- turtle Carrierzord for Thunderzords
Full Name: Tor the Shuttlezord (Source: 226-MOGP), Tor the Carrierzord (Source: 226-MOGP)
First Appearance: 226-MOGP
Last Appearance: 235-ScvH
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-   When the Rangers were having difficulty in the fight with the giant Four Head monster, Zordon said the time had come to activate Tor, the Carrierzord; Alpha replied, "Tor, the Shuttlezord! Of course! Why didn't I think of that?"
-   Tor grew to Zord size with green energy from a smaller size, starting at about the size of a cow, on a sidewalk.
-   Tor shot explosive blasts from its shoulder cannons.
-   When Tor transformed to warrior mode, its neck retracted, its head transformed, his fingers extended, then it stood up.
?   Before transforming, Tor was facing giant Four Head, but when it stood up from turtle mode, it had been facing away from the monster.
-   The head of Tor in warrior mode bore a forehead orb like the Thunder Megazord and Megatigerzord; its was red.
-   Tor in warrior mode could shoot green energy blasts from its fingertips.
-   Tor in warrior mode could open its chest, allowing the Red Dragon Warrior Mode to jump in to be fed green energy after the Shuttlezord had closed back up; once the chest opened again, the Red Dragon Warrior Mode gleamed with red energy.

?   To aid them against Serpentera, Zordon introduced Tor to the teens even though they'd already been assisted by Tor in battle in 226-MOGP.
-   As Zordon introduced the Shuttlezord, the Viewing Globe showed a live turtle crawling next to a large green gem, which glowed with green energy and created the expanding form of Tor.
-   Zordon described Tor as the Rangers' "new Carrierzord."
-   Zordon explained that Tor's heavy armor could protect the Zords as it transported them to safety.
-   After Red Ranger had called out for Tor's help while on the Deserted Planet, the Shuttlezord expanded from energy in the middle of the Deserted City.
-   The upright Serpentera kicked over Tor in warrior mode and tried to crush it beneath its foot, but neither Tor nor the Red Dragon Warrior Mode, inside, sustained any damage.
-   Serpentera's eyes dimmed after it had stepped on Tor, and then it removed its foot, yet there was no mention yet of any power drain.

-   On Zedd's second assault of Earth in his giant fighting machine, Serpentera again kicked Tor over and tried to crush it with the Red Dragon Warrior Mode inside, but this time when Serpentera's eyes dimmed and the giant robot removed its foot, Zedd discovered that Tor had drained over half of Serpentera's power.
-   Zedd knew the name of "Tor, the Shuttlezord."

-   Tor in warrior mode shot at giant Cannontop with its fingertip cannons.

- Phrases used to summon Tor
227-PTr1 Jason: "Tor, I need help!"
228-PTr2 Tommy: "I call on the power of Tor!"
235-ScvH Tommy: "All right, it's time for the Thunder Ultrazord, Saba!"
Saba: "Right. I call on the power of Tor!"

- Phrases used to summon Tor and Thunder Ultrazord
229-GoVV Tommy/Saba: "We call on the power of the Thunder Ultrazord!"

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