- Red Lightspeed Ranger's cycle capable of transforming into powerful armor
First Appearance: 835-WebW
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
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-   At a dirt testing track, jacketed Carter in a black and white dirtbiking helmet with his crest on it drove a mostly black customized dirtbike.
-   Testing the maneuverability, Carter found it incredible.
-   Racing for a target after locking on to test the lasers, Carter shot a green-shockwaved blue energy blast which made a small explosion.
-   As Carter was amazed by the cycle, Miss Fairweather replied this was just the prototype and had him proceed to the last test; Carter pressed some control buttons on the bike and peeled out.
-   Holding out his arms and pressing a button, Carter called for armor mode; the front section of the bike hovered out and pressed back against his chest, but it slammed him off the bike, letting the bike crash into a wall of tires, where it soon exploded.
-   Racing on the bike for another test run at a later point, Carter again called for armor mode; the front flew to his chest again and he held it in place as he'd tried to do last time.
-   Carter backflipped off the bike, and as he planted his feet into the dirt, he skidded forward from momentum.
-   With the chest piece now stuck to his chest, Carter called to complete the transformation, but something in the bike smoked, and it crashed unpiloted into the wall of tires.
-   As Carter left, Miss Fairweather replied with uncertainty that she'd work on it.
-   Not long afterward, as Carter walked by a lab in the Aquabase, Miss Fairweather stopped him and told him she thought they'd worked out the last of the glitches, needing him to test the armor mode on the real cycle.
-   A short while later, Carter unlocked the lab door with Miss Fairweather's red keycard which also turned on the lights; the Trans-Armor Cycle was under a white sheet.
-   After morphing, Carter revved the bike and rode it cautiously through the Aquabase's hallways, then rode it up the Transport tunnel to leave.
-   With two commandeered trucks closing in, Carter hopped up with a leg on either of the trucks, then flipped back onto his slowing cycle.
-   Carter eventually raced for Vypra, popping a wheelie so that his front end absorbed her lasers harmlessly, and he then dropped and fired a green energy beam from his right turret.
-   Blasted once, the crackling Vyprari skidded into the flaming wreckage of a car and exploded violently.
-   Racing off, Carter tried the tracking system, flipping up the monitor on a small silver interface with a purple keyboard on which he typed; the screen switched from a blue sigil to show a view from outside the building containing the others, showing four Ranger-colored outlines inside.
-   Hoping Miss Fairweather had gotten all the bugs out, Carter pressed a button and called for armor mode while racing forward: as he held out his arms, the front piece detached and locked onto his chest; side pieces then released from the cycle, and as he flipped back, his feet landed in the foot pieces, his momentum causing him to skid forward briefly as if on skis.
-   To complete transformation, the seat section and front turret section flew off and locked onto Carter's hands as arm cannons, and the entire wheel structure then locked onto his back.
-   Arachnor was unable to scan the Trans-Armor Cycle, as its design was too complex for her.
-   The spinning wheels near Carter's shoulders deflected Arachnor's web beams.
-   From his left arm cannon (the front end of the bike), Carter shot red pulses.
-   Both tires shot out from the back portion and squeezed against Arachnor's front and back while spinning, burning her with friction before sending her flying forward.
-   As Arachnor flew toward him, Carter shot red energy from his right arm cannon, destroying the monster in a rumbling chain of explosions.
-   At a later point as morphed Carter completed a test of the Trans-Armor Cycle, Miss Fairweather happily asked how everything had checked out, and he declared it a definite success.
-   While Carter spoke, a tech examined the parked bike's displays with a pen and clipboard.

-   During a downtown fight, Carter flew in on the Trans-Armor Cycle as if having launched from a ramp nearby, blasting Olympius; he then screeched to a stop and swung around the back end on a front wheelie, slamming the bike into Olympius.
-   Carter raced for Diabolico, but Olympius blasted his tire and knocked him off the bike.
-   When Carter later called, "Weapons online!" into his Morpher, the Trans-Armor Cycle righted itself and drove to Carter.
-   Once clad in the Trans-Armor weaponry, Carter handed his cannons out to the girls; while Carter launched his tires, which impacted with red energy bursts, Dana's front cannons fired pink energy while Kelsey's seat cannons fired yellow energy.
-   The combined blasts from the Trans-Armor Cycle's armor and Mega Battle armor caused Olympius to crackle with red electricity, and he then fell within the flames of a massive explosion, apparently defeated but not physically destroyed.

- Phrases used to rev cycle
835-WebW Carter: "Trans-Armor Cycle!"

- Phrases used to dock chest armor onto chest before flipping off bike
835-WebW 835-WebW 835-WebW Carter: "Armor mode!"
- Phrases used to complete armor transformation after flipping off bike
835-WebW Carter: "Remote engaged! Complete transformation!"
835-WebW Carter: "Complete transformation!"

- Phrases used to fire Trans-Armor and Mega Battle armor cannons
838-SDem Carter: "Ready, aim, fire!"

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