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-   Soon after Gold Ranger had demorphed upon being shot down over Aquitar and taken into the Aquitians' chamber, Cestro and Delphine told Zordon they were greatly concerned about the Gold Ranger's well-being; according to Cestro, Trey's genetic makeup was incompatible with Aquitar and was causing a disturbing metabolic reaction.
-   Delphine called Trey the Lord of Triforia.
-   Once the teens had brought him to safety on a shore on Earth, Trey held his staff in front of his chest and closed his eyes; he and the staff glowed gold, and as he warped into triplicates, the center Trey changed from gold to blue; on the center Trey's right was a green Trey, and on his left was a red Trey; the Treys finally solidified and and reverted to their normal flesh-tone colors.
-   All three Treys had lines above and below their left eyes.
-   Trey of Courage was blue, in the center, and the carrier of the Golden Power Staff; Trey of Wisdom was green and on the left from the teens' perspective; Trey of Heart was red and on the right from the teens' perspective.
-   Trey of Courage explained that they were Triforians, a race of trifold beings, each with three distinct personalities, normally joined as one; he said they were a race of great peacekeepers who often traveled to other planets when there was a need to do away with evil.
-   His latest battle with the Varox had splintered Trey's unity being, and until he was one, he was unable to utilize the Gold Ranger powers; he had to find a worthy beneficiary, or the powers would be lost forever.

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