- lord of Triforia; Gold Ranger's alter ego
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Full Name: Trey of Triforia (433-RvOG)
First Appearance: (as Gold Ranger) 428-PwOG, (unmorphed) 433-RvOG
Last Appearance: (unmorphed) 450-Good, (morphed, presumably Trey) 643-CTD2
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), Treys, long shot


  • Gold Ranger came to Earth to help the Rangers as they were losing to Mondo's divide-and-conquer attack.
  • Billy disappeared from a rooftop shortly before the Gold Ranger's first appearance.
  • While fighting the Cogs and Wolfbane for the Rangers, Gold Ranger performed his energy streak attack, bouncing off Wolfbane, three times, but Wolfbane had fallen after the first time.
  • After the battle was over and Gold Ranger had left, Billy returned to the Power Chamber, looking tense.
  • When the teens asked Billy what had happened to him and whether he was okay, he uncomfortably replied that he was fine, then quickly said he'd just had some things he'd needed to take care of; he then immediately changed the subject, telling them he'd finally gotten a fix on the pyramid, but then it had disappeared; he claimed not to know about the Gold Ranger when asked.


  • After rescuing the shrunken Zeo Rangers Five and One from a tarantula in a terrarium and then fighting off Cogs, Gold Ranger looked at the other three Rangers' fighting Cogs and decided that the Rangers had everything under control now, and he then left.
  • Billy seemed to remain in the Power Chamber the entire time Gold Ranger had been in the desert rescuing Tommy and Kat and fighting Cogs.
  • Once the Rangers returned to battle, it's unknown whether Billy remained in the Power Chamber as Gold Ranger returned to help the Rangers fight Tarantabot.
  • When Klank and Orbus enlarged Tarantabot after the monster had been temporarily defeated by the Zeo Cannon, Gold Ranger anxiously warned the Zeo Rangers that the monster wasn't done yet.
  • Gold Ranger summoned Pyramidas when the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord became trapped in giant Tarantabot's nets.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Tarantabot, Bulk, wandering through the desert looking for Skull, saw Gold Ranger with blurry vision on a ledge, then after rubbing his eyes twice, saw no Gold Ranger, but rather, Skull walking toward him from below where the Gold Ranger had been; when asked what he was doing out there, Skull replied, "I... needed some fresh air."


  • Tommy, Kat, and David, exhausted from swimming, collapsed onto the sand to rest, then when Tommy and Kat gathered by Rocky to answer the call on the communicator, David got up and then disappeared; he would later reappear after the six Rangers' victory over Leaky Faucet, explaining that he'd just had a little something to take care of.
  • Gold Ranger appeared to help the Rangers when they were having difficulty fighting Leaky Faucet due to the monster's ability to turn into energy to dodge attacks; it's unknown whether Billy remained in the Power Chamber as Gold Ranger helped the Rangers.


  • Gold Ranger helped the tired Rangers fight Cogs; for two weeks, the Cogs had been starting fights and then disappearing to wear the Rangers out, and the plan was working.
  • When Rocky, Adam, and Tanya were exhausted in the Juice Bar from the Machine Empire's constant attacks over the past two weeks, Billy rushed up a bit tensely, holding a black binder with large papers messily sticking out, and apologized that he was late; he didn't know why the teens were tired.
  • Billy explained that he'd been working on a new project, but when Rocky asked if it was anything interesting, he nervously left, remarking about the time.
  • When the Rangers were losing to Somnibot, Billy gave up on studying the controls in the Power Chamber and left toward the eastern double doors to try something; immediately afterward, the Gold Ranger arrived to help the Rangers.
  • Arriving on the scene, Gold Ranger jump-kicked Klank, knocking him to the ground, then proceeded to annihilate Somnibot with his staff.
  • Back in the Power Chamber after Gold Ranger had left, Billy was unable to get a fix on Somnibot's amplitude, and he vanished after suggesting that Alpha send a power surge into Somnibot's power station; immediately afterward, Gold Ranger reappeared to help the Rangers once more.
  • Gold Ranger knew that the Zeo Rangers' foes were the Machine Empire, but Machine Empire's name hadn't been shown being mentioned in his company.
  • The six Rangers were significantly weakened by Somnibot's sleep spell until Alpha's power surge shorted out the spell.


  • After the teens had mentioned that finding Pyramidas would lead them to Gold Ranger, Billy stepped into the Power Chamber from the northwestern entrance; he told them that he had something he had to take care of but that he'd check in with them later, and he then left through the eastern double doors.
  • Immediately after Billy's departure, Pyramidas flew through a vortex and landed near Angel Grove; Gold Ranger, in the cockpit, said he'd better get out of sight fast, and Pyramidas then became invisible, after which Gold Ranger left the Zord, secretly followed out by a Varox bounty hunter.
  • Once he was outside, Gold Ranger looked around (not seeming to look at anything in particular) and remarked, "Wait a minute. Something's not right here. The Rangers must be in trouble! I gotta help 'em!"; after he'd run off, the Varox bounty hunter appeared next to where Gold Ranger had been standing.
  • In battle, Gold Ranger referred to the Zeo Rangers as his friends.
  • When Borax told Mondo that he was a Varox bounty hunter, Mondo assumed that he had come to Earth searching for the Gold Ranger; Borax was unfamiliar with the term "Ranger" and only referred to the Gold Ranger as the pilot of the pyramid.
  • When Tommy told Gold Ranger his own name and asked for his in return, Gold Ranger seemed painfully reluctant to reveal his name.
  • Realizing that Borax was attacking him, Gold Ranger told the Varox that this was a battle between the two of them and that he should leave the Zeo Rangers out of it.
  • Gold Ranger told the Rangers to save themselves while he fought the Varox bounty hunter.
  • Before fainting from weakness after being struck by Borax's energy blasts, Gold Ranger told the Rangers he couldn't tell them who he was, or else he'd lose his powers.
  • Kat had Alpha teleport the unconscious Gold Ranger to the Power Chamber.
  • When Gold Ranger awoke in the medical table in the Power Chamber, Zordon welcomed him and told him not to be alarmed; Gold Ranger looked around and remarked that the place was incredible.
  • Gold Ranger knew Zordon and Alpha's names, leaving them to wonder how he knew them; he told them they would understand in time, then he thanked them again and left after explaining that he had to leave or they would all be in danger.
  • After Gold Ranger had left the Power Chamber and the five Zeo Rangers had destroyed giant Borax, Billy walked in from the eastern double doors.
  • Billy seemed stumped but not particularly concerned when Alpha recounted how Gold Ranger had known Alpha and Zordon.
  • When Zordon told the teens that the only way Gold Ranger could know them was if they also knew him, the teens suspiciously eyed Billy; he looked around as if to reply innocently, "Well, don't look at me!"


  • Seven Varox fighter ships shot at Pyramidas as it flew over Earth, and Gold Ranger then had it fly near Aquitar, where the Varox followed and eventually shot him down.
  • After Cestro had helped him into the Aquitians' chamber, Gold Ranger began to glow with bright gold light; the image of the Gold Ranger suit seemed to expand away from him, then he reverted to an unmorphed form as Trey of Triforia.
  • Just as he demorphed, Trey remarked, "The power... I can't--"
  • Trey continued to hold the Golden Power Staff after demorphing.
  • Trey's unmorphed outfit was mostly black, with a cape that had a gold lining and a black backside; on the black bands around Trey's forearms were three gold diamond shapes, each.
  • Trey had a vertical black line above and below his left eye.
  • As Trey weakly held his head, crackled with blue electricity, and showed flickers of the Gold Ranger's helmet and belt, green and red images of him slightly swayed away from either side of his head.
  • Trey told Delphine that he was losing control of the power and that he needed Zordon's help.
  • It's unknown whether Delphine and Cestro had known Gold Ranger's identity prior to his involuntary demorphing in their chamber on Aquitar.
  • Soon afterward, Cestro and Delphine told Zordon they were greatly concerned about the Gold Ranger's well-being; according to Cestro, his genetic makeup was incompatible with Aquitar and was causing a disturbing metabolic reaction.
  • Trey was standing motionless, eyes closed, in a clear cylinder, holding his staff next to his chest.
  • Delphine called Trey the Lord of Triforia.
  • Klank apparently overheard the Aquitians' transmission to Zordon concerning the Gold Ranger's well-being; knowing Gold Ranger wasn't well, Klank was sure he would return to Earth to seek Zordon's help.
  • Delphine said that if Trey were to have any hope of survival, he had to be teleported to Earth immediately, and the entire cylinder then teleported with gold energy.
  • Having been rerouted from the Power Chamber to Angel Cove at the beach, Trey's cylinder crashed into the ocean near some rocks, and Tommy soon pulled the conscious Trey out of the water.
  • Once on the shore, Trey thanked the teens, calling them "Rangers of Earth" and telling them he was in their debt.
  • Trey held his staff in front of his chest and closed his eyes; he and the staff glowed gold, and as he warped into triplicates, the center Trey changed from gold to blue; on the center Trey's right was a green Trey, and on his left was a red Trey; the Treys finally solidified and and reverted to their normal flesh-tone colors.
  • All three Treys had lines above and below their left eyes.
  • Trey of Courage was blue, in the center, and the carrier of the Golden Power Staff; Trey of Wisdom was green and on the left from the teens' perspective; Trey of Heart was red and on the right from the teens' perspective.
  • Trey of Courage frequently stood in the center of the three Treys; he appeared to be the leader of the three.
  • Trey of Courage explained that they were Triforians, a race of trifold beings, each with three distinct personalities, normally joined as one; he said they were a race of great peacekeepers who often traveled to other planets when there was a need to do away with evil.
  • His latest battle with the Varox had splintered Trey's unity being, and until he was one, he was unable to utilize the Gold Ranger powers; he had to find a worthy beneficiary, or the powers would be lost forever.
  • While the Rangers fought Cogs, the Treys avoided Cogs' attacks somewhat successfully, but they showed no considerable skill at self-defense.
  • Immediately after the Treys had been teleported to the Power Chamber, they were shown presenting the Golden Power Staff and Gold Ranger powers to Billy (whose body turned out to be incompatible with the Golden powers).


  • As Trey of Courage held out the staff for Jason, he told Jason that he gave forth the spirit and fortitude the Golden power possessed; Trey of Heart said he embraced Jason with the kindness and empathy the power held; Trey of Wisdom said he placed in Jason's hands the knowledge and experience of his people of Triforia.
  • As Jason held the Golden Power Staff along with Trey of Courage, bright golden energy flowed into his face, lighting the Power Chamber up with flashes of light and instantly suiting him up as the Gold Ranger in one such flash.
  • Taking the staff, morphed Jason said he could feel the power, and Trey of wisdom told him that he now possessed the power drawn from all three of Trey's essences.
  • As the Rangers wondered how to fight giant Silo, the Treys had to return to Triforia if there was to be any hope of reuniting their souls, but in thanks for the Rangers' friendship, they left the Rangers with a gift: the Super Zeo Gems.
  • The Treys said that the Super Zeo Gems, which they called the remaining key to the Zeo power, had been in their care for over a millennium, waiting to be returned to their rightful owners; Zordon had thought that the Super Zeo Gems had been lost forever.
  • The Treys intended to return someday to reclaim the Golden powers.
  • To teleport away, Trey of Wisdom, Trey of Courage, and Trey of Heart turned respectively-colored energy and merged into a single streak of gold light which then streaked away.


  • In a recorded message from the approaching Warrior Wheel, Trey of Wisdom told the Rangers that he'd been trying to contact them and that they were in great danger; in the second message, he said he was concerned and again told them that they were in great danger; in the third message, however, he merely told the Rangers that until Pyramidas was returned, he feared that he had left the Gold Ranger at a disadvantage, so he had sent the Warrior Wheel, which would complement the strength of the Super Zeozords.


  • Transmitting from Triforia, Trey of Wisdom told Jason that the time had come for him to pilot the Zord of the Gold Ranger, Pyramidas; the Zord entered the Earth's atmosphere after traveling through its warp tunnel.


  • Billy went to Triforia to help the Treys with their unification process.


  • Although Zordon and the teens didn't know whether Trey had been able to unify his three forms, they were forced to call Trey to have him try to take back the Golden powers, as they were slowly leaving Jason and taking his life force with them.
  • When the Treys appeared in the Power Chamber, it was Trey of Heart who was in the center position.
  • Zordon said there was only one possibility to reunite the Treys that he was aware of, but it could prove very dangerous: an interplanetary unification beam would be used to create a positive energy flow between the planets Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth; the beam had to be reflected off the planets at specific points in their orbits and returned to Earth with exact precision, and if the beam struck Earth without first hitting the Golden Power Staff at exactly the right time, Jason and the Treys could be destroyed.
  • Trey of Heart said they didn't seem to have a choice and that they would do whatever it took to save Jason and their powers.
  • A green energy blast from the Power Chamber, bounced off Aquitar and Triforia before being sent back to Earth, struck the Golden Power Staff, simultaneously reuniting the Treys and returning to Trey the Gold Ranger powers (see "Gold Ranger" page for details).
  • Morphed Trey exclaimed that his powers were completely restored, and when Jason gave him the Golden Power Staff, he declared that now he could do some good, then rushed into battle.
  • When King Mondo became giant-sized, Trey said there was no time to call the Zords, and he used the Golden Power Staff to make himself and the other Rangers grow; why there was any less Zord-summoning time before this battle than all other battles is unknown.


  • As Astronema organized Dark Specter's forces in taking over the universe, Gold Ranger struggled against Rita and Zedd's forces on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
  • Gold Ranger's voice wasn't heard clearly, so his identity at this point was uncertain.
  • Goldar shot an orange energy bolt from his sword at Gold Ranger, allowing the monsters to grapple him.
  • Hours later, as Ecliptor's hologram in the sky explained that Dark Specter had been destroyed and Astronema was now their supreme ruler, the villains had Gold Ranger restrained.


  • Shortly, Astronema told the people of Earth, not necessarily speaking the truth, that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • The next Earth morning, the energy wave from Zordon's destruction turned all of the monsters into piles of sand, leaving Rita and Zedd in human forms, and the couple danced away happily, to Gold Ranger's confusion.

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