- transforming dagger weapons used by Galaxy Rangers; transform Galactabeasts into Galactazords
First Appearance: 704-Rook
Last Appearance: (all but red) 744-End2, (red) 1034-FRed
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-   In a dark room somewhere after evading Scorpius, Furio told the monster known as Horn that many before him had tried to get the Quasar Sabers, but all had failed, and he asked how Horn was any different.
-   Horn replied that weapons were his expertise, especially rare ones, and he opened the right side of his coat to reveal the five Transdaggers attached to it.
-   Each Transdagger was an identical silver claw weapon, but with a yellow side portion with a Ranger-colored zigzag.
-   Reaching, Furio was astounded, but Horn had him keep his hands off them; Furio urgently asked where he'd gotten them, as they had great power.
-   Horn replied that how he'd gotten the Transdaggers was unimportant, since he could also get the sabers just as he'd gotten the Transdaggers, and Furio agreed.
-   After thinking he'd melted the Quasar Sabers, Furio forcefully opened Horn's coat and ripped out the Transdaggers to melt them as well.
-   The Rangers teleported by, stealing the Transdaggers in the process.
?   Furio told the Rangers they were nothing without their Quasar Sabers, but Leo revealed that those had been fakes used to trick the villains into showing them the location of the Transdaggers; how they had learned of the Transdaggers is unknown, although they may have obtained information and fake sabers from Alpha during their search for Leo.
-   Leo had the Rangers see what the weapons could do, and each transformed his respective Transdagger while calling out its name; this may have been information provided by Alpha, or merely instinctive Ranger knowledge.
-   Red Ranger's Transdagger would typically be transformed into the Magna Talon.
-   To form the Magna Talon, Leo parted the halves of his dagger and sealed them after a handle had slid down, forming a handled blade.
-   Green Ranger's Transdagger would typically be transformed into the Transblaster.
-   To form the Transblaster, Damon opened his dagger, and two halves of the handle folded down, forming a laser blaster.
-   Blue Ranger's Transdagger would typically be transformed into the Cosma Claw.
-   To form the Cosma Claw, Kai parted the halves of his dagger, and a handle was connecting them to form a dual-clawed hand weapon.
-   Yellow Ranger's Transdagger would typically be transformed into the Delta Daggers.
-   To form the Delta Daggers, Maya parted the halves of her dagger, bent them straight, and then pulled the two daggers apart.
-   Pink Ranger's Transdagger would typically be transformed into the Beta Bow.
-   To form the Beta Bow, Kendrix opened her dagger into a bow with a pink string.
-   The Transblaster could shoot rapid bursts of Ranger-colored (typically green) energy spheres.
-   Kai spun once, charging his arms up with blue energy streaks and delivered a blue energy slash with the Cosma Claw to the Stingwingers.
-   Maya struck while her Delta Daggers were charged with yellow electricity.
-   The Beta Bow could shoot dual Ranger-colored (typically pink) energy arrows.
-   Leo struck Stingwingers with a fiery red energy slash.
-   When Leo called for the "star formation," the Rangers crouched together with their Transdaggers, with Blue, Red, and Green in back and Pink and Yellow in front, the five Transdaggers held into a five-pointed star.
-   Ranger-colored energy flowed into the center of the star formation, making a white six-pointed line star, and it then fired a fiery energy disc composed of the white star in a red circle, with the center hexagon yellow and the surrounding triangle points alternating blue and red; outside this was a ring of black and white triangles, black pointing outward and white inward; finally, this disc was charged with flaming red energy.
-   The spinning disc struck Horn and flung him against a wall with an explosion, but he then enlarged himself.

-   After sucking up or neutralizing Gasser's knockout gas on Terra Venture, the Galactabeasts turned to stone, as did the ground in the area beneath them downtown.
-   Gasser struck a sledgehammer against one Galactabeast, and explosions erupted around the Galactabeasts, shaking the area.
-   Refusing to let the Galactabeasts be destroyed, Leo leapt up onto his Galactabeast with his Transdagger, and the others did the same.
?   His arms wide as he appeared to be calling out into the sky, Leo proposed seeing if the Transdaggers would infuse the Galactabeasts with more power, as it was their only hope.
-   Leo held up his Transdagger, as did the others.
-   In a starfield was an arrangement of five Ranger-colored stars, with yellow northwest, green northeast, pink southeast, blue southwest, and red center; the five stars gleamed, and a flaming Ranger-colored energy ball flew down from each.
-   Leo flinched as a massive red energy shockwave from the sky touched his Transdagger, and fiery red energy passed through him into the Galactabeast; after his flinch, he again firmly held the dagger up, applying it to the forcewave hovering above him.
-   From afar, five Ranger-colored energy beams were shining down on the Rangers, making the Galactabeasts glow white.
-   Fiery red energy waves were flowing down Leo into the Lion as sparks erupted around him, and he said it was working.
-   A bright white light shone, and the Galactabeasts and Rangers were suddenly gone; then, somewhere uncertain (though apparently nearby), Leo was riding on the revived Lion Galactabeast's head with the Transdagger, and he said that now the Galactabeasts were even more powerful.
?   When Gasser grew, Leo called, "Galactazord, transform now!" and held up his Transdagger, initiating the never-before-mentioned transformation from Galactabeasts into Galactazords.
-   Once the Galaxy Megazord was formed, the Rangers were shown in separate "cockpit" areas standing at a clear round podium with a slowly rotating Ranger-colored wheel on it, in which the Transdagger rested, pointing up; the Ranger held his right hand out, palm inches from the Transdagger.

-   The star formation blast knocked Mutantrum down, but he then grew.

-   Wielding her Transdagger, morphed Kendrix soon used it in Transblaster mode, firing pink energy spheres which destroyed Wisewizard's notebook of spells.
-   Each Ranger's Transdagger could be transformed into any of the five modes while still retaining that Ranger's color; for instance, when Kendrix used her dagger in Transblaster mode, it still bore pink coloring.

-   To get inside the cockpit of the Lion Galactazord, Leo was shown materializing inside the cockpit with vertical red energy lines; then as he called for the Galaxy Megazord, he held his hand over the bare podium, and his Transdagger materialized on it with the same red energy.
-   The combined blasts from the Red and Pink Transblasters briefly managed to stun giant Fishface, who was an especially strong monster.

-   Flipping through the air, Leo charged both his Magna Talon and his Quasar Saber, with the Magna Talon having a flaming red energy streak; the unusually strong Destruxo, however, blocked the attack.
-   At once, Maya and Kendrix shot Beta Bows, and Damon and Kai shot Transblasters, but Destruxo was unfazed.

-   Arriving in his Galactazord cockpit, Leo called for "full power," causing his Transdagger to materialize in place on the Zord control podium.

-   In Trakeena's video archive, morphed Damon was shown catching his Quasar Saber and Magna Talon in midair, delivering a diving double green energy slash.
-   After morphing a second time to battle Chameliac, the Rangers were suddenly able to use the animal attacks and weapons of a different Ranger, although they retained the same Quasar Sabers: Maya wielded a blue Cosma Claw (not merely her yellow Transdagger in Cosma Claw mode), and Kendrix delivered a dual red energy slash with her Quasar Saber and a red Magna Talon (not merely her pink Transdagger in Magna Talon mode), not particularly harming the warrior.

-   Damon's repeated Transblaster blasts hardly fazed Magnetox, but one blast briefly stunned him and allowed the Rangers to escape.
?   Later, Kai and Maya blasted Magnetox with Transblasters, but Maya was wielding two, both of which shot yellow blasts.

-   Blasts from Damon's Transblaster shot out Decibat's left speaker, making him retreat.

-   The Rangers used their respective Transdagger weapons to fight Swabbies in Hexuba's nightmare world which apparently affected its participants in the real world.
-   Before Hexuba's crystal ball was destroyed and her spell broken, the Transblaster blasts bounced harmlessly off Nightmare's exterior.

-   The Transdaggers' star formation blast destroyed the resurrected Horn.
-   At Hexuba's graveyard, Kai blasted at Quakemaker's tombstone with his Transblaster to prevent the monster's resurrection, but Hexuba would soon knock the weapon from his hands.
-   The combined blasts of Leo and Maya's Galaxy Quasar Launchers, Damon's Transblaster, Karone's Beta Bow, and Mike's Magna Blaster destroyed the resurrected Hardtochoke.

-   Damon shot bomb-rigged Stingwingers with his Transblaster, making a group explode; Karone would be the only one not to use her respective Transdagger weapon on the exploding Stingwingers.
-   Simultaneous blasts from Damon's Transblaster and Kai's Galaxy Quasar Launcher detonated a large group of Stingwingers.

- Phrases used to transform Transdagger into Magna Talon
704-Rook Leo: "Magna Talon!"

- Phrases used to attack with Magna Talon
712-ORis Maya: "Transdagger!"
713-ORet Leo: "Magna Talon!"

- Phrases used to transform Transdagger into Transblaster
704-Rook Damon: "Transblaster!"

- Phrases used to fire Transblaster(s)
710-Sunf Leo/Kendrix: "Transdaggers!"
711-SiSl Leo: "Transdagger!"
713-ORet Damon: "Transblaster!"

- Phrases used to transform Transdagger into Cosma Claw
704-Rook Kai: "Cosma Claw!"

- Phrases used to attack with Cosma Claw
729-Cham Maya: "Cosma Claw!"

- Phrases used to transform Transdagger into Delta Daggers
704-Rook Maya: "Delta Daggers!"

- Phrases used to attack with Delta Daggers
712-ORis Maya/Kendrix: "Transdaggers!"

- Phrases used to transform Transdagger into Beta Bow
704-Rook Kendrix: "Beta Bow!"

- Phrases used to fire Beta Bow(s)
712-ORis Maya/Kendrix: "Fire!"
713-ORet Kendrix: "Beta Bow!"

- Phrases used to call for Transdagger star formation blast
704-Rook 706-LOrn Leo: "Transdaggers, star formation!"
740-HGrv Leo: "Transdagger, star formation!"

- Phrases used to fire Transdagger star formation blast
704-Rook Leo: "Transdaggers, fire!"
706-LOrn Leo: "Ready, fire!"

- Phrases used to put away Transdagger(s)
718-ReMi Kai: "Weapons away!"

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