his question about the Shadow Rangers' powers, he was frustrated, wanting her to tell him what to do about finding the teens and fighting the Shadow Rangers.
  • Alpha told Tommy he didn't get it, that Dimitria was from Inquiris, as in "inquire," and that she didn't give answers, only questions; Tommy adamantly brought up that Zordon would always guide them, but Alpha replied, "Yo yo yo! Look, she ain't Zordon. And you don't have a lot of time, so you'd better get with the program, slick."; Tommy then began to think.
  • Soon afterward, Tommy passed a small flashing square device through two scanner projections in the console, then a particle analysis of the Shadow Rangers from their earlier fight showed up on the Viewing Screen; he found that the Shadow Rangers were merely made of refracted light.
  • Tommy retrieved the base unit for Justin's homing device to find the others.
  • Tommy, unmorphed, fought off the three Shadow Rangers, successfully at first.
  • Tommy tripped the Blue Shadow Ranger and flipped him into the shadows, making him dissolve; with renewed confidence, Tommy had no problem kicking the Green Shadow Ranger into the shadows, dissolving him; he then lured the Yellow Shadow Ranger into leaping at him while he was in the shadows, dissolving her in midair.
  • Tommy followed the homing device to the Chromite Cave.
  • The Pink Shadow Ranger, after having a laser gunfight with Tommy, dissolved when Tommy shot out the lights in the Chromite Cave.
  • To get the Chromite into the shade, Tommy summoned the Turbozords to have the Turbo Megazord cast a shadow on the Chromite.
  • With Kat joining them, Tommy and Justin later followed the homing device to the Youth Center, where they discovered that Lt. Stone was the new owner and that his chimps had stolen all of their missing items.
  • Kat and Tommy held hands briefly while following Justin to the Youth Center.
  • Tommy referred to the Racing Technologies garage as his and Justin's garage.
  • Out of boredom, the chimps had stolen, among other things, Tommy's sunglasses, what looked like Rocky's Mexican Christmas decoration (from 426-ASTR), Tommy and Justin's CD player, a karate trophy, and Tommy's skateboard.


  • In this episode, Tommy and Justin were either together or both alone, as they weren't with the others except during Ranger business and in the Power Chamber immediately afetrward.
  • After Visceron had been blown up in battle and taken to the Power Chamber, Tommy entered the Power Chamber shortly after the other teens and Visceron had arrived.


  • Tommy was with Justin in the Racing Technologies building as Justin rebuilt his soapbox racer, True Blue.
  • Kat had told Tommy about what had happened between Justin and Warren, and Tommy gave Justin a pep talk not to let it get him down.
  • Justin sometimes wished he could be like the other kids, not so smart, but Tommy insisted that he should be proud of his intelligence.
  • Justin spent the night in the Racing Technologies building working on True Blue; he'd gotten permission to spend the night there, but it's unknown who had given him permission; apparently he'd been unsupervised the whole night, since Tommy hadn't seen the construction of the new version of the racer, True Blue Two.


  • Tommy and Justin had been in the Power Chamber charging the Turbo Navigators when one of them picked up a detonator in Angel Grove.
  • In the Turbo Megazord, Tommy let Adam finish off giant Demon Racer II, presumably since Adam had been fighting Demon Racer and Demon Racer II alone before then.


  • The four teens set up a surprise birthday party for Justin in the Racing Technologies garage, and when Justin returned early from "practice," Tommy wouldn't let him in yet.
  • Setting up for the party, Tommy said he wanted this to be a great day for Justin.
  • On Justin's suggestion, morphed Tommy tried to shoot out the detonator-bike's tires with his Auto Blaster, but it didn't work, possibly because his two blasts only seemed to strike the silver frame of the bike.
  • Tommy leapt from the hood of the car-sized Red Lightning, tackling Justin off the bike; the bike soon crashed and exploded.


  • Tommy was racing the same stock car as from 501-SIT1 through 503-SIT3.
  • While racing, Tommy didn't hear Alpha's first call, but he heard the second.


  • When Kat refused to eat, believing Myrtle's insults that she wasn't thin enough for her upcoming ballet, Tommy told her she'd gotten the part based on her talent, not on the way she looked; it didn't change Kat's mind, as she skipped lunch to prepare for her lesson.


  • Tommy punched two bags in the Youth Center while Adam and Tanya worked on katas nearby.
  • The repeated false fire alarms at the Youth Center made Tommy suspect Divatox, and he had the three teens go to the Power Chamber, where Justin and Kat would soon join them.


  • Blue Senturion attacked morphed Tommy and Kat when they were alone at an industrial site; he rode toward the two and pulled out his laser pistol, at which point Kat shoved Tommy aside and took the laser blast in her right ankle.
  • Tommy grabbed Blue Senturion, causing Blue Senturion to grab him back; Tommy then threw three punches, which Blue Senturion blocked, and it was only then that Blue Senturion began attacking Tommy with hand-to-hand combat.


  • Kat and Tanya were taking turns practicing flipping Tommy in the Youth Center.
  • When Tanya mentioned the upcoming Stone Canyon game, Tommy began to explain that he would go but that he had to go to the race track, but Kat flipped him mid-sentence and finished his sentence for him, knowing he had to go to the race track.
  • The teens noted that it had been quiet lately, as though Divatox had given up or gone on vacation; Tommy, however, suspected she was up to something really big.
  • Upon learning that the Piranhatron had attacked apparent strangers Carlos and Ashley at the soccer field, Tommy offered to skip his practice tomorrow to help them keep watch over the game, but Adam said they'd just call him if needed.
  • The next day when there was trouble, Tommy apparently beat the other four teens to the quarry.


  • Tommy was happy for Kat that she got to go to London and study after being invited to join the Royal Academy.


  • In the crowd at Angel Grove Cleanup Week, Kat either whispered a word into Tommy's ear or kissed him.
  • After releasing the tiny Shrinkasect from Blue Senturion's head, unmorphed Tommy briefly attempted to fight the now monster-sized Shrinkasect until the other teens had gotten a head start in leading Blue Senturion away.


  • Following Tommy's idea, the shrunken and insect-like Rangers rode the torpedoes out of Divatox's subcraft to make themselves normal.


  • In a black pickup truck, Tommy drove Kat to join the other teens on their group camping trip.
  • Kat noted that Tommy was often late to places.
  • Tommy was excited by the trip, saying he loved to camping.
  • Tommy's pickup had a manual transmission.
  • Tommy tried to speed away from the Piranhatron racing behind them on dirtbikes but couldn't outrun them.
  • There were only four Piranhatron chasing them, but Tommy said there were too many of them.
  • At the campsite, Tanya remarked that Tommy was born late, referring to his repeated lateness.
  • Tommy's truck exploded from the Piranhatrons' laser fire as Tommy leapt away, knocking him out.
  • A Putrapod dragged Tommy away to a cave in which Divatox, Rygog, and Elgar were waiting.


  • Tommy was tied up in the cave, hanging by his hands from the ceiling.
  • Divatox wanted Tommy to suffer all the trials and tribulations he'd put her through, wanting him to beg for mercy.
  • Mama D opened the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow below Tommy, and the villains then left, with Piranhatrons entering to guard him.
  • When T.J. and Cassie found him, Tommy told them to run, but they stayed to fight the Piranhatron, then rescued him.
  • Before leaving, Tommy thought at the last minute to get T.J.'s name and shake hands.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Tommy had selected T.J. to lead the team as the new Red Ranger, due to the courage and strength which had saved Tommy's life.


  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website, Tommy pursued a career in race car driving; this was later contradicted by Tommy's reappearance in 1201-DDi1.

    MMPR fan club video

  • On the topic of friends, Jason remarked that they were like family; he described sparring with Tommy at the Youth Center all the time, then said the girls were both really cool, both beautiful women, but that sometimes he'd have to play the big brother role and, for instance, tell an unwanted guy that Kim had a boyfriend, even though she didn't.
  • Being interviewed himself, Tommy was in the hallway of Angel Grove High; he wore his straight hair in a ponytail and had on a green shirt; whether he wore a communicator is unknown.
  • In regard to priorities, Tommy said that beyond fighting evil and going to school, he always found time to practice martial arts, but only after finishing his schoolwork.
  • Asked about friends, Tommy said he'd been a loner when he'd first come to Angel Grove but that the teens had taken him in; sometimes they would get in disagreements when under spells, but once the spell was broken, he said, you were cool with everyone.
  • Tommy commented that he loved to help people, and it was great to fight evil and win, adding that the goodguys always won.
  • On his power loss, Tommy said he'd really had a bad time, and it had been tough, because he liked being a Power Ranger and that had been something Rita had taken away from him; now, however, he'd fought through it and had his powers back.
  • When asked about girlfriends, Tommy was unsure, but he noted that Kimberly was "kinda special" to him.
  • Tommy's plans for the future included going to college and perhaps opening a karate school for kids.
  • Asked whether he preferred being a goodguy or a badguy, Tommy replied, "I love being a goodguy, because goodguys always win. Bad does not pay."
  • Talking about her friends, Kim said Tommy was one of her best friends, and they got along so well and were really great friends; she then added that, yes, he was cute, then giggled and changed the subject.
  • Kim remarked that Jason was great, like a big brother, and she felt safe and secure with him, much like she did with Tommy.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • In the Jump-a-thon skydiving contest with the other teens, Tommy rode a board on the way down.
  • Tommy's last name was again mentioned to be Oliver.
  • Following Tommy's suggestion, the teens took a shortcut through a large, busy construction site on their rollerblading trip.
  • Tommy used a shovel handle as a bo staff to fight off some of the ooze beings attacking the teens.
  • Only after the ooze beings had the teens cornered and the teens were unable to hold them off did Tommy have the teens morph.
  • Dulcea told Tommy he was the falcon, winged lord of the skies.
  • In the Neola Jungle of Phaedos, Tommy made the animate dinosaur skeleton chasing him collapse by running up a tree, backflipping onto the dinosaur's back, and then removing a bone from its neck.
  • Once the teens had reached the monolith, Tommy had the others stay back as he approached the temple at the monolith's base (and subsequently brought the Gatekeeper guards to life).
  • When only one Gatekeeper remained, Tommy sent Kim and Billy swinging down on vines to flying-kick the monster back, after which he did a Ninjetti Corkscrew Kick, leaping off a branch and spinning feet-first into the monster and shattering it against the temple wall.
  • Tommy first uttered the name "Ninjazords."
  • When the six Ninjazords closed in on Hornitor, Tommy said the street was a dead end, but the street actually went back a considerable distance, and Hornitor, at least after Ivan had later merged with it, was flight-capable.
  • Tommy called for the assembly of the Ninja Megazord (rather than Ninja Megafalconzord), then announced that the monorail was in trouble and that he'd complete docking sequence later.
  • Tommy had the Ninja Megafalconzord lure Hornitor-Ivan away from the city; Billy set a course for outer space.
  • Fred Kelman was Tommy's martial arts student; Tommy had taught him, "Use your head, and above all, stay calm."
  • Tommy had his arm around Kim as the teens watched the fireworks, and the couple gazed into each other's eyes for a moment.

    PRZ comic book

  • Around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, Rocky was friends with Justine, the president of Angel Grove High's drama club, and he encouraged Tommy to audition for "Camelot" with them, despite Kat's previous invitation for Tommy to watch her ballet recital.
  • At the audition, Tommy looked at the script and wasn't sure whether he was right as Lancelot, but Justine, hanging in his arms, told him the way to find out was with a love scene with the queen.
  • Tommy was described as popular with his teammates and schoolmates "thanks to his friendly manner, down-to-Earth nature, and easy-going sense of humor."
  • As the Rangers were later fighting an army of Cogs on Gamma-Vile, Tommy asked for some help, but Kat retorted that she had problems too, saying he wasn't the only one who needed a little support from his friends every now and then.
  • Not knowing what he'd said to upset Kat, Tommy nonetheless apologized, but she soon apologized, saying they had to concentrate on the fight; Adam would later remind them of the value of working together, a point of which Tommy took note.

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