- demonic villain; conspired with Trakeena to doublecross Olympius (821-TrR1)
First Appearance: 821-TrR1
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
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-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, it was pouring and storming one night on Mirinoi as Leo retrieved his Quasar Saber from the jungle.
-   In a city on Mirinoi, at least three Ghouls with glowing yellowish eyes under their black cloaks were walking through a street perhaps after crossing a bridge; they were apparently joined by a few more, for a total of at least seven.
-   The Red Galaxy Ranger ran through the city and confronted the Ghouls with his Quasar Saber, startling them.
-   The Ghouls charged, and Red Ranger did as well, fighting and slashing them with sparks.
-   At a heigher location, the demonic Triskull stepped up and watched, saying, "Ah, the Red Ranger."
-   After a brief fight, the Ghouls turned into energy and flew up into the sky.
-   Triskull, illuminated by flashes of lightning, was a bulky blue demon with glowing yellow eyes and black pupils, two long black horns, two side projections from the side of his head like Master Vile, with a skull shape on the end of each; across his neck was a large pink scar, and on his chest was a long diagonal scar with a shorter scar crisscrossing it.
-   Laughing, Triskull crackled into an energy structure of three purple lights in a spinning triangle formation with accompanying misty streaks, and he flew into the sky with the Ghouls.
-   Flying away from Mirinoi, the three lights suddenly passed through the purple/white/blue tunnel of light shown in 701-QsQ1 and 742-EsLG (see "Portals"), emerging near Earth and flying down to Mariner Bay, California.
-   On the thirteenth floor of a glass skyscraper, the mother of a girl named Heather knocked on her husband's office door but was suddenly attacked by Ghouls from surrounding offices, and they carried the screaming woman inside what had previously been her husband's office but was now a mysterious laboratory.
-   Triskull stepped out to confront Heather's mom, asking, "What have we here?"
-   Triskull had a thick chain across his shoulder, red demon-like wings, two shoulder projections identical to his head projections but larger, and he held a staff with crooked projections, somewhat similar in design to Master Vile's staff.
-   As the woman screamed, Triskull laughed and projected an orange beam, transporting her as green sparkles into the empty tube beside her husband.
-   Triskull had the Ghouls begin taking her life energy at once, and a Ghoul worked a control panel.
-   Approving, Trakeena told Triskull it was only a matter of time.
-   A Ghoul made a ghoulish grunt to Triskull, telling him they had a witness he needed to attend to, and as he reported, bowing slightly to Trakeena, she told him to see to it.
-   With red energy wisps, Triskull morphed into a human form in a business suit, and he clipped an "Office Security" tag to his jacket.
-   Trakeena told Triskull he'd best not fail.
-   Emerging in the lobby from the elevator, human Triskull heard Heather describing the monster attack to a receptionist who didn't believe her.
-   Taking her aside, Triskull told Heather he believed her and took her with him to see what they could do; they waited for an elevator, and when the doors opened, six Ghouls, some with swords, were waiting for her, and she screamed .
-   Human Triskull laughed evilly and grabbed Heather from behind, with a Ghoul grabbing her wrist, but she threw her ball, which bounced off the Ghoul's head and hit human Triskull in the face, freeing herself, and the Ghouls stumbled over each other in the elevator as she ran away.
-   Patting the liquid column in the lab, Triskull (back in monster form) told Olympius he'd almost collected enough life energy to restore Queen Bansheera's mighty powers, but Olympius wanted to know when he'd have it all; Triskull replied very soon, assuring him the powers his mother would receive would be well worth the wait.
-   Agreeing, Olympius kicked open his promised payment, a chest full of golden coins, and he told Triskull the queen wouldn't wait much longer.
?   Walking away, Olympius vanished with a teleportation identical to Triskull's.
-   Walking out from the south wall, Trakeena said the demons still believed the life force energy was for their queen.
-   Triskull called Trakeena his queen.
-   Once the green liquid cylinders in the lab were full, Trakeena planned to use their energy to become an unstoppable force and make Bansheera and Olympius work for her.
-   Triskull reminded Trakeena of their deal, that he would rule along with her, and she agreed but threatened that the deal was off as long as there was still a witness who could spoil her plans.
-   In a plaza, human Triskull found Heather talking with Carter, the Red Lightspeed Ranger.
-   Triskull presented the ball Heather had forgotten, saying little kids had the wildest imaginations; Carter agreed politely, taking the ball, and Triskull walked away.
-   Following human Triskull through an alley, Carter and Heather were suddenly attacked by five Ghouls who apparently wanted to kill Heather, but they would be defeated by the Yellow and Blue Galaxy Rangers.
-   Soon, Lightspeed received a signal indicating the Ghouls had moved outside of town, and the eight teens drove up in the mountains.
-   Triskull also had a scar over his left eye and a gouge in his left skull extension, apparently having survived some rather intense wounds at some point in the past.
-   Carter wanted to know where the kidnapped people were, and Triskull told them to come with him, but Leo warned him it was a trap; Triskull replied of course it was, snapping his fingers to summon Ghouls.
-   After morphing, the five Lightspeed Rangers and three Galaxy Rangers fought the Ghouls.
-   After the Ghouls had been destroyed, Triskull confronted the Rangers.
-   Carter leapt and threw a non-glowing double punch while wearing his Battle Booster, but Triskull caught his fists and forced him to his knees with a snide, "Oh please."
-   After kicking Carter back to the others, Triskull told them a Power Ranger couldn't stop the mighty Triskull.
-   The Galaxy Rangers charged Triskull but were blasted back by a crackling-green blue energy beam from Triskull's staff.
-   Carter charged with his Rescue Blaster, but Triskull blew crackling-green black vapor, making crackling-green dark smoke explosions around the Rangers.

-   Leaving the teens unmorphed from his blast, Triskull walked off, saying that was too easy.
-   In the lab, Triskull told Trakeena the life force cylinders were near full capacity.
-   Watching through a spy bat he'd planted following Bansheera's idea, Olympius found that Triskull was gathering the energy for Trakeena rather than Bansheera.
-   When the building's fire alarm went off, Trakeena, sitting in her chair setup which now faced outward, asked demandingly what that sound was; Triskull said it sounded lke some sort of alarm, and Trakeena had him check on it.
-   When the building's fire alarm went off, Trakeena asked demandingly what that sound was; Triskull said it sounded lke some sort of alarm, and Trakeena had him check on it.
-   On the roof of a nearby shorter building, morphed Carter and Leo encountered Triskull, who asked if they hadn't learned their lesson yet.
-   Triskull had a sword with a wide gold hilt shaped similar to Olympius's dagger, but it had a vertical yellow eye in the center.
-   Triskull blasted the two Rangers with green energy bolts.
-   The two threw red rope, wrapping around Triskull's wrists, but he yanked them around and black-green mouthblasted them.
-   Carter summoned his Battle Booster and called for full power, leaping; although he was mouthblasted in midair, he then delivered a glowing red punch to Triskull's midsection, sending him flying back.
-   Smoking, Triskull told them they might have stopped him, but they were too late to stop Trakeena, and he sparked and collapsed, his hand then going limp; he did not explode.

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