- torpedoes fired from Divatox's subcraft; typically enlarge monsters
First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 540-C&TC
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-   Divatox had two torpedoes fired from the subcraft to hit whatever craft the teens were traveling in to follow her.
-   Divatox pushed a "Launch" button, and green lights "Torpedo 1" and "Torpedo 2" lit up on the subcraft's controls, then the torpedoes fired.
-   The two torpedoes blew the Ghost Galleon into flaming bits.

-   Porto had modified the subcraft's torpedoes to enlarge monsters.
?   Whenever the torpedoes were fired, always by Rygog, only the button for Torpedo 1 was pressed, but both torpedoes would launch.
-   The torpedoes would fly out of Angel Grove Lake and soar through the air; when they struck the ground near a monster, the monster would grow to giant size.

-   When he left the subcraft, Porto had a torpedo chained to his back; in Angel Grove, he pushed the torpedo over, and it exploded, making him grow.

?   After the torpedoes had struck around her, Big Burpa's face grew red, and she blew steam out of her mouth before growing; this same effect would happen to the following monsters: Mouthpiece in 509-WLie, Terrortooth in 513-MiMe, Translucitor in 524-VAct, Crosspatch in 529-ClMz, Voltmeister in 530-Robo, Wicked Wisher in 531-BTTW, Wild Weeder and his mutant bee in 532-GOEv, Torch Tiger in 533-FIYT, Red Creep in 536-Conf, Mr. Goorific in 538-CBFr, Strikeout in 539-CrvB, and Count Nocturn in 540-C&TC.

-   Rygog and Elgar had removed the torpedoes and were polishing them on the bridge when Divatox wanted to use them to enlarge Griller.

-   In the torpedo room of the subcraft, the shrunken Rangers turned a launch key, causing an alarm to sound and a male voice to announce, "Launch torpedoes in ten seconds," followed by a countdown, and the torpedoes then flew out, eventually striking the beach, near where a detonator happened to be.
-   The torpedoes struck right where Justin had placed the shrunken Blue Senturion; they returned him and the insect-like Rangers to normal.
-   After morphed Justin had thrown the detonator-of-the-day into the air and it had exploded, the smoke from the torpedoes' crater near the chimps began to glow blue, and when it stopped, chimps Bulk and Skull had been turned human again, but they were temporarily invisible; this transformation occurred just after Skull had realized they might have been able to help the Rangers if they'd been human.

?   A torpedo carrying a Zord-sized green jacket (with a Blue Senturion badge) flew in and put it on Robo Racer as it fought the Turbo Megazord, but turning the machine evil was unnecessary, since Blue Senturion was already under the spell of his own jacket.

-   After Phantom had arrived and thrown Rygog's detonator from his ship, Divatox had the torpedoes launched to destroy the ship; since Rygog was gone, the Piranhatrons manned the controls.

-   Whenever the torpedoes were launched now that the subcraft was docked with the Space Base in space, the torpedoes would merely fly to Earth to enlarge the monster of the day.

-   The two torpedoes simultaneously enlarged both Wild Weeder and his mutant bee.

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