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First Appearance: 702-QsQ2
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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-   Immediately after the Megaship had crossed through the portal home, Maya, having been holding her left hand on the handle of her compact Quasar Saber, now had a Transmorpher on her morphed wrist, though none of the other Rangers did.
-   The Transmorpher was a gray device with a black zigzag down it; a gold dial at the top end surrounded a crystalline blue circle, and below the dial were the five colors, from left to right: pink, blue, green, yellow, red; this seemed to indicate that each Morpher could be turned to any of the five Ranger colors.
-   A faint zigzag could also be seen in the black wristband of the Transmorpher.

-   After Maya had heard the distant howling of a Galactabeast in trouble, she and Leo had soon called Damon to meet them, probably having used the Transmorphers, which would later be shown to have communications capabilities.
-   As soon as they were attacked while trying to free the Galactabeasts, the three teens instantly had their Transmorphers, in a case of instantaneous Morpher-summoning the moment they were needed, an occurrence which would happen quite often in the future.
-   Initiated by Leo, the three did what would be their standard preparation gesture: they held their Transmorpher-clad left arms near their right shoulders while calling out, "Go...!" and they then moved their arms to the other side to press the middle of the Morpher with two fingers with a call of, "...Galactic!"
?   When Leo used two fingers to press the middle of the gray area on his Morpher to morph, a close-up showed fingers pressing the Morpher with red, black, and yellow clothing in the background in place of Leo's clothes; additionally, the zigzag on the Morpher's wristband was white rather than black.
-   As the five colored rectangles below the Morpher's dial flashed in random order rapidly, the blue disc charged up with bluish-white energy, completing its charging right as the red rectangle blinked repeatedly, and the morphs then began, starting with Leo's.

-   While Damon was teaching Matthew how to fix a transformer panel, Damon heard the warble beep of his Transmorpher (the same as the Astro Morphers and Space communicators) and left to answer it secretly.
-   After ducking behind some bins, Damon pulled back his sleeve to expose his Transmorpher; presumably the device had formed outside his suit under some folds, rather than the suit having an open sleeve.
-   In a GSA hallway, Kai was speaking secretively into the Transmorpher on his own wrist.
-   The Transmorphers made the same blip-chirp sounds as the communicators when used.

-   When the four teens went to morph without Leo, the shot zoomed in on Damon as he pressed his Morpher, and the blue disc on his Morpher flashed with green energy.

-   While Kai was skating, a Transmorpher, suddenly on his wrist, beeped with its warble sound as Alpha called him.
-   When Hannah checked on Kai after he'd answered Alpha's call, the Morpher was apparently gone again.

-   After Kendrix had crashed her car following an attack from Ruptor, she had her Transmorpher on her wrist, but she would not use it.

-   After they'd destroyed Destruxo with their Orion armor, the Rangers unexpectedly demorphed with gold energy, and the Lights, overhead, split with a gold energy pulse into five smaller pieces, which flew into the teens' Morphers, making the blue discs briefly glow gold.
-   Watching, Magna Defender despaired that he had failed and that the Lights were gone from him forever; he then ran off.

-   When the Rangers would summon the Orion armor, the transformation would begin with gold light coming from the wrist where the Transmorpher would've been located.

-   Armored Mike could speak into his left wrist (presumably the left Magna Defender Morpher), contacting the Rangers over their hidden Transmorphers with the standard warble beep.

?   Running for his life in the Scorpion Stinger, Damon called into his Transmorpher for Mike's help, and Mike, in a nearby heliship, replied simply using his standard GSA pilot's headset.

-   While Leo's wrist was bare, there was a warble sound, and as he spun around to answer the call, he was suddenly wearing his Morpher.

-   After morphing a second time to battle Chameliac, the Rangers were suddenly able to use the animal attacks and weapons of a different Ranger, although they retained the same Quasar Sabers.
-   Immediately afterward, Leo was able to use the Red Capsular Cycle (saying it was 100 percent Red), and the Rangers used their respective Zords; how they had switched powers and then apparently unswitched them is unknown, although the reader will note that the Transmorphers included a dial which could be turned to any of the five Ranger colors.

-   As Karone fell off a cliff, something invisibly caught her by the arm, stopping her fall, and the spirit of Kendrix, having sacrificed her life in 731-PPnk, appeared.
-   As Kendrix waved her ghostly hand over Karone's wrist, a Transmorpher appeared from gold energy, and Kendrix told her she would become the Pink Ranger.

-   Magnetox's energy-draining staff demorphed each of the Rangers, leaving them with crackling, charred, and warped Morphers.
-   Demorphed and weakened Leo attempted to re-morph, but nothing happened aside from the sound of a dying beep.
-   With a medical scanner, Alpha found that all of Leo's Ranger powers had been drained.
-   Soon, fighting the others, Magnetox delivered steady red energy bolts into Maya and Kai, demorphing them with orange rippling energy, and they collapsed, their Morphers fried as well.
-   Eventually, Magnetox clamped his magnet against Green Ranger and Magna Defender, draining their rippling orange energy, demorphing them and making them extremely weak as well, their Morphers also charred and shorting out.
-   When an otherworldly warrior, perhaps a Red Ranger himself, gave Leo his powerful keys which he said would restore Leo's powers beyond his imagination, Leo's Morpher was restored with a red gleam, and Leo was again able to morph.
-   Following Magnetox's destruction, Ranger-colored energy-sparkle streaks flew into the teens' Morphers, and each device was restored in a Ranger-colored gleam, re-morphing the Rangers.

-   In the plaza, Damon's Morpher warbled as Alpha called, at which point Karone's was on her wrist as well.

-   After being freed from Mutiny's chains, Leo and Damon gave their wrists a single twist forward, perhaps to summon their Morphers, even though the devices were shown to be on their wrists at the beginning of the twist motion.

-   When the other Rangers arrived to help unmorphed Leo against a monster, Leo had his Morpher on his wrist as he was helped onto his feet, and he then morphed.

?   Leo answered Alpha's call with his right wrist rather than his left.
-   To speak with the others during a Stingwinger battle, Leo held his left "ear" on his helmet; to reply, Karone held her right ear and spoke into her left wrist, and Kai and Damon held their left ears.
-   After crashing on Mirinoi's moon, Leo was unmorphed, and his Morpher only received static as he attempted to call the other teens, who had landed on the planet below.

?   Mike's walkie-talkie was somehow able to exchange signals with the teens' Transmorphers.

-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Leo pulled his Quasar Saber from the stone and was morphed off-screen, apparently by a bolt of lightning; later unmorphed and injured on Earth, he was wearing his Transmorpher.
-   When Leo, Kai, and Maya activated their Morphers on Earth, they had new morph sequences: in front of flame-sparkles were the blue, yellow, and red morph frames.
-   Each color teen (fingers shown only) was shown turning the Morpher's gold dial so its tiny black indicator pointed to the respective color, and a thin Ranger-colored beam connected the pointer and the respective color section; this was followed by a new morphing effect.

Other Sources.
-   The name "Transmorpher" comes from the toy line; the reader will note that this is the same name given to the Power Morphers in the MMPR pilot episode.

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