- teenager from the planet Xybria and Time Force Officer from the year 3000
- current/future Green Time Force Ranger (since 902-Fut2)
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2


  • During Ransik's warehouse siege, among the Time Force Officers, was Trip, who kept close to Katie.
  • Trip was an alien humanoid, appearing physically in his late teens. He had bushy green hair, Asian facial features, and a triangle shaped mind-crystal in the center of his forehead. He constantly wore a white & black backpack, which matched his Time Force Uniform, the strap slung across his chest.
  • Trip, Katie, Lucas, and several other TF Officers already shown to be stationed in front of the warehouse, were then shown amongst troops swarming past the side of the transport truck nearby.
  • Soon, Jen arrived on the scene, acknowledgeing Trip and Lucas to her right, all now positioned behind a barricade, each wielding a Chrono-Blaster.
  • Moments later, Alex & Jen were happily reunited, prompting Katie to overemotionally hug Trip, turning it into almost a headlock. He comedically struggled to break free of the tough woman's tight hold, but was unable to escape her strong clutches.
  • At the trial of Ransik, Trip sat in the second row of the courtroom, directly in front of Lucas and Katie on the third.
  • Trip had his backpack off of his back for a change, lying on the tabletop in front of him.
  • The contents of the bag stuck his head out, revealing Circuit, a robot owl.
  • Struggling to get free of the confines of the bag while lying on his back, Circuit yelled, "Trip! I can't see anything down here! Would you help me up?!"
  • Trip frustratedly turned around and grabbed the bag, informing the robot, "Please, Circuit! This is a courtroom!"
  • For the first few episodes, characters who said Circuit's name while facing the screen would actually be mouthing the word "Digit" instead.
  • Though Jen excitedly showed off her engagment ring to them on the way to her seat, Alex completely ignored Trip, Lucas, and Katie.
  • That night, as part of the prison transport convoy, Katie and Trip drove Patrol Cycles, and rode slightly ahead of the transport truck .
  • Once outside of Millennium City, the convoy was halted when Katie and Trip stopped to check on the seemingly unconscious body of a woman.
  • Trip bent down and inspected her, before shouting to Lucas while waving his arms, "Call for an ambulance!"
  • The woman turned out to be Nadira, who knocked both of them out with a slash of her fingernail-sword.
  • A short time later, gathered around the burning ruins of the transport truck with their teammates, Katie had her arm around Trip, comforting him gently (more motherly or older sisterly than romantically).
  • Following being fired by Captain Logan, Lucas grabbed Trip by the collar, and yanked him to his feet angrily, demanding with a few sharp shoves to know, "Why didn't you tell us Ransik was planning to escape?! I thought all you Xybrians could read minds!"
  • Trip flinched and cried, "Well Iiiii-I-I can't.. I can't hear every thought! J-just now and then... ya know?"
  • Trip frequently stuttered or stammered when talking, mostly when nervous or stressed out.
  • Katie stood up for her pal, pushing Lucas out of the way and yelling, "Lay off him, okay?!" She then held Trip close, babying him with a gentle hug as he pouted.
  • The next morning, while Jen and Lucas walked ahead of them on their way back to the city, Katie lagged behind, walking slower with her arms around Trip, helping him along comfortingly, as he seemed shaken up.
  • Katie called their attention to Trip, pointing out that he was "receiving a signal".
  • Trip stared into space, focused on what his mind was processing psychically.
  • The small triangular-shaped crystal on his forehead began to glow as green as his hair, and hum vividly.
  • Trip gripped his pant-leg between his fingers, while Katie held him tightly, keeping him upright until his psychic episode was finished.
  • Images of Nadira started to flash, before Trip's mental state was instantly zapped by the greenish energy, over the clouds and across the city, directly into Funaro Maximum Security Prison.
  • What was shown during the "mental transmission" had a green tint to the edges of the screen.
  • Trip's vision showed events occuring presently, from a third-party perspective.
  • Trip's vision showed Ransik entering the cryogenic detainment room in the prison, with Frax by his side, and Nadira awaiting them.
  • Trip's psychic transmission cut off, and his mind flew back across the city, where it reentered his head (with what sounds like either a burp or a ribbit at its conclusion).
  • Once the vision ended, he calmly informed his teammates that "they" (Ransik and his gang were at the prison.
  • Appearing concerned for the guy Katie hover-carjacked, Trip bent down and apologized, "S-sorry! We'll send ya a new one!", before racing off to join his teammates in the stolen vehicle.
  • As they watching somberly while Alex died, Trip appeared on the verge of tears, prompting Katie put an arm around him in empathy.
  • Soon, inside the Time Ship's lower left capsule, Trip took a seat at a wavily shaped yellow round table, between Lucas and Jen.
  • Trip nervously noted to Jen that they didn't know how to drive the ship. She reminded him, "Lucas can drive anything!"
  • Lucas asked Circuit to give him a hand in driving the Time Ship, leading to the robotic owl popping out of Trip's bag (which was set down on the table), and confirmed his constant state of conciousness by proclaiming excitely, "I thought you'd never ask!"


  • According to the Fox Kids Brazil press release for the series, Trip's last name was Regis.

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