- evil insect daughter of Scorpius
First Appearance: 703-RTTR
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
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-   After Scorpius had made Brunt run fleeing after the Rangers had freed the Galactabeasts, he called for Furio and told him to destroy the Power Rangers and bring him the Quasar Sabers.
-   Meanwhile, Trakeena listened from the hallway leading out of Scorpius's lair.
-   Trakeena, dressed in a black form-fitting suit, had sections of hard black exoskeletal armor at various places on her body, including her forearms, shoulders, over her breasts, and around one side of the back of her neck.
-   Webbed areas in a few places on Trakeena's suit revealed flesh underneath, including a portion on her upper chest, across her midriff, and even moreso around her thighs.
-   Trakeena had a human face and ears, with most of her head covered by a black insect head desgin bearing purple segmented eyes and two antennae.
-   After the combined force of the Galactabeasts and Rangers had destroyed Radster on Terra Venture, Furio and Scorpius briefly discussed obtaining the Quasar Sabers and destroying the Rangers before Furio exited.
-   Sitting in an indentation in the wall near her father while filing her nails, Trakeena told Scorpius it looked as though he might have finally found a worthy general; Scorpius told his "sweet daughter" that time would tell.

-   While Furio was fighting Leo in the Forest Dome in an attempt to get his saber, a thundering sound in the sky interrupted him, and he cupped his nonexistent ear and nodded, then told Leo that he'd gotten lucky this time, teleporting away.
-   In the corridor outside Scorpius's lair, Trakeena encountered Furio, teasing him about his inability to get one Quasar Saber and saying Scorpius was anxious to speak to him about his failure.
-   Scorpius called out to ask Trakeena where Furio was, and he urgently told her not to say anything, having another plan; she agreed, telling him he owed her, and she grinned evilly scheming as Furio left.

-   In the Forest Dome, Furio walked up to a metallic panel in a mountain wall, leading to a cavern in which the Lights of Orion had supposedly been sealed for eons.
-   Trakeena, holding a black staff with a brown handle on a ledge above, startled Furio, and she told him Scorpius had been looking for him and that his time had run out.
-   Furio urged Trakeena to convince her father to give him a small extension, as this time he would bring him the Lights of Orion; excited by the idea of actually getting the Lights, Trakeena forced Furio to team up with her in order to avoid facing Scorpius.
-   Handing Trakeena the pendant, Furio said they first needed to gain entrance to the cave.
-   The villains stood back and Furio whipped a red energy bolt from his sword at the panel as Trakeena flinched, but nothing happened, and Furio was confused as a second blast failed as well; Trakeena coyly pointed out that he would never get in, as he wasn't "chosen."
-   Furio knew who was "chosen," and pleased with the idea of trouble, Trakeena morphed with purple energy bolts into a green armored form, covered in a hard, seamless exoskeletal suit everywhere but her eyes.
-   Soon, Furio and Trakeena, arriving in red and green teleportation bolts respectively, attacked the Pink and Yellow Rangers with Stingwingers in the Forest Dome before the other Rangers arrived on new Astro Cycles.
-   Trakeena introduced herself to the girls as Princess Trakeena.
-   With armored Trakeena as his assistant, Furio stood by a man-sized upright box, wearing a black tophat and magician's cape; inside the box stood an unconscious Mike (actually Mutantrum in disguise) in his black GSA uniform, his arms crossed by his shoulders.
-   As Stingwingers fought the Rangers, Furio and Trakeena had Stingwingers put the box in the back of a green Jeep, and they drove off, with Trakeena a passenger, a Stingwinger driving, and Furio, the box, and more Stingwingers in back.
-   Elsewhere, Leo found the abandoned Jeep with the empty box in back, and nearby he watched from some trees as the villains stood around Mike, who sat limply against a tree.
-   Furio told Trakeena to take care of him, and she crouched beside "Mike," lifted his head, and told a Stingwinger to get him some water.
-   Walking up, Damon spoke with the villains, hoping no one attacked him, and the villains charged, at which point the four Rangers morphed and fought the villains; meanwhile, morphed Leo freed Mike, according to the villains' plan.
-   When Furio had the Stingwingers attack the Rangers, one Stingwinger confusedly confronted armored Trakeena, and she smacked it aside in annoyance.
-   Later, when Furio finally obtained the Lights' silver case from Leo, he was shocked to find the box empty, saying it was impossible; Trakeena demanded an explanation, saying her father would be furious to learn of his failure, but Furio begged for another chance, saying he'd find them, and they teleported away.
-   In Scorpius's lair, Scorpius was holding Furio's arm with his tentacle as Furio struggled.
-   Scorpius growled asking how he dared return without the Lights of Orion; he called Furio a miserable excuse for a general and said he was finished with him once and for all.
-   Furio begged desperately to be spared, saying he would find the Lights; smiling nearby, Trakeena sweetly told her father to give him one more chance, and Scorpius gently agreed and released him.
-   Furio trudged away after pausing slightly beside Trakeena, and she smirked, "You're welcome," after he'd left.

-   After Furio's monster Wisewizard had proposed that the Lights of Orion were hidden in an ordinary camera on Terra Venture, Scorpius privately remarked to Trakeena that he'd had enough of this foolishness.

-   Trakeena asked her father to give her a chance and let her find the Lights of Orion, cheerfully saying she would make the Rangers regret it if they got in her way.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena that battling was for warriors, not his sweet princess; she wanted to "go out and conquer, destroy... you know, have a social life!"
-   At the wall, with goo and webbing on it, Trakeena took a piece of something off it and touched her tongue to it, wearily saying the Scorpion Stinger was so "dead."
-   After sending Furio after the Lights again, Scorpius had Trakeena promise she'd obey him, but she crossed her fingers behind her back as she promised.
-   Later, Trakeena watched excitedly in Scorpius's lair as Furio struggled and ultimately escaped from Scorpius's wrath, fleeing to Terra Venture.

-   After Furio had self-destructed while fighting Leo in a Forest Dome cave and Magna Defender had carried Leo out of the cave, Scorpius told his Treacheron in his lair that the Magna Defender had returned; Treacheron wasn't surprised at the news.
-   Trakeena, meanwhile, was spying behind a webbed screen in the wall.
-   Treacheron called Magna Defender his arch-rival, saying he too would be seeking the Lights of Orion.
-   Scorpius said Magna Defender would stop at nothing to destroy Scorpius; therefore, Scorpius told Treacheron to take three monsters and destroy the Magna Defender to stop him from getting the Lights.
-   In the Forest Dome after Ruptor had stolen a stone supposedly containing the Lights, Treacheron and the armorless Trakeena watched with Ruptor as a strong monster named Samuron attempted to smash the stone open with his sledgehammer to release the Lights.
-   Soon, the five Rangers would fly to a mountainside where Samuron was waiting, with Treacheron, Trakeena, and Ruptor watching hidden nearby.
-   After Samuron had attempted to open the stone with the Rangers' Quasar Launcher blasts, the Magna Defender arrived, wowing Trakeena.
-   Trakeena understood why Treacheron was so nervous; Treacheron retorted that after 3,000 years, he was not nervous, as he'd beaten him once before and could do it again; apparently, Trakeena hadn't been around 3,000 years ago.
-   As Magna Defender utterly walloped Stingwingers, Trakeena asked what Treacheron thought of this warrior now, and Treacheron said it appeared he was still very good.
-   After Magna Defender had destroyed Samuron and split the rock, revealing it was hollow, an impressed Treacheron confronted Magna Defender, followed by the armorless Trakeena, who was quick to point out that the stone had been a fake.
-   Trakeena asked Magna Defender who he was, and Treacheron told her; Magna Defender then explained their battle from 3,000 years ago.
-   As Magna Defender and Treacheron fought, Trakeena coyly walked off to Ruptor, who asked her when he could go have some fun, and she told him to finish him off, at which point he grew but was soon destroyed by the Rangers.

-   Treacheron used a surveillance system to listen to Kendrix's and Maya's conversation in their room about sunflowers, causing Fishface to think the girls were speaking in code about the Lights of Orion being in a sunflower statue, but Scorpius ordered them to stop this foolishness; Trakeena, however, thought he might have something, considering all of the sunflower statues on Terra Venture.
-   After Fishface had failed and been destroyed, Treacheron insisted he would defeat Magna Defender again, and Trakeena sarcastically said she was sure their great general would come up with a plan.

-   As Treacheron was walking down the hall away from Scorpius's lair after Chillyfish had frozen Terra Venture, Trakeena pulled him aside, wanting to be there when he found the Lights; she ran her hand along his arm and called him a big, strong warrior.
-   Treacheron protested that Scorpius would have his head, but she told him he didn't have to know if they didn't tell him, and Treacheron agreed.
-   In the morning, Leo discovered Treacheron, Stingwingers, and armored Trakeena in the city.
-   After morphing, Leo nearly slashed Trakeena before Treacheron blocked her, accidentally knocking her down.
-   Treacheron ordered Trakeena back to the ship, and when she protested, he teleported her with a blue energy bolt from his hand, making her land armorless and annoyed in Scorpius's lair.
-   After Chillyfish's destruction, Scorpius was furious over Treacheron's letting Trakeena go into battle, and Treacheron lied that Trakeena had followed him without his permission; Trakeena, meanwhile, had been spying behind the webbed wall.
-   In the hallway, Trakeena confronted him; Treacheron explained he'd had to save his neck, but she grabbed him and warned him to watch his back instead.

-   One Terra Venture "night," after the Lights of Orion had flown by the teens' GSA dorm windows, the Lights were on the viewscreen as Treacheron said he'd located them; Trakeena, having first pointed to them on the viewscreen, said he'd stumbled onto them instead.
-   Treacheron said his only interest was to capture the Lights for Scorpius, and Scorpius told him to get them, and Treacheron would rule the universe with him.
-   In a dark cavern inside the Scorpion Stinger after Treacheron's monster Destruxo had obtained the Lights of Orion, Trakeena told Impostra (a monster bearing the eye of Hexuba) the news, saying Scorpius might award Treacheron with more power, but she wanted to get rid of him.
-   Impostra said she would go down and get the Lights before Treacheron; she turned around to demonstrate her shapeshifting ability, turning into Treacheron and pleasing Trakeena.
-   After Impostra had tricked Destruxo into absorbing the power of the Lights, Trakeena told Scorpius that Treacheron had betrayed him, saying she thought he wanted more and more power, so then he could take over, perhaps secretly talking about herself.
-   Trakeena told him the Lights should already be there, and when Treacheron entered, having been called for, he didn't know where they were either.
-   The viewscreen showed the fire wave generated by Orion-powered Destruxo, and Trakeena accused Treacheron of ordering Destruxo to steal the Lights; Scorpius agreed, and Trakeena took his sword and had the Stingwingers drag him away to be locked up.
-   Thrown into a cell, Treacheron swore to make whoever had done this to him pay dearly; listening, Trakeena laughed softly to herself.

-   In his cell, Treacheron was swearing to clear his name if it was the last thing he did when the Shark Brothers, twin shark monsters bearing Treacheron's symbol, dropped down from a panel in the ceiling.
-   The Shark Brothers, handing Treacheron his sword, told him Trakeena had set him up, and when Trakeena approached to check on Treacheron, the Sharks hid.
-   Begging Trakeena for her help, Treacheron gave her a scroll map to show the location of the "silver goblet," which would prove his loyalty; Trakeena took the map and left with Stingwingers, secretly planning to get the silver goblet herself.
-   In the Forest Dome, Stingwingers dug up the silver goblet, which Trakeena declared was all hers, but Treacheron, arriving with the Shark Brothers, told her it was useless as it dissolved into sand.
-   Treacheron angrily told the startled Trakeena that he had never been anything but a loyal follower of the great Scorpius.
-   As Trakeena edged the Stingwingers in front of her, Treacheron told her he ate Stingwingers for breakfast.
-   After slashing all of the Stingwingers, Treacheron approached the trembling Trakeena, planning to destroy her just as she'd planned to destroy him, but the Rangers interrupted.
-   Trakeena ran off, and Treacheron ran after her, but Leo blocked his path, so he pounded Red Ranger and sent the Shark Brothers after her.
-   Elsewhere, Trakeena was fleeing when Magna Defender threw Zika's dart into a tree right near her face.
-   Trakeena thrust her staff at Magna Defender, but he easily grabbed it and threw it down.
-   Magna Defender told Trakeena that her father had taken Zika, his only son, from him, and, drawing his sword, he intended to take Scorpius's only daughter from him.
-   Trakeena nervously chattered that it had probably been an accident and she was sure he was very sorry.
-   Magna Defender had Trakeena held against a tree and prepared to thrust his sword into her, but sudden chest pain made him drop to his knees, and she ran off and soon returned to the Scorpion Stinger.
-   After Treacheron and the Shark Brothers had been destroyed in battle, Trakeena sparred with a crowd of Stingwingers with her staff in a dark chamber in the Scorpion Stinger, doing very poorly.
-   Falling, Trakeena furiously discovered that she'd broken one of her fingernails, and she angrily dissolved two Stingwingers with a green energy bolt from her staff.
-   Sighing, Trakeena said she was no warrior, then realized she needed a trainer, to sculpt her and shape her into a mighty general worthy of ruling the universe.
-   In Scorpius's lair, Trakeena told her father they needed a new general with Treacheron gone; he told her not to worry herself, but she insisted that she could help him, and that he needed a general who could finally extinguish the Rangers and perhaps recover the Lights of Orion.
-   Trakeena pleaded for Scorpius to let her find the next general, and he said he would take it under consideration.

-   As the Scorpion Stinger was flying through space, a large stream of brown liquid or gas was drifting from the middle of its underside; inside, an alarm was blaring.
-   Scorpius called out for Trakeena, and she ran in from the hallway; she told him with panic that they were leaking fuel, and he had her shut down the booster ports and close down the fuel reactors or they'd run out of fuel.
-   After the leak had stopped, Trakeena panicked that they couldn't run out of fuel or they'd freeze and drift into deep space, but Scorpius knew of one place with enough energy to solve all of their problems, and the Stinger would then approach Terra Venture to drain its energy.
-   As Magna Defender was attempting to cause a meltdown which would destroy the Mountain Dome, Scorpius told Trakeena to send down a monster to stop him, and Freaky Tiki, a Hexuba-themed monster, then instantaneously entered.
-   Trakeena, turning, had Freaky Tiki go to destroy them, and the monster then left, planning to show Magna Defender that no one ruined Scorpius's plans.

-   In the Scorpion Stinger, a frustrated Trakeena, having been told no, asked how she could ever rule along beside Scorpius if he never let her battle the Rangers; he told her her chance would come, but not today.
-   Having a different plan, Scorpius called in the Hexuba-themed monster Skelekron.
-   Trakeena watched sinisterly as Skelekron was sent into action against the Rangers.

-   In her own cavern chamber somewhere, Trakeena sat in a throne and looked into a hand mirror with a skull in the backside; above the mirror was a golden eye of Hexuba.
-   Trakeena asked the mirror who was the most beautiful girl in the universe, and Crumummy, a Hexuba-themed mummy monster, introduced himself from inside the mirror to tell her.
-   Crumummy answered that Trakeena was the most beautiful, as well as a lot of other girls on Terra Venture, making Trakeena pound the mirror, and Crumummy fell out with a gold energy bolt.
-   Trakeena ordered Crumummy to steal the beauty from the girls of Terra Venture or she'd feed him to her father.
-   Crumummy soon reported to Trakeena that he'd taken every grain of beauty from Terra Venture, but when Trakeena threateningly went to see for herself, he nervously left to take a second look around.
-   Somewhere in the covered outdoor area of a building by a small artificial lake, Trakeena appeared with her staff with green energy bolts; the staff then vanished with green bolts, and she morphed into a stunning human form with more green bolts.
-   Human Trakeena had long straight jet-black hair and wore a red jacket and skirt.
-   Trakeena strutted through the area, amassing a collection of drooling Terra Venture workers.
-   Adjusting her lipstick in a hand mirror, Trakeena saw Mike coming up from a stairway and knew he was the Magna Defender.
-   Trakeena threw her lipstick behind her, and when a worker caught it, he found it was a cockroach in his hand, startling him.
-   Sitting beside Mike in the Comet Cafe, human Trakeena asked for what he was having, and Bulk gave her Mike's plate of a burger and fries.
-   As Professor, Bulk, and Mike argued over the burger, Trakeena poured the red dust contents from a ring she was wearing with a flip-open top; a brief red cloud from the burger make a vase of flowers nearby wilt, and she then closed the burger and returned it to Mike.
-   Mike introduced himself, and Trakeena spoke the "Tr--" before thinking up the name "Tracy."
-   Mike asked "Tracy" if she lived around here and prepared to take a bite from his burger, but he then looked at her as she stared at the burger in distraction.
-   Tracy said she was new here, and Mike chuckled over the notion of being new on a space colony.
-   As Mike prepared to bite the burger, Bulk apologized that they were all out of burgers, making Tracy exclaim, "Blast it!"; when Bulk and Mike looked at her oddly, she then said, "Oh, what a shame."
-   Mike suddenly looked at the clock and remembered he had to meet his friends, inviting Tracy along, and they left the poisoned burger behind.
-   Meanwhile, Scorpius was busy in his lair, projecting a stream of silk-like strand from a tentacle, making a human-sized cocoon; he said the cocoon would soon be ready, and Trakeena's final metamorphosis would be at hand.
-   With Tracy, Mike came into the guys' room, where the five teens were lounging around; Leo had had something to tell Mike, but the guys were all stunned by Tracy.
-   Kendrix and Maya introduced themselves, and Tracy remarked that they were both beautiful.
-   Maya and Kendrix annoyedly reminded Mike and the guys that they had just been on their way out, and Mike invited Tracy to come with them.
-   Tracy and Mike were walking arm-in-arm in front of the others in the city when two iron girders nearly crushed them, with Mike saving Tracy just in time.
-   Crumummy, attacking after having triggered the falling girders, planned to take the beauty from Kendrix, Maya, and Tracy, but Tracy subtly pointed to herself, mouthing to Crumummy that it was her.
-   After Crumummy had stolen the beauty from Maya and Kendrix, Mike rushed Tracy away.
-   Nearby, Mike had Tracy stay behind an area of plants while he ran back and checked on the girls; at the fight location, Kai had Mike get the unconscious girls out of there.
-   After Crumummy had retreated, the three Rangers immediately demorphed, and the three teens and Tracy then joined up nearby to check on the girls, where Mike hadn't taken them far.
-   Mike said he'd take Tracy home, and Leo was outraged, saying she'd be just fine, but Mike left with her anyway, saying she wasn't safe there.
-   In the park, Mike waited at a bench while Tracy got two glasses of orange-colored juice from a vendor and secretly sprinkled more red dust from her ring into one glass.
-   As she returned, Mike took the cups she'd set down and prepared to walk away, but she had him stay to relax for a second.
-   Handing Tracy a cup, Mike drank all of his cup as she watched, then he suddenly clutched his chest and collapsed, gagging.
-   Crumummy teleported in, congratulating the "princess" and handing her the beauty jar, but Mike snatched the jar and released its gold sand, curing Crumummy's victims.
-   Tracy was alarmed, and Mike triumphantly said he'd switched them, throwing the cup at her; she ducked, and the juice splashed on Crumummy, making his face steam and burn.
-   Leo arrived, and Tracy morphed into Trakeena with green energy bolts from her staff; she then vanished, leaving Stingwingers to fight the two brothers.
-   On the Scorpion Stinger later, Scorpius called for Trakeena, and she was confused to see the newly-completed cocoon he'd created.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena that the time had come for her to enter the cocoon so that she could shed her mortal beauty and become an insect with magnificent powers, like him; it was her destiny, he would tell her.
-   Trakeena, imagining herself trapped and screaming inside the cocoon, thanked her father but replied that she liked her mortal beauty and didn't want to become a bug.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena she must, as it was what they had all had to do; looking at the buzzing, drooling Stingwingers nearby, Trakeena refused and turned to leave, but Scorpius grabbed her with a tentacle, telling her she had no choice.
-   Trakeena pulled free and ran away, with Scorpius explaining it was for her own good; she continued running down the hallway and teleported away as a green sphere of energy.

-   Weeks or months apparently passed while Trakeena was missing (see "Missing time").

-   The new arrival Deviot wanted to be Scorpius's second in command, having heard his daughter hadn't wanted the position; approaching Trakeena's cocoon, Deviot said he wanted to step inside and become invincible, but Scorpius angrily demanded it was only for Trakeena.
-   Deviot pointed out that Trakeena was "long gone."

-   In his lair, Scorpius was facing the viewscreen when Deviot entered, sorry to report that he had been unable to find Trakeena anywhere, saying she obviously didn't want to be found.
-   Scorpius insisted that it was Trakeena's destiny to rule the universe.

-   In his lair, Scorpius was facing the viewscreen when Deviot entered, sorry to report that he had been unable to find Trakeena anywhere, saying she obviously didn't want to be found.
-   Scorpius insisted that it was Trakeena's destiny to rule the universe.
-   Deviot apologized, saying he would find her no matter what it took, and Scorpius sadly uttered Trakeena's name.
-   Deviot told himself that Trakeena's only destiny was to be lost forever, and that he would rule the universe.
-   On the planet Onyx at an unknown time (perhaps occurring shortly after her departure from the Scorpion Stinger), Trakeena wandered through the desert wearing a black cloak.
-   On her weary travel, Trakeena collapsed and soon managed to keep going, leaving her staff behind.
-   Villamax, bearing same wing pin as many of the monsters used by Furio, was playing a card game at a table in the Onyx Tavern when Trakeena stumbled in without her cloak, making everyone watch her as she approached the bar; Villamax was especially curious as he watched her.
-   Trakeena pushed her way between two rough human-like bar patrons and ordered a drink rudely; she then took one guy's green drink and drank some, making him angry, but she then spit it out on the second guy's outfit, enraging him as well.
-   Trakeena began to walk off sarcastically, saying the next time she came there, the drinks had better be free.
-   One guy grabbed Trakeena's arm, and when she went to hit him, the other grabbed her arm, letting the first guy hit her in the stomach, then threw her back, knocking her back into a table.
-   Trakeena charged, but a third guy tripped her, and she was thrown through the air, making her feet slam onto Villamax's table.
-   Villamax told her it looked like she could use a little help, but she told him to butt out.
-   Getting up, Trakeena grabbed a glass bottle and hit it repeatedly against the side of the table but couldn't break it, making the crowd laugh at her; she then threw the bottle, but the guy caught it and shattered it in his hand.
-   Trakeena was thrown right out of the saloon by the three guys, and when they approached her outside, Villamax beat them up and made them run away.
-   Villamax extended his hand, but Trakeena knocked his hand away and got up, saying she was Trakeena, daughter of Scorpius, and she didn't need his help; she apparently didn't know him, but he probably knew her, based on his great interest in her, and his implied past association with Scorpius.
-   Villamax retorted that a real daughter of Scorpius's would be able to fight better than her, and she insisted she was his daughter, explaining why she'd run away.
-   Villamax asked what she would do with her life if she had a choice; she wanted to learn to fight to conquer and destroy, take her rightful place beside her father so that no one would ever stand in her way again.
-   Villamax offered to train Trakeena so the universe would shudder at her name, and she thought for a moment, then agreed.
-   In the Onyx desert, Trakeena endured a long training session of indeterminate time under Villamax, probably lasting weeks or months (see "Missing time").
-   Initially, Trakeena and Villamax swordfought, with Trakeena appalled to break two nails, but Villamax kept reminding her how many she had left.
-   Trakeena's sword was a black sword which she would be shown wielding numerous times in the future, apparently being an alternate form of her staff.
-   At one point, Villamax had her try to pull a pile of chained-together boulders on a long cargo sled.
-   After some time, Trakeena was slowly pulling the large sled, with Villamax driving around her on his bike, saying she was almost done, with only 100 more miles.
-   When Trakeena collapsed weakly, Villamax kicked her over and was talking down to her, so she whipped a chain around his leg and yanked his feet out from under him, pleasing him.
-   Some time later, Trakeena was much better in her training, running faster, fighting much better, and so forth.
-   Fighting Villamax later, Trakeena did very well, slashing him onto the ground and then stabbing her sword into the ground inches from his head; she then helped him up, exclaiming that she felt strong, fast, and powerful.
-   Kneeling and kissing her hand, Villamax told Trakeena no one would dare oppose her now, calling her his "dear Trakeena."
-   Trakeena returned to the saloon, where the same two guys were at the bar, and the third at the table.
-   With two fingers, Trakeena held down the first guy's arm he was holding his drink with, took the drink, and released, making him punch himself in the face.
-   Trakeena drank the green liquid, then shattered the glass in her hand in front of the second guy's face.
-   Trakeena beat up the two guys and spin-kicked a chair held by the third guy, shattering it, making the three run away; she then joined Villamax outside, done showing off.
-   Kegler worriedly hobbled up, telling Trakeena that her father had been in an awful battle and was in bad shape.
-   Trakeena had to go back, and Villamax offered to escort her back.
-   In Scorpius's lair, Deviot held Scorpius's tentacle as Scorpius weakly told him his energy was fading.
-   Deviot asked who could possibly match his wisdom in ruling the universe, and Scorpius told him it was he who must enter the cocoon and transform; Deviot would carry on his legacy with his new powers.
-   After asking if it was his final decision, Deviot dropped the tentacle and approached the cocoon, but Trakeena suddenly entered with Kegler and Villamax, sobbing over what had happened to Scorpius.
-   Trakeena was so sorry, but Scorpius was sorry for keeping her so sheltered; she knew he had only been trying to protect her, but he said he could protect her no more.
-   Scorpius told Deviot to be as loyal to Trakeena as he had been to him.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena, "With the powers I pass on to you, Trakeena, the universe will be yours. Be a powerful ruler, my sweet."
-   As Trakeena tearfully watched, Scorpius groaned and closed his eyes, then swirled away into a cloud of gold energy specks which floated away, leaving only the tentacle Trakeena had been holding.
-   The tentacle transformed with yellow-to-green electricity into Trakeena's staff, but with a new amber end on it containing a yellow and black striped spider or similar insect.
-   Trakeena softly promised not to disappoint her father, then angrily asked who had done this; learning from Deviot that Red Ranger had done it, Trakeena swore that he and all the Rangers would pay, teleporting with determination as a green energy sphere.

-   In a storage area in the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot found Kegler and Stingwingers pushing the chained-up cocoon into the corner.
-   Trakeena entered, saying it had been her orders, and Deviot toadied to her.
-   Trakeena said she was powerful enough without the cocoon but planned to keep it around just in case.
-   In her throne in the main lair, Trakeena looked at the amber in her staff and saw a vision of the fatal blow to Scorpius, then his death.
-   The main lair of the Scorpion Stinger now had more green lighting than orange.
-   Villamax entered, having found the location of the Red Ranger, and she had him bring him to her no matter what it took.
-   Kegler soon told Deviot that Trakeena wanted him to help Villamax capture the Red Ranger.
-   Villamax referred to Trakeena as the queen to which he was exclusively loyal.
-   After Leo had been captured, the Scorpion Stinger soon lay in a mountainous desert below a purple alien sky as Stingwingers returned to the ship, perhaps having set up the forcefield devices Trakeena would later use, although this would come after she'd expected him to fall into a vortex.
-   In the storage area of the ship, Leo was chained near the wall, his shirt tattered.
-   Entering, Trakeena told Leo he'd destroyed her father, and he replied that he'd had no choice, as Scorpius would have destroyed Terra Venture, but Trakeena replied that now she would have that pleasure, as Scorpius's destruction had created something even more powerful.
-   With a green energy bolt from her staff, Trakeena caused a hole in the floor to dissolve into a glowing red pit with flames dancing out of it, and she had the Stingwingers unchain Leo and prepare to throw him in.
-   Trakeena said the news of Leo's destruction would strike fear throughout the universe, and they would tremble when they heard her name.
-   Seeing his items held by Deviot, Leo leapt into the pit grappling a Stingwinger, and when it flew out with him holding on, it crashed into Deviot, whom Leo grabbed in passing.
-   Outside, Leo escaped with his Morpher and saber; Villamax joined Deviot outside and was led in the wrong direction, and Deviot then led Trakeena in the correct direction.
-   Trakeena ran after Leo with her sword to handle him.
-   Leo wound up in an area surrounded by generator boxes which created an invisible forcefield once he was inside.
-   Entering the area, Trakeena activated a remote, saying she'd been planning for this day, and orange energy arcs came up from the nine-generator circle, forming a blue forcefield dome which then became invisible; she told him he wouldn't escape this time.
-   After Leo had morphed, the two fought, with Trakeena beating him consistently, several kicks sending him flying around.
-   Winning, Trakeena proudly wished her father could see her now.
-   As Trakeena approached the downed Leo to finish him off, the forcefield suddenly shut down, and she was attacked by the two Treacheron-themed monsters Kubak and Teksa, whom she didn't know.
-   During the ensuing fight, Trakeena slashed Kubak in the stomach with her sword, stunning him, then approached the downed Teksa and charged her sword with green energy and struck through him, making him fall and vanish as yellow specks of energy.
-   Trakeena fought Kubak, knocked the sword from his hand, and pinned the begging monster against the wall with her leg, demanding to know who'd sent him; nearby, Deviot suddenly blasted the monster, making him collapse and explode.
-   Trakeena was furious, but Deviot said he'd thought she was in danger.
-   Leo was gone, but Trakeena and Deviot soon caught up with him before the other four Rangers arrived.
-   With green energy bolts, Trakeena turned her black sword into her staff and shot a green energy bolt at the Rangers, making a large explosion.
-   As Trakeena charged her staff for another bolt, the ground rumbled, and Kubak had grown, stomping near the Rangers; frustrated, Trakeena teleported away with Deviot.
-   As the Rangers were together below after Kubak's destruction, the sky darkened, and Trakeena teleported onto a cliff in a green energy bolt; she swore that they would pay for destroying her father, and when they were all gone, evil would reign forever; she then teleported away.

-   Trakeena sent the Hexuba-themed monster Rykon disguised as Maya's old best friend Shondra from Mirinoi in an attempt to steal the Galaxy Book.
-   In the night city, Shondra was walking, looking around, when Villamax stood in her path, startling her, and she spun around at Trakeena's speaking her monster name, relieved to see it was Trakeena.
-   Running her fingers over Shondra's back, Trakeena saw she had the Rangers right where she wanted them, then ordered her to get her the Galaxy Book as part of a plan to make the Rangers pay for destroying her father.

-   Somewhere between the Milky Way and the Eurolean Galaxy was a large, rapidly moving meteoroid field which impacted with a planet with yellow continents and white "oceans," blowing the planet up.
?   A GSA report gave the coordinates of the meteoroid field as, "[ten zero] eleven zero zero by zero two from galactic zero," in the constellation of Kasterborus; in Doctor Who, this was actually the location of the planet Gallifrey, the cradle of the oldest civilization in the galaxy, and the home planet of the Time Lords and the Doctor himself.
-   Nearby, the Scorpion Stinger began to be bombarded by the meteoroid field, making Deviot fear they were under attack before Kegler presented a meteroid's remains; Trakeena's knowledge beforehand was uncertain.
-   With the engines disabled and Kegler saying they needed a real mechanic, Deviot got an idea, and the Barbarax-themed Cannonbrawl soon abducted High Councilor Renier from Terra Venture.
-   Trakeena then sent a transmission to Terra Venture demanding that they send her their best mechanic to repair the engines, showing Renier restrained by Stingwingers and giving them ten minutes to decide.
-   When the Stingwingers brought the mechanic that had been flown there, Trakeena was shocked to find it was Green Ranger Damon, but she had Kegler and Deviot take him to the engine room nonetheless.
-   Later, as the meteor storm struck, Trakeena went to the engine room just as Damon was completing the repairs, and they all rushed back to the main lair, where Trakeena was relieved to learn from Kegler that they would be up and running in a few moments.
-   Damon began to leave, but Deviot blocked his way; Damon said she'd promised to let them go, but she replied flippantly, "Hello, I'm evil. I lied."
-   Suddenly, Villamax rushed in, reporting that Renier had escaped; when the lights flickered, Damon fled, escaping Deviot's wrath.
-   Soon, Deviot reported engines were at full power, and Trakeena had Kegler fly them out of the storm; once they were safe, she then ordered Cannonbrawl to destroy Terra Venture.

-   As Terra Venture was near a red giant star, Kegler attempted to explain gravitational physics to Trakeena, and Villamax explained that if Terra Venture were to lose power while close to the star, the gravity would suck them in.
-   Icy Angel, a Hexuba-themed monster, went to Terra Venture and put Commander Stanton under a spell, but he and the colony were saved when the Rangers destroyed the monster.

-   In the throne room, the villains were gathered by Trakeena; as promised, Deviot presented Motor Mantis, a Villamax-themed monster who ran in excitedly.
-   Deviot and Motor Mantis begged for Trakeena to give the monster a chance, and she approved.

-   In Trakeena's lair, Villamax had apparently introduced the subject of Loyax; Deviot called him a washed-up old warrior, but Villamax regarded him as an honorable legend.
-   Loyax had won battles in every corner of the universe, according to Villamax; for centuries, he said, the name Loyax had inspired fear.
-   Having been brought in to meet Trakeena, Loyax bowed to his "lovely queen Trakeena," and she soon accepted his wish for one final battle, offering him a battle with the Power Rangers, which he concluded would be a glorious ending indeed.
-   After Yellow Ranger and Loyax had fallen off a cliff into the ocean, Deviot reported that he believed Loyax had been destroyed, but Trakeena had Deviot go down and find Loyax to make sure he destroyed the Rangers.

-   Deviot presented Trakeena with the Hexuba monster Maronda, one of the most evil creatures in the universe; when asked what made her so evil, Maronda captured a Stingwinger inside her necklace, pleasing Trakeena.

-   On the Scorpion Stinger after Chameliac had defeated Mike with his own powers as Kegler and Villamax were constructing a giant laser dish on Terra Venture, Trakeena congratulated Chameliac on putting the Magna Defender down for the count, but she asked if he could do the same against five Power Rangers; he promised that once he had completed his analysis of the Rangers' abilities, the chance of failure would be zero.
-   Chameliac pressed a button on the alien control panel to begin analysis, and five holographic data displays, one of each Ranger, appeared around him; he remarked to Trakeena she had excellent archives.

-   Trakeena was present when Deviot resurrected the Psycho Rangers from their data cards, which he'd obtained from an alien.
-   Trakeena had the Psychos listen up, having heard they could be a rough bunch, which was fine, as long as they did what she said; they told them that their first targets were the Green and Yellow Rangers.
-   Psycho Yellow and Psycho Black agreed, but Psycho Blue refused, and on Trakeena's instruction, Deviot caused the Psychos' new armband devices to electrocute them until Psycho Red agreed to cooperate.
-   In a warehouse in the Industrial Dome, Trakeena stood with the Psychos, Villamax, and Deviot as they waited for Leo, the four captured teens surrounded by stone pillars around which was an invisible energy barrier.
-   Trakeena commended Deviot, saying the Psycho Rangers were everything he'd promised.
-   After a massive explosion blew a large hole into the wall, the Red Galaxy Ranger walked in, but he was then joined by the Red Space Ranger, shocking Trakeena.
-   Excited about the possibility of destroying two Red Rangers, Trakeena thought she'd go down in history; the two Rangers led the charging Psychos outside to fight, and the villains ran after them, Trakeena giggling.
-   Suddenly confronted by five Space Rangers, five Galaxy Rangers, and a Magna Defender, Trakeena growled for the Psycho Rangers to take no prisoners.
-   Later, the villains vanished angrily after the apparent destruction of the Psycho Rangers.

-   In the Scorpion Stinger, the lone survivor Psycho Pink was unconscious against a pillar as Deviot planned to rejuvenate her capabilities to maximum strength, making her stronger than ever, as soon as she came to.
-   Trakeena wanted Psycho Pink to destroy all ten Rangers, which would allow her to take her place as queen of the universe, but, regaining consciousness, Psycho Pink protested that she only wanted the Pink Ranger.
-   After Psycho Pink had torn off her restraint cuff, Trakeena ordered PsPink to listen to her, but she summoned her Psycho Arrow with pink energy, an arrow aimed at Trakeena, telling her no one told her what to do.
-   Nervous, Trakeena stumbled back and tripped into her throne, saying Psycho Pink would regret this.
-   Psycho Pink released her glowing pink arrow, but Villamax instantly deflected it with his sword, and Trakeena smiled confidently.
-   Psycho Pink ran out, but Trakeena had Villamax and Deviot stay, planning to get rid of the rest after Psycho Pink destroyed the Pink Rangers.

-   The night after Kendrix's death, the villains watched as the four Rangers flew into space; Deviot knew they were undoubtedly looking for the departed pink Quasar Saber, and Trakeena sent him to prevent them from finding it.
-   Knowing news about the saber would travel fast in the underworld, Trakeena sent Villamax to check for rumors, and he knew exactly where it would end up.
-   Later, at an auction on Onyx, the pink Quasar Saber was being sold to the highest bidder; sitting at the bar with long black hair, Astronema called out one million, stunning everyone.
-   As Astronema prepared to leave with the Quasar Saber, Trakeena stood with Villamax on the upper balcony as she shouted down that Astronema had betrayed the darkness and become good; before revealing the secret, she appeared to be the only person present who knew that Astronema was now Karone.
-   When Karone, having lost her wig during the struggle with Villamax, actually swung back with the Quasar Saber, Villamax was sent falling into a chair, and she was surprised by the strength of her blow.
-   Karone fled the building as Trakeena ran down the steps after her.
-   Outside, Trakeena was angry with Villamax, but Deviot's monster Ironite ran up and told her of the trap for the Rangers; hiding around the corner, Karone realized she had to help the Rangers.
-   As the Rangers and Karone ran toward the four landed Jet Jammers after escaping from Deviot on Kirassa, Trakeena materialized in front of them, and Villamax and Ironite joined her, as did Deviot and Spikaka.
-   Trakeena was excited to have four Rangers, the pink Quasar Saber, and a washed-up Astronema before her, and she blasted green bolts from her staff, sending the saber flying.
-   Trakeena transformed her staff into its sword form and charged.
-   Defended by Leo, Karone fetched the saber and dodged Trakeena's swings, running up a mountainside.
-   Frustrated, Trakeena shot a pulse of green energy rings from her sword, then fought Karone and shot another blast, sending her teetering on the edge of the cliff.
-   Trakeena mocked the "mighty Astronema" and grabbed the saber by the handle before Karone could fall.
-   Trakeena had some strands of long dark hair hanging from the back of her head covering.
-   With her sword to Karone's neck, Trakeena spat for her never, ever to mess with her, then kicked her off the cliff.
-   Soon, Trakeena prepared to stab Leo with the pink Quasar Saber, but Karone confidently grabbed her arm, forcing it down slyly; she then threw Trakeena's arm back and kicked the saber into the air, and caught it after kicking Trakeena back into Villamax's arms.
-   Holding the Quasar Saber above her head, Karone was morphed into the Pink Ranger with a pink gleam.
-   During the ensuing fight, Villamax reminded Trakeena that no one would be protecting Terra Venture if they kept the Rangers busy on the planet, so she and Villamax vanished, as did Deviot and Ironite, leaving Spikaka alone with the Rangers.
-   Ironite would attack Terra Venture alone, but he would eventually be destroyed by the five Rangers.

-   On a bluish-atmosphered planet, Trakeena and Villamax arrived to watch Magnetox demonstrate his powers, seeking to prove that he could beat the Rangers.
-   Attacked by Stingwingers, Magnetox quickly drained their energy, reducing them to cockroaches.
-   Villamax had told Trakeena that Magnetox was magnificent.

-   In Trakeena's lair, Decibat demonstrated his painful soundwaves for the villains until Deviot ordered him to stop, and Trakeena sent him to Terra Venture.
?   Trakeena erroneously pronounced the monster's name "Decibot."

-   After Deviot had activated the Galaxy Book's Keonta spell on Terra Venture but had apparently been destroyed, a large area in front of the Scorpion Stinger was normal space intitially, but as lightning flashed through the area, the multicolored nebulae of the Lost Galaxy were lit up inside.
-   Villamax planned to pursue the Rangers, but Trakeena exclaimed, "You fools! Don't you realize they've entered the Lost Galaxy?!" and Kegler added, "It's the most mysterious place in the universe! People go in, but they never come out!"
-   Villamax gladly realized that the Rangers were gone forever, but the ship began to be sucked in; Trakeena used the controls, and the Scorpion Stinger flew away.

-   In Captain Mutiny's castle after Grunchor had been unleashed on Terra Venture, Deviot told Mutiny to give him 100 Swabbies, and he would ensure success by feeding Grunchor a strength serum.
-   Mutiny grumbled, "If Trakeena finds out you're working for me now, she'll toss me overboard!" and Deviot replied he worried too much.

-   Just after Captain Mutiny's castle had emerged into the normal universe following Terra Venture, the Scorpion Stinger clamped its jaws onto one of the castle's spires.
?   Trakeena was ready to destroy Mutiny's castle the moment it and Terra Venture emerged from the Lost Galaxy portal; how she had been there immediately is unknown, but it apparently had nothing to do with Terra Venture, as suggested in 743-End1.
-   Trakeena spoke, "There's only one ruler in this universe, and that's me."
-   Trakeena pressed a button, and the pincers crushed the portion of the castle.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger flew off, the damaged portion of the castle was glowing with blue light, and the entire structure then exploded in a massive fireball.

-   As she, Villamax, and Kegler entered her main lair, Trakeena was pleased to see Terra Venture was back, though she remarked they'd wish they'd never left the Lost Galaxy when she was done.
?   Why Trakeena had been in the area is unknown, although she may have been there because of Mirinoi, which had apparently exited the Lost Galaxy at some point.
-   Soon after the destruction of Captain Mutiny's castle, a smoking and weakened Deviot entered Trakeena's lair in the Scorpion Stinger, desperately thanking Trakeena for saving him from the clutches of that space pirate, saying Captain Mutiny had kidnapped him and forced him to do labor in his slave camp.
-   Calling Deviot a traitor, Trakeena had Villamax approach; Deviot pleaded that he lived only to serve her, but she told Villamax to destroy him before she got a headache.
-   Being attacked, Deviot soon ran down the hall from the unyielding Villamax.
-   As Deviot approached the cocoon in the storage area, Villamax grabbed him and pummeled him as Trakeena entered laughing with Kegler.
-   Deviot begged Trakeena to call him off, but Villamax continued assailing him.
-   Deviot begged to explain, but Trakeena told Villamax to finish him off.
-   During the attack, Deviot suddenly grabbed Trakeena and ran hurtling toward the cocoon, past Villamax.
-   Inside the cocoon amidst white flashes, Deviot and Trakeena were merged as Trakeena shouted and screamed.
-   Trakeena rolled out of the cocoon, and she startled Villamax with a demonic grin, yellowish-green irisis with red borders, and black lines streaking down from her eyes; she also had long black pseudo-hair tendrils, and Deviot's blaster on her right hand.
-   Now speaking with Deviot's voice reverb, Trakeena said she was okay, but Deviot was finished.
-   As Terra Venture prepared its final descent for Mirinoi the next morning, the Scorpion Stinger roared by.
?   Leo said he'd thought they'd lost Trakeena; how she had been right there the moment Terra Venture had emerged from the Lost Galaxy in 742-EsLG is unknown, although the recently transported Mirinoi may have been involved in her motivation.
-   Meanwhile, Trakeena sat evilly in her throne, and Villamax manned the controls.
-   The Scorpion Stinger proceeded to obliterate the Industrial Dome, fly by Command Headquarters (leaving it unharmed), and go underneath to destroy the colony's only remaining engine cluster.
-   Watching the explosions, Trakeena said nothing could stop her this time.
-   As Villamax worked the control panel, the viewscreen zoomed in on the middle of a dome-to-dome tunnel on Terra Venture where Green Ranger stood waving his arms to get their attention; Trakeena was evilly pleased.
-   The Scorpion Stinger flew over the tunnel, then turned and approached head-on.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger approached, Damon ran, and the Stinger's pincers crushed the portion of tunnel behind him.
-   As Damon ran for his life screaming that she wasn't joking around, the Stinger kept chomping on portions after him, shattering the glass tunnel each time.
-   Suddenly during the attack, a large explosion erupted from the ship's left pincer, and the stunned craft fell into space.
-   The Scorpion Stinger was soon shown flying in space.
-   A cockroach-sized black bug buzzed around Trakeena's head, and she looked at it and then snatched it out of the air, making Kegler clap gleefully, but she then crunched her teeth down on the flapping insect.
-   Disgusted, Kegler said that could have been her relative, but he took it back, saying he was just kidding, when she belched at him.
-   In a corridor, Stingwingers marched by Trakeena, each with a silver device attached to its chest; the device had a rapidly blinking red light in the center and a handle for the Stingwinger to pull with its right hand.
-   Villamax was alarmed to find Trakeena had attached bombs to every single Stingwinger; she told him they'd destroy everything they got near, like the Rangers and Terra Venture.
-   Villamax urged Trakeena that they could destroy the Rangers without destroying their own soldiers, but Trakeena left for "a date with destiny."
-   Trakeena stepped up to the center inside a giant domed honeycomb with a Stingwinger buzzing in almost every cell.
-   Trakeena's echoing voice called out, "Today, I, the great Trakeena, shall finally defeat all that is good, and take my place, which I so truly deserve, as ruler of the universe! Let history unfold!"
-   Trakeena laughed as Stingwingers flew over her and swarmed out of the Scorpion Stinger.
-   A huge swarm of Stingwingers flew toward the city dome; at the same time, the Scorpion Stinger approached, with Trakeeka standing on the head with her staff.
-   Trakeena laughed that there was victory in the air.

-   Trakeena watched as the Stingwingers covered Stratoforce and Centaurus outside the city dome, and she wanted more, to cover every inch of them; meanwhile, the other Stingwingers were destroying buildings and fighting the Rangers inside the dome.
-   Soon, the two Megazords outside were nearly covered with Stingwingers; on the head of the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena called for a few more, and the Megazords were then blown into oblivion.
-   Trakeena said now nothing could stop her.
-   Entering her lair with Villamax, the elated Trakeena said she was queen of the world (?), as she'd destroyed two Megazords.
-   Trakeena told Villamax to send in her army to hunt down the Rangers, but he protested that she'd lost every last Stingwinger and had no more army; she stormed out, saying she didn't need anyone.
-   At least fourteen shuttles, probably more, were flying through space together when the Scorpion Stinger flew up beside one.
-   With Kegler and Villamax, Trakeena said they were sitting ducks and that they'd blast them right out of the sky, one by one, just like they'd done to her Stingwingers.
-   Trakeena told Villamax to lock the lasers on target.
-   Trakeena told him to fire, and he reached but then stopped, refusing sternly; as she shouted to fire, he shouted back that the Red Ranger had destroyed her father, but the shuttles were filled with innocent people, and he softly added, "Little children."
-   Trakeena ordered him out of her way to do it herself, but Villamax told her there was no honor in this.
-   Trakeena shoved Villamax aside, but he grabbed her, refusing to let her do this.
-   Trakeena slammed him back with her staff in his gut, then shot him with her wrist blaster's red lasers, sending him flying through a wall and into another room.
-   Trakeena approached with her sword, calling him pathetic.
-   After Villamax had been blasted through a wall, Kegler scurried over to him asking if he was all right, but Trakeena ordered him to get away from him, blasting Villamax in the chest and making Kegler scurry away.
-   Trakeena told Villamax to fight back if he dared, but he repeatedly refused as she utterly pummeled him.
-   Trakeena shouted for Villamax to fight or be destroyed, but he refused.
-   Trakeena gave Villamax a finishing blow across the stomach, and he and his flowers dropped to the floor.
-   As Villamax reached for the flowers, Trakeena stomped them into the ground.
-   Trakeena told him it seemed he'd taught her to fight too well, but he retorted that she'd learned nothing; he then collapsed and dissolved into orange energy specks which vanished.
-   Sobbing, Kegler rushed up and felt the floor, asking what she'd done to him.
-   With her sword, Trakeena asked if he wanted to join him, and he sobbingly begged no, following her out in despair.
-   As Trakeena resumed control, the Scorpion Stinger aimed its tail, but the ship suddenly rumbled as the Megaship flew in blasting.
-   As the Megaship turned and approached from the front, Trakeena had the Stinger ram them and violently grab the Megaship in its pincers, crushing its front.
-   Nearly two minutes later, the Megaship suddenly erupted in a huge explosion as the Rangers flew away; the badly damaged Scorpion Stinger spiraled in a smoking trail and would crash on the moon below.
-   As the ruins of the Stinger lay on the moon, Trakeena, gasping and scorched, stumbled down a wrecked and flaming hall and approached the cocoon.
-   Trakeena's face was charred on her left side, with a bit coming up the side of her nose; this would be the scar beneath her faceplate in 821-TrR1. (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith)

-   Remembering Scorpius's words about the cocoon and her transformation, Trakeena said they hadn't seen the last of her as she approached cocoon; she remarked, "Yes, father, it's time."
-   Trakeena was sucked into the cocoon as green energy particles, where she grunted and writhed as she transformed.
-   In a superpowered green form, Trakeena plunged her hands out of the cocoon and emerged dripping with green slime.
-   At the Scorpion Stinger's exterior wall, Trakeena had left a slime-covered hole and slimy green footprints leading to the city dome in the distance.
-   Trakeena walked through Command Headquarters in Terra Venture's control tower.
-   Grunting like a monster, Trakeena summoned her staff from a green energy bolt and plunged it into the floor; rings of green electricity flew out from it, repowering the dead city dome.
-   Suddenly, the city dome lifted off from the moon.
?   Following Trakeena's slimy footprints, Leo used a lift to enter a GSA hall in the control tower near Command Headquarters, though how Trakeena had used the lift before repowering the city dome from Command is unknown.
-   In Command Headquarters, Leo found Trakeena's staff standing in the center, bathing the room in green light as the insect gem glowed and green energy pulses entered the floor.
-   As Leo pressed buttons on the control table, Trakeena flew by along the wall above, then eventually landed to confront him, saying in a rough and more monstrous voice than electronic, "Welcome back, Leo."; she now had no traits of Deviot and appeared more sane.
-   Trakeena was now in a hard (but stretchy in places) green armored form similar to her old green battle armor, but her face was like a "Gray" alien, with almond-shaped compound eyes, no nose, and a small mouth opening from which her pink tongue occasionally licked; in her forehead around her antennae was an insect head design.
-   Trakeena said she was bigger and badder and had just been on her way to smash him and all the pathetic people on the planet with their dear Terra Venture.
-   Trakeena leapt, kicking Leo back; she told him the only way to stop the ship was to stop her, and she pounded him and soon kicked him out the window.
-   Trakeena, having leapt down after him, landed nearby, making cracks beneath her feet from the impact.
-   Trakeena found it fitting, the thought of Terra Venture destroying its own people.
-   As morphed Leo confronted Trakeena, she bounced around him as a green energy streak, formed a large green version of her face above him for a moment twice, then materialized grappling him from behind and pounded him.
-   Trakeena told Leo that when Terra Venture (i.e. the city dome) crashed, everyone on the entire planet would be destroyed, just like he'd destroyed her father, but he wouldn't be around to see it.
-   Trakeena shot a green energy bolt from her hand, blowing up a car behind Leo with an enormous explosion.
-   Trakeena considered that rather than zapping Leo, she might eat him instead.
-   The four Rangers flew up, and Trakeena blasted Maya's Jet Jammer, making her jump out, and the Jammer crashed into some rubble; the others would then depart from theirs.
-   Trakeena pounded the Rangers with menacing speed and strength, at one point violently hurling a table at Kai.
-   With Leo the last standing, Trakeena formed a whip between her hands and wrapped it around Leo from afar; she then flung him against a wall, imprinting him hard into the concrete, and the whip dissolved with gold energy.
-   The Galaxy Quasar Launchers' combined blast flew toward Trakeena as a ball of gold light, but she caught it and threw it back as a sphere of green electricity.
-   As the guys drove up on their Astro Cycles, Trakeena blasted Damon off his cycle, teleport-dodged Kai's lasers, and blasted him off as well.
-   Suddenly, the girls grappled Trakeena as Leo formed the Red Capsular Cycle, and the girls leapt aside as the fire streak roared through Trakeena with a huge explosion, flinging her through the air.
-   Trakeena leapt numerous times (ending up beside the totaled yellow Jet Jammer), and Leo leapt after her and slashed her in the chest.
-   As the Red Armored Ranger, Leo used an extending claw arm to reach out and grapple Trakeena by the torso.
-   Leo said he had only one shot and had to make it count.
-   After pulling Trakeena to him directly in front of his right barrel, Leo told her he wished he didn't have to do this.
-   Rushing up, the others cried out for him not to, and Trakeena asked him what it was going to be; Leo shouted, "This! Fire!"
-   An enormous explosion erupted from the two of them, sending out an orange energy shockwave.
-   A distant evil laughter echoed as a faint image of Trakeena's alien face formed briefly in the fire and smoke, but it then drifted up into the sky.
-   Emerging from the rubble of the blast, Leo panted that he was okay and said that was the last they'd ever see of Trakeena.

-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage (and apparently shortly after Bansheera's Grand Cross ceremony), Triskull and Ghouls flew from Mirinoi to Mariner Bay, California, on Earth.
-   On the thirteenth floor of a glass skyscraper, the mother of a girl named Heather knocked on her husband's office door but was suddenly attacked by Ghouls from surrounding offices, and they carried the screaming woman inside what had previously been her husband's office but was now a mysterious laboratory.
-   After shrinking the woman into the last of 29 energy-draining jars, Triskull had the Ghouls begin taking her life energy at once.
-   As was happening to the woman's husband, she became cold as green sparkles were drained from her with pulsing red energy rings at the top of her tube.
-   Through a transparent hose from the shelf setup, green sparkles began flowing to the bubbling liquid setup as Trakeena ran her hand over a liquid column and chuckled evilly.
?   Trakeena now had an echoing breathy voice, like Queen Bansheera's.
-   Approving, Trakeena told Triskull it was only a matter of time.
-   A Ghoul made a ghoulish grunt to Triskull, telling him they had a witness he needed to attend to, and as he reported, bowing slightly to Trakeena, she told him to see to it.
-   Trakeena told Triskull he'd best not fail.
-   Patting the liquid column in the mysterious laboratory in Mariner Bay, Triskull later told Olympius he'd almost collected enough life energy to restore Queen Bansheera's mighty powers, but Olympius wanted to know when he'd have it all; Triskull replied very soon, assuring him the powers his mother would receive would be well worth the wait.
-   Emerging after Olympius had left, Trakeena said the demons still believed the life force energy was for their queen.
-   Trakeena was in her original form, with the addition of a gray mouthplate, and her face beneath was charred from the Scorpion Stinger's crash in 744-End2; the upper left edge of the mouthplate appeared gibbled up as though from combat.
-   Trakeena said the Galaxy Rangers had destroyed her magnificent beauty, so she planned to repay them by destroying their "beloved Earth."
-   Triskull called Trakeena his queen.
-   Once the green liquid cylinders in the lab were full, Trakeena planned to use their energy to become an unstoppable force and make Bansheera and Olympius work for her.
-   Triskull reminded Trakeena of their deal, that he would rule along with her, and she agreed but threatened that the deal was off as long as there was still a witness who could spoil her plans.
-   Leo explained that Trakeena had come to Earth because she was injured, and she needed something.
-   Again asked later why Trakeena would come to Earth, Leo recalled the green form into which she'd mutated, and she was now capturing people to steal their life energy to restore her power in order to mutate again.

-   Later, Triskull told Trakeena the life force cylinders were near full capacity; Trakeena said the whole universe would tremble when it saw her "green" again.
-   Watching through a spy bat he'd planted following Bansheera's idea, Olympius found that Triskull was gathering the energy for Trakeena rather than Bansheera.
-   Bansheera warned Olympius not to let Trakeena "mutate to green," or she would have the power to crush even him.
-   Olympius poured glowing purple poison along the blade of a dagger, saying it was stronger than ten taipans and that Trakeena stood no chance against it.
-   As morphed Carter and Leo examined the shrunken people after kicking in the lab door, they were attacked by at least six Ghouls, but morphed Damon and Kendrix arrived, defeating the creatures.
-   From the shadows of the north wall, Trakeena stepped out with her amber-tipped staff, and she blasted at them with green energy bolts.
-   Trakeena blasted the four again, this time sending them flying out the wall of the skyscraper, unmorphed.
-   Soon seeing the cylinders full with green liquid, Trakeena said it was time and sat in her metal chair, strapping in her ankles and wrists.
-   On Trakeena's right ring finger was a cockroach-shaped ring.
-   With flashes of light as Trakeena looked around anxiously, green beams washed over her from the top of the chair, blurrily alternating her normal form with her green form.
-   Olympius's poisoned dagger flew up into the lab high above, and impaled the green-speckling hose which connected to the chair setup, and all the liquid suddenly turned purple, making Trakeena panic.
-   During the green beaming, the purple liquid levels dropped suddenly as Trakeena vanished with a purple cloud of energy headed by a glowing image of her mouthplated face.
-   The purple cloud flew from a huge hole in the other corner of the building, down to street level, larger now, and it roared monstrously as it had evil green eyes, and the sky filled with dark clouds.
-   The purple energy materialized into an enormous monster a bit like a cross between Grunchor and Triskull, with a wide base and innumerable long tentacles stretching out over the city.
-   Monster-Trakeena blew broad streams of fire into the city below.
-   The Max Solarzord jump-kicked monster-Trakeena but bounced off.
-   The Omega Megazord approached and swung with its spear, but Trakeena caught it and punched the Megazord back.
-   Trakeena swung both Zords around in her tentacles and then blasted them both with green energy bolts from her mouth, and both crashed to the ground.
-   After slamming it against the ground once more, Trakeena reached her extending hand-tentacle for the Omega Megazord, the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber cut her hand off, making her roar in pain.
-   The Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber's finishing slash made giant monster-Trakeena crackle with blue electricity; following the Omega Megazord's missile, she erupted with enormous explosions which spread outward and struck the Zords, and the defeated Galactabeasts fell.
-   Crackling with green energy as they teleported down, the defeated Galaxy Rangers fell to the city below and lay sprawled and motionless.
-   Groaning, monster-Trakeena began to lift her head.
-   An X slash from the Orion Omega Megazord's staff and the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber made monster-Trakeena explode.

Other Sources.
-   According to the Fox Kids website, Scorpius never allowed Trakeena to get wrapped up in his evil deeds, having resolved that she would not grow up to follow in his venomous footsteps.

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