- former arch-rival to Magna Defender and general to Scorpius (709-MagD through 714-ShAt)
First Appearance: 709-MagD
Last Appearance: 740-HGrv
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-   One specific category of monsters was based on sea creatures and always bore Treacheron's emblem, a diamond design showing a yellow sun in a red sky over a black horizon.
-   One such monster, Mutantrum, was used in a plot by Furio and Trakeena to exploit Leo into obtaining the Lights of Orion for them, and the monster was quite loyal to the villains.

-   Furio sent Wisewizard, a monster with Treacheron emblems who believed the Lights of Orion were hidden in an ordinary camera on Terra Venture.

-   After Furio had self-destructed while fighting Leo in a Forest Dome cave and Magna Defender had carried Leo out of the cave, Scorpius told Treacheron in his lair that the Magna Defender had returned; Treacheron wasn't surprised at the news.
-   Treacheron called Magna Defender his arch-rival, saying he too would be seeking the Lights of Orion.
-   Scorpius said Magna Defender would stop at nothing to destroy Scorpius; therefore, Scorpius told Treacheron to take three monsters and destroy the Magna Defender to stop him from getting the Lights.
?   In a cut scene from a preview after 708-BlCr, Scorpius had been heard saying, "The Lights of Orion. Bring them to me, Starcog," but in the actual episode, Starcog was implied to be one of the three monsters he'd told Treacheron to take.
-   Treacheron had a mostly white and blue outfit with manta ray-like wings as a partial cape behind him; he had a samurai sword, and a blue face with a black-and-white version of his horizon emblem on his forehead.
-   Treacheron had a black ponytail at the top of his head, and two normally-colored versions of his emblem on the backs of his winglike protrusions.
-   Inside the cave in which Furio had seemed to sense the Lights of Orion in the rock, a silhouetted monster (presumably Starcog) was chipping at a rock wall with a pickaxe before Leo made it run away.
-   Based on his name (and knowledge of the monsters from Gingaman, the source of PRLG's sentai footage), Starcog was presumably a cog-themed starfish monster, fitting into the sea creature category of Treacheron's monsters.
-   The next day, Ruptor, a pill bug monster with a Villamax pin, confronted Kendrix and stole the stone which had come from the cave.
-   Elsewhere, apparently in the Forest Dome, Treacheron and Trakeena watched with Ruptor as a strong coral monster named Samuron, bearing a Treacheron emblem, attempted to smash the stone open with his sledgehammer to release the Lights.
-   On the third strike, the hammer broke; astonished, Samuron exclaimed that for thousands of years, nothing had withstood the crash of his hammer.
-   Samuron concluded that the rock was completely impenetrable, but Treacheron had a plan to crack it open.
-   Soon, the five Rangers would fly to a mountainside where Samuron was waiting, with Treacheron, Trakeena, and Ruptor watching hidden nearby.
-   Samuron asked the Rangers to show him what they had, and when they fired their Quasar Launchers at him, he held the stone in front of him to take the blast.
-   Looking at the smoking stone after it had deflected the blasts, Samuron found the rock undamaged, shocking the villains.
-   When Magna Defender confronted Samuron, Trakeena understood why Treacheron was so nervous; Treacheron retorted that after 3,000 years, he was not nervous, as he'd beaten him once before and could do it again.
-   As Magna Defender utterly walloped Stingwingers, Trakeena asked what Treacheron thought of this warrior now, and Treacheron said it appeared he was still very good.
-   When Magna Defender bombarded the remaining Stingwingers with laser blasts, Treacheron cried out, "My army!"
-   Magna Defender's lightning slash, in addition to destroying Samuron, neatly sliced the stone in two, revealing its hollow smaller core, and Treacheron was stunned to find it empty.
-   Leaping out, Treacheron was angry but impressed, observing that Magna Defender's skill was flawless, his power magnificent, adding that he'd even managed to split the rock, though Trakeena was quick to point out that it had been a fake.
-   3,000 years ago, Magna Defender had stumbled up a mountainous cliff on Mirinoi holding an old, tiny chest with a key in it, which he opened, releasing the Lights of Orion and allowing them to slowly fly into the air.
-   Treacheron had been sent (presumably by Scorpius) to destroy the weakened Magna Defender; during their clash on the cliff, an unseen blast from a long-distance slash from Treacheron had sent Magna Defender sparking and falling into a crevice in the ground.
-   Magna Defender had been trapped there until finding a way to return, and he now intended to get revenge on Treacheron for what he'd put him through.
-   As the two fought, Treacheron reminded Magna Defender how badly he'd beaten him before, but Magna Defender replied, "That was then. This is now."
-   As Magna Defender was having the upper hand, he knocked the sword from Treacheron's hand, then stabbed his own sword into the ground, saying they didn't need weapons.
-   Even hand-to-hand, Magna Defender retained the upper hand, until Treacheron picked up his sword, and Magna Defender told him he was as despicable as he remembered.
-   Treacheron threw Magna Defender his sword, telling him he could go down holding his weapon if it would make him feel any better.
-   Treacheron spoke, "Those who live by the sword shall come to their end by the sword."
-   When the Rangers arrived after destroying Ruptor, Treacheron teleported away with blue energy bolts, intending to finish their fight later.

-   During Scorpius's ravaging of Magna Defender's planet (perhaps in the Lost Galaxy) 3,000 years ago, Magna Defender had confronted Scorpius and his monsters before seeing that Fishface, a Treacheron monster, was holding Magna Defender's son Zika.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger approached Terra Venture in modern day, Treacheron, with Fishface, said they could now employ their surveillance system.
-   Scorpius told Treacheron and Fishface that every other plan to get the Lights of Orion had failed, and Magna Defender must not get them first.
-   As Kendrix and Maya spoke in their dorm about some sunflowers Kendrix had gotten for decoration, Treacheron listened over headphones attached to a biotech surveillance system with a small dish, then patching it over the speaker for the others.
-   Fishface thought the girls were speaking in code about the Lights of Orion being in a sunflower statue, but Scorpius ordered them to stop this foolishness; Trakeena, however, thought he might have something, considering all of the sunflower statues on Terra Venture.
-   Pleased, Scorpius sent Fishface to search every statue, telling him he had only one chance.
-   After the Defender Torozord had destroyed giant Fishface, Scorpius told Treacheron that Magna Defender was even more dangerous than before now that he had his Torozord.
-   Treacheron insisted that he'd defeated Magna Defender once and could do it again, next time for 10,000 years.

-   Chillyfish, a Treacheron monster, was sent to freeze everyone on Terra Venture as part of a plot to find the Lights of Orion.
-   Once the colony was frozen, Scorpius told Treacheron to bring him the Lights, ordering him not to fail him.
-   As Treacheron was walking down the hall away from Scorpius's lair, Trakeena pulled him aside, wanting to be there when he found the Lights; she ran her hand along his arm and called him a big, strong warrior.
-   Treacheron protested that Scorpius would have his head, but she told him he didn't have to know if they didn't tell him, and Treacheron agreed.
-   In the morning, Leo discovered Treacheron, Stingwingers, and armored Trakeena in the city.
-   Treacheron knew that Leo was the Red Ranger but was surprised that he wasn't frozen.
-   After morphing, Leo nearly slashed Trakeena before Treacheron blocked her, accidentally knocking her down.
-   Treacheron ordered Trakeena back to the ship, and when she protested, he teleported her with a blue energy bolt from his hand, making her land armorless and annoyed in Scorpius's lair.
-   After Chillyfish's destruction, Scorpius furiously asked Treacheron how he dared to defy him, demanding that Trakeena was never to go into battle; he felt he should destroy Treacheron.
-   Treacheron lied that Trakeena had followed him without his permission, and Scorpius told him to leave his sight before he ate him for dessert.
-   In the hallway, Trakeena confronted him; Treacheron explained he'd had to save his neck, but she grabbed him and warned him to watch his back instead.

-   Destruxo, a powerful Treacheron monster, went to Terra Venture and had Stingwingers set up a forcefield downtown to allow him to search for the Lights unimpeded.
-   Destruxo followed a locator instrument through the city dome in his search for the Lights of Orion.
-   In the center of the locator's face were two versions of Treacheron's symbol, one on the left with the normal yellow sun in the red sky, and one on the right with a yellow crescent moon instead.

-   One Terra Venture "night," after the Lights of Orion had flown by the teens' GSA dorm windows, the Lights were on the viewscreen as Treacheron said he'd located them; Trakeena, having first pointed to them on the viewscreen, said he'd stumbled onto them instead.
-   Treacheron said his only interest was to capture the Lights for Scorpius, and Scorpius told him to get them, and Treacheron would rule the universe with him.
-   After Treacheron's firing had disabled the pursuing Megaship and the Rangers had flown out in the Jet Jammers, Scorpius had Treacheron release Stingwingers to stop them.
-   After the Lights had returned to Terra Venture, Treacheron told Destruxo aboard the Scorpion Stinger to capture the Lights.
-   After Impostra, disguised as Treacheron, had tricked Destruxo into absorbing the power of the Lights, Trakeena told Scorpius that Treacheron had betrayed him.
-   Trakeena told him the Lights should already be there, and when Treacheron entered, having been called for, he didn't know where they were either.
-   The viewscreen showed the fire wave generated by Orion-powered Destruxo, and Trakeena accused Treacheron of ordering Destruxo to steal the Lights; Scorpius agreed, and Trakeena took his sword and had the Stingwingers drag him away to be locked up.
-   Thrown into a cell, Treacheron swore to make whoever had done this to him pay dearly; listening, Trakeena laughed softly to herself.

-   In his cell, Treacheron was swearing to clear his name if it was the last thing he did when the Shark Brothers, twin shark monsters bearing Treacheron's emblem, dropped down from a panel in the ceiling.
-   The Shark Brothers, handing Treacheron his sword, told him Trakeena had set him up, and when Trakeena approached, the Sharks hid.
-   Begging Trakeena for her help, Treacheron gave her a scroll map to show the location of the "silver goblet," which would prove his loyalty; Trakeena took the map, secretly planning to get the silver goblet herself.
-   The map showed a red X near some trees beside a shore.
-   Afterward, Treacheron sliced his cell's lock open, knowing the map would prove who the real traitor was, and he led the Shark Brothers out to put his plan into action.
-   In the Forest Dome, Stingwingers dug up the silver goblet, which Trakeena declared was all hers, but Treacheron, arriving with the Shark Brothers, told her it was useless as it dissolved into sand in her hand.
-   Treacheron angrily told Trakeena that he had never been anything but a loyal follower of the great Scorpius.
-   As Trakeena edged the Stingwingers in front of her, Treacheron told her he ate Stingwingers for breakfast.
-   After slashing all of the Stingwingers, Treacheron approached the trembling Trakeena, planning to destroy her just as she'd planned to destroy him, but the Rangers interrupted.
-   Trakeena ran off, and Treacheron ran after her, but Leo blocked his path, so he pounded Red Ranger and sent the Shark Brothers after her.
-   In the woods, Treacheron saw Magna Defender's dart in a tree trunk and wondered what he was doing there.
-   The Shark Brothers reported that Trakeena had returned to the Scorpion Stinger, but he wouldn't return until he'd proven his loyalty to Scorpius.
-   In a Japanese hut, Treacheron sat speaking with the Shark Brothers, planning to destroy the four Rangers while Red was out of commission.
-   The Shark Brothers knew about the Rangers' power with the Lights of Orion, but Treacheron said they would be unable to activate them if they weren't all together.
-   As the four Rangers arrived to confront the Shark Brothers in the forest, the green shark blew a whistle, and Treacheron arose and left his hut.
-   The four Rangers were surprised when the Lights didn't activate, and Treacheron arrived laughing and told them the secret.
-   After Leo had arrived and the Rangers had summoned their Orion armor, Leo blasted at the Shark Brothers, but Treacheron told them not to worry, planning to finish his battle.
-   Treacheron drew his sword slowly and said this time they fought to the finish, throwing his sheath aside, making the Shark Brothers fear for his safety.
-   Treacheron explained that he'd been dishonored and that he would destroy Red Ranger or be destroyed trying; the green shark replied solemnly that he understood.
-   Treacheron told Leo they fought to the finish, and Leo agreed if there was no other way.
-   As the two swordfought, Treacheron commended Leo on his skills as a warrior, saying it would almost be a shame to destroy him.
-   The two ran over near a cliff, then crisscrossed as bouncing teleportation streaks, Leo red and Treacheron blue, down to the ground below the small cliff.
-   Fighting Leo in Red Ranger's flaming area, Treacheron charged his sword with blue energy and struck, but Leo blocked with his arm claw and broke the sword blade in two with the handle of his Quasar Saber.
-   After Leo had performed a dual energy slash with his saber and arm claw, Treacheron stumbled back smoking and coughing in the real world, extremely weak.
-   Still wielding his broken stub of a sword, Treacheron staggered forward with the last of his strength, telling Red Ranger, "You stand for everything I hate: goodness, honesty, decency. I will destroy you even if it takes every last ounce of my being to do so!"
-   Leo told Treacheron not to force him to destroy him, but Treacheron struck; Leo blocked and slashed Treacheron in the chest, causing him to fall and explode, his broken sword falling into the soil of the nearby stream.

-   To attempt to assassinate Trakeena, Deviot called for the Treacheron-themed monsters Kubak and Teksa, who were apparently familiar with Deviot's mercenary missions.

-   On the main wall of Captain Mutiny's castle in the Lost Galaxy were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.

-   In her Lost Galaxy graveyard, Hexuba performed incantations at monsters' tombstones, resurrecting their spirits; among them was Treacheron, who flew to Terra Venture as a blue energy sparkle, and Treacheron monsters resurrected included Teksa, Destruxo, Fishface, and Mutantrum.
-   Treacheron materialized behind Mike, who had since been given the Magna Defender powers and armor.
-   Addressing armored Mike, Treacheron spoke, "Magna Defender, you will pay for what you did to me!", apparently not knowing that Mike was now the new Magna Defender.
-   Treacheron ran off, and Mike chased.
-   Near some stone steps, Magna Defender and Treacheron swordfought; soon, Swabbies rushed Mike in a mountain plain, and he drew his sword and slashed them all, then shot more, before confronting Treacheron with his sword.
-   Magna Defender then leapt with his rifle and blasted Treacheron, making him fall and dissolve with blue specks.

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