- sentient bull/robot Zord used by Magna Defender
First Appearance: 710-Sunf
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
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-   During Scorpius's ravaging of Magna Defender's planet 3,000 years ago, Magna Defender had confronted a group of monsters, calling forth Torozord.
-   From the darkness behind Magna Defender, Torozord, a giant black and gold bull Zord, emerged roaring.
-   Seeing that Scorpius had his son, Magna Defender called off Torozord, and the bull Zord stepped back into the darkness.
-   In modern day after Magna Defender had been fighting Fishface, a flaming red mass flew toward Terra Venture; walking, Magna Defender turned his head to look curiously as the fireball flew down from the sky and impacted in a forest area, probably in the Forest Dome.
-   Magna Defender was pleased by the arrival of his ultimate weapon, and he walked toward the trail of smoke coming from the forest.
-   After the Galaxy Megazord had been defeated by giant Fishface, the ground began to rumble; in a rocky plain in the mountains, alternating slabs of rock turned upright from the ground, forming a giant walkway of sorts, and Torozord then stamped in along the walkway; this would be the standard method of arrival for Torozord.
-   On Magna Defender's command, red eyebeams from Torozord enlarged Magna Defender and transformed his armor into new red and black Mega Defender armor.
-   Giant Mega Defender leapt and landed on Torozord's back, riding him with gold chains as reigns.
-   Horns glowing red as Mega Defender fought the monster, Torozord charged and headbutted Fishface, leaping up on its hind legs and throwing him over its head.
-   When Mega Defender called for the Defender Torozord, the ground rumbled, and a massive podium of rock beneath the Torozord rose up from the ground, probably twice as tall as it was wide; this would happen every time Torozord transformed.
-   As Torozord stood up on its hind legs, its front hooves transformed into hands for its robot mode; as Mega Defender then leapt, Torozord's torso opened, the front and back sides coming apart, and Mega Defender landed inside, using Torozord like a suit of armor.
-   To complete the transformation, Torozord's lower hooves rotated into feet, the torso closed, the waist plate slid up from a saddle position lower down, and the bull head turned back, revealing the Defender Torozord's robot face.
-   On Defender Torozord's stomach and shoulders were green hexagons, and on its chest was a large silver V shape; on its forehead was a gold V. (see "Recurring letters")
-   As would be its normal post-transformation pose, Defender Torozord posed wielding a dual-bladed lance which was actually the connected form of two swords used by Mega Defender; meanwhile, lightning bolts from the sky crackled around it, and a massive smoke explosion erupted behind Torozord as a blue shockwave flew outward from the base of the stone podium.
-   For its finishing move later dubbed a lightning spin, Defender Torozord leapt, and in front of rapidly flying blue and purple clouds, it spun around rapidly, charging up with blue energy bolts as its lance was extended; Torozord then flew spinning by Fishface like the Turbo Megazord Spinout, with a solid black energy bolt slashing sideways across the monster.
-   The lightning spin destroyed giant Fishface.

-   Defender Torozord's lightning spin destroyed giant Chillyfish.

-   As Defender Torozord fought the Galactabeasts as the three Rangers were attempting to stop him from attacking a forcefield which might harm the colony if broken, he suddenly froze and dropped his weapon, then clutched his chest.
-   Torozord and Magna Defender flew apart as black teleportation streaks, and Magna Defender landed below, clutching his chest and wondering what was happening to him.

-   In the Mountain Dome while the Scorpion Stinger was outside draining energy from the dome, Magna Defender told Torozord, above, that the day had finally come to avenge his son; when he destroyed the dome, Scorpius would be destroyed as well.
-   Magna Defender formed Defender Torozord, and at a massive flaming lava pit of indeterminate origins, the Torozord glowed with green energy, then charged this energy into its lance with green energy bolts.
-   Torozord shot a steady green energy bolt from its lance into the lava pit in an attempt to cause a meltdown which would blow up the Mountain Dome and destroy the colony, but the Galaxy Megazord grappled him before he could blast a second time.
-   After striking the Megazord, Torozord charged its lance again, but as it held it out, the energy faded from the lance, and Torozord glowed blue and reverted to bull form, ejecting small Magna Defender below.
-   As Torozord roared, Magna Defender asked Torozord what it was doing, and he was dismayed to watch Torozord walk away, lamenting, "Betrayed by my own Zord!"
-   Later, as the dying Magna Defender approached the critical lava pit in the Mountain Dome to stop it, Torozord walked in roaring in protest, but Magna Defender told his "old friend" this was where they parted, as he had to do this mission alone; Torozord roared pleadingly but did not interfere as Magna Defender sacrificed himself to save the colony.
-   After Magna Defender was gone, Torozord roared mournfully.

-   As Mike watched the Galaxy Megazord in trouble, he was visited by the ghosts of Magna Defender and Zika, and Magna Defender gave Mike his sword and two Magna Defender Morphers to carry on for him as the Magna Defender.
-   After the ghosts had vanished, Torozord walked up as Mike looked at his new Morphers; he then morphed into the Magna Defender and formed Defender Torozord.
-   From within Torozord, Mike's echoing voice called for the lightning spin, and the attack destroyed giant Skelekron.
-   As the teens met up with Mike below, Damon joked that a bull wasn't nearly as cool as a Condor, and Torozord above roared in response.

-   Defender Torozord's lightning spin failed to destroy giant Crumummy, but the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber soon succeeded.

-   Confronting the evil Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords, the Defender Torozord and Galaxy Megazord suddenly lowered their weapons, and the Transdagger podiums in the Galactazord cockpits stopped rotating, confusing the Rangers.
-   Deviot found it quite ironic that the Rangers didn't know why their "Megazords" wouldn't fight back, calling Torozord a Megazord.
-   Centaurus and Stratoforce attacked, but the Torozord and Galaxy Megazord wouldn't fight back; they fell after being blasted.

-   During a second confrontation against the evil Zords and giant Hardtochoke, Defender Torozord fell and lay still after the good Zords had been slashed by Stratoforce and blasted by Hardtochoke; Kendrix exclaimed Mike was out of energy, and he would remain down until the end of the battle.

?   Mike didn't participate in the Zord fight as the Galaxy Megazord and Stratoforce Megazord fought giant Cannonbrawl.

-   Defender Torozord helped the Galaxy Megazord against giant Icy Angel, its first reappearance since the difficult battle against Hardtochoke and the evil Megazords in 720-LGb2.
-   The Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber, following Torozord's lightning spin, caused giant Icy Angel to fall and explode rather than break apart as stone pieces.

?   When armored Mike powered up Defender Torozord to fight giant Grunchor in the Lost Galaxy, Torozord posed with a gold battleaxe of unknown origins; it would later be dubbed the Defender Axe.
-   Torozord's axe, struck against Grunchor's head, caused the monster to release Centaurus's head from its jaws.
-   After blasting and slashing the Galaxy Megazord and Torozord, Grunchor shot blue energy streaks from its hand at the downed Torozord, but Centaurus and Stratoforce took the blasts and collapsed.
-   Soon fighting Grunchor poorly alone, Defender Torozord charged its axe with gold energy, moving it in a trailing circle, then directly struck Mutiny's castle on Grunchor's head, not seeming to do much.
-   After Grunchor had clawed Torozord, making it fly away into bull form with blue energy, explosions and flames rocked Grunchor's head, making Mutiny fly his castle away.

-   During the Rangers' second battle against Titanisaur, Torozord charged, ridden by Mega Defender, and they then combined into Defender Torozord.
-   Wielding its axe, Torozord leapt with apparent jets from its feet and tried to strike Titanisaur in the back, but it casually blocked with its tail.
-   The Condor and Gorilla charged together but were mouthblasted, and Torozord then struggled with its axe handle in Titanisaur's mouth before the monster was distracted by the Lion.
-   Soon, Defender Torozord charged, and Titanisaur went to tail-strike, but Torozord caught it and severed the tail with its axe.
-   Charging the golden axe in a circle, Torozord delivered a glowing X-slash.
-   Following the energized slash and Centaurus's and Stratoforce's energy cyclone, the supercharged Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed Titanisaur.

-   As Terra Venture approached the closing portal which led out of the Lost Galaxy, Defender Torozord, manned by Mike after he'd been visited by the spirit of Magna Defender, passed it in space.
-   Defender Torozord braced itself inside the edge of the portal and supported the portal's collapsing edges with its arms, shoving them outward as green energy bolts glowed around the portal.
-   Suddenly, in a chain of explosions beginning in Torozord's left arm and quickly going to the chest and legs, Defender Torozord exploded, flinging metallic shrapnel everywhere, and the portal was reopened.
-   Soon after Terra Venture had returned to the normal universe, Leo flew through space on his Jet Jammer looking desperately for Mike in normal space.
?   Leo found Mike drifting unmorphed, unconscious, and apparently unprotected in the void of space with his Morphers on; how he would survive is unknown.
-   Leo pulled Mike in and tried to wake him but saw his mangled, smoking right Morpher, saying the Morpher had been destroyed.

?   After slamming it against the ground in Mariner Bay, giant monster-Trakeena reached her extending hand-tentacle for the Omega Megazord, but Defender Torozord's lance blocked it, and the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber cut her hand off.
?   As explosions from Trakeena struck the Zords, Defender Torozord was present.

- Phrases used to summon Torozord
710-Sunf Magna Defender (in past): "Torozord!"
711-SiSl Magna Defender: "Torozord, charge!"
717-StlB 719-LGb1 725-BTst 737-GOTL 740-HGrv Mike: "Torozord, charge!"

- Phrases used for Torozord to charge
710-Sunf 712-ORis Magna Defender: "Torozord, charge!"
710-Sunf Mega Defender (riding Torozord): "Charge! Let's go, Torozord!"
712-ORis Magna Defender: "Torozord, advance!"

- Phrases used to call off Torozord
710-Sunf Magna Defender (in past): "Torozord, retreat!"

- Phrases used for Torozord to transform Magna Defender into giant Mega Defender
710-Sunf 711-SiSl Magna Defender: "Mega Defender, transform!"
712-ORis Magna Defender: "Magna Defender, transform!"
715-RDay Magna Defender: "Defender Torozord!"
716-DFrG 717-StlB Mike: "Mega Defender, transform!"

- Phrases used for Torozord to transform into Defender Torozord
710-Sunf Mega Defender: "Defender Torozord, activate!"

- Phrases used for Mega Defender to leap into Defender Torozord
710-Sunf Mega Defender: "Defender power!"
737-GOTL 741-RTit Mike: "Mega Defender, transform!"

- Phrases used for Defender Torozord to perform lightning spin
716-DFrG Mike: "Defender Torozord, lightning spin!"
717-StlB Mike: "Lightning spin!"

- Phrases used to perform charged axe slash
741-RTit Mike: "Defender Axe!"

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