- evil laboratory in Mariner Bay skyscraper used to drain life energy for Trakeena (821-TrR1, 822-TrR2)
First Appearance: 821-TrR1
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
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-   On the thirteenth floor of a glass skyscraper in Mariner Bay, the mother of a girl named Heather knocked on her husband's office door but was suddenly attacked by Ghouls from surrounding offices, and they carried the screaming woman inside what had previously been her husband's office.
-   Inside was a misty laboratory the size of a large office suite; against one wall were shelves containing 29 bottles containing miniaturized office workers, with the bottle beside the woman's miniaturized husband empty.
-   On one wall, designated here as "north," was a metallic chair setup with its back to the room, in which Trakeena would soon be shown, and on either side were three glowing cylinders of bubbling green liquid.
-   To the right of this setup was the rack of people, and on the south wall were racks of chemicals.
?   To the left of Trakeena's setup was a fan blade with a bright light source behind it, though this direction would have been pointing toward the interior of the office building.
-   Between the fan blade and Trakeena's setup was a control panel apparatus.
-   After miniaturizing Heather's mom into the one empty jar remaining, Triskull had the Ghouls begin taking her life energy at once, and a Ghoul worked a control panel which may have been on the east end of the lab.
-   As was happening to the woman's husband, she became cold as green sparkles were drained from her with pulsing red energy rings at the top of her tube.
-   Through a transparent hose from the shelf setup, green sparkles began flowing to the bubbling liquid setup as Trakeena ran her hand over a liquid column and chuckled evilly.
-   Soon, Heather's mom was growing weak as pale green light briefly shone over her.
-   Patting a green liquid column later, Triskull told Olympius he'd almost collected enough life energy to restore Queen Bansheera's mighty powers, but Olympius wanted to know when he'd have it all; Triskull replied very soon, assuring him the powers his mother would receive would be well worth the wait.
-   Once the green liquid cylinders in the lab were full, Trakeena planned to use their energy to become an unstoppable force and make Bansheera and Olympius work for her.

-   Later, Triskull told Trakeena the life force cylinders were near full capacity.
-   When the building's fire alarm went off, Trakeena, sitting in her chair setup which now faced outward, asked demandingly what that sound was; Triskull said it sounded lke some sort of alarm, and Trakeena had him check on it.
-   Flyers taped to the glass entranceway outside the lobby read, "Mariner Bay Commercial Bank."
?   On the thirteenth floor, morphed Carter and Leo ran toward a hallway junction identical to before, although they would have been coming from the office Heather's ball had earlier gone in; they kicked in the door, which Carter said had to be it.
?   When kicked in, the door was apparently unpainted on the hallway side, although it had been black in the hall, and it would be black during the ensuing battle.
?   The door was now on the other end of the room, the east wall, while it had originally been west.
-   The cylinders were now nearly full.
?   When Trakeena blasted the Rangers, they were sent flying out the solid, opaque west wall, although from the exterior, the entire building was covered with glass windows.
?   From exterior shots of the hole near the top of the building, the lab would have been much higher than the thirteenth floor.
-   Soon seeing the cylinders full with green liquid, Trakeena said it was time and sat in her metal chair, strapping in her ankles and wrists.
-   With flashes of light as Trakeena looked around anxiously, green beams washed over her from the top of the chair, blurrily alternating her normal form with her green form.
-   Olympius's dagger, treated with poison stronger than ten taipans, flew up into the lab high above, and impaled the green-speckling hose which connected to the chair setup, and all the liquid suddenly turned purple, making Trakeena panic.
-   During the green beaming, the purple liquid levels dropped suddenly as Trakeena flew out a huge hole in the other corner of the building and mutated into an enormous monster.
?   As green speck trails from their tubes following Trakeena's destruction, the captured people materialized lying on the floor of the lab and came to, but there were now only perhaps fifteen or so of them.
-   The glass building had a "300" on the front.

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