- holding facility for Lightspeed Zords; emerges from Lightspeed Aquabase
First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 839-FLs1
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-   From Transport, Miss Fairweather displayed the five Rail Rescues in the Train Bay.
-   Each Rail Rescue was a giant futuristic black train car with a Ranger-colored stripe and a large white Ranger number on the side.
-   The five Rangers stood on the platform in Transport and were lowered into another area below; they were then shown running up to their Rail Rescues in the Train Bay, although they couldn't have been in the same dome.
?   To send the Train Bay to the surface, a tech in Ops worked a "Satellite Telemetry" panel.
-   Two panels swung open on the top of the Aquabase's northwest tower, and the Train Bay rose slowly on four thick legs, with apparently two slender middle rods as well.
-   The front of the Train Bay had a door opening for each of the five Rail Rescues, One through Five, with each Ranger's giant crest on it.
-   Near a long bridge leading to a thin, long structure off the coast of Mariner Bay, the enormously massive Train Bay rose from the water on four thick silver legs.
-   On the side of the Train Bay were the giant white numbers "55."
-   The top portion of the Train Bay bore a small round sigil, from which the Rescue Bird, and later the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, would appear mid-flight in a flash of light.
-   A long giant train track segment, merging the five Rail Rescue tracks into one, then arose from the water directly in front of the Train Bay; the edge of the long track stopped before reaching land.
-   As the Rail Rescues approached the end of their formerly submerged track, part of the nearby suspension bridge, with two metal prongs on the end, swiveled over through the water to join to the end of the Rail Rescue track, with rapidly blinking white lights on top to signal the movement.
-   The Rail Rescues rolled down the middle of the four-lane bridge, with all cars, including several rescue vehicles, parked on the shoulder lanes; this would be the standard procedure for all Rail Rescue deployment in the future.

?   Carter summoned the Rescue Bird, but how it arrived is unknown, as the Train Bay wouldn't be shown rising until Kelsey later called for the Rescuezords.
-   The Train Bay would apparently rise anew each time the Zords were called, presumably sinking after the Zords were returned to the holding bay; likewise, the suspension bridge apparently moved to join the track each time, presumably moving back to its normal position afterward.

-   At some point following the deployment of the Rail Rescues and formation of the Lightspeed Megazord (which was then temporarily defeated and thrown in a ravine) the Rail Rescues had returned and the Train Bay had gone back underwater.
?   To deploy the Rail Rescues again later, Mitchell called for the Train Bay (calling it the "Rescue Bay") to surface, yet a shot of the Rail Rescues' cockpit had just shown light rising through the windshield, suggesting the front of the Train Bay had just opened (underwater).

-   Ryan rode the corner lift up from the pool room to go to the Solarzord after activating it with the computer.
-   Beside the Train Bay's right side, the slender Solarzord bay arose, bearing the Titanium Ranger's M design; a black cylindrical lock (perhaps the size of a Rescuezord) then extended from the Solarzord bay to the Train Bay and rotated to lock on.
?   The Solarzord bay's underwater origin is unknown, as nothing existed on that side of the Train Bay's tower of the Aquabase.
-   Extending out from the Solarzord bay was a long narrow track parallel to the Rail Rescues' track.

-   After titan-sized Diabolico had blasted a gaping hole clean through the Supertrain Megazord's midsection, Mitchell had the Rescuezords sent in, and they came from somewhere other than the Rail Rescues, apparently stored in the Train Bay while the Supertrain was in use.

-   When Bansheera appeared over the sea while the Rangers were fighting giant Spellbinder downtown with the Lightspeed Solarzord, the Train Bay was still surfaced, but without any connecting tracks around it; the Solarzord bay, having been up to launch the Solarzord, was now gone.
-   The Train Bay faced the city shore with the large, seemingly limitless body of water behind it.
?   Bansheera generated a tidal wave which loomed from behind the Train Bay, yet the Train Bay's apparent northwest orientation with respect to the west-facing Aquabase would have made the tidal wave come from within the bay rather than the sea.
-   As the tidal wave loomed, the Aquabase below rumbled, and Mitchell shouted to secure all decks, but the wave would fade before impact.

-   As Miss Fairweather told the teens of Battle Booster modifications to remotely control the Solarzord, which would activate the new Omega Megazord, the Train Bay was elevated.
-   Inside the elevated Train Bay, a giant crane arm was shown about to lift Omegazord One, with Pyro Rescue One beside it; in the background was Rail Rescue One.
-   Soon, the Rangers, coming from the Aquabase, ran inside the Train Bay to Rail Rescue One and would then land downtown in the Lightspeed Solarzord.
-   To initiate the Omega Project, the Train Bay's arm set Omegazord One on Rail Rescue One's loading door, and it closed; the others were placed into their respective Rail Rescues offscreen.
-   The Rangers rode the empty Rover lift down from Transport to take them to the elevated Train Bay, beside which now stood the Solarzord bay, which locked on.
?   To prepare for launch, the Rail Rescues were lowered and stacked into a vertical formation, but there was no room beneath either the Train Bay or Solarzord bay for such a vertical loading area.
-   As Miss Fairweather began the final countdown from ten, the Solarzord bay opened, and the backwards Solarzord tilted up into launch position above the Rail Rescue train.

- Phrases used to position Solarzord and Rail Rescues for Solarzord-Rail Rescue rocket launch
820-OPrj Miss Fairweather: "Omega ready."
822-TrR2 Carter: "Omega Megazord!"
824-ChoP Chad: "Omega Megazord, online!"
825-YAgn 826-ATRO 828-MMBa 834-NepD 838-SDem Carter: "Omegazords, online!"

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