- former student, teen martial artist
- former Yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (101-DOTD through 228-PTr2)
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Full Name: Trini Kwan (227-PTr1)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 228-PTr2
Pictures: shot 1 (shown at right), shot 2
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  • Trini was doing a kata in the Youth Center.
  • Trini and Kim had enough martial arts knowledge to flip the oncoming Bulk and Skull, respectively.
  • Trini and Kim seemed to think Billy's attempt at martial arts was cute.
  • Trini often translated Billy's technospeak for the other teens.
  • Zordon described Trini as "fearless and agile."
  • Trini and Billy walked out on Zordon after Zack and Kim but before Jason.
  • Trini was the fourth to be knocked down by Putties in the desert.
  • Trini became the Yellow Ranger.


  • Trini seemed to be leading a group of people in the Youth Center in some sort of slow kata.
  • Trini was afraid that Jason would fall and hurt himself while climbing the rope in the Youth Center.
  • Trini conquered her fear of heights while climbing a mountain to save Billy from a Putty.
  • Morphed Trini destroyed Bones by throwing his head into a lava pit.
  • Trini was so startled by Zack's sneaking up on her wearing a skeleton mask that she quickly climbed to the top of the Youth Center rope.


  • Trini and Kim held a petition at Angel Grove High to clean up the industrial waste site which was actually Rita's ambush.
  • Morphed Trini fought Goldar solo.
  • It was Trini's idea to use the Zords on the normal-sized Goldar and Putties, since they were already summoning the Zords to fight the giant Minotaur.


  • Jason and Trini were arm wrestling at the Juice Bar.
  • No one was particularly concerned when Billy's out-of-control cart hit the platform area of the Youth Center, sending him flying off it and rolling into the wall; Trini merely smirked at Zack.
  • Only after Billy had crawled up to the Juice Bar did Trini help him up and ask what had happened and whether he was okay.


  • Trini worked with Billy and another woman at the Asian foods table of the food festival.
  • Trini realized that Pudgy Pig hadn't touched the spicy table at the food festival.


  • Prior to the fight with Eye Guy, Kim and Trini took the liberty of washing, sterilizing, and shrinking Bulk and Skull's clothes; they showed no remorse while returning the tiny clothes to Bulk and Skull.


  • Trini explained Kim and Billy's aggression, which unbeknownst to her was the result of Baboo's punk potion, as too much sun.
  • Trini seemed to have a brown stuffed animal with large gray and pink ears in her locker at school.
  • On Saturday, Kim helped Trini do a handstand in the Youth Center.


  • Jason taught Trini martial arts in the Youth Center as people set up for the upcoming dance.
  • At the dance, Trini was briefly shown dancing with Jason.


  • After the fight with the Snizard, Trini sparred with a yellow-belt student in a gray outfit in the Youth Center.


  • In the back of Jason's class without a karate uniform, Trini casually went through the kata Jason was teaching.
  • Trini's uncle Howard called Billy "Billy-san," a Japanese form of address.
  • Trini was familiar with Howard's absent-mindedness.


  • Trini volunteered to start off Hobby Week in Miss Appleby's class.
  • Trini's doll collection represented many cultures from around the world.
  • Trini had a Japanese doll.
  • Mr. Ticklesneezer was Trini's favorite doll.
  • Mr. Ticklesneezer had belonged to Trini's mother when Trini's mother was a child.
  • Trini seemed to cuddle up against Billy when she was laughing quite hard at Bulk spitting on Skull.
  • Trini went to bed wearing her communicator.
  • There was a picture of Zack on Trini's bedroom wall.
  • In Trini's dream, she drove a white Honda; Billy initially handed her the keys and opened the door for her.
  • In Trini's dream, Angel Grove had what looked like the Tokyo Tower in it.
  • In Trini's dream, Goldar walked up to the moon palace observatory from a room down the steps and to the right.
  • In Trini's dream, Trini's and Billy's morph order was reversed.
  • In Trini's dream, morphed Billy fought a dark Putty.
  • In Trini's dream, Rita was watching the battle from the balcony of a skyscraper.
  • Goldar's wings were extended in the end of the fight in Trini's dream.
  • In Trini's dream, Mr. Ticklesneezer had his bottle back when he was grown, yet he'd been looking for it before Rita made him grow.
  • In Trini's dream, giant Mr. Ticklesneezer terrorized Angel Grove; the Rangers would not fight a giant monster in the city until 122-TWSh. (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith)
  • On Trini's suggestion in her dream, Jason had the Megazord try to suck Rita, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar into Mr. Ticklesneezer's jar.
  • Upon waking up, Trini said she definitely had too much Rita on her mind.


  • Trini could paint cartoon faces.


  • Trini took her cousin Sylvia through Rita's fake carnival.
  • Trini assumed a martial arts stance when Pineapple wouldn't leave her and Sylvia alone.
  • After Sylvia was turned into a cutout and Pineapple had run away, Trini figured out that the fair was one of Rita's traps.
  • The Triceratops and Mastodon individually attacked giant Pineoctopus after Trini had told the others to freeze the monster like he'd frozen Sylvia.


  • Trini and Kim had volunteered to be Big Sisters for Maria for the day.


  • Trini assumed Tommy was a new kid in school.
  • Trini agreed with Kim that Tommy was gorgeous.
  • Trini was right in guessing that Kim would see Tommy at school.


  • Billy and Trini brought Alpha back online; Trini wanted to make sure they didn't hurt him while repairing him, but Billy assured her that Alpha couldn't feel anything.
  • Jason, Zack, and Kim returned to Angel Grove in the RADBUG at some point after Alpha had been repaired from Green Ranger's attack, leaving Trini and Billy to make repairs in the Command Center to try to bring back Zordon; when the three returned to the Command Center in the RADBUG a different day, Billy and Trini were still dressed in the same clothes.


  • Trini and Jason both knew that the Power Sword would recharge the Megazord's power cells.


  • Out of breath, Trini met the others at Billy's garage, telling them that reports on the radio indicated a "monster" (actually Dragonzord) attacking the business district.


  • Shellshock's go-beam made Yellow Ranger unable to stop running.
  • Zordon sent Trini to the Mountain of Hope to retrieve the Deandra flowers, which would reverse Shellshock's magic.
  • Trini yelled, "Billy!" to the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord.


  • Billy and Trini held a petition at Angel Grove High to save the Forest Spirit Statue.
  • At school, Trini had a workbook called English Fundamentals.
  • The city was so impressed with the number of signatures Trini and Billy had collected that they declared the Forest Spirit Statue an historical landmark.


  • Trini suggested to the teens that they all take Kim out to lunch to try to cheer her up after the Putties had destroyed her model float.


  • Trini's costume for the masquerade party was a Native American woman.
  • Trini agreed to dance with a guy who asked her to dance at the masqerade party.


  • Trini told Jason and Tommy that "gung ho" was Chinese for "working together."


  • Billy was the director for the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin," and Trini seemed to assist him.


  • Trini did a split while fighting Putties.


  • Fearing she would be the next target of the Island of Illusion's magic, Trini succumbed to a flashback of Billy climbing too high in 102-HiFv, but she saved herself by remembering having rescued him.
  • After Billy had conquered his doubts, Trini got close to him, looked into his eyes for a moment, and then gave him a friendly hug.


  • Trini baked torte a la escargot (snail) in her gourmet cooking class for the field trip she was taking with Zack, Billy, and Kim in the RADBUG.


  • In the Youth Center, Trini was having Billy move slowly with his eyes closed, feeling the ground with his feet and the air with his hands.
  • Morphed Trini angrily charged at Samurai Fan Man for capturing Kim.


  • As the five teens stood in a circle at the beach, bouncing a volleyball back and forth amongst each other, it was Trini, the volleyball player, who sent the ball flying away from the others; retrieving the ball, Trini spotted Scorpina standing nearby.


  • Trini helped with the organization of the talent show in the Youth Center.


  • Trini didn't think it was possible for Rita to take away Tommy's powers.


  • Trini's video project for Miss Appleby's class was called "Pollution Problem in Angel Grove."
  • Trini started a clean-up club that met weekly; the other four teens were the only classmates shown agreeing to be in the clean-up club.
  • Trini said they had to stop Polluticorn before he polluted everything, but Trini hadn't been told the monster's name or purpose.


  • Trini thought Norman the pig was adorable.
  • Trini helped Billy analyze the timer which was secretly counting down to Norman the pig's transformation into Pudgy Pig.
  • Trini thought that Pudgy Pig in love with another pig was sweet.


  • When the teens went out to get something to eat, Trini wanted Chinese food.
  • Trini's nightmare induced by the Crystal of Nightmares was of Goldar blasting the Rangers when they were caught in Spidertron's webbing, from 123-IBSp.


  • Trini submitted to Miss Appleby's time capsule that day's issue of the Angel Grove Clarion.
  • Trini hoped that the people of the future lived in a world with no crime.


  • Master Li taught Trini mantis kung fu in the Youth Center and gave her a praying mantis for her to learn from.
  • Trini had math homework, and she had to study the mantis for her next lesson with Master Li.
  • Trini had chosen this new kung fu, praying mantis kung fu, because it emphasized fairness.
  • Trini felt guilty after Mantis had told her she had no honor for calling the other Rangers to help her, so she practiced her martial arts and began to win the next time they eventually fought.


  • Trini reactivated Alpha after Billy had deactivated him while under Rita's spell.


  • Trini helped Billy study in the Youth Center after he'd gotten a B on a test in Miss Appleby's class due to a "bee" question.
  • Trini and Billy apparently had a routine they would use in Ranger fights whereby Trini would boost him high into the air for a high kick; when the weakened Blue Ranger failed to accomplish the move after being stung by Grumble Bee, Trini said he'd never missed that kick before.


  • Trini and Kim helped demonstrate for Tommy and Jason's women's self-defense class for the moms of Angel Grove.


  • Trini was dressed as a Persian princess, or perhaps a belly dancer, in the audience of Trick or Treat.


  • Trini's locker had photos of guys inside the door.


  • Even though they were disappointed because it seemed Tommy hadn't made the football team, Trini and Kim clapped and cheered as Bulk was announced.

    +   When Bulk and Skull mentioned having no faults for Miss Appleby's assignment, Trini asked them if they didn't consider being rude and obnoxious faults.

  • To help Tommy with his poor memory, Trini had spent a lot of time reorganizing Tommy's notebook, and he ended up leaving it at home.


  • Zack and Trini were both pessimistic after Pirantishead had taken control of their Zords.
  • Trini helped Billy in his garage as he created a signal blocker to regain control of the Dinozords.


  • Trini was drinking a banana shake in the Juice Bar.
  • Discovering two Yellow Rangers, Jason told them both to fight him so he could discover from their fighting styles which was Primator in disguise; the real Trini refused to fight him.


  • Before Billy and Zack morphed to use Billy's extinguisher device on Saliguana, Trini told Billy to throw an extra computer chip in his pocket and go; he did so, and this computer chip ended up being the one component that the device was missing to function properly; it worked as soon as Blue Ranger had added the chip.


  • Trini was in charge of the volleyball club; she held the club's first meeting on the volleyball court fifteen minutes after people were still signing up.
  • Trini inadvertently cut the ribbon of Kim's special weapon with her Blade Blaster blade mode while Kim had the Bloom of Doom trapped in the ribbon.
  • After Trini's Power Daggers had freed Kim from the Bloom of Doom's dimension and broken the spell over Kim, the girls agreed that they were friends forever.


  • Trini was the assistant coach for the "Angel Grove Sweepers," the Youth Center's broomball team; she recorded the team's practice with a camcorder.
  • Kim knew who Richie was, while Trini didn't.
  • Trini instantly got a crush on Richie.
  • When Trini invited Richie to be on the Youth Center's broomball team, Ernie recruited him as an assistant coach.
  • In some shots during the broomball game, Trini could be seen wearing a knee brace. (Source: Submitted by Nancy E. Shaw)


  • Trini, Kim, and Tommy were at the beach with Trini's next-door-neighbor Hallie.
  • While building a sand castle, Hallie talked about imagining to be a sleeping princess waiting for a prince to rescue her and wake her up; Trini had Hallie build the walls extra-high to give the prince a challenge.
  • Richie walked past Trini on the beach, and they flashed goo-goo eyes at each other.
  • Tommy, Kim, and Trini had changed out of their beach clothes before meeting the others in the Command Center after Hallie had been kidnapped by Goldar.
  • Morphed Trini saved Hallie from Zedd's evil forcefield with a beam from her Blade Blaster.


  • When Richie rode by on his bike while the teens were having a picnic in the park, Trini invited him to eat with them, but he had to go home to help unpack.
  • Trini was the last of four Rangers to be captured by Guitardo's spell, which could have been resisted by maintaining strict control over one's own thoughts; Kim was the only teen able to resist.


  • Trini was staying with her grandmother, and she'd told Kim that she was worried about Tommy.


  • Trini wasn't in the Youth Center with Kim, Zack, and Billy when they decided to find Tommy to cheer Jason up.
  • Trini wasn't with the other teens as they watched Jason participate in the Golden Pipe Tournament.


  • Jason and Trini were at the Juice Bar with Curtis as he waited for Zack to bring his trumpet.


  • Yellow Ranger's voice didn't sound like Trini; this problem continued until Trini's departure in 228-PTr2 and also occurred in Kim's flashback in 233-LiCA of their fight with Pudgy Pig.


  • Trini and Billy were together in the Youth Center when Kim came in.
  • Trini confronted Bulk and Skull's rudeness toward Richie in the Juice Bar.
  • Trini had a different voice during the Putty fight.
  • Four seconds after Billy had said he might be able to access the Command Center computers, Trini asked him if he'd found anything yet.


  • As the teens prepared to go to the Command Center to meet the White Ranger, Billy reminded them that Zordon and Alpha knew what they were doing, and Trini agreed, saying they shouldn't question Zordon and Alpha's judgment.
  • Trini said that if Bulk and Skull were to succeed in opening Rita's space dumpster, the teens' "cover" would be blown.
  • The Thunderzords had been damaged in the fight with giant Nimrod in 217-WhL1; Zordon had Billy and Trini teleport to the damaged Zords to begin repair on them, saying Alpha would provide them with all the information they needed; the Assault Team later appeared to be repaired by the end of White Ranger's fight with giant Nimrod.


  • Trini let Kim borrow her "siren song red" lipstick as requested.
  • When Richie brought Trini and Kim two diet sodas, Trini smiled and thanked him, then continued laughing about the lipstick name with Kim while Richie stood there.
  • Richie asked Trini to study for an upcoming test, and she agreed; he then bumped into two girls in a daze as he walked happily away from Trini.


  • During the teens' picnic in the park, Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't join in the conversation at all, but Trini at least smiled.


  • Terror Blossom shot purple energy from his hand which froze morphed Jason, Trini, and Zack; they were later revived by the cell-based stimulator device.


  • For some reason, morphed Trini teleported Mr. Anderson out of the Cave of Despair but left Rocky, Adam, and Aisha behind to walk out of the dimensional opening with morphed Tommy, Kim, and Billy.


  • Trini's last name was Kwan.


  • With Zedd planning to invade Earth with Serpentera, Trini said they couldn't leave for the Peace Conference at such a time, but Zordon continued with the power transfer.
  • Aisha took Trini's place as the Yellow Ranger.

    Pilot Episode Trini, pilot episode

  • Trini was a different person.
  • Trini understood and translated Billy's technospeak.
  • While the punks harassing Kim and the other teens were merely shoving and acting tough, it was Trini who threw the first punches in what would become a large brawl between the teens and punks.
  • Trini's fighting moves were incredibly fast and brutal.
  • Trini seemed excited as she was shown morphing into a Sabertoothed Tiger in the Command Center.
  • Billy and Trini, both seemingly somewhat reluctant to leave, were the last to walk out on Zoltar.
  • Trini was the fourth to be knocked down by Putties in the desert, despite her impressive fighting moves against the creatures.
  • Trini became the Yellow Ranger.


  • Trini spent spare time researching Eastern philosophy and working out at the gym. (Source: Official MMPR Guidebook)

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Trini's birthday was given as August 9, making her a Leo.
  • Trini's birthplace was given as Houston, Texas.
  • Trini's favorite food was supposedly extra-spicy chili dogs.
  • Trini's favorite subject was given as geometry, which disagreed with the Fan Club Video's reply of history.
  • Trini's was described her as having "lightning hands and a peaceful soul," as did numerous other sources published during MMPR, but this phrase was used to describe the alternate Trini in the Pilot Episode; furthermore, the bios described her as taking only a certain amount of pushing before turning her into a razor-sharp fighter with lightning reflexes, which seemed to better describe her Pilot Episode character.

    MMPR fan club video

  • Being interviewed, Trini sat at the Juice Bar, fidgeting with her earrings quite a bit; whether she wore a communicator is unknown.
  • Asked about her scariest moment, Trini recalled many scary times but the most memorable one was having to fight the Mantis one-on-one because of honor and fairness despite the Mantis's lacking those virtues; "thank God," she added, that she'd had her friends supporting her.
  • On the topic of food, Trini laughed that she liked to eat, in general, but then said she loved vanilla ice cream and chili dogs.
  • In her spare time, Trini would collect stuffed animals, going into stores and picking out ones she'd like to add to her collection.
  • Trini said that her favorite subject was history, in which she could learn about what had happened in different eras and how all of those facts and traditions affected the present.
  • Asked whether she had a boyfriend, Trini replied that she didn't, but by having her responsibility as a Power Ranger and having such great friends, she was having so much fun that she didn't feel lonely; if a guy came into her life and they happened to hit it off, it would be great, but for right now, she wasn't looking for one.
  • Trini said her most exciting adventure had been the transition from a normal teenager to a superhero, which she called a rare opportunity and privilege, receiving the special power and saving the world.
  • On the topic of being teleported to the Command Center for the first time, Trini described it as, "a whole rush of energy going through your body, and you can feel it as something different but you really don't know what it is, and you can't really explain it, and then all of a sudden, you've landed into this place and you don't know where it is... it's like out of nowhere."
  • Asked who her superhero was, Trini chose Wonder Woman, since she was a female superhero she could identify with.
  • Asked about friends, Kim said she hung out with all of the teens but that Trini was her girl best friend, and they talked about everything.

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