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-   As Leo held his saber close while confronting Furio after Mike had fallen to his apparent doom, the saber crackled with red energy and the blade began to glow red; the others were then glowing with Ranger-colored light.
-   Leo looked at the others, then nodded, and the five held up their glowing sabers; white energy bolts from the sky struck the sabers, and the teens morphed with the morph sequences which would be regularly used with their future Transmorphers.
-   Each morph began with a starfield, followed by glowing Ranger-colored jagged teeth-like zigzags chomping down; it then zoomed out as the energy faded to reveal the black zigzag on the white chests of the helmetless Galaxy Rangers.
?   The starfield backgrounds behind the morphs were merely shots taken (in order) from the space scene in the opening of 701-QsQ1, in which a pan had shown a portal opening in a bluish-purple area surrounded by normal space, then flown through the portal to Mirinoi's location perhaps in the Lost Galaxy; the Green and Yellow morphs featured normal space, the Pink and Blue morphs featured some of the bluish-purple area in normal space, and the Red morph featured Mirinoi and the surrounding red nebula possibly within the Lost Galaxy. (Source: Red Ranger morph background submitted by SirSTACK)
-   Each morphing
Ranger had the Quasar Saber in the clip on his hip.
-   Behind each was the gold emblem of each Galactabeast, with a respective elemental background: Green Ranger had a racing cloud background, Yellow Ranger had lightning flashes, Pink Ranger had pink flowers, Blue Ranger had shimmering water, and Red Ranger had a raging fire.
-   Each Ranger started out holding out his hands, and the eyes of the Galactabeast emblem behind would open and energize his hands with Ranger-colored energy bolts; the Ranger then swept his hands over his face, forming the visorless helmet; finally, the visor clamped together from top and bottom, and the helmet's animal eyes glowed.
-   The morph order was Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red.
?   After the morph, the Rangers were standing in the same position as before the morph, with the sabers held in the air rather than clipped on their belts; apparently the morph sequence shown did not reflect their actual morphing actions on this occasion.
-   Furio had been shielding his eyes from a bright light until the morph was over.

?   This time when three teens morphed with their Transmorphers, initiated by Leo, the morph order was Red, Green, Yellow.

?   When the teens morphed without Leo, the order was Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow.

-   While running, Kai pressed his Morpher and morphed with a blue gleam.

-   Pressing his Morpher in midair, Leo morphed with a red gleam.
-   On another instance, while riding a horse, Leo morphed with a blaze of flaming red energy; afterward, he was holding his Quasar Saber, and the horse had a red head covering bearing the yellow head stripes of the Lion Galactabeast, as well as a red saddle cloth and red bands on its legs above the hooves.

-   Maya and Kendrix had a splitscreen morph when they morphed together.
?   When the guys morphed, their order was Red, Blue, Green.
-   Later morphing while running, Maya and Kendrix morphed instantly with Ranger-colored bursts of energy, accompanied by residual energy specks.

-   The teens pressed their Morphers while running and then morphed with Ranger-colored gleams while flipping through the air.

-   When Kendrix and Cassie morphed at the same time, their morphs were shown simultaneously, side-by-side over a space background; this was the first time a splitscreen morph featured Rangers from two different Ranger teams.

-   Holding the Quasar Saber above her head after Kendrix's spirit had given her a Morpher and selecting her as her replacement, Karone was morphed into the Pink Ranger with a pink gleam.

-   Magnetox stole the Rangers' powers, demorphing them and ruining their Morphers, but when the powers were released upon his destruction, Ranger-colored energy-sparkle streaks flew into the teens' Morphers, and each device was restored in a Ranger-colored gleam, re-morphing the Rangers.

-   Leo morphed with a red gleam while falling through the city dome.

-   After reclaiming his Quasar Saber from the jungle, Leo held it high with a shout of "Go galactic!" and a lightning bolt was shown flashing down from the night sky, presumably striking the saber, and he was then morphed.
-   When Leo, Kai, and Maya activated their Morphers on Earth, they had new morph sequences: in front of flame-sparkles were the blue, yellow, and red morph frames.
-   Each in front of a purple/blue light background with white light from behind head height after they'd turned their Morpher dials, the three Rangers' helmets materialized from speckles (faces not shown), and each Ranger posed following a white outline gleam.

-   As Leo and Carter activated their Morphers while running together, they both gleam-morphed with a flicker of a black tunnel of light.
-   When the five teens later morphed, it was a green, pink, red, yellow, and green five-panel splitscreen of the same altered morphs from 821-TrR1.

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